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A Snapshot of the Spin-Axis Hypothesis


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This book explores an unknown spin-axis of our earth connected with unidentified mystery clocks exhibited in museums around the world. Because of society’s present religious confusion, I found it necessary to separate technical scientific information from its religious implications even though they are linked together inexplicably – especially in reference to Bible prophecy.

Therefore, I have divided my research into three sections. These sections work together like my previous two books. Many scientists may not be interested in how I apply my discoveries to a biblically based restoration of history and prophecy because it conflicts with the evolutionary theory enforced in most universities.

I developed my spin-axis hypothesis as I researched historical and prophetic verses in the Bible. This research opened up something never really investigated by science. I would hope that my suggested explanations about the ancient clocks and calendars would just be read through completely as presented and then judged at the end of the book.

This book will deal with the scientific facts the way I discovered them in no particular order. From them I have come up with new scientific explanations for some unsolved mysteries as viewed from the perspective of ancient history and the Bible.

In the first section, I write about how my spin-axis hypothesis explains why ancient clocks were built the way they were. My worldview is analogous to a dual railroad, which is better balanced as a system. Looking at our world from the two perspectives of religion and science, I have discovered probable answers to some hidden mysteries. Automatically avoiding religion is like throwing out 50% of books in any library, and it is a shame that our universities developed such an unbalanced education system.

Some theologians may be equally upset when I reference Bible interpretations contrary to their belief system. If my reader wants to remain a monorail scientist or theologian, I respect that choice as I am not in the business of converting anybody to the Christian religion. That is God’s job as I am only a messenger with new evidence about ancient mysteries.

For my own belief system, I choose a dual rail perspective as both rails are needed to balance scientific investigation. This has been my approach to problem solving for many years as an inventor of numerous products. I love to pursue a better understanding of scientific phenomena and therefore will always take a two-rail perspective in research.

I believe that man is also a spiritual being. For those who are interested, I continue on a historic journey in geology, ancient cultures like Aztec, Chinese, Hebrew and Christian backgrounds towards the end of this book while overlaying ancient mysteries embedded in prehistoric clocks pointing to a future timetable. As a previous clockmaker, I recognize how gears work and in God’s clock for humanity I recently discovered how they relate to the year 2012 as the time draws near for the end of civilization according to Revelation and an Aztec calendar we see a lot about on TV since 9/11.

This journey through history is unlike anything I know of and ends with biblical truths revealed in the newly discovered numeric ratios found in Daniel that I call the Bible’s Rosetta Stone. It is also an important key to understanding the Hebrew Alphabet Number System.

As a foreigner, please forgive my written English, which is not very good. Some are talented writers, which I am not. I prefer to sit in a corner with a scratch pad and work on another invention, which will always be my first love. It cost me a great deal to edit and translate my first books into German, Spanish and Arabic as well as their original English. Being retired, I cannot afford a thorough editing job, so I will leave it to others to write a better book on these subjects.

You will find many concepts mentioned that need to be more completely investigated and presented in a much bigger book if you have the time and talent. Therefore, this book is laid out in three crammed sections each dealing with a different aspect of science married with religion, which cannot be separated if you want to have a balanced philosophy or check out a portrait of humanity with a two-rail perspective or better knowledge system. To investigate mysteries using only one rail limits one’s understanding since it lacks a balanced perspective.

A Third Spin-Axis for Earth Explains Ancient Clocks

The contents of this book are divided into:

Section 1: X-Y Theory & Ancient Calendar Ideas

Section 2: Ancient Mystery Clocks

Section 3: A Multi-Cultural Journey of Ancient History & Religious Overlay imbedded in X-Y spin-axis theory and ancient clocks

This book will introduce you to my spin-axis theory, which is linked with 3000-year old ancient mystery clocks. Many of the ancient clocks I researched are exhibited in museums around the world. Their designs present mysteries unsolved. Scientists have not explained how they work, but I believe I have found a key that will decipher them. Various ancient mystery clocks come from four ancient cultures: Aztec, Hebrew, Chinese, and India. They expose a three-axis spin phenomenon of our earth with far-reaching consequences that unlock overlapping mysteries of history, science and religion.

