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3 Spin-Axes Imbedded in Genesis


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Here is a brief summary of mathematical facts discovered in the Bible for my proposed Aztec spin-axis hypothesis of how the earth traveled around the sun before the biblical Flood 2288 BC of Noah’s day. Presently there are many ancient mystery clocks found in various places and exhibited in museums for the past one hundred years that scholars have not figured out how they work.

I suspect that there could be more as I discovered two more clocks just writing this little book. When this spin-axis hypothesis is applied to these mystery clocks, they make now sense for the first time. I hope that scientist will now reevaluate these clocks and compare it with my theoretical discovery and recommendations. Without applying the spin-axis hypothesis to these clock calculators will remain unsolved mystery because they where precisely designed to track axis positions which changed from centuries to centuries. If we where faced with similar problems today we too would design three axis clocks to simultaneously see what is happening in a changing earth wobble pattern.

Just because I accept biblical records should not be the reason to be censored and denigrated as religious unacceptable to the science priesthood. Global warming could be solved when we go back to the records from the biblical timeframe as our scientific opinions is grossly biased and will never solve icecaps melting with outmoded long age opinions. Looking at ancient history can solve our problems we are facing to make logical decisions not based on dreamed up evolutionary opinions that never worked.

The ancient Mesoamerican calendars reveal that the earth once possessed a double spin-axis. This pre-Flood configuration is imbedded into the structure of several ancient calendars. By comparing the mathematical relationships between how the ancient priests recorded the days, months and seasons with our modern astronomical knowledge, I have discovered an inverse relationship between the two within the context of our earth’s orbit of about 365 days around the sun. Instead of today’s 52 weeks of 7 days, the pre-Flood calendars had 7 cycles of 52 days measured from solstice to solstice observations. How is that possible?

The historical changes in the Mesoamerican-Aztec calendars reflect the transition from the earth’s pre-Flood orbital patterns to what we know today. Anciently, one 365-day earth orbit around the sun had four (4) seasons (7x4x13 = 364) and we must not assume that they are seasons like winter-spring-summer-fall as they were only 13 days long, instead of our present four yearly seasons times 13-month cycles. The ancients counted from solstice to solstice markers looking at the sun, which were divided into four of these 13-day seasons as one 52-day “year,” which is really a 52-day cycle (4x13 = 52) from our modern perspective. Only a different spin-axis can explain these phenomena’s.

The Hebrew word for “year” is shanah, which at its root means a “change” or “repetition.” Thus, any complete cycle could be called a shanah. The pre-Flood calendars such as the Hebrew and Mesoamerican recorded “years” (Hebrew, shanot) of 52 days instead of 365+/- days. This would clarify that the biologically impossible long ages of many Genesis patriarchs are actually shorter and therefore conform to natural science. Thus, “all the days” of Methuselah were 969 solstice countable 52-day year/cycles on a horizontal axis, which equates to about 138.4 (969/7 = 138.4) of our modern Gregorian calendar years which also count from solstice to solstice markers. (Genesis 5:27)

Spin-axis Observations

It is evidenced in geology and now postulated in my Spin-axis hypothesis that on 5 February 2287 BC a great asteroid struck the earth that is the 17th day of the second month recorded in the Bible and counting with the Gregorian calendar from a 21 December 2288 BC solstice date when the door on the ark closed. (Genesis 7:11) This massive asteroid strike broke open “the fountains of the deep” creating massive turbulence on the surface of the earth, enormous tsunamis and earth quakes even as the force of the strike altered the earth’s rotation patterns and angle of axis inclination.

It took centuries for our planet to stabilize at its present rotational tilt axis and orbit making any calendar tracking nearly impossible. The unwinding of earth’s rotational wobble from the asteroid impact following a Flood in 2287 BC lasted until 518 BC zeroing out at BC/AD. A plot of the slowing wobbles provides possible and rational, scientific reasons for certain Bible events that many consider to be mysteries of faith or miracles. [Figure A]

These events include:

  1. The sun stood still for two full days long in one geographic location for Joshua. (Joshua 10:12)
  2. The shadow of the sun moving backwards 10 hours (steps) as a sign to King Hezekiah. (Isaiah 38:8)

I postulate that the original wobble of the earth after 2287 BC had a spin of 92˚ (2x47) and diminished about Joshua’s time to about one residual Aztec X-axis spin having a 47 degree wobble about Hezekiah’s time. This can be verified in magnetized muck deposits.

I deduct from two Bible eyewitnesses of events that happened between 1400 BC-700 BC. To understand what people saw, I must relate it to advanced knowledge we now have. As I postulate a hypothesis, logic tells me possibilities like a spin-axis pendulum wobble movement left over tilting the earth axis backwards and forwards and will eventually keep on slowing down and synchronize with the earth day spin we have today.

This caused an observation to be recorded in the Bible where the sun is standing still on the horizon for one day longer or 24 hours [the earth axis perpendicular meaning no tilt angle] and the other a shadow going backwards unexpected never seen before [the pendulum earth axis swinging backwards].

When the Bible says backwards, do not automatically conclude that the sun is going from east to west. It could just be reversed as now the axis pendulum wobble moves a little slower in the same direction as the earth moves.

To think along slow moving pendulum motion we must also account tectonic plate pressure building up. We know that the seven tectonic plates around the globe move and suddenly have erupted many times to equalize the build up stress with an earthquake altering the topography of its surrounding area. So small movements accumulated of perhaps centuries will produce big changes looking back in recorded history and facts embedded in geology. The early Bible scribes accurately recorded such a correction and recorded simultaneously bombardments of volcanic eruption following a gigantic correction jerk seeing the sun standing still an extra 12 hours.

Let’s not forget that these eyewitnesses lived on top of the deepest crack of two tectonic plates colliding on earth which is today across the Dead Sea the lowest water level on earth. To understand that principle could eventually reveal mystery clocks exhibited in museums designed to track spin-axis and hence a flexible calendar useful for agriculture.

I postulate that when the counterclockwise tilt axis wobble velocity became less, then the velocity of the earth’s one-day cycle synchronized in about Hezekiah’s life resulting in the shadow on the wall of his sun clock going backwards. Backwards as described in the Bible is really in the direction we see today the earth spinning.

Remember in my previous chapter explaining a spin-axis hypothesis the original Aztec spin axes before 2288 BC the earth was hit by an asteroid at the second equinox in the first cycle of the X-axis. In the first equinox cycle the sun goes up in the east and down in the west half a Aztec year 26-day cycle, then it reverses and the second Aztec year cycle then the sun will go up in the west and settles in the east reversing the spin. When the asteroid hit the earth on 5 February 2287 BC, which is 17 September equivalent measured against an Aztec seven times spin cycle, and that is a fall equinox 2 nd cycle so the direction of spin was carried forward, like an internal gyro’s residual spin exhibits a diminishing velocity, coming to rest at 518 BC.

So the sun before Hezekiah’s time was going up in the west and sun set would have been east. This is the first time you hear about it as we have no modern schoolbooks to tell us otherwise. From Hezekiah’s time perspective on an X-axis spin going past the one day turn velocity of the earth now a little slower had the effect of a shadow going backwards which is really in line with our today’s daytime velocity. Hezekiah was not knowledgeable the way we see our calendar position and never could imagine that in the future the sun would raise in the east and go down in the west. He only saw the sun appearing in his time to come up from the west the old Aztec-Egyptian calendar predicated and moved across the zenith to disappear in the east.

When the axis velocity changed in one century, it was considered a miracle because it was foretold by the prophet to go backwards. A prophet knowledgeable in X-Y axis technology went to the king to encourage him to hold on to his ancient Hebrew beliefs. The ancient Jewish faith had been corrupted by many of his fellow citizens within his own kingdom believing Baal, which is Dagan Philistine cult. They used the bull and eagle symbols of a sun goddess worshipped in his time and now even celebrated in later times within the Vatican as Mithras Solis Invictus. (Mithras is the unconquered sun.)

Cultic practices never-to-rarely change as they are just absorbed into another culture with different names. For example, the Pope on high mass every Christmas and Easter in the Vatican Church still symbolically practices a Babylonian-Greek-Roams cult from the Roman Emperor Constantine’s age. Notice that during the holy sacrament ceremony he will show a 2-3 inch round wafer disc by turning to the congregation holding it up high for everybody to see, which in ancient times symbolized sun disk. The meaning of the symbol was changed by Constantine to mean the body of Christ for 50% of the population.

In contrast, Jesus started the practice to break bread to indicate that his body will be broken and the Catholic Churched changed it in a sun disk worshiped by the other 50% of the population in Constantine’s time to honor their cult. Using symbolism from Roman cults and mixing it with a fish Christianity concept, the emperor Constantine believed that it would unify the empire, as it would stop religious unrest and century old conflicts.

If you want to learn more about the history of cults in Western Civilization, I recommend an inexpensive book you will enjoy. Leaning about cults during the spring season when the Mithraists sacrificed a Taurus (bull) to the sun crossing the celestial equator and was to become the Zodiac sign Taurus so that crossing became the symbol for a pagan cult incorporated as a symbol in Christianity which previously to Constantine, the Christians had a fish to recognize each other.

The cross therefore came later around the world as the symbol of the sun, par exellance. The word we have inherited from Jerome’s Latin translation include cross, crucifixion, and crosier. A “cross” is Latinism. In one of its Babylonian forms, it was a tilted crux with an arrow point at high end pointing to Taurus the bull or tilt axis phenomena of a changing calendar. We still see today a tilted cross tombstone walking around a cemetery. Getting back to our time, I notice the cross in the sky from my outdoor hot tub regular used. I look up in the night sky nearly every day and noticed in one year that the Milky Way changes crosswise its direction. Maybe that was never witnessed before in King Hezekiah’s time.

Another important cult observation worshiped was a Goddess Ishtar, which became Ashtoreth, Asherah, Astarte, Eostre, and Eastre now festivals called Easter. The pagan Sun-day was the name of an Earth Mother’s Sun resurrection for the rebirth of the sun. In a Catholic Peruvian church and many Mexican Churches too, we can see a “Monstrance” image of the sun, which I tie together with Hezekiah’s Axis crossing over. In addition, Egyptian symbols worshiping the sun by one specific pharaoh come from that X-Y axis period for the earth to synchronize with a Y-axis and nearly dead X-axis.

The natural science of God’s realm is not understood by humans. It usually appears to us as miracles because we cannot explain it with physical laws. Later when humanity found out that the sun now goes up in the east, it became a religious cult worshipping a Sun God who prevailed, being victorious against the heavenly battle fighting the giants we can hear about in the Greek and Roman culture.

I would place the victorious sun worship during only one Pharaoh’s life, which was changed after his death to former cult practices. You have now come across why one Pharaoh in history would change a thousand year old Egyptian religion and worshiping the sun?

Most religions in the world now adapted the sun god for similar reason just like the Aztec left us with paintings on temple walls. Temples and other religious buildings are now positioned facing east seeing it with a spin-axis perspective. Another observation when Hezekiah looked in the sky there was no rotation of a starry sky like Polaris we have today. The sky view was stationary and would from there on in small increments move again about equal to two zodiac signs per hundred years.

In Julius Caesar’s time, it had acquired 12 zodiac signs that no longer changed from then on becoming fixed again. Julius corrected the calendar when he found a bronze clock telling him he was 2 months behind the correct time. Also, from the Aztec perspective the precession of equinoxes observed two times in a year stopped and the Aztec priest connected it with their religion held on to the religious structure of 260 days to worship 20 gods and past it on to the Spanish friars which recorded it for us.

Using this newly discovered hypothesis reveals that the ancient five pyramids on top of each other located in Mexico City outdoor museum can now be dated and their purpose exposed with the surrounding palace wall pictures deciphered: The resulting conclusion makes it obvious that:

The original spin-axis position at the time the asteroid hit the earth before Noah’s flood can be calculated to be about 325 degrees on a horizontal axis. The resulting earth axis shifted and slowed down, finally stopped at about 23½ degrees present time. The shift from original 325˚ X-Axis (35˚ western thinking) to about 23½ Y-Axis degrees is reflected in the changes made to the ancient calendars as well as in the sequence of five Aztec pyramids that are built one on top of the other located in the outdoor museum at the center of Mexico City.

