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Chapter 10 -
History Trail of the Aztec Culture

A Proposed Migration Trail from Babylon


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In this chapter, I will gather further proof of spin-axis phenomena as I discovered more facts supporting its tenets. We will take a journey through geology, ancient cultures and postulate a trail from a historic beginning of mankind starting in Iraq and ending in Mexico City. We will visit various places and gather new information along the way to conclude that the spin-axis theory is based on authentic discoveries.

The Aztec culture existed thousands of years before the Spanish conquered Mexico in the 1500s and not in the AD range many scholars postulated. Going on a mystery clock trail we will discover that my interpretation of historic events will be different what is written in tourist books as I observed ancient records from a two-rail perspective contrary to popular evolution theory opinions.

I challenge the assumption of uniformitarianism, the doctrine that the earth’s present observable geological forces operate uniformly from the origin of the earth to the present requiring millions of years, which will severely biases any observable facts lined up in antiquity.

In other words, what we can see taking place within and upon the earth and in space are the only acceptable explanations for the evidence of great geologic events in antiquity. However lately, some accommodations for a potential of asteroid impacts to alter the earth’s biosphere have been explained, but usually the events identified by secular scholars are placed in great antiquity. What I proposed will be controversial to secular scientific opinions because it describes a recent radical axis change in the earth’s orbit around the sun caused by a major asteroid impact in 2288 BC. It is also cross-referenced and supported a biblical worldview from a 7,000-year chronological calendar system.

I am not trained as an astrophysicist, a geologist an archaeologist or theologian, but I am an applied scientist who takes a rational look at evidence exposed for all to see for themselves. I hope that the new ideas I share in this paper will be evaluated by professionals in these fields and tested as a new theory.

From the ancient Hebrew religion and the Hebrew Alphabet Number System overlay (HANS), I discovered a Rosetta Stone in the Bible as described in my books Apocalypse Prophesied and Mystery of Tammuz 17. I encourage you to read that book because it describes an ancient calendar clock system revealing many future dates. Before researching my books, I never had any notion that the Hebrew oracles and calendar transmitted to us within the Bible would also find many parallels in the Aztec calendar.

I thought that after I published my books I could relax and take a vacation in Mexico. But God kept revealing new concepts to tell me that my two books needed a second witness to testify to its truthfulness. As I walked around museums and visited various pyramids, He just kept on illuminating new ideas never thought about before or mentioned in tourist books. In fact, when I see some strange Aztec rendering of embossed artifacts on ancient palace walls, and even walking around pyramids itself, new insights appeared which made a lot of sense to me. Oddly, I can interpret wall pictures of ancient palaces of what it means by applying the Rosetta Stone of my Bible studies. By borrowing from the ancient Hebrew culture, it seemed that I have cracked the Aztec calendar code.

I was never involved in archaeology, so I knew nothing about the Aztecs, yet I can now logically point out relationships that make a lot of sense. So if you have become familiar with the Hebrew Alphabet Number System by reading my two books, this commentary will give you much more to ponder on as you go about your own research. I am still puzzled about how the Aztecs connect with the ancient Hebrew culture before the Flood? Remember, they are cultural separated by a big ocean, spaced thousands of years apart and have significant language differences!

The Key of Noah’s Flood

Before Noah’s Flood, all of humanity shared a common language and culture as all cultures originated from the same family tree. They were all descendants of the same parents – Adam and Eve. Therefore, it should be no surprise that we find remnants from their common antiquity and share construction technology especially the knowledge about movements of heavenly bodies to invent clock calendars separated across different continents.

Three ancient calendars I have researched, the Hebrew, Chinese and Aztec, all began counting the years from before Noah’s Flood. They are more than 5,000 years old. Our schools frequently teach that prehistoric people were primitive cave ape-men with no knowledge. The image presented is that they were stupid, being below our lowest intelligence, but in our ignorance we fail to ask a few questions. Let’s not assume that ancient people where not educated enough to notice a few days difference in how their calculated calendars failed to keep in synch with the movements of the sun and moon when they spend millions of Dollars in their currency to build immense structures to measure time on a changing spin axes.