During my investigations, I discovered that two more asteroids are coming on a preset collision course with the earth. Additional information is in my previous books, which may be read free on the Internet in four languages. I refer you especially to chapter 11 of the first book, Apocalypse Prophesied. In it you will find a summary of the cuckoo clock cycles dealing with a plan for humanity from God’s perspective. This plan covers 7,000 years of human history and prophecy.

In this book, I will only cover some of the better-known mystery calendars taken from various cultures. I will summarize their history and bring it all together into a new scientific concept that makes sense. Only when we see it from the balanced perspective of a dual track railroad will the mysteries of these clocks be deciphered.

An Overview of Human History in Ancient Clocks

Consolidated calendar mathematics behaves just like clock cycles, and my new spin-axis hypothesis leads to specific dates, which many scientists educated in evolutionary theory will have a problem with. But as a Christian scientist, I am persuaded to accept a date of around 4488 BC for the start of human history as confirmed by the newly discovered ancient Aztec calendar cycles. The Aztec calendar highlights 7 Hebrew creation cycles of 70 years each for each creation day mentioned in Genesis, which means that one Biblical day is equal to 70 of our present (Gregorian) calendar years.

This conclusion will make some American theologians uncomfortable since most were taught faulty doctrines lacking in an understanding of Hebrew culture. Secular scientists, on the other hand, will cringe at that statement because it runs against the grain of their biased, unscientific theories of evolution that ignore the built-in intelligence embedded in the DNA, cell structures and in the biological and physical laws, like those of thermodynamics.

My 52,000-cycle Aztec spin-axis calendar hypothesis also matches calendars found in ancient Chinese and prehistoric Indian cultures. Together they present a factual, consolidated declaration that Adam and Eve were created in 4068 BC. The next calendar event mentioned in biblical clock cycles was when God shut the doors of Noah’s ark from the outside. This event can be dated today by playing a planetarium sky backwards to 21 December 2288 BC. I call the Flood of Noah’s day the First Apocalypse.

According to Genesis, on the second month, 17 th day following that solstice in 2288 BC, the first asteroid hit the Earth on February 5, 2287 BC. That asteroid strike caused great upheavals and the Genesis Flood, which is verified in Aztec paintings found on temples in Mexico City. These ancient civilizations and the Bible predict two more asteroid strikes.

A second, smaller asteroid [prophesied but still in space] will strike the earth on 17 September 2015, which coincides with Bible predictions recorded in Revelation. The synchronized dates for the Second Apocalypse are 21 December 2008 to 21 December 2015. This coincides with the 7-year period of the last days prophesied by Daniel in the Old Testament and by John in Revelation. The Bible dates connect this second asteroid’s path as an event linked with the end of the Mayan-Aztec calendar’s 52,000-year cycle (end of an age?) in 2012.

Recently, I read in a technical magazine that a 52-kilometer diameter asteroid already in an 820-day orbit around the sun is on a collision course with the earth. That makes my dating projection from ancient calendars very believable.

My newly discovered three-spin-axis calendar indicates that some asteroid will arrive exactly as scheduled, so it will pay off if you become familiar with mystery clocks. My books previously published describe human history as overlaid with Bible prophecy uncovered the chronological gears of a prophetic cuckoo clock. It now matches the Hebrew-Chinese and Aztec calendars to a day over a 4,000 year range by using Gregorian adjusted time scale.

Revelation, the last book of the Bible, predicts that a third asteroid will fall on this earth after AD 3018. That will mark the end of our solar system or Daleth dimension, according to Bible prophecy outlined in my book, Mystery of Tammuz 17. A summary of the clock perspective from the Hebrew oracles is found in Chapter 11’s description of the World Cuckoo Clock, which covers a range of 7,000 years of history and prophecy for humanity.

We can also link it with a new discovery of a Hebrew Rosetta Stone in Daniel’s prophecy, which will open up further understanding of ancient data. The many mathematical similarities of the mystery clocks demonstrate the same Hebrew and Chinese calendar cycles that align with the long-count Aztec spin-axis theory. Taken all together, these many “coincidences” prove the dates presented in my books as reliable.