The original 360-day grand solstice calendar cycle around the earth changed and slowed down our earth to our Gregorian calendar final Z-Axis cycle to 365.24 day. In addition, comparing our present tilt angle of 23½˚ and reevaluating the mechanics of the spin-axis hypothesis with ancient theoretical pyramid knowledge and the Gregorian calendar system’s 400-year cycles, could explain or global climate warming dilemma scientist and governments are presently very divided over.

In conclusion, the spin-axis hypothesis was applied to museum objects looking like ancient calculators which revealed an ancient mystery clock and another Chinese clock never figured out by scientists.

Rapping it up from different perspective, I conclude that the spin-axis is realty. Scientists of course must balance the factual evidence and hopefully not connect it with the billions of years postulated by an obsolete theory of evolution.

Analyzing the Ages of the Genesis Patriarchs Reveals the Pre-Flood Calendar

Ancient Eyewitnesses of a strange calendar expose that before a massive asteroid collision in 2287 BC hit the earth, the Aztec calendar seasons were just 13 days long instead of 13 weeks. Looking at the asteroid distribution picture showing thousands of asteroids surrounding the earth it is no wonder that one got through doing some severe damage seen in geology everywhere. We only differ in the dating, and I am the only one having a rational answer as science can only postulate imaginary billions of indefinite years.

Understanding an earth axis shift that is different from today caused also a different climate. The unusual short but frequent sun exposure turning on a horizontal axis, still created seasonal cycles of a lush climate with mild temperature changes during the pre-Flood world of Genesis as recorded in many geological records of the earth. This does give us now reason to explain the profusion of coal and oil deposits. Looking further into the Genesis account for answers I notice that there are nine (9) people mentioned before the Flood and nine (9) people after the Flood.

Why nine? And why is Noah in the middle at number ten? Another question, why does the biblical record use a format giving their birth, their age at the birth of their firstborn boy and their age at death? What could be the motive to mention it? Certainly, it aids in putting together a chronology. However, is there something else we can learn from this?

Trained as an engineer, let’s do together some very basic mathematical analysis and calculate the mean averages of people’s ages from the biblical data. When I compared the mean average ages of the pre-Flood patriarchs and with the post-Flood patriarchs, I noticed a large reduction within one year in their mean average ages as well as in their ages at the birth of their firstborn sons. We can either deduct from this that a pattern of age reduction must have a biological reason or reflect a different method of calculating years – perhaps even could relate to a different total number of 24-hour days in a “year.”

Let’s analyze the data from before the Flood 2288 BC (Genesis 5) we will notice in the next table.

Possessing a scientific bias, I favor a change in the calculation of a year over various possible biological explanations to justify a life span of almost a thousand normal 365-day years. I tested a few possibilities and discovered that if I divided the mean average ages of pre-Flood people by 7 cycles, we could probable arrive at reasonable biological ages from the perspective of what science tells us today about the genetic possibilities in human longevity. I refer to this factor of 7 spins around an unknown X-axis.

Then I discovered that the Aztec clock calendar is built around 52 cycles. Its two-dial system is set up with 13 cycles on the first dial and 4 season cycles on the second, which makes a product (13x4) of 52. The second dial of 4 quadrants/seasons is further divided into 5 parts creating a total of 20 days or units. When we multiply 13x4x5 we get 260 days/units for the Aztec “year.”

So what is the connection between the Aztec calendar and my data analysis of the ages given for the Bible’s pre-Flood patriarchs? Sometimes we forget that mathematics is a language, too. Built into the ancient Hebrew language is a number system, and built into the presentation of numeric information are mathematical sentences or statements of relationship such as one uses in physics or chemistry. Divide 365 days by 7 and you get our familiar 52 weeks plus for a year. You will soon see how the numbers 7, 13 and 52 provide meaningful clues for unraveling the mysteries mentioned at the start of this book.

Remember, I started out with the premise that the biblical record is absolute truth. It reveals God’s Word to humanity. Properly understood and interpreted in context, the Bible is accurate truth. Any problem between the Bible and science lies with our understanding of either one. I accept the Bible as faithfully recorded and preserved eyewitness accounts of various events in the history of humanity. I take its ancient information as factual even though it raises a lot of questions.

The Bible records the good and bad about what happened in civilization because the authors and scribes answered to a divine God who insisted on holiness and truth. In other words, I believe that the original pre-Flood document that Moses used to compile Genesis accurately recorded 969 solstice’s cycles for Methuselah – along with all of the other facts. One bit of information that you need at this point so that you can follow the rest of this discussion is how ancient priests measured the passing of a year. The key determinants are the solstices and equinoxes. Various cultures advanced the year count with a different equinox or solstice, but all of them marked the complete set of four seasons.

The ancients would have called any sequence of two solstices separated by their two equinoxes as a “year” because it was a completed cycle (Hebrew, shanah). Some more recent historical calendars, like the Islamic calendar, only mark the passing of 12 New Moons in a year. Islamic authorities do not synchronize their calendar of 354/355 days with the solar year of 365.24 mean, 24-hour days. Others, like the Gregorian or Jewish calendars, periodically add intercalary months and/or days so that their years on mean average correct to the solar year of 365.24 days. My next challenge was to properly understand the ancients’ reckonings of solstice-counted years as those intelligent specialists, the priests, observed them and then make sense of those observations within the context of present scientific principles and facts. When one has invented as many useful products as I have, one learns to just keep digging until everything logically fits or works.

The numeric structure of 9 pre-Flood patriarchs before Noah and 9 post-Flood patriarchs after Noah further emphasizes the value and accuracy of the ages and names given. Noah is like the Roman Janus: he lived on both sides of a major event and could in particular speak with authority on what had been and what was after. Noah is the fulcrum, the tenth patriarch whose life spans both civilizations.

So I questioned, “Why record precisely nine people before Noah and repeat nine after him?” I concluded that we are being told to pay attention to the mathematical information being given. So after my analysis above, my first thoughts were that the earth must have moved around the sun 7 times faster than at present in order to account for the more frequent number of solstice-years as reflected in the extreme length of the pre-Flood lives. (About 900 – especially when we take into consideration that Enoch was taken early, as a special case, and Lamech died in the Flood years before his natural life would have ended.)

A Different Rotation Axis-Angle of our Earth?

With some additional pondering, a hypothesis emerged to explain the 7 cycles of two solstices and two equinoxes within a single orbit around the sun of about 365 days. The first part of my hypothesis states that the earth’s rotational axis was originally frozen at about 325 degrees X-axis tilt angle at the moment the asteroid(s) hit the earth. This was the original horizontal rotational axis before the earth was hit by the large asteroid(s) that shattered the upper firmament and broke up the fountains of the deep as recorded in Genesis 7:11. At that position, we may not have had a rotational tilt at all. I obtained this proposed tilt angle by calculating planetary data backwards. It is like hitting reverse on video movie.

After the asteroid(s) struck the earth, the rotational horizontal axis of our globe changed. That change occurred in two phases. First, there was a big jolt that moved the angle of rotation significantly – but not all of the ways - towards our modern axis tilt to rest ultimately about 23½ degrees. This jolt from the asteroid strike shocked the stable gyroscopic rotations of the earth into spinning like a wobbling top, which took hundreds of years for the earth’s wobble to gradually settle down. The orbital relationship between the earth and moon may have also been affected. To understand this principle read my glass of ice water analogy chapter 2 again. (A Bicycle Wheel Model for the 3 Spin-Axes Calendar.)

The second part of this hypothesis states that our earth originally had three spin axes to define its 365+/- day orbit around the sun. I call them spin axes X, Y and Z. After the asteroid hit the earth, the X-axis was horizontal and moved toward the Y-axis, which was more vertical, until they merged into one to become today’s final Y-axis tilt 23½ degree.

Consequently, all calendars before the Flood became obsolete, and we can expect to find a number of corrections to the calendars of advanced civilizations through antiquity. I will explain this in detail shortly. For now, understand that the X-axis was responsible for the insertion of 7 four-season cycles within the earth’s 365+/- day solar orbit. Its stability was shattered by the asteroid, and its wobbling finally disappeared about 518 BC when it was absorbed into the Y-axis of our present 23½ degree rotational tilt which is now the remaining Z-axis.

My uniformitarianism, evolution-believing friends will of course be very upset with this hypothesis. Their dating differs a great deal from what I am proposing here. The reason can be explains by going back in time past 500 BC there is a real disconnect between carbon-14 dating and the historical records. Carbon dating should no longer be used since the 1940s atomic bombs polluted our earth with radiation that will give incorrect readings forever. However, all scientists agree that the Aztec-Mayan or Mesoamerican priests could measure the movements of the heavenly bodies well enough to create one of the most functionally accurate calendars the world has ever seen.

Archaeologists generally treat the Aztec calendars as a continuation of the earlier Mesoamerican-Mayan systems. By comparing these ancient observations with the history of our widely-used Gregorian calendar, I believe that the Mayan calendars should be dated before the Roman calendar corrections made by Julius Caesar in 46 BC and not in the AD range. The Mayan culture allegedly flourished in the AD 300-900 timeframe, but its cultural roots are traced back to 1500 BC. I have concluded that the Mayan calendars indeed go back to about Moses’ life at about 1400 BC.

Thus, the Bible’s witness of the 900+/- “year-old” pre-Flood people sparked my curiosity to look deeper into understanding how that could be. In other words, how could a book that is always true seemingly conflict with what science postulates about human longevity. This mystery led me to develop a hypothetical but logical scientific explanation that seems to fit both history and the Bible. Remember, I do not believe that there is a conflict between the Bible and science. There is only our lack of understanding them both properly. The X-axis age is divided into 52 Aztec year = 7.02 which equals one spin.

Also, the Bible is not the only ancient document to record long ages for the early kings or patriarchs. For example, the Sumerian kings had incredibly long lives, too. I learned early in my life as an inventor to consider all available data and not exclude some, because they are not popular with some opinionated scientists in high places.

My hypothesis proposes an extra spin-axis of the earth’s rotating movement around the sun. I call it the X-axis. This is a new concept that, to my knowledge, has never been mentioned before. If true, this hypothesis explains much about the original structure of the Mesoamerican calendar and its changes through antiquity.

It explains the climate of the pre-Flood world, and how the asteroid strike created a vast Flood, flash-froze mammoths in Siberia, initiated the ice ages and resulted in the extinction of many creatures including most dinosaurs. It can no longer be refuted that dinosaurs foot prints has human footprints in fossilized mud imbedded as scientist still denying the obvious in conflict with a pet theory.

It also provides a rational scientific context or explanation for a number of other biblical stories that have mystified ages such as why Joshua’s long day lasted twice as long as normal and how it was that the sun’s progress reversed itself ten steps (degrees?) in the days of Hezekiah.

As I develop this material, you will come to understand why I am increasingly convinced that my hypothesis should be dated in recent times for the three axes of X, Y and Z represents the ancient reality and not pushed back millions of years. Lately, I came across five ancient clocks up to 3,000-years old that are displayed in museums. Science has no idea what they are, but I can explain them with this new hypothesis. Many will be surprised to hear after 100 years of scholarly investigation that somebody has finally come up with a reasonable idea.

This discovery following my disclosure will compare to a spin-axis design to decipher those clocks, and in time could make headliners by itself big time. In general, the changes in the earth’s axes correlate not only with radical changes in climate but calendar clocks the way we understand them. The hundreds of years of wobbling rotational uncertainty that it took for the X and Y axes to merge may explain why many pagan societies worshipped the sun.

Perhaps the ancients thought that the sun god was angry with them. If they could not predict his comings and goings, they could not risk planting their precious seed. Since the mighty sun could not be depended upon to show up on time, the priests sought to appease its behavior with sacrifices – too often even human sacrifices. When an ancient Aztec nation became so totally corrupt as to ritually sacrifice thousands of humans on a frequent basis, God destroyed that culture, as both the Bible and history testify.

The Bible remains an integral eternal witness for the Creator, whether one believes it or not. The Bible makes clear that our private, and often proudly held, opinions will no longer matter when the dust of our bodies is no longer traceable and our spirits stand before God to be judged at the last day. The Aztecs left a testimony of their failures in stones of five unfinished pyramids in Mexico City. What will we leave is my next question? Check out our scientific GMO disasters of food seed extinctions in this generation.