The fact is that history reveals that humanity’s first civilization before the Flood was more advanced than ours is today. I find evidence for this in folklore mythology and imbedded in ancient artifacts from around the world exhibited in museums. If you could produce for me a mermaid creature – or any half-man-half-animal creature pictured in the art of ancient cultures and Egyptian tombs, then I would believe that we are on par with that first civilization. We are dealing here with physical laws, which have not changed since the beginning of creation. The only way those creatures could have existed back then was if the first civilization knew more about genetic manipulation than modern science does today. Learning about modern techniques of genetic manipulation, we can contrast our method and comparing it with theirs and will find many similarities which cannot be ignored if you are educated in that science. It has nothing to do with being religious or assume that these temple wall pictures expressing only unknown cult religion of antiquity. Being biased in an evolutionary fairy tale theory prevents us to dig deeper to encipher the past of humanity. Later on in the 11th chapter, I will include some GMO science many of our readers may not be familiar with. Let me point out again and check the Bronze Chinese calendar 2000 BC that has modern binary computer language imbedded. If you are familiar with our binary computer code, then you will understand its significance, which cannot be denied.

We know Atlantis civilization totally disappeared and have not found cultural remnants of its existence. As a scientist, I plainly see the evidence of a binary code from modern time embedded in a 4000-year-old bronze plate. This analysis should not be carelessly discarded if you are a serious researcher. We have not drilled in the Antarctic continent either for explorations and somewhere in the US, I forgot there is a river coming out from a mountain and asked why is ice deep buried in the mountain. Going inside as far as possible to find its source, we see immense cavern of ice. How did the ice get miles deep inside the mountain?

To answer questions we must ask how natural law works on a basis of “cause and effect,” I believe that there were scientific reasons why ancient calendars were structured as they were and why do different cultures show genetic aberrations now done in our time? With the Hebrew, Chinese and Aztec calendars, we have three independent witnesses from different continents and cultures with totally different languages and histories. Consequently, when they agree on something, we should believe their testimony regarding the cosmic relationships between our earth and the sun in antiquity. To deny their testimony is arrogance of the highest level.

The Bible puts all three cultures together and reveals a number of interesting facts about human civilization from before the Flood. It even mentions briefly that aliens (fallen angels or demons) from another energy spectrum of outer space came to the earth and reproduced offspring by having children by mortal women. These creatures were called “Nephalim” or giants. These giants were bigger than normal people inspiring fear and awe.

Coinciding with these extra terrestrial beings appearing we have evidence of genetic aberrations of half animal half man features we can now compare it with modern gene technology. Read it in the Bible to get educated if that is new to you. Even in the Mayan-Aztec and Toltec religion mentioned an age of giants we can read about in tourist books.

To think that we are the only life forms on such a little planet and are superior of all the others from outer space can only come from small-minded people who think of themselves as the center of the universe but unfortunately they are mortal. Giant human bones 3m tall have been collected in museums you do not hear much about because it is stated in the ancient records of the Bible. The older generation still educated in the Bible will remember the story of an encounter with Goliath and his two brother’s twice the size and David about 1000 BC. Checking our recessive genes technology teaches that aberrations will reemerge hundreds of generation later, which makes this story very plausible. Other Bible references tell of more people as one had a 4m large bed.

God was offended by man’s genetic messing around which caused the flood and ordered Israel to kill those giants to stop the recessive genetic trail. This also opens up the possibility that one of the wives of Noah’s sons must not have been genetically pure from Adams line. To follow logical that line of thought would give me the reason why God was so severe to destroy mankind and domestic animals that had become genetically corrupted and caused a great flood to save his creation. Think about it from a dual rail perspective.