Scientists do not know that a recent asteroid impact caused a change in the spin of the earth’s axis of rotation as ancient clocks and geology strata testify. This disturbed spin wobbled to a stop at about 518 BC, with today’s rotation axis angle of 23½˚, going around the sun in a fixed elliptical orbit of 365.24 days.

The subject of asteroids is now frequently mentioned on TV programs. We are informed of many ancient encounters, but those programs are always colored by an indefinite evolutionary time scale grossly exaggerated and not matching facts. When we use unbiased information and compare it with the recorded history of eyewitnesses, a different picture emerges.

Mixing theoretical speculation with what we actually find embedded in archeology and geological evidence will always be biased by a personal perception of our worldview. Everybody is educated to a personal worldview model, which defines his or her perceptions of reality.

Every worldview contains four axes dealing with: origin, meaning, destiny and after death existence. Variations in those areas cloud the reconstruction of ancient history and calendar cycles because we align many facts differently according to our belief systems about antiquity according to our learned traditions. However, by using a thesis properly assembled from a dual railroad perspective (science & religion), we can reassemble a better world picture puzzle hopefully with more logical sense lacking in many churches and universities.

In this book you will hear about my personal worldview from a dual rail aspect mixing science and religion, which will acquaint you with Aztec, Persian, Chinese, Greek, Indian and Hebrew calendar clocks. They all have a different counting system and must be interpreted or converted into our familiar Gregorian calendar clock to understand them more fully.

This is especially true for prophetic timetables. They must conform to a reconstructed world calendar if we want to project credible future dates. For example, around 3200 BC, the Sumerians devised their numerical notation system, giving special graphical symbols to the units 1, 10, 60, 600, 3,600. That is to say, we find that the Sumerians did not count in tens, hundreds and thousands, but rather adopted a base 60, grouping things into sixties, and multiplying by powers of sixty. Our own civilization utilizes vestiges of base 60 in the ways we count time in hours, minutes and seconds and in the degrees of the circle.

It taxes our memory because it necessitates knowing 60 different signs (words) that stand for the numbers from 1 to 60. The Sumerians handled this by using 10 as an intermediary between the different hexadecimal orders of magnitude: 1, 60, 602, 603, etc. The word for 60, geš, is the same as the word for unity.

The number 60 represented a certain level, above which, multiples of 60 up to 600 were expressed by using 60 as a new unit. When they reached 600, the next level was treated as still another unit, with multiples up to 3,000. The number 3,600, or sixty sixties, was given a new name: šàr, and this, in turn, became yet another new unit.

So, the mystery remains: why did the Sumerians enshrine the number 60 - and its multiple 60x60 in their numbering system? Revelation mentioned a number 666 and could therefore be connected with this system.

The Aztec calendar of 52 cycles is a different system with a mysterious 260 days in a year that perplexes scientists. Why it matches the Hebrew prime number system of seven cycles is very difficult to understand. Only cross-referenced with mathematics will make sense. Consolidating various calendar clocks not encipher by science in many museums I can now put a dating calendar proposals of our earth together, which will prove to be factual as I compare the ancient cycles to cuckoo clock gears that must mesh.

As a German-trained instrument and clock maker, I have learned to understand the dynamics of mystery clocks. These clocks make predictions of future events much like a cuckoo clock bird will show up on the hour dial, in like manner would support a second asteroid impact to be absolutely certain by comparing theories with facts just like clock gears must mesh.

I invite you be the judge what is scientifically presented and preserved in ancient clock records and the Bible. In addition, other sources around the world reveal various structures that disclose secrets and connect with realistic stories of ancient history. They highlight the creation plan for humanity and its purpose in relation to the universe. Many religious questions you’ve had since childhood can now be answered scientifically. These answers are not taught in universities that reject a four-thousand-year-old book called the Bible.

Another observation I like to mention is the discovery of a Hebrew Rosetta Stone that reveals a 7:5 ratio structure mirrored in the 7 royal numbers and 5 mathematical equations used in the design of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt.

That ratio is also found in a number of mystery clocks around the world. These clocks will finally let go of their secrets as our civilization ends, according to the gears of clocks. Likewise, the Rosetta Stone ratio not only correlates to mystery clocks but also contains imbedded architectural theories of extraterrestrial world concepts, revealed and can be summarized in the following outline:

The X-Y spin-axis is imbedded in ancient mystery clocks, and we will start with the introduction of a Persia clock. The Persian Astrolabe clock was invented to calibrate other clocks back to 2287 BC.