In our time, God will not idly watch an evil generation to destroy His creation. He is being forced by our corruption to once again intervene drastically in human affairs because our society has violated the everlasting creation covenant by improperly using our genetic knowledge for perverted gain. He will intervene and will make an end of it - just like He did with an Atlantis civilization before the Flood. Perhaps our collective failure as a modern society will be discerned from the junk-filled dumps left behind as the Eternal Creator eradicates modern science’s greed-driven GMO genetically modified organisms and chemical-biological poisons or destructive nuclear power unleashed in the near future. God will not allow humanity to go beyond the permissible boundaries to safeguard His world He created for us.

Since God is all knowing, He has set a short period aside for judgment. I identified that the Chet age date will start on 2008 and ending on 2015 and not because I am a prophet. A good cuckoo clock maker can tell you when the bird will announce its presents by just looking at the gear position. The Aztec clock ends in the center of that date 2012 which is also similarly imbedded in Hebrew and Chinese calendar cycles as discussed in my two earlier books. You will not find this information presented in a Christian church or discussed in a scientific symposium. Maybe you probably heard it on TV with numerous programs speculating like a da Vinci code.

Yet there is hope. After the destructive time of the prophesied apocalypse and nullifying mankind’s hazardous technology on the earth to genetically survive extinctions of many food seeds, humanity will start a new civilization cycle over again. God will restore the earth to its pristine potential in order to fulfill His own purposes. During the future Apocalypse, He will purge the human race from evil and protect a righteous remnant of humanity just like He did in Noah’s time in order to start human society once more again for thousand years of doing it this time around God’s way.

Figure AJesus came the first time to settle the issues of individual sin, repentance and salvation. He comes the second time to settle the issues of societal corruption, political conflict and injustice, economic oppression and religious confusion. That truth you will find only revealed observing both rails of a railroad system.

The ancient Hebrew-Chinese and Aztec calendars – three very different cultures positioned thousands of miles apart – have become three witnesses to establish truth. There is much more you will discover by reading my books. God means business. He will bring about what is prophesied in the Bible. My previous two books tell you what our angry and awesome God will do. In the end, no one will have an excuse as we have adequate information to make a choice. The Apocalypse is certain as it, too, is imbedded in cycles of the ancient Aztec, Chinese and Hebrew calendars. You be the judge as I only can tell my discovery.

Historical Data Supporting the X-Y Spin-axis Hypothesis

The mean average age of the 9 pre-Flood patriarchs divided by the 7 cycles of the X-axis for some unknown reason illustrates a Rosetta Stone relationship, which I elaborated on in my first two books. For those who have not read my books, the following formula commonly appears in Bible prophecy such as the book of Revelation.

The Hebrew Rosetta Stone ratio 7 + 5 = 12 or (5/12) = .41% reveals the same.

Adult Age diminishing X-axis pre-Flood ratio to a post-Flood time cycles is 340.6666 years adult death age of the Y-axis divided into mean average 847.2222 cycles of the X-axis (340/847 = 40) equals .4020 or 40%. (See Genesis Patriarchs Table.) If we multiply .40209 with a spin-axis turn 7.02 we get 2.8242734 our first maker on an exponential graph.

First son birth diminishing X-axis pre-Flood ratio to a post-Flood time cycles is 43 years adult death age of the Y-axis divided into mean average 117 cycles of the X-axis (43/117 = 36) equals 36%. (See Genesis Patriarchs Table.)

Let’s enter that data on my graph [Figure A] converted into a spin-axis points explained below in more detail. Only my application of a scientific perspective to the ancient documents preserved in Genesis creates a rational scenario of antiquity from the limited historical details given. These mathematical data points of ancient calendars, the Bible, various archaeological remains and the geological evidence together strongly indicate that an asteroid from outer space hit the earth at super speed during Noah’s time. The size of the impact, which broke open the “fountains of the deep,” dramatically changed how our earth travels around the sun over the course of a 365+/- day orbit. It also slowed down the orbit of the earth around the sun by 5.24 days from 360 to 365.24 days.

The adjustment of the earth’s axis was not clean and simple. There was tremendous pendulum wobbling multiple times. Many geological strata imbedded in rocks can be used to support this hypothesis. My data model shows that a Y-axis spin moving to today’s 23½-degree tilt would take centuries to complete and stabilize and become fixed to our present orbital patterns.

The Diminishing Exponential Curve of the X-axis

The biblical testimony concerning the ages of the pre- and post-Flood patriarchs does not make sense with what we know about the human body and its potential longevity. There is no reason why the ancient scribes would have recorded those facts and events in the way that they did if they were not true. It is more scientifically explainable to postulate that the earth was hit by an asteroid large enough to cause catastrophic flooding, perhaps the separation of continents, and certainly a major adjustment to the earth’s orbital pattern and angle of rotational axis.

The x-y axis graph of the previous diagram [Figure A] plots some of the mathematical relationships between the various spin axes within various centuries. The vertical axis on the left is X. It is divided into 7 equal rows indicating the 7 spin cycles turned around its own center as it travels around the sun in an orbit (Z-axis) of about 365 days duration. In other words, the X-axis spins seven times producing 7 “winter” solstice positions and even the South Pole is pointed directly, full face at the sun because the earth’s rotational tilt was original, almost horizontal instead of today’s about 23½ degrees off vertical. Anciently, all of the 7 (X-axis) winter solstices would equate 7 times with today’s 21 December - the great solstice of the Z-axis for one Gregorian year.

My graph is a little distorted for reason that I wanted to overemphasize an exponential curve, which becomes nearly linear at the second half of the curve ending about BC/AD and changing from a horizontal to a vertical position which is difficult to draw on my word processor.

In the diagram, I divided the time on my graph representing the horizontal Y-axis from 2288 BC to the future prophesied Apocalypse time 2008-2015 with 9 Hebrew cycles as I discovered that they also relate to Hebrew cycles of 490 years explained in my previous books. The exponential curve is arrived when we look at historical and archaeological events, which pretty much follow the Aztec/Mayan culture. Even the Bible has recorded relationship from the old spin X-axis changing into the new Y-axis of the earth.

Oil Tanker Story

Think of the principal physical laws involved with manipulated an oil tanker or container ship. When a tugboat gives such a huge, floating mass a push in the water, it takes awhile for the boat to react. Once it starts to move, its mass wants to keep moving, which is analogous to what would happen if a large asteroid hit the earth. When the initial energy is dissipated, it stops.

Hopefully, the tugboat pushes the oil tanker just enough so that it moves into position along the pier so that nothing is damaged. That is why tugboat captains are highly paid individuals. Only one more force is acting and that would be gravity in space therefore we should see a slightly modified curve, which is exponential.

I had trouble making a graph to show scaled axis positions using Microsoft Word processor, nevertheless notice a table good enough for the expert to examine. The main points were plotted by intuition not acceptable to monorail scientist as I am not good in mathematics and can only approximate it. Later we will put my intuition facts to test that will prove it mathematically for the skeptic. I reference also some other events and needed the point intersecting in the middle and include them now in this table.

Refining the boat analogy, our modern calendar arrived at the pier and became stable following 518 BC with 14-day leftover to rest permanently at BC/AD. We have historical documentation of numerous efforts to do so by the Egyptians, Greeks and others. Most notably for Western Civilization there were the reforms of Julius Caesar and Pope Gregory XIII. From 518 BC to the present, the earth’s stably balanced rotation around the sun did not require any more corrections and dramatic changes to calendars such as the Mesoamericans recorded in their pyramid reconstructions.

Some of the other objections often raised about Noah’s Flood covering all the mountains of the earth with water become scientifically resolved with this spin-axis hypothesis. For example, a violently wobbling earth would experience naturally bulging masses of ocean waters at the equator. Tsunamis would be child’s play compared to the masses of water moving across the globe – certainly enough to cover the highest mountain because the waters were not at rest. For any man to survive such a catastrophe is only possible by boat. God gave the boat design to Noah to withstand forces of tsunamis as he believed God and was selected from the human gene pool still being genetically pure and a practical carpenter to accomplish God’s will.

From the scientific perspective according to centrifugal laws of physics, the rush of water from the poles would gather at the Equator like a bulging donut or egg sideways. The atmosphere itself was pushed away from the North-South Polar Regions, displaced by collapsing air mass. Analogue, look at an egg lying sideways with the equator bulging and its polar region flattened out. The moving and displaced air mass from the Polar Regions acts like a vacuum pump and would have been quickly and violently moved, like soup is stirred in a boiling pot, the earth slowly recovering to its original shape relaxing after it has been hit. This scenario would definitely account for momentary covering the highest mountains with water as the Bible tells in the equatorial region and explain why Siberia’s prehistoric mammoths froze instantly with temperature of below 273 degrees Fahrenheit or 4˚ Kelvin when the atmosphere collapsed and thinned out on its polar regions.

Another point can be made as my spin-axis hypothesis would open the earth and moon up to greater risk of an asteroid strike than exists today. Currently, all the planets of our solar system mostly move in one planetary plane around the sun so that it looks like a dinner plate. Our earth circles the third orbit from the sun as shown in the previous asteroids belt picture. That means that today the other 7 planets and the moon are between us and the source of most asteroids from outer space.

This means we have seven planets and the moon as shields protecting the earth from asteroid “bullets” coming at us from outside our solar system as they are drawn toward the sun by its massive gravity. NASA has shown pictures from the other side of the moon and photographed many craters to testify what has come to pass in the past to our partner in the 3 rd orbit as seen the asteroid belt picture. On TV I recently saw an asteroid impact Jupiter as viewed by the Hubble space telescope and than verified by a space vehicle transmitting back to earth the very event of the impact as it happened.

Also, if an asteroid would strike the earth from the direction of its poles, it could not easily affect our rotational axis (Y). According to my hypothesis, the X-axis is horizontally open to being broadsided as it spun seven times around in a year. That means that the earth before the Flood had a probability of asteroid strike 64 times greater than today. Although our risk exposure is less today, I am not secure in my expectations for future asteroid strikes.

Explaining the 2.82427 Crossover on the Y-Axis

The record of the Bible is fantastic when you start to dig deeper into it respectively. Many archaeologists know this – even if they do not belief in biblical perfection. It is the same with other sciences, so let’s do the math on the 9 generations born before and after the Flood. Refer back to Adam to Tera tables on the previous pages of this chapter.

The mean age at death for the pre-Flood patriarchs is 847.2 years. After the Flood, the mean average of death drops to 340 years. This is a 60% reduction in the mean age of death for the first few hundred years after the Flood. The mean average age at death of the 9 post-Flood patriarchs divided by that of the pre-Flood patriarchs (340.66/847.22 = .40209) gives us a ratio of .40. Converted to the pre-Flood calendar with its 7.02384 X-axis rotations (.40209x7.02 = 2.8242734), this 60% reduction indicates a remnant X-axis spin factor of 2.8242. I plotted 2.82 on my graph based on Abraham’s birth according to a graph plotting a line from BC-AD .83 to .998 [Moses] 1.3-2.8. For some reason the line very accurately ended up with Abraham’s life and death crossover points projected over the other points in the middle.

In 2287 BC, the earth axis had made a relatively quick, significant shift towards a much more vertical rotational axis. But like a gyroscope knocked by an external force, it was taking some time to stabilize. In fact it wobbled for about 1307 years until attaining the present rotational tilt of approximately 23½ degrees in 588 BC. The curve ending at 518 BC, which is the middle of my 7,000-year history of humanity table used in my two books developed from Daniel’s prophecies and the book of Revelation as organized by the Hebrew Alphabet Number System.

When I took the age of the patriarchs at the time of their first son’s birth, the mean average ratio was 2.58 (7.02/117x43 = 2.58). This ratio shows the next generation born still with the consequences of the X-axis shift from the previous 7 “years” of 52 days, horizontally planed rotation. This is what I mean by the X-axis merging with the Y-axis to end up with today’s rotational tilt and a year of four seasons of about 13 weeks and a year of 52x7-day weeks (364 days plus 1 and a fraction). Remember those age changes happened in one year. If you do not accept my logic, then please tell me the meaning of the Bible on your turn.

In a western court of law, you need two witnesses to establish truth or facts. The two sets of ages and their means establish a consistent pattern of change. It also provides us with a chronological range within which the sky would be changing so as to cause the Aztecs to rebuild their calendar pyramid five times – one on top of another - in Mexico City. This principle of two witnesses appears throughout the Bible because God wants to make sure of the extraterrestrial information that is contained in it, which is not always verifiable by the natural laws of our physical universe.