I believe that the aliens/fallen angels before the Food brought to the earth genetic knowledge and a very accurate calendar with sun relationship projected from space. The pre-Flood ancients copied it and passed it down in time to us with modifications recorded by the Mesoamericans and Aztecs. The Mesoamericans thus became famous for having the most accurate cosmic calendars – one that even surpasses our Gregorian calendar today. Because of this angelic connection, the ancient Aztecs attribute their religious teachings and calendar with the serpent from heaven, which was prophesied to descend to the earth at the end of this age on 21 December 2012. The serpent was once the highest administrator of the universe known as Satan according to Hebrew oracles.

Now back to the law of cause and effect. When I noted how these ancient calendars differ from today’s annual cycle of four seasons of 13 weeks within a solar year of about 365.24 days, I asked why. There must be a good reason. On my trip to Mexico and visiting its local outdoor museums, it convinced me as a scientist that the earth experienced a major catastrophic event that changed its orbit around the sun.

This major change was so great that it took many centuries for the earth to settle down in its present orbital pattern to a 23½˚ angle of rotational axis. This “wobbling” effect would account for variations in the ancient calendars, changing pyramid features, as well as explaining some particular events mentioned in the Bible. Only the Bible gives us the answer what caused a major change in the earth’s orbit. It speaks plainly about a worldwide cataclysm that took place in 2288 BC many scientist agree that it was the Flood playing back the planetarium sky.

My study of science outlined a spin-axis hypothesis connected with a huge asteroid hitting the earth that at the same time broke up that the fountains of the deep and shifted mountains. The impacts of this asteroid (the cause) resulted in horrendous effects on earth and are well documented in geology. I will mention a few of them out of thousands. If our University professors were not blinded by their devotion to the theory of evolution, they would recognize most of them.

Since the ark had no windows and was half submerged in water, we must look for other witnesses of that event as we only can find it in geology. Seeing the result of gigantic craters, we can imagine the powerful force at the impact on the earth. The following scenario is quite possible for the earth’s crust to be severely damaged resulting in the shifting of tectonic plates as we all can see tilt-up embedded in rock strata observed in many place around the globe, and the familiar separation of the continents on global maps.

There is evidence of mountains lifted up everywhere we can identify many areas disappeared below sea level in geology. The dinosaurs were not roasted, they died in water and their bones are mostly found in silt former sea deposits. The previous atmosphere of high pressured 30% oxygen (check out the air bubbles found in amber and measure the oxygen content.) collapsed, igniting with residual hydrogen left over from the creation of oceans to make it rain 40 days.

The Bible narrates truly along scientific investigations that it rained on the earth for the first time which produced for the very first time a rainbow. Understanding an Aztec clock makes it obvious that before the flood Genesis reports of a gentle mist to water the ground with a different climatic pattern. Whereas people previously lived centuries of years, they lived only 75 to 120 years in the post-Flood civilization. Why?

Some scholars have suggested that the change in the earth’s surface atmosphere can account for this difference because the post-Flood world not only experienced reduced air pressure and oxygen content but also was exposed to increased amounts of radiation from the sun. Based on some of the fossil evidence from the past, I had sort of accepted this explanation, but the huge difference of counting the age between 900 years before the flood 2288 BC to change in one year 2287 BC to about 200 years recorded was still uncomfortable for me to accept. It was a latent scientific problem to be solved even though it did not threaten my faith in the Creator or the Bible.

Under the former atmospheric conditions plants grew stems and trunks with big cells, and animals had big cells in their bone structures verified in sediments. This profusion of big animals and tropical plants found all over the world under the old atmospheric canopy was gone as oil and coal deposits testify.

The previous atmospheric air pressure at sea level was also reduced, and two thirds of the globe was frozen under thousands of feet of ice, which had condensed at the poles and spread towards the equator. The resulting temperate zone around the equator birthed the second human civilization in areas now buried in sand around Iraq-Iran.

The Aztec religion and Bible predicts that another apocalypse is coming our way because mankind has again genetically corrupted God’s creation and its agents of God’s wrath already is coming from space. Science verifies that information and informs us now that another asteroid already in orbit will strike the earth with devastating consequences. To me as a scientist it is a message from God to let mankind know that violating his covenant again has consequences.