It connects with an Aztec Stone Clock dated 2200 BC, which reveals a three-axis spin relationship of our earth that nobody seems to have ever heard about. Five unfinished pyramids in a Mexico City’s outdoor museum and a number of paintings on ancient Aztec palace walls now unlock its purpose and connect it with a civilization that existed before the Genesis Flood.

The Chinese Bronze Yin-Yang Clock dated to about 2000 BC also indicates a three spin-axis calendar that ends in 2012. Science postulates that the three bronze disks reflect a yin-yang philosophy, but I find a modern binary computer system of the earliest Chinese culture that coincides with Genesis being similar to modern binary code used to program computers.

The 80 BC Greek Antikythera Clock is one of the biggest mysteries not yet deciphered. It was discovered near a Greek island in 1900. I think it is much older as it was designed to measure exactly a third spin-axis of the earth that ends in 2012. The last engraved date identified is 2006, which proves my theory.

India’s Outdoor Museum Clock, dated to 1355 BC, is the biggest clock in the world being the size of a four-story building. It also verifies my X-Y spin-axis theory.

The Prague Astronomical Clock, dated to the 14 th Century shows an X-Y spin-axis in the design of its oversized tower dial that proves clocks built in relatively recent history still show the pattern of three axes.

The rest of this book deals with the spin-axis hypothesis as connected to the magnetic field and poles of our earth, a moon-cycle hypothesis and a history trail through various cultures of early man starting from Noah’s Flood in 2288 BC with many proofs taken from geology, archeology and other sciences, including the secrets of pyramids.

I collected many magazine articles to highlight recent science discoveries you can check it out on the last page. The story ends with a new perception of God’s plan for humanity as seen from a 7,000-year Hebrew calendar cycle perspective linked with the Aztec calendar. It also gives the reason why God will destroy our civilization by AD 2015.

Why did I write another book?

My previous books, Apocalypse Prophesied and Mystery of Tammuz 17, describe our civilization’s end in AD 2015 according to the Hebrew Alphabet Number System. These books will not be popular. Most living today will reject them like Noah’s friends discarded his message and did not make it to the other side of a disappearing Atlantis. Only one family believing in God’s warnings left us some traces in the Bible.

Most ignored the warning and perished. They should have watched Methuselah. His name translated into English means, “when he dies it will happen.” What would happen?

We know now that an asteroid was the cause. He died on 21 December 2288 BC, and 46 days later, according to Genesis, the Flood started with a collapsed atmosphere violently shattered by a large asteroid strike.

Forty days of rain and snow followed piling up ice a mile deep at the polar regions. This age of glaciers is well documented in geology. Huge stone and brick buildings structured like pyramids and observatory temples are found after that time around the equator, which is the cradle of the second civilization science cannot deny.

The polar ice reached as far as the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. This understanding of geology would explain climate change, which is a popular hot button today, but my hypothesis differs significantly from what former Vice-president Al Gore presents.

Therefore, this book is also a last warning to scientists to check out what I discovered in mystery clocks and calendars. They need to get another worldview not taught in university institutions. Even scientific articles printed in popular magazines tell about another asteroid soon to come. When it does, it will cause another major tectonic change in our earth. Just follow my logical trail of archaeology mathematically overlaid with prophecy.

The next asteroid projected to strike our planet will end our world political system like the previous Atlantis civilization and is connected with an Aztec date 2012, which is central within the Hebrew 7,000-year clock system designed by a Creator.

We are here on this planet for a purpose and not by chance. God’s plan for the saints gives us a reason for a 7-year apocalypse, the destruction of the world’s political, scientific, and religious systems as the transition to the birth of the kingdom of God. It follows a 6,000-year old biblical chronological pattern that works like the gears of a gigantic clock.

Beyond the apocalypse, the future of earth is exceedingly bright. It will have a restored environment with planned communities like the one in the photograph below, which is an aerial view of a modern Israeli moshav (settlement). I hope you will enjoy my unusual book from a world perspective not found in bookstores. I hope that you will consider reading it time well spent.


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