Within a couple hundred years after the Flood, the ancients realized that the calendar that had worked so well in the pre-Flood world no longer marked the seasons properly as the earth seems to wobble. Struggling with the gradual slowing of the earth’s rotational wobble over 2287 years, most of the scattered tribes of survivors changed from a monotheistic religion of a Supreme God in heaven to worshipping the sun, moon and stars and fixed mystical zodiac constellations considered gods and needed to be pacified. For the Aztecs, this meant a system of 20 gods and thousand human sacrifices.

Pyramids that had originally been built to tell time became the symbols of religious power. The calendar itself became a tool in the hands of the ruling-priestly establishment to control people and force them to believe whatever religious doctrine and rituals that the priests came up with. The later Mesoamerican pyramids and calendar of religious festivals reflect the imbedded structure of the pre-Flood calendar, but the chronological system had changed in style and purpose.

Elsewhere, I will describe and interpret what I saw on wall pictures found in palaces next to Mexican pyramids. This artwork clearly depicts the cultural transition from a rational, monotheistic religion to the horribly cruel, polytheistic system of oppression, fear and death that so typified the last stages of the Aztec Empire before it was conquered by the Spanish in AD 1526. We see the same polarization trend of world dominance of our society today before asteroids will again impact the earth in our time.

Explaining the 1.31264 Crossover on the Y-Axis

Moving forward in history and further down the Y-axis, our table comes to Abraham-175, Isaac-180, and Moses-120 years old. Their mean average age at death is 158 years (175+180+120 = 475/3 = 158.33333). Abraham is the 10th generation from Noah.

If we relate mean average of 158 years from Abraham to Moses [Exodus 2:2], and reference the mean average ages of (9) nine people before the Flood, we then set up an equation; 7.02384 [spins] / 847.2222 x 158.3333 = 1.31264 we get 1.31 for the [Figure A] graph (an 81% changeover to the Y-axis), meaning 365.24+/- days equals 1.3 turns around the sun of the old outdated 260 Aztec X-axis calendar cycles (365/1.4 = 260 Aztec days), which is the next point on the exponential curve in Figure A. Notice that the Aztec 260-day calendar is vastly differently interpreted than what you read in museum books.

The counter wobble going opposite the earth axis twist shortens a year to 260 days solstice to solstice yearend measurements [21 December] with a corresponding longer day cycles to make up 365 days in a year time frame like the midnight sun in Norway. Therefore, we can learn from Julius Caesar’s period that a year historically recorded previously only had 10 month per year.

But in the 260-day cycle we would have 3 months missing (3x30.5 = 91.5 days) plus 13.5 extra days. [365-260 = 105], [105-91.5 = 13.5]. To get the crossover point of 1.3 on the [Figure A] graph I used Abraham’s death 1722 BC-37 = 1685 BC. Please note that our secular dates are different, as nobody ever knew a changing wobbling calendar. I count years from 2287 and use the Bible age which gives me a good curve to get a relative point for the graph you can reproduce and check my hypothesis which should be later corrected in Gregorian years.

So at Moses’ age the earth changed to one spin and a fraction of X-axis around the sun. The line has straightened out heading towards its intersection at 588 BC at 23½ degrees. Thus, the old Aztec calendars align and continue to be explained with the biblical age patterns through Moses timeframe. So when the Bible records again over 120 years the ages of people, like Abraham 175, we must consider the X-axis calendar counting and adjust it our Gregorian calendar thinking. Then Abraham’s age conforms to God’s edict not over 120 years as the limit for humankind’s genetic age. Do the math and find out Abraham’s real age compared to our calendar. (7.02/847.2 x 175 = 1.45), (175/1.45 = 121 Gregorian years).

I will plot one more point to test the line of the emerging Y-axis. Altogether, it is building to an incredible proof of my hypothesis that the Aztec and biblical testimonies are parallel, being chronologically linked like clocks using many of the same gears.

We could put one more plot on the chart, which is 1.00 if we only considered one man’s age. Take Moses at 120/847x7.02 = 0.9948 meaning one turn left on the X-axis and still slightly slowing down and coming to rest at a fraction of that last turn 23½ degrees. When Moses reaches the middle of his life, the earth’s axis had traveled the complete Aztec precession cycle.

The crossover at .998 is 1284 BC. Notice just like 260-day count for an Aztec clock aligning perfectly with my spin-axis hypothesis the curve from BC-AD over .83 to 2.8 intersects at 1284 BC with Moses’ life and is therefore different from university dating given in secular books. The Bible accounts 400 years in Egypt plus 38 years gets us to Moses’ time (1722-438 = 1284).

Some museums show elaborate models, as seen on a recent National Geographic program, how the Aztec calendar must have function with 7-13-20 cycles. Looking from my perspective I am amused at where inventive imagination can lead us when starting from a wrong assumption not based on facts. An hour program telling of mysteries ended with nothing concrete said.

The .8333 Crossover on the Y-Axis

This seems to be the last one and more difficult to understand. There are two references according to the Bible (Joshua 10:12 & Isaiah 38:8) where something happened. To my knowledge, no one has ever presented a scientific explanation for these events. These two Bible stories are very complicated to imagine using my hypothesis of a collapsing X-axis.

Think of a tapered toy gyro. We put a string on it several turns. Then we pull on the string very fast, which turns the gyro. As the gyro slows down, some children hit it with a whip on a stick to keep it turning. For the children it was the fun to see how long they could get their toy spinning. Eventually, it wobbles as it loses speed until it falls over.

That toy gyro is a fair model for the earth. Of course, the gyro turns in the opposite direction from how the Z-axis earth is turning. This is in a simplified example, what happened to the earth during the days of Joshua and Hezekiah. At certain tilt angles above the equator (as viewed from Israel in this case) and at a certain times, the earth’s rotational velocity and the opposing wobble pendulum speed of the unraveling X-axis gyro canceled each other out. In Joshua’s case, it appeared as if the sun no longer moved. In his day, the residual speed differential of the earth’s X-axis wobble is not fast enough to seemingly neutralize the earth’s opposite rotational movement making its velocity seem to cancel out and appear to stand still in the sky.

Between Joshua’s time to Isaiah’s lifetime the X-axis counter spin-wobble had slowed more so that in Isaiah’s time the sun shadow appears to be going backwards rotating from an Aztec calendar cycles for 10 hours, very consistent with my hypothesis. Let’s not forget our boat ballast offset 23½ degree analogy and do not assume that a pendulum wobbles is smooth cannot account that some stones in the boat ballast dislocated by a storm will remain quite and will not reposition from thereon. Being lopsided and now off- centered always represents a danger for the earth axis to be put out of joint again at the slightest little change in the tectonic plates under stresses.

Recent outbreak of volcanic eruptions and tsunami prove my hypothesis. Let’s hope that the next asteroid will be more kind then the first. Otherwise bets are off and returning to another ice-time with very few people on earth surviving. Read my prophetic Hebrew clock cycles.

Let’s read the sun standing “still” for 12 hrs in Joshua’s Time.

As they fled before Israel, while they were going down the slope of Beth-horon, the LORD threw down huge stones from heaven on them as far as Azekah, and they died; there were more who died because of the hailstones than the Israelites killed with the sword.

On the day when the LORD gave the Amorites over to the Israelites, Joshua spoke to the LORD; and he said in the sight of Israel, “Sun, stand still at Gibeon, and Moon, in the valley of Aijalon.”

And the sun stood still, and the moon stopped, until the nation took vengeance on their enemies. Is this not written in the Book of Jashar? The sun stopped in mid-heaven, and did not hurry to set for about a whole day.

There has been no day like it before or since, when the LORD heeded a human voice; for the LORD fought for Israel. (Joshua 10:12 NSRV)

These verses record that the sun and the moon stood still for at least 12 hours or longer in the sky. Learning about merging X and Y spin-axes from our model, we should expect one leftover X-axis spin in Joshua’s day, hundreds years after the Flood as our exponential curve indicates. Remember the bicycle wheel illustration previously indicated 7 mini-solstice dates generated from the X-axis with one of them being a Grand Solstice for each complete Z-axis journey around the sun.

In Joshua’s time, the scribes did not understand calendar science but just wrote down what they observed and connected it with extraterrestrial help to win the battle. But God uses natural laws to direct the outcome of history according to His plan. The Bible is an accurate record keeper: the eyewitnesses recorded what they saw without understanding it.

I had a similar experience when I visited Norway on a cruise ship. I had expected the sun to go down in the West and disappear under the sea horizon, but it stayed above the horizon until morning time when it began to go up again and start another day. The sun’s position relative to the horizon relates to the angular position of the earth at a particular point in history.

We can understand this kind of phenomenon in Norway, but how can it happen in Israel, near the equator? I do not think that you can come up with a better explanation than my spin-axis hypothesis. Whenever the sun would seem to stand still or hesitate in the sky, earthquakes would be set off due to the gravitational imbalance such an event would produce. The Bible tells of fiery stones falling on Israel’s enemies. My guess would be that these came from a volcanic eruption of some kind caused by an unbalanced wobble of the earth with a correcting and merging spin-axis.

That also could explain why five pyramids in Mexico City lays buried to the top with another city emerging to our present time. Could a nearby volcanic eruption have helped to heap up 200 feet of dirt on top of five pyramids? I noticed on another Geographic TV series that we have 7 major tectonic plates on our earth interacting with each other. The stresses build up by the constant moon pull on the oceans some scientist in the Silicon Bay area geological government bureau seen on TV 2006 used it to project future earthquakes following the moon cycle very consistent with Bible geology. He was right most of the time to foretell earthquakes to the consternation of the establishment elite educated in evolution fairy tales, which would not give him credit.

Explaining the Last X-Axis Event – Isaiah

“This is the sign to you from the LORD that the LORD will do this thing that he has promised:

See, I will make the shadow cast by the declining sun on the dial of Ahaz turn back ten steps.” So the sun turned back on the dial the ten steps by which it had declined. (Isaiah 38:8)

The last historical event in connection with a spin-axis phenomenon took place during the reign of the Jewish King Hezekiah as recorded by his prophet, Isaiah. There again we have an eyewitness account describing the shadow of the King’s clock to go backwards 10 hours or degrees? Scientists are quick to say this is impossible by natural laws, and I would agree with them before my discovery.

What I see in this event is like a mini-solstice as explained by my 3 spin-axes hypothesis. I wish that some computer nerd would pick up from here and demonstrate how it happened on a computer model. He should also try to interpret its impact on the weather. My theoretical model indicates two ice ages within Noah’s and Moses’ time frame of about 125 years duration, which would account for ice and snow formation on the poles to be a miles deep.

Luckily, people reemerging after the flood lived only around the equator at that time as the ice would have penetrated very close along the 30-degree Cancer–Capricorn line about 2000 BC. The proof can be noticed that pyramids were built on a narrow bandwidth around the globe and all in the same timeframe. Why?

Again, God knows about natural events beforehand. He uses them to strengthen the faithful to trust God rather than scientific speculation. Later on, when we discus the India outdoor clock a huge building project with a giant dial from 2000 BC timeframe we will recognize its position within the 30-degree longitude belt proving my opinion for reason of nearby snow region at that time. No structure anywhere around the world including pyramids going north from Tropic of Cancer is found anywhere around 2000 BC.

Now let’s find the last point on my Figure A. Joshua’s life would be 1464 BC and Isaiah at 710 BC. So between those dates I calculated a mean average point on my chart when I took the middle of both historic persons. The middle between these persons is 1071 BC ([1464+678]/2 = 1071). To find the X-axis ration point to intersect, I take the 12 hours extra daytime from Joshua’s time a summer solstice and the last one recorded in the Bible 10 hours, but this time the hours are going back wards in Isaiah time. That ratio is therefore 10/12 = .833333 marked on the x-axis remnant, the last one on the straight x-axis line.

Coming back to the .8333 point is the last plot on my graph Figure A. The unwinding X-axis curve is only from 1898 due to the extreme wobble of the earth being severely hit by the asteroid(s). Then, it turns quickly becoming on either end pretty much linear until it intersects and merges with the Y-axis at about BC-AD. The impact and reaction is similar to the oil tanker being pushed by a tug boat mentioned earlier or remember my ice water analogy in chapter one. That big mass will than move in one direction and stop when all the energy is absorbed.