God will not allow modern Frankenstein scientists and global corporations to continue in their destructive path of genetically changing every food seed with terminator genes imbedded, modifying indiscriminately every fruit and domestic animals like it was done before the flood. He will not allow technology to go further like seeing mermaid developed, half fish half man as we already embed fish genes into tomatoes. Aztec and other cultures predicted another asteroid that has been on its way for thousands of years as God knew that mankind will eventually develop again gene technology to destroy what he created. He allowed us to deny him and believe in foolish atheistic fairy tales, but to destroy what he created for future generations welfare will cause his prophesied wrath pored out on all of mankind when they overstepped His boundary. That is the discovery I wrote about in my two books and is also reported in the magazine 2006 I read.

This future coming asteroid is smaller like the first one; about 52KM across as measured by scientist and already has been given a scientific name but will not cause a flood. That rock probably will break up into smaller pieces during the earth entry face and end up in a firestorm as Revelation in the Bible prophesied.

God made a covenant with man after the flood and said that he would never again judge the world with a total flood of water. But this next time his judgment will be with fire you will find it even mentioned in an Aztec-Mayan culture if you read the Mexican tourist books. This gives us hope that some will survive the coming catastrophe of the apocalypse because God said so.

Reflections on the First Generation after 4004 BC

To properly date history, like the Bronze age and Iron age we should look at all data available and not reject the Bible or other ancient books and brand it as religious, meaning it has no validity and is forbidden in the realm of science controlled by few powerful but uneducated ignorant secular scholars who will never understand it. So consequently when we close our mind and are affright to find out that our concept of life philosophy could be in conflict and challenged, most revert and hide behind a curtain of a government controlled education system shielding them from dissonance.

The ancient book in Genesis reports that in 4004 BC and thereafter the very first generation during Adam’s time the Bible mentioned iron and bronze on the very first pages of Genesis. This statement of course raises a storm of protest when one is brainwashed to think of an obsolete evolution theory concocted by somebody 100 years ago. That we have learned in the meantime about intelligent design in conflict with this theory, but these facts are quickly put under rug so that the next generation will not find out and learn about it in our public schools.

Nevertheless as a practical working engineer I learned that iron is needed to shape stones as the great Egyptian Pyramid in Giza structures built before the Flood testify. It is well known that the Bronze time started after that pyramid. I had to laugh at so-called scientist who produces TV programs to prove that primitive man using ordinary stones as tools to cut precision square stone blocks we see in antiquity. It is funny to watch them struggling since they have never left their desk of their protected University enclave which is the only chance left for them to be employed.

Comparing Aztec cultures after the Flood, it is obvious that the knowledge of iron production is not seen hence must have been lost for a thousand years. This I call the real Bronze Age. Than in Roman times iron appears again in a big way to manufacture tools of shaping precision stones for large building projects. This became the fuel to advance civilization in Romans time right to our modern age with iron swords; iron weapons like guns and canon to iron tanks to modern skyscrapers.

We know that the oldest Pyramid in Egypt has quarried stones made from iron tools, as even iron was found in the pyramid connecting stones. But the Aztec pyramids on the Western side of Mexico which came later are made of river stones. So the inventing of metal after the flood took some time to re-engineer what was known before. In Daniel’s vision of a statue the head of gold, than silver, bronze and feet of iron and clay indicated the developing cycles how metals was reinvented after the Flood time 2288 BC again about 1288 BC where iron generally was only sparingly known. Iron was mentioned once more during Israel’s time 1000 BC which can be dated when farmers had to sharpen their sickles and travel to their coastal neighbors to visit Philistines their enemy who where ironsmith. Here again I differ with the expert who deny that the Philistines ever lived.

Some may wonder where does the iron came from during the bronze time when Egyptian tombs where build deep below mountains?