Now that you have traveled this far with me in history, I want to point out one more interesting aspect of the pre-Flood (3) three spin-axes calendar. The pre-Flood calendar measured 7 cycles in one Gregorian year, but because the spin of the X–axis moved in opposition to the earth’s rotation, the calendar count lost almost one day for each of the seven X-axis cycles. At the asteroid strike, this principle played out as the X-axis immediately lost its stable pattern of seven cycles per solar year and then wobbled to merge with the Y-axis over 2287 years.

Since the Flood most of the days “lost” due to the counter-rotation were regained. If it was exactly one day for each of the 7 cycles, then seven days would be added to the solar calendar year on a later time. Rationally, the “lost” day would have been a bit less than a full day. The mathematics on an exponential curve are too complex for me to be exact, but we do know from history that many ancient calendars were originally constructed on 360 days year basis and simply because there are 360 degrees in a circle! This implies that the earth passage around the sun original was 360 days and mathematics adapted a circle with 360 degree to be equivalent.

Perhaps the pre-Flood calendar was built on 360 days too. The ancients carried that length forward, but later observation taught them to correct for 365 days fairly quickly. Dealing with the remaining 5.24+/- day has taken many more years perhaps century to realize it. Some cultures still today simply ignore the issue by relying on visual observation and adding leap days as needed or in the Chinese calendar, historically they merely had a five-day New Years party not counting it in the calendar.

To sum it up, the asteroid strike changed the day count on the Z-axis from 360 to 365.24+/- days as measured from solstice to solstice. It is possible that the velocity of earth’s journey around the sun may have been slightly slowed too in the process, but not by much. The last Aztec calendar system inherited from the pre-Flood times seems to be built on 13 x 4 x 5 = 260 days plus adding stone skulls to the pile, according to the second of the fifth pyramid in Mexico City center [explained later]. As they tried to deal with this 260-day feature of their calendar, they would add one stone skull head for each missing day noted for every 7 cycles or “years.” Eventually, they ended up with 105 stone skulls (7x15) as shown in Mexico City outdoor museum, which corrects it to (260+105=) 365 days. Also, when we add all the exponential points together on Graph [Figure A] we notice 5.905. Five spin-axis means 5 days lost plus a fraction we will examining it closer later. One Aztec stone skull = 14.3 years (1716/120 = 14.3).

Comments on our Modern Calendar

Both the birth and death ratio of ancient people, the X-axis curve fade out to a 2.82427 rotation, 1.31264 and .8333 after the Flood compared with a 7.02 spin-cycle or mean average age before the Flood. The Rosetta Stone ratio indicates the same for a spin-axis average axis change (.41 x 7 = 2.8) from the Hebrew culture connected with Genesis of the Bible. The X-axis merged with the Y-axis on BC-AD. From that point in time, the Aztec calendar would operate according to the same astronomical laws as our modern calendar.

The last .833333 calculations are very sensitive to fractions because they multiply 4,300 [years] times (2288 BC-2012 AD), and I should not ignore them. You probably noticed that secular scholars disagree with each other over the dating of Egyptian dynasties by as much as 250 years. Christian Scholars cannot date anything beyond Abraham either, check out your study Bible and cannot interpret time events of genetic impossible ages of people. Postulating about Genesis literal One-Day creation which do not make sense or ideas about biological death of every plant and animals caused by Adam’s sin hypothesized by outmoded 19th century Christian theological belief system, requires a lot more Bible study compared with science to convince ingrained false doctrines still taught in many churches to be corrected.

Listening to TV preachers spilling out their ignorance makes me cringe every time as I wondered they have the money to be educated, so why playback an old unscientific groove and scare educated scientist away and spoil it for them to conclude that the Bible is intellectual stupid to read not worthy of consideration.

I said in my books that we must use both rails of the railroad system to have a balanced viewpoint. For example, Professor Edward Hull created a brilliant time chart of world history as published by Barnes Noble in 1988. He gives a number of possible dates for the Flood, but he mostly uses the Authorized Version of the English Bible in his charts. This interpretation is off by about 60 years from the Hebrew dates given. Both rails need to be used in examining the data and do not only rely on publishers of a Bible; some grossly mistranslates of what has been written when we consider dates of a flexible calendar. We must realize that before the Flood everyone spoke ancient Hebrew and should give priority to Hebrew dating. This factor should always be in our mind and put into any equation for determining dates.

I believe my spin-axis hypothesis is more accurate dating ancient events, even if the earth wobbles a lot like a drunken sailor on a Friday night in old San Francisco. Let’s look at the hypothesis from the last point on my chart. The data plot of .833333 is below “one” turns of the X-axis as the remaining spin-axis is now essentially a Y-axis, although not settled down yet. It means that over (6) six X-axis spins have been lost. This date roughly coincides with Moses birth-death average (ratio Pre-Flood age 847/120 Moses age equals 7, meaning 7 divided into 7 spins equals 1, and “one” means less than one X-axis spin left over. Joshua immediately succeeded Moses in leading the Israelites and I use him connected with Isaiah.

We can cross check if we have the right data. When we mean average Isaiah’s age with Joshua’s the middle becomes 1073 BC which connects with .83333 meaning that on a 360 degree circle, there are ¾ cycles left over to count to get to about a 23½ degree stabilized Y-axis rotation. So if we convert from degrees to days, we use 360x.833333=299.99 degrees. Fractions again will make a few days difference +/-. Since we are going backwards in time we use the complementary angle of (360-300 =) 60 degrees plus 23.5 to get the final Y-axis at rest. (60+23.5 = 83.5 degrees) which in a 360˚ circle represents days multiplied by a correction factor 1.0145 (83.5x1.0145) = 84.7 or rounded off 85 days

We notice that in Julius Caesar’s calendar reform, they added 2x31 = 62 days. With the Gregorian reform, they added 14 days. If we add the 5+ days adjusted from the original 360 day year to the present 365.24+/-, then all together we arrive back to the (62+14+5 =) 81 days as a check on the corrected calendar as the final spin of the X-axis stabilizes at zero. However, we need another correction. The Gregorian calendar must be corrected by one day every 400 years. The missing days from Julius Caesar 46 BC to 2012 Apocalypse = 2058/400 = 5 days added together gets us 86 days, minus one day for the crossover BC/AD proving to the remaining spin-axis “Y” 23½˚ from another angle converting degree into days = 85 days.

Precise calculations will take a little time to figure it out because we have a three dimensional pendulum wobble to think about. Go back to the toy gyro and think of the 23½ degree earth axis spinning, which makes the inside angle double = 47 degrees. Or from Moses time to Gregorian time in the 15 th century the axis moved ever so slowly another 85 degrees to stop at 23½ degrees. Looking from another perspective before the 23½-degree axis was frozen, it moved in a concentric circle of elliptical pattern 2 x 23½ = 47 inside angle from a previous 72-degree Aztec precession cycles.

The inside angle of the pyramid’s top before the Flood is mean averaged for three Egyptian pyramids at 51 degrees. After the Flood, three pyramids averaged 43 degrees. The mean average of these two sets is ([51 + 43]/2=) 47 degrees, which matches the inside angle of the rotational tilt of our earth after it came to rest.

What could explain this precise mathematical relationship between the pyramids built before and after the deluge?

The pre-Flood Great Pyramid of Giza’s angle is 51˚51’, which is 51’ more than the other three pre-Flood pyramids’ mean average of 51˚. The difference between 51˚51’ and (the inside elliptical pattern of 23½ degrees =) 47˚ is 4.84˚, multiplied by a factor of 1.0145 converts the degrees to days - 5 days. These are the 5 days added to the 360-day pre-Flood year that had to be added after the Flood to make the calendar conform to the pyramid mathematics used in astronomy. That is a second witness to establish truth.

According to Du Halde, Chinese astronomers observed an eclipse of the sun in 2155 BC, which is the year I equate with the earliest pyramid in Mexico City.

Why an unusual sun eclipse?

Notice in a pendulum wobble that at some point no tilt axis angle exists, and the sun will not rise and set every day but stay high on the horizon and go through half cycles increasing and decreasing like the moon cycle. That will really get your thinking going to understand a strange sky in ancient days. Check out the sunrise changes until they stabilized and try to explain it more fully.

A Pendulum Wobble Explained

To understand the earth’s pendulum wobble, we need another analogy. Take a color ink marker like the yellow one to underline text. On the side is something printed which is good for us to identify a principle. Hold the pen vertical and rotate it around its axis. Keep rotating, its fun to learn something and show it to your kids. Then slowly tilt it 45 degrees sideways and watch the printing on its side appearing and disappearing and notice which direction it is going still rotating. Keep turning and now tilt it to the left and then to right still rotating the same way like a pendulum but rotating.

Now notice the printing of the marker will have changed direction as it is rotating toward you and tilting the pen it will rotate opposite direction away from you. Do that over and over and notice how the print marks changes direction. Why?

After you have sought about it for a while, we can apply it to our earth tilt spin-axis explanation of a sunset change. Remember, in the pre-Flood Aztec days the sun rose in the east 26 days and than reversed 26 days to rise in the west.

Or, yellow print on our pen indicates the direction change of a rising sun. Your eyeball looking at the yellow pen has not changed like you are the sun, but the marker direction changes at you keep rotating your pen while flipping side’s ways like a pendulum.

Eventually all pendulum motion will stop according to physical laws and the ship now rests lopsided 23½ degrees after a storm as the inside ballast is no longer in the center. The Aztec built five pyramids on top of each other because they desperately wanted to measure correctly a pendulum wobble, but they did not succeed.

Frustrated believing that some of their God’s are angered at them, killed and sacrifice thousand of victims to appease the 20 gods they worshiped. They stopped eventually building pyramids as the pendulum wobble stopped. The sunrise from the west to change into the sun rising toward the east changed several times during the 1800 (120 stone skull cycles) year range wobble. It stopped when the sunrise happened to be at the east and stayed there ever since.

This sunrise stop in the east became the beginning of sun worship in many cults as it was believed the sun won finally the war against the heavenly giants. We will tell more about it shortly. Later you will see a table with dark and light windows indicating the rise of the suns direction in a particular timeframe in history.

Then you will understand mystery clocks with dark and light windows like the Greek Antikythera clock in Athens museum we explain later which needed to be adjusted first to sunrise cycles. Remember that illustration of the pendulum wobble when we get to understand other mystery clock gears a little later.

Another observation you should notice the earth is going counterclockwise and when you tilt pendulum wobble into the counterclockwise direction, then the days on earth will be longer and when you tilt opposite the earth direction, the days will be shorted. When we get to the Chinese calendar, you will notice 2x8 cycles in a day? Could it mean the days are only 16 hours long and not 24 hours like we have in Norway I visited the midnight sun? Check it out later and look into mystery clocks not deciphered by scientists.

Also in a certain century when the tilt axis was perfect vertical the sun would not rise from east to west but rather stay high on the horizon day and night but change into a sickle half cycle like the moon increasing and decreasing all in one day. It is just another unusual observation of a pendulum wobble phenomena to think about. When the sky wobble moved again going in the other pendulum direction, the sun on the high zenith ever so slowly would show sunrise and sunset again and increase until it would disappear under the horizon like we have today. You cannot have a sunset if the axis is vertical.

The proof of such an unusual vertical axis change can be found in the Chinese culture. The earliest Chinese calendars marked days, not years, because there were no zodiac cycles. The original evidence of this is found on oracle bones in Shang Dynasty dated about 1350 BC.

The Chinese still use this system of dating in their secular and astrological calendars. A parallel dating system emerged later that used a stem-branch or sexagenarian cycle. That system is based on two forms of counting: a cycle of 10 Heavenly Stems and a cycle of 12 Earthly Branches.

Each year is named by the sequential pairing of a stem with a branch, called a Stem-Branch (gānzhī). The Heavenly Stems are associated with Yin-Yang and the Five Elements. Recent 10-year periods began in 1984, 1994, and 2004. Although a stem-branch system, which came later, cannot be used to deduce the actual day in historical events, it can assist in converting Chinese dates to other calendars more accurately. The Earthly Branches are associated with the twelve signs of the modern Zodiac. Remember, Zodiac cycles were not moving; therefore, even the solstice position was impossible to detect. Each Earthly Branch is also associated with an animal known as the Twelve Animals. Recent 12-year periods began in 1984 and 1996. You can read more check it out.