A recent TV program gave me the answer as a collector of asteroid fragments showed me a room full of metal remains from space of various sizes we can see in most museums exhibited. These iron-nickel metal rocks can be shaped to tools and sold to kings and merchants for a high price. Nevertheless, the Bible gives us a true account as biased scientists again face reality that the Bible is right. My own guess of where the Philistines came from is that they probably where originally boat people coming from Scandinavian countries where iron ore was found and manufactured the finest swords and conquering Scotland and coastal territory toward France. Samson’s story too accounts for iron gates, which he lifted of its hinges to the surprise of his enemies. So precision cut stones made from iron tools or the absence will determine what age you should assign to archeology.

Environmental Changes after the Flood 2287 BC

Supporting a spin-axis theory lets make a journey back in ancient history most people have only slim ideas about it. Shem, Ham and Japheth the sons of Noah, transferred knowledge of a different ancient world we only know through the Bible, so that thousands of years later preserved by Hebrew scribes we can look through that window and learn about prehistoric time of mankind. While focusing on the other two sons of Noah, additional perspective can be gained expressed in the Aztec and Chinese calendars.

The Bible records mankind’s history, which were collected in five books by Moses, and its contents came directly from Shem, one of Noah’ son who survived the Flood. Studying those Genesis accounts, it is obvious that the earth’s orbital cycles at the dawn of ancient history was upset. According to cause and effect laws, we can easily theorize about it to find the missing facts in archeology knowing now where to look for. What comes in the forefront comparing the Flood report it appears that the tectonic plates of the earth, the mountains and oceans must have recently been terrible disturbed and relocated; resulting perhaps in continental separation we recognize in archaeology today and as the Bible in Genesis clearly identifies. An evolution theory rules out this argument and ignores geological witnesses of a recent Flood to declare that these facts require millions of years to happen. So my opinion is good as theirs since the past cannot be measured.

I concluded while flying in a small airplane over the Grand Canyon and examining the physical evidence of a rendered landscape below, that the Arizona Colorado River basin was torn apart from a horizontal plain and not just washed out with billion years of rainwater. I cannot help it but to compare it with the biblical report that they connect with the timeframe of 2288 BC after Noah’s Flood. I may ask why newly formed strata layers are found on the bottom of the Grand Canyon much older layers on top. My educated guess for the Flood in Noah’s time is that a larger than 50 km asteroid hit the earth.

Jesus prophesied that the future Apocalypse will be like in Noah’s days as we study Revelation according to John who prophetically describes similar events of a number of asteroids hitting the earth to end our present civilization. Science tells me that there is a huge 52 km asteroid already waiting in an 820 days orbit around the sun, which was projected to hit the earth about after 2020. Only one turn less would intersect with my 2015 date another possibility. The shortening of a few years could be attained applying satellite physics when we consider that one side of an asteroid is warmed up facing the sun as the other side is cold. This temperature difference could cause a slight deviation in a projected orbital path according to a Russian physicist.

Even the stories of a sunken continent Atlantis does now make sense to me. If we accept a tilt axis theory we should be drilling in the Antarctic to find evidence of a preFlood civilization which might be buried there. A fact is that the earth continent believe it or not, and if you are not enamored with an evolution theory, may have been different what you see today and was changed after 2287 BC.

The Aztecs tell us about it, the Chinese do, the Hebrews do and last the crown of world literature - the Bible all of them tell the same story. Even imbedded in many cultures we recognize the echoes of a great turbulent destructive time still buried in the collective memories of many cultures and only a very ignorant scientist will deny it. Looking now from a different perspective as our school books tell, I can understand why magnetic polar shifts embedded in silt exist which still has not been explained adequately.

The violent shaking of the earth during the 2287 BC time causing extensively unbalanced quiver and a mater of fact the earth like a drunken sailor wobbled like an exponential X-axis curve would show; or like my toy gyroscope when it loses its speed wobbles and flips sideways until it settles down to a constant speed merging with the adjacent axis. You can find plenty of proof examining the fine silt around the world and measure its magnetic direction. We find many overlaying deposits crisscrossing giving us a magnetic footprints on top of each other.