As the last Zhou king ceded his territory to Qin in 256 BC, a new calendar (the Qin calendar) began to be used. It followed the same principles as the Sifen calendar, except the year began one month before (the second new moon before the winter solstice, which now fell in the second month of the year). The Qin calendar was used during the Qin dynasty, and in the beginning of the Western Han dynasty. Notice this 1-month calendar correction corresponds to Julius Caesar’s 2-month correction according to a declining X-axis coming to rest at 23½˚.

Stonehenge Dated

Mysterious Stonehenge calendar in England too can now be dated as it demonstrates two circles, indicating two axes. The inner circle represents the leftover “X” axis as the outer circle represents the “Y” axis analogue like the Aztec exponential curve merges into our present spin-axis. Just counting stones on the two circles and relating them to each other could give us the date of spin-axis merging. Understanding the Hebrew cycles of the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS) would help as it overlays the various calendars, I am confident we can than crack its Stonehenge secrets and dating too.

Do not be surprised when it differs to what has been published. I saw recently a picture of Stonehenge, which had 13 pillars on one side and 13 pillars on the outer side in a concentric circle. This is obviously connected with Aztec count system as half represents an Aztec X-axis spin of 26 days. If you want to read up on the latest archeological digs check out the magazine referenced. Of course, the carbon dating given is 1400 years off as the spin-axis postulates an ice time and climate in England would we too frozen to permit a habitation as early as 2400 BC.

518 BC Y-Axis Crossover Point

What amazes me is to find out the timeframe when the X-axis is closely merged with the Y-axis at 518 BC. That is exactly the middle of time when Daniel was told another 3,500 years would follow. This developed my table of 7,000 years of human history, which is found in my published books. The fact that the X-axis spin terminated at the center of time according to Daniel’s prophecies is yet another proof that the Aztec prophesied 21 December 2012 date is the middle of the Apocalypse, thus confirming my earlier works in another way.

Gaius Julius Caesar’s 46 BC Corrections

Gaius Julius Caesar of Rome (46 BC) ordered a dramatic calendar change to replace their traditional calendar, which had been formulated before the X-axis spin had come to rest. I can imagine that the Generals must have complained to Caesar that they cannot conduct a successful war campaign when the supplies show up late for the army because the Roman calendar was out of sync with the local calendars.

Julius used the Hebrew priests to investigate and adjust the Roman calendar to a 12-month cycle very similar to our modern calendar. Since they could not change the equinox or solstice date positions, he inserted the two missing months. For his efforts July is named after him as August is named after his successor, Augustus Caesar. That is why our year ends with a tenth month, October, which name means 8 th, November 9 th (not 11 th) and December (10 th) instead of 12 th. Do not think that the people in Julius’ time were dim-witted. Remember, their calendar reflected a continued process of adjustment to the consequences of what happened in 2287 BC. Another reason for Caesar to change the calendar is when they showed him an ancient bronze clock, which we will describe later in this report.

When I checked out the time between the five buried pyramids in Mexico City, I calculated a gap of 214 years between every rebuild. Also, for every new pyramid 15 stone skull head corrections of 15 years for each stone head were made, (15x14.3 = 214) which is one whole layer of 15 stone heads on top of the stonewall in Mexico’s outdoor museum. That means the X-axis is disappearing one day in 14.3 years so the Aztecs removed one stone skull from the pile every 15 years starting out with a total of 120. We will later explain it in more detail.

Julius Caesar added 62 days to the calendar we can now compare them with Aztec stone skulls. One stone skull is equal to 15 years and 62 days than become 4.13 stone skulls. (62/14.3 = 4.3)

Originally, in the outdoor museum in Mexico City we see a wall of 120 stone skulls, so therefore we deduct from 120 the 4.3 skulls, which is 115.7. (120-4.3 = 115.7) 115.7 multiplied by 14.3 represents a period of 1,654 years. (115.7x14.3 = 1,654) Now we deduct from 2287 Flood year going toward our time we reach 551 BC. (2287-1,654 = 633 BC) This is very close to the time (518 BC) when the X-axis comes to rest being merged with the Y-axis as shown on my table.

This tells me that the Roman calendar was unchanged from Moses’ age. Without advanced tools of observation, perhaps no one noticed that the earth axis had shifted ever so slightly. Pyramid observatories to keep up with calendar changes were no longer necessary, so they stopped being built. The initial, pushing energy from the first asteroid strike had finally come to rest after many centuries.

Pope Gregory’s 1582 Calendar Correction

As history books commonly report, Pope Gregory XIII corrected the Julian calendar by 2 weeks in October of 1582 due to a miscalculation of the leap years. But the real credit was stolen by the church and should have been given in 1581 to a Calabrian doctor named Aloysius Lilius. This decision split the ranks of the mighty as one remarked that it was only a ploy to collect additional taxes by adding two weeks. Many Protestants refused to accept the pope’s changing of times an seasons – especially the English, which is why early American dates (like Washington’s Birthday) all need to be calibrated. The eastern orthodox bishops never followed the pope’s lead and retained the Julian calendar.

Today, we use an atomic clock introduced by NASA to measure time in the smallest fractions of a second. It is an absolute standard of time derived from radioactive decay. Corrections in increments of seconds do not make world news, yet they are made as needed and the entire world holds its breath a bit in order to stay in synch. It seems that we can settle down with a dependable calendar. The earth has finally come to rest with a seemingly constant velocity and almost stable angle of spin-axis. The final answer is still in the making as scientists debate a timely issue.

Researchers say that glitches in correcting seconds in the world computer could throw everything off, perhaps in international banking, business deals, locations that are targeted for missile strikes, or perhaps a hiccup in the phasing of North America’s interlocking power grids that could result in devastating blackouts costing millions. A fluctuation in rotational speed by only seconds is still a problem as the earth is still sensitive to changes caused by relocation of water melting in polar ice caps, which influences gravity and causes a change in time.

Any group of institutions, like banks, armies and governments that depend on close coordination could quickly become a dysfunctional family if a computer fails because it is out of sync only one second.

The inextricable link between gravity and time become increasingly apparent as atomic clocks become more and more precise. But even that becomes tricky because gravitational hypothesis dictates that the altitude isn’t measured relative to average sea level, but to the geoid, a hypothetical surface that approximates the shape and size of the earth. The geoids’ size fluctuates in respond to ocean tides and the redistribution of water due to climate changes. Enough said on this subject I learned from an article in the Science News.

I hope to have resolved the ancient mystery of impossibly old ages in Genesis and other difficult to understand Bible verses, but there is more to come. Since science still does not have the answer of five clocks they found from the Bronze Age, I guarantee you will be interested in following along on the journey of the Aztec history and trail of a three spin-axis hypothesis. We will end up explaining mystery clocks no scholar has figured out.

Determining the Date for Noah’s Asteroid

5 February 2287 BC

(Gregorian calendar)

The incredible coexistence of the Aztec calendar with the Hebrew cycles climaxes in the dating of the asteroid plunging into earth to start the Flood and destroy previous calendar systems based on precession observations on an accuracy not granted by modern man to be taught in universities. No sane person ever claimed it, and none ever announced a date. You are the judge. Do the following coincidences presented as I expand on the spin-axis hypothesis mean what I think they mean – a coming apocalypse?

Prophetically, the start of the Flood may chronologically align with the destruction of New York on 9 February, 2009, as developed in my first two books from the last book of the Bible, Revelation.

What I have written here has much more buried below the surface, like an iceberg only shows 10% above the water. I am finding more connecting and overlaying events and come to conclude that only extra terrestrial intelligence can come up with such a complex system like that. My books are published now and this Aztec calendar spin-axis hypothesis came about one year later. All the Hebrew concepts explained in my books are now supported by this Aztec spin-axis hypothesis and brings it together into one powerful logical concept that the apocalypse prophesied for 2008-2015 will happen, and New York better watch out as the ancients predicted another asteroid.

The Aztec-Hebrew-Chinese roots of history make it clear that God addresses our intellect to take Him seriously. He has imbedded into calendar cycles a system that can only be rationally explained with mathematics of the 7:5 ratio found in the Great Pyramid and correlated with a Rosetta Stone ratio 7:5 in the Bible. Finding unknown clocks aligned with ancient architectural designed with cosmic observations that also conform to the same ratio is God’s way to explain mysteries analogous to a two-rail road system to decipher these ancient clocks.

Let’s find out how I found the date of the first Apocalypse in Noah’s time stated in the Genesis chapter 5 where it says, “in the second month 17 th day which means one month (30 days) + 16 days = 46 days). Genesis records that at that time, the foundation of the earth was broken up as seen in geological strata. Worldwide, the continents shift with accompanying uplifting of mountains, relocations of oceans and the collapse of the higher pressured oxygen-enriched atmosphere to our present one atmosphere at sea level.

Our earth no longer had an even-cycled spin-axis movement like during the age before the Flood. Hundreds of years after the asteroid strike, the earth gradually came to rest at 23½˚ angle of rotation. From that angle, we can mathematically go back in sky time like playing back or rewinding the clock in a planetarium. We do have information of a declining exponential curve calculated from the ages of people to indicate a calendar shift that became linear and stopped at about 518 BC.

The plot of these ages represents earth axis movements in one continue motion going back to very first big bang. We have 360 degrees in a circle and so we can start with 23½ degrees. Since the Aztec and Hebrew clocks run counterclockwise, we will now add all the velocity change points from Figure A together and see what happens. My idea was that the original seven spins per year slowed down and stopped at 23½˚. As a result counting degrees backwards, we should arrive when the earth was drastically changed with a consequential calendar change. Counting backwards 23½˚ (counterclockwise) from a 360˚ circle at zero degrees, we get the complementary angle of 336.5˚. So let’s find out how many degrees represents a velocity spin on my Y-axis plot in Figure A.

360-23.5 = 336.5000

0.833333 x 360 = 299.9988

1.312646 x 360 = 472.5525

2.824273 x 360 = 1016.7382

Total added = 2125.7874/360 = 5.9049 continued turns,

which is 5 turns and a fraction of one turn .904x360 = 325˚ CCW, 360-325 = 35˚ clockwise of a circle. Thus, the “X-axis will show 35˚ (Western thinking) at time of impact.

To find the impact date and using the 35˚, start 35˚ from a 360˚ zero position (like 12 o’clock on a clock) and make it equivalent on a calendar dial to 1st January. If we count 35˚ to the right from 1 st January (31 days, plus 4 days = 35) we come to the next month

5 February 2287 (Gregorian calendar)

That is probable the date when the Asteroid hit the earth. In Genesis we have it recorded that Noah entered the ark and had to wait one month (30 Hebrew days) plus 17 days (the second month) and than the asteroid hit the earth to cause it to rain. So one month 30 days and 16 days are 46 days total. Counting backwards from 5 th February 2287 BC (from 35˚ CCW minus 46 days) gets us a calendar date of 21 December 2288 BC (a solstice date).

This official date is the first Apocalypse of Noah’s Flood recorded in Genesis. For mysterious reasons it contrasts with a second prophesied Apocalypse in the future on the same solstice date to start on 21 December 2008, climax on 21 December 2012 and end on 21 December 2015.

I discovered that they connect with a 9-cycle system of 490 Hebrew years or solstice cycles. These extraordinary relationships and many other events will be explained later. Another way in looking at a 35˚ impact date is that this represents a portion of a 365.24-day Gregorian year cycle. We can express it by counting by the Gregorian calendar.

Our calendar must be corrected by one day every 400 years. Adding the years between the two Apocalypse dates together AD 2012 + 2288 BC = 4,300 years dividing it by 400 years = 11 days, which must be added to the 35 days/degrees, (35 + 11 = 46 days) to have a Gregorian calendar count back to the impact date. So counting from 21 December 2288 plus 46 days we get the same big bang date of the asteroid plunging into the earth on 5 February 2287 BC.

This is the second calculated coincidence but differently measured over a range of 4,300 years. It connects with a future apocalypse Jesus mentioned but from two uniquely different perspectives. When we count 46 days back from 4th-5 th February, it is equivalent to one month plus the 17 th day mentioned in Genesis for the rain to start and the foundations of the earth to burst as mentioned in the Bible.

Theologians, scholars and normal people collectively could not imagination of the severity, noise and shaking an asteroid impact might have had on earth, as the scientist estimate that it would cause water to shoot up high in the sky to a flying airplane, if the asteroid was to fall in the ocean.

Just the noise generated with Hydrogen combining with Oxygen creating enormous thunders that could blow out anybodies eardrums with unimaginable exploding thunderbolts. Imagine you where there to see mountains being lifted up and others disappeared into the ocean, skyscraper high waves rolling over the country side burring even the highest sky scraper in coastal regions, which must have been a frightening experience for Noah’s family as Hollywood has already made a movie to scare us.

It’s a good thing the boat was designed in heaven and without windows and would have frightened the survivors to death seeing hell around them. Only divine intervention made it possible even to survive in a boat and only God could have designed such a piece of equipment to pass through such chaos as He gave the plans to Noah to build it in 17 years (120 Aztec/7). When Jesus said that the prophesied Apocalypse would be like in Noah’s days I had no idea he meant it literally by the day.

Noah and his children with four wives were the only living witnesses to testify to this event as recorded in the Bible. All of our mathematic calculations point and testify to exactly one date as described in my books with 12 proofs, thus it would also make my Aztec spin-axis hypothesis prediction absolute certain that the Apocalypse will be on time in 2008-2015. You be the judge of my historical and prophetic clock cycles.

Using the X-Axis to Find the Date of Asteroid Impact

Pre-Flood movements of the earth conformed to a (7) seven “X”-axis spin cycles which had (4) four quadrants. They are also divided in two solstice and two equinox positions. If we start in a 360-degree circle with the date 21 December at the zero (12 o’clock), then at 51.42 degrees (one seventh of 360) we have another 21 December Aztec cycle year, or the first X-axis turn at 102.85 degrees. There is another 21 December the second, and around the circle completing with 154, 206, 257, 308, and back at the 360-degree position seven times.

As a result, from 21 December to another solstice 21 December, we divide one spin cycle into four quadrants with two equinoxes that become a mini-replica of one year seasonal cycles like winter-spring-summer-fall for one “X” axis spin, but compare it what we are familiar with.

When we look at the 35 Degree impact data and compare it with the equivalent of 7 times Christmas in one year Aztec cycles, we will notice that 35 degree fits into the first Spin-axis of seven mini year cycles. So we now divide the first mini year spin-axis Aztec cycle into four quadrants of 52 days which looks like a full year around the sun we are familiar like a 365 day-4 seasons per year and two solstice positions.

Remember we look at the X-axis spin scale overlay that too has solstice cycle for each spin. (51.42˚ x 1.0145 equals 52.16 days and 52/4=13 days for each quadrant-season).

Discern that the end of a season quadrants in one spin falls on 13-26-40-52 day. Accordingly, the 40 th day of a 52-day Aztec cycle is the end of the 3 rd quadrant an equinox position too, or equivalent to 22 September the third quadrant in a 365-day years overlaid to our calendar, 35˚ converted to days.

Now there are 5 days short of 40 to the ending the of 3 rd quadrant position (40-5 = 35). Counting back 5 days from the equinox of 22 September position therefore becomes equivalent 17 September (Gregorian calendar) on the X-axis scale for the first spin overlay. If you have read my book Mystery of Tammuz 17, then you would find this same date given again in the future connected with the 2 nd asteroid on its way as it prophetically coincides with the ending of the Apocalypse 2015. The Bible said that God cuts short that cycle to save more people and the Hebrew cycle calendar picks that same date 17 September what a coincidences!

Mini-Apocalypse Ends 17 September 2015

So a second witness can establish truth. Another divine projection for an asteroid impact date is 17 September connected with a second coming asteroid prophesied by John in Revelation and is also overlaid with the Hebrew clock cycles of HANS (Hebrew Alphabet Number System), even science informs us of a 52 km space rock already in a 820-day orbit. The next day is a joyous Jewish holyday, 18 September, which overlays with clock cycles you should find out reading my second book Mystery of Tammuz 17 free on the internet in four languages. It ends the Daniel 1,335 days’ prophecy and indicates “blessings.”

Why the coincidence on the 17 September asteroid X-axis overlay with the Hebrew prediction date of another coming asteroid at the end of the Apocalypse 17 September 2015 Y-axis? Which by the way connects with another Aztec palace wall picture in Mexico City painted after the Flood about the future apocalypse prophesied with an Aztec short count measured to end on a solstice date 21 December 2012, noted by a secular university science perspective.

Truly, it becomes a second witness to establish prophetic facts. To have correlation like two rail road track analogy for better balance to an absolute concrete date and coinciding with cosmic solstice dates in the future 4,300 years later cannot be anybodies invention. Consider the writer of this story. I am certainly nobody could have dreamed up all those cycles matching.

Why? What would be its purpose and spend time und my retirement money on fantasies? In retrospect if we just change one digit of the fraction in my adding the exponential cross over data points in this chapter expressed on the Figure A and to not get exactly .904, we would never get the date 5 February 2287 BC. When you check out 23.50000, +.83333, +1.312646, +2.824273 and shorten the fraction, it will never work.

The mathematical probability is enormous that I found that date without massive NASA computer time. If you want to figure out about probabilities, check out my reference of a great mathematician Peter W Stoner who wrote a book about probabilities of 324 Bible prophecies. Just analyzing only 8 events of Jesus’ life like expressed in my mathematical example resulted in a number 100,000,000,000,000,000.

That number is too big for me to comprehend. Look at the combination with long fraction and they all must add up to come together at only one date 21 December tying together two apocalypses 4,300 years apart to the same exact day is humanly impossible to invent.

How did I find those combinations of six digit fraction after the point not having access to a monster computer?

I do not have a computer to run millions of equation to come up with only one date that makes the prophecy story fit. Inspiration is the only scientific explanation for me as I discovered this relationship at the end of finishing my graph. [Figure A]

When I recalculated and wanted it to make it look simple with shorter fractions, I found out it does not work and the bull’s eye is all over but not in the center with a solstice date correlating with the apocalypse projected 21 December 2008-2015 to show a relationship with 21 December 2288 date by a different methods.

If you do not believe in God, than please tell me a logical explanation that those numbers with so many fraction just appeared by chance since the probability run beyond the capability of my cheap electronic calculator, a number so large it quit.

Global Warming, an Unusual Spin-Axis Application

Most scientists assume that the 23½˚ (Y-axis) is now fixed and does no longer move. This may not be the case for the following reason. I mentioned in my published books that the pop astronomy zodiac priesthood of many major magazines telling their readers when the stars align themselves in a favorable position for love, business or making difficulty life decisions is facing now a problem.

The twelve ancient zodiac signs are no longer 12 but a new one emerged in the night sky which is the thirteen’s sign. This divided the pop-priesthood in those who would recalculate everything into 13 zodiac groups and the others who will have none off it. The bottom line spells out for me there is a positive change in the sky, which therefore must translate for me in a slight spin-axis movement of the earth.

Let’s recall that the earth has an elliptical orbit around the sun. That would mean the side of earth closer to the sun will have a different climate when the globe is further away, like summer-winter. Presently we can hear about heated debates in congress which on one side is championed by the past vice-president Mr. Al Gore for manmade climatic changes, as the other 50% scientist are not persuaded and believe in natural causes. This political football has far reaching consequences as many governments around the world wants to spend billions of dollars to flow in somebody’s deep pocked not necessarily connected with climate changes.

So I like to throw my glove in the ring too but do not expect to end up with cash and lucrative UN consulting contracts. I mentioned an unusual hypothesis that seems to grow the more I look at it from different angles, which now makes me an unbeliever of a fixed Y-axis.

I remember that we must add one day every 400 years and it usually assumed that is part or a fraction of the Z-axis turning 365.24 days. But could it be a little left over X-axis? This would have far-reaching implications and scientifically explain global climate changes. We have not really looked at what happened since Galileo came across the scientific discovery table to observe the sun and earth relationship. After 400 years, a 23½-degree angle may have shifted in relation to the elliptical orbit pattern around the sun. The mean average pyramid angle on top of the Egyptian pyramids is twice the 23½ also 47 degree and overlaid could reveal an applicable philosophy as many laws of nature are mirrored not necessarily the same but relate. The pyramid has four equal quadrants sides and is a cosmic illustration to explain the final wobbling of our earth. If you spin the 23½-degree axis one turn around its own axis in 400 years you gain one day.

So every hundred years, like one quadrant, the axis around the sun would therefore be 90 degrees different facing the sun in an elliptical wobble pattern but still pointing 23½ degrees. It is like you lying on the beach and turn around when one sides gets a little read to expose more of the body on the other side. Your body is analogous to a tilt X-axis rotating one turn in 400 years that is an additional day.

This translates that our climate will go through increasing/degreasing very dry spells lasting 200 years a part (4x90˚) and conversely every 400 years we will notice a mini ice age where population will reverse for lack of available food. The four times different position are analogue to four quadrants of the Aztec calendar or sides of the pyramid. So we cannot get away from ancient symbolism. Looking back on history, we can observe such a pattern. My books are all about patterns and cycles, and it is for us to investigate to learn from them.

I remember that 1942/43 was the worst winter in Europe and was instrumental in defeating the German army in Russia. From thereon the climate got warmer and if my hypothesis proves correct, we will have another 40 years of global warming to climax with one quadrant equal to one hundred years. Thereafter it will move toward increasing icing up again building back the glaciers we lost. Another thought comes to my mind that gives more weight to my argument. If our present Y-axis indeed moves one turn in 400 years than that would spell out ice time climate changes in history terrible for humanity to experience, causing worldwide starvation. If the earth axis twisted only one day since Galileo, who lived on both sides of 1600, and count back from 1942 a 400-year cycle, we should expect an ice time with consequence of severe famine in Europe. If we assume that 1942 was the coldest apex of that climate cycle than four hundred years ago, we should experience a severe famine in Europe.

Around between 1750 and 1350, I need someone to prove that for me as history tells me 1/3 of the population in Europe died of starvation and diseases that are blamed on a mini-ice age (1550). I explained weather patterns across 4,000 years with trigonometry – sin/cosine function plotting various biological plant life like diminishing forest around Jerusalem turning into grass landscape now totally barren mentioned in the Bible and needed to be adjusted when we calculate 400 year cycles in our time frame.

Another Asteroid Coming?

The Bible and Aztec religion foretells a second asteroid impact that will reduce the earth’s population so much that civilization will need to start over again. Once more, we have a situation like Noah’s days. The first asteroid parallels the incoming second asteroid already in an 820-day orbit around the sun as stated in science magazines the Aztecs must have known about. It will strike the earth as prophesied or projected by in Bible cycles and substantiated by other cultures. Both asteroids, as a pair, were on their way thousands of years ago: one was and one is in future. The prophets knew about this when they wrote the Bible especially John in Revelation describes the effects in detail.

What you do with that information is your business and I believe is of no consequence as God’s Plan for Humanity, which is embedded in a world clock with two dials either looking from the Hebrew side or Aztec. As a clockmaker, I only noticed the gears that make the system work.

Check out the clock on the internet for free and notice how late it is to make adjustment in your schedule. Guaranteed looking from a two-rail road perspective the train will arrive as scheduled. Lately the TV History channel advised its viewer to correct the world clock from 5 minutes to 2 minutes before the twelve o’clock cuckoo clock position to indicate the end of our civilization. Watch therefore my clock gears pointing to 21 December 2008 and count 46 days later on the second month 17th day to overlay with the Hebrew clock in Genesis 6 and look toward New York.

Recently, I read in a science journal that there is already an asteroid about 52 km in diameter that has penetrated past our (7) seven planetary protective shields. It is going around the sun in an orbit of about 820 days. Only the moon is left to shield us from it. Scientists project that this asteroid might hit the earth after 2020. They notify us that it would probably strike the ocean and raise waves as high as 30,000 feet. I will tell about more later.

Since the direction of the asteroid’s orbit is along our same orbital plane, it could alter the tilt of the earth’s rotational axis once again. The Bible predicts such an event in the book of Revelation, and I predict that it will take place about 10 September 2015 using Hebrew cycles, second month 17 th day after the 9 th of Av, 5776, which coincides with the destruction of the Third Temple (25 July 2015).

Bible prophecy has always been 100% accurate. It is our interpretation of it that is potentially at fault – even my own may need some adjustment.