When the silt settled down and froze, the magnetic particles aligned themselves into the magnetic North and South Poles can only happen when you have a changing tilt angle like the one caused by the Flood. Overlaying strata show different magnetic directions that indicate polar shifts as much as 90˚, which would give my theory some credibility. This is consistent with physical laws when you study my toy gyroscope.

Even the Bible continues to tell eyewitness accounts when the sun stood still in the sky (Joshua 10:12) and there is another one where the shadow cast by the sun all of a sudden moves backwards witnessed by a Jewish king Hezekiah (Isaiah 38:8) The scribes would not dare to make up such a story and only very ignorant people will judge the Bible as inconsequential fairy tales. Only my theory gives those accounts in the Bible a logical scientific explanation.

If we seriously consider my spin-axis bicycle explanation, one will discover that snow is not possible on earth before the Flood time on earth. The Polar Regions gets the same equal sun exposure as the equator. That would account for a very even temperature climate around the globe with butterfly flowers found in a frozen mammoth animals mouth as Saint Petersburg exhibition records it. The different X-spin-axis had another affect exactly as Genesis in the Bible reports.

Rummaging through my old German schoolbooks, I came across one that describes the creation of continents and oceans. There is much information that will underline scientifically how the earth and its relatively thin crust were formed. A scenario picture was described which I made a copy for you to check out. The first picture is very much a description I find in Genesis portrait. Geological strata and fossil bones support my theory when you follow the tectonic plates left over from that ancient time.

The land above the ocean is only 29% and most was located together. Comparing how very thin the lighter earth crust strata really is in comparison to the very hard underlying glass hard foundation, I have no problem that it could slide when it is disturbed. When we scale the highest mountain and the deepest ocean, it is only a very thin layer over the whole of the earth ball.

As the earth originally cooled, lighter material floated on top forming lighter rocks, liquids and gasses and the heavier compacted on the bottom to form extremely hard glassy rocks. Consequently, we have two layers with different consistency and an impact of an asteroid will only affect the loose and lighter settlement layers on top that will float easily on a hard surface in the directing of spinning and counterforce of large asteroid impact. If the asteroid penetrates the hard surface, the earth would destroy itself and life would have vanished.

Originally, the floating surface layers formed into tectonic plates. They shrank, cracked and tore apart from each other like we see mud on a dried lake bottom. To imagine billions of years to form tectonic plates can be modeled in a laboratory within days. So why only think of long ages when we have evidence that formation can happen in a very short time?

To imagine billions of years to form tectonic plates can be modeled in a laboratory within days. So why only think of long ages when we have evidence that formation can happen in a very short time?

Have a closer look in the first picture were we see a star marking the asteroid impact with my label for identification. Study that second picture and notice the sequential geological consequence. The first picture shows a long lake with a deep north-south crack that became our continental divide. Imagine if you stopped the rotation of the earth a little at the round hole in the second picture. Any loose dirt sliding on a very hard foundation would pile up in front of the impact and the dirt after that location would keep sliding with the earth spin direction.

Check out your paper globe, and I do not have to tell you where the mountains piled up, just like the picture shows. The black round hole has been replaced by the Gulf of Mexico not seen in the first picture. Why a round open area in the second picture? Think of cause and effect laws.

Experiencing a different axial spin of the earth after the Flood I am not surprised that the second emerging civilization (Bronze time) started out being motivated with building programs erecting various tall towers or pyramids with bricks or river stones to look through the clouds to observe the stars and sun constellation positions to check out a changing calendar. That was the time where zodiac fixed constellations was the only means to make some sense in a changing calendar.

Before the Flood, they build large structures with iron tools which are now missing after the Flood time. When I visited Peru I checked out the remnant of an ancient Inca culture which seems to be dated before the Flood time. High in the Andes Mountain I noticed a 200-ton red granite block perfectly polished with absolutely straight sides probably used for solstice calendar measurements