Looking at my paper model globe to identify the first asteroid impact and apply an entry path of to the second asteroid possibility, I was facing my paper globe looking down on the North Pole, while turning it around and focusing on the equator. Just above the equator I should see somewhere a round big crater which could cause an axis shift. It became obvious when you look for it that the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula across the Gulf of Mexico looks like the only circular spot of the proper size for an asteroid crater for a suitable impact possibility. That possibility is now printed in a Popular Science magazine December 2006 check it out.

Observing a projected angle can be theorized for the next impact and narrow it down to what country it will be affected the most. My guess the impact would be the Mediterranean Sea causing Jerusalem as prophesied in Revelation to be separated into a wide valley with on half side to rise to a high mountain. The second and third asteroids are usually in line of the first as they follow a trajectory path spaced apart a certain distance. In our case 2287 BC – AD 2015 – AD 3018 according to Hebrew 7,000-year clock cycles.

So my “prediction” sums up many clock cycle projections found along the 30 th parallel of the first asteroid impact. They all point to the Mediterranean Sea that will coincide with the destruction of a 200 million army gathered at Armagedon we have all heard about.

God’s plan for humanity, recorded in many Bible verses, reveals a beautiful climate of abundance and blessings in the future after the apocalypse. God may even restore the ancient angle of the earth’s rotational axis as a way to fulfill His promise to return to the fantastic climate like the Garden of Eden.

Vegetation again would grow in profusion without snow and ice. The animals on land and the fish in the waters could recover and increase again at a tremendous rate. Moreover, all nations will live in peace with one another, and war shall be no more, as every family will have its own productive garden plot. Maybe soon after 2018!

Read my first book, which interprets Bible stories of a future society after 2018 with concepts of a Golden Age for humanity not heard in your Sunday school.

One more interesting article in the Discover Magazine, March 2007 you should read if you are interested to know what the future earth will look like after it was hit again by an asteroid. I combine science data with the Bible and thereby get a two-rail additional perspective matching prophecy.

The magazine article has two beautiful cover-page pictures of our earth from space and describes a new discovery made possible by satellite technology using some advanced instruments. The first picture shows the familiar continents from space but now mapped with a special satellite instruments (GRACE) from the perspective of gravity.

That picture gave oceanographers, geologists and climatologist a lot more information to update their geologic models of our planet. Scientists can now look thousands of feet under water or through ice sheets to see the evidences for tectonic movements previously unknown.

Along with continental drift, the LAGEOS technology also detected a very gradual change in the gravity field over Canada and northern Europe as the crust continues to rebound from the weight of massive glaciers that pinned it down during the last ice age.

I write about a much more recent ice age from an ancient spin-axis-clock perspective and can draw another analogy for a future asteroid on its way using science data. Gravity and deep fault rifts along tectonic plates will greatly alter our globe if hit again with an asteroid in the future.

What I see in those gravity-generated pictures are imprints of possible relocations for oceans in a re-contouring of the landmasses. If I overlay them with a future asteroid impact target of the Mediterranean Sea at the conclusion of the apocalypse, it is analogous to tectonic stresses built up over centuries that collapse. Perhaps this asteroid will restore the earth’s movement to resemble its original spin-axis pattern.

That is what I see in those gravity colored pictures in the discovery magazine. Check it out. America will look totally different with oceans covering most of the Midwest and part of California, the hotbed of GMO destined for destruction as the gravity pictures indicate from space.

Later we will check out how five ancient clocks work, as scientists have not figured it out. I wondered why they all terminated at AD 2012. What is so important about that date that it becomes the fulcrum of the Bible’s 7-year prophecy of the apocalypse?

Could there be a scientific explanation, not just religious speculation, that mystery clocks dovetail to one future date? I did not invent these calendar and clock cycles, but they align with a predicted asteroid strike almost no one is paying attention to!

I have learned that there is a 13 th zodiac constellation on the horizon, which upsets the pop astrologers because they will need to rewrite their script. Al Gore’s science group is struggling to explain global climatic changes, and now ancient clock dials terminate on one future date? The answer comes from the clock perspective, and you can read about the connection between the two in my next book, GMO Mysteries Revealed, The Fourth Babushka Mini-Egg.

The ancients who designed these clocks must have known of another asteroid coming and figured out by tracking the X-axis when the wobble of the earth would finally come to rest and all Aztec, Chinese and Hebrew living in different continents concluded and projected that the future clock date to take notice would be 2012.

Going back to our spin-axis hypothesis, historically there were probably a number of instances that were not recorded or unrecognized because historians were not looking for them. Only a computer model could give us some idea of what might have happened. I do not have access to that technology, so I am glad for the faithful scribes in the Bible who worked diligently to record these events and facts. Reading more about a coming Apocalypse you can check out in four languages for free on the internet for downloading or pay some money for the book at cost if you don’t want to bother. You will find facts from the Bible never preached in church for reason that many theologians are monorail specialist not a good balanced system.

Summing up the Spin-axis Hypothesis

Let’s remind us again of the cause and effect laws which work. Our earth is tilted now 23½˚. Why?

Let look at a sailboat. In the bottom of the hull, we have a ballast of stones that will always keep the boat upright no mater how close horizontal the mast will come moved big waves or wind. If the wind stops, it will right itself because of gravity the center of the earth. I have seen ships, which look tilted just coming out from a storm. This indicated that the ballast is moved from the center and is now off-center.

So the earth is tilted with the ballast in its center displaced because we have not a tilt axis 23½˚. What caused the earth to be tilted? I believe it was the asteroid from Noah’s time 2287 BC and a horrendous cosmic storm. The Bible records and the Aztec calendar tell us that the earth rotation was different before that and caused a prolific climate without snow and ice with animal life a thousand times more numerous as we can see 75% extinction happened very suddenly.

The asteroid changed the ballast center of gravity, which consequently changed how the earth pointed towards the sun’s direction so that it now orbits lopsided around the sun. Right after the ballast shift, the earth went to a number of pendulum wobble cycles as we can witness in a boat during a storm.

In Figure A, you will notice 2.82, which means the pendulum earth tilt axis moved to the right and left 72˚ like a pendulum wobbles while it is still traveling around the sun and turning 365 days in the direction of the old X-axis before it was hit. The earth did not stop rotating as it would have destroyed all life but kept going with the ballast tilted no longer in the center like boat after a storm.

What amazed me to discover was that the wobbles of the spin-axis hypothesis overlay the 7,000-Year Table of Human History and Prophecy published three years ago. Like two different temperature scales coming together in one point [-40˚ = AD 2012] all cycle divisions match going from one scale to the other provided we adjust for our final Gregorian calendar as the basis for our assumption. The Hebrew laid out the plan for humanity from the Heh dimension [the other side–spirit aspect] that is mirrored in the Daleth dimension [this world-in this time] in 12 x 490 cycles.

I discovered in the Aztec calendar the last 13th cycle of 490 years as their timetable has at its base the number 13. When I converted the Aztec precessions of 5125 at 72˚ [AD 2012] into Gregorian years, they matched the Hebrew calendar scale to exactly 24hr/day with an added 490-year cycle, which is the 13 th from the Aztec culture.

Daniel and John’s prophetic cycles are viewed from the Heh side as the Aztec clock and spin-axis hypothesis is connected with a serpent I consider it to be the Daleth side. At the junction of two different calendar scales I found that the first prophecy given to Adam and Eve in the Bible now converges with an Aztec calendar cycles to end in identical future date adjusted to Gregorian fine-tuned calendar with a date = 17 September 2015. That prophesied date announces Satan’s head will be crushed by a future Messiah to return.

The corrected dates crossover at the day of Jesus’ victorious First Resurrection of the Saints. At the same time, Satan is evicted from heaven indicated in Hebrew as Heh dimension, Aztec and Chinese calendar cycles also concluding, has his head crushed on earth - the Daleth dimension and is imprisoned in the lower domain of the underworld as a lone survivor awaiting his execution the next day (for God 1,000 years is as one day) in our Daleth calendar cycles after 1,000 years.

All other demon fallen angels in heaven [Heh] or earth [Daleth] where previously executed by four Death Angel on the “Third Woe” incident in Revelation now dated 17 September 2015 using two ancient calendars crossover points including the Chinese a triple alignment provided we use adjusted Gregorian calibration.

Therefore, when we see mystery clocks next we must keep in mind that a Gregorian adjusted calendar did not exist before Christ which makes a wobble of an earth axis very clear. Many ancient Egyptian dates are still disputed by as much as 250 years, which can now be calibrated better with a spin-axis restructured calendar. To date ancient clocks, I overlay their time structure with the Hebrew system, but I also invite a professional with a big computer to run a scenario from 2287 BC to AD 1582 [Gregorian time base] with a Y-axis at rest.

The tilt of the earth’s rotational axis was only known in Galileo’s time, but I discovered the BC/AD crossover point of an infinite parabolic time matching the Hebrew when I made a graphic curve to get some order in my thinking.

I too had to rewrite my book five times like the Aztecs built five pyramids due to proof reading my text. The exponential curve is not simple as some scientists may differ and postulate that clocks in museums should be dated more recently, yet still conform to the spin-axis hypothesis. That would shift a projection to your opinions about faith a little but not match as other cultural events embedded must mesh with gear cycles.

Now we come to the chapters where we will investigate ancient mystery clocks nobody has deciphered its clock system. Scientists even after 100 years and equipped with computer weighing tons are still baffled what those contraptions mean, how do they work, and what was the design purpose originally intended?

Let’s continue on our spin-axis journey as it gets more interesting. Before you read about the mystery clocks, STOP AND THINK. If the earth’s axis is vertical with no tilt, what would you see in the sky?

This mystery you will have to discover yourself, and then you will understand the mystery clocks with two or three dials.



Later we will learn about a 59-tooth gear in the Greek clock that has the same 7x4 pattern.

Fossilized Customs –The Pagan Source of Popular Customs, Lew White,; Strawberry Island Publishers, 2303 Watterson Trail PMB 26, LOUISVILLE, KY 40299.

Architectural Digest – The International Magazine of Interior Design [August 2004 page 153],

The Nelson Study Bible NKJV, 1982. Ages of Patriarchs, page 14.

But a faster orbit around the sun would require a longer trajectory radius causing greater centrifugal force, which would consequently make life as we know it impossible to exist on our planet. Our earth’s distance from the sun was divinely determined during the fourth cycle of creation and precisely placed for life to exist. Accordingly, I had to rule out this possibility.

This will become the second Pyramid in Mexico City.

That ratio will become instrumental in dating for the first Pyramid of five on top of each other in Mexico City outdoor museum.

Zondervan Study Bible states the lifespan of Abraham 2166-1991, Moses 1406 BC-1526 BC, which is problematic for me. The 9 th post-Flood patriarch, Tera, is Abraham’s father. All birthdays of 9 people added from Noah 2287 are 390. Tera was 70 when Abraham was born, which is 2287 BC-390 = 1897 BC for Abraham’s birthday, a 269 years difference? (2166-1897 BC) Add 175 years, which is Abraham’s death, and it equals 1722 BC. Scholars vary with many opinions due to excess wobble of the earth, which would make any calendar sequence very difficult. The Aztec spin-axis hypothesis makes it clearer and more accurate.

Later we will learn about the Greek clock 13.368267 astronomical ratio in which the moon has indeed changed its position, meaning its synchronization with the earth was upset at that event. It can be reasoned that the moon continues on its path, but not so the earth.

Suburb of Stonehenge, Ritual village found near famed rock site, by B. Bower, Science News, February 3, 2007 Vol.171, No 5

To leap or not to leap (scientist debate a timely issue), by Ron Cowen, Science News, April 22, 2006,

Fractions in calculations are like quicksand. Look at the broader viewpoint as we do not know on which site of the earth prophecy starts for counting purpose. So all dates should automatically have a range of at lease +/- one day for accuracy.

Science Speaks, by Peter W. Stoner Chicago Moody Pres, pp 100-107.

Discover Magazine, March 2007, GRACE’S GRAVITY MAPS, What the Earth Really Looks Like, by Sam Flamsteed,

GMO was a gross violation of a contract with God during Noah’s age, which caused the total destruction of that civilization. We do the same again and thereby incur God’s wrath to end our civilization in 2015. Read about the dangers GMO is causing from a global perspective following massive extinction violating God’s plan for humankind at the end of this book.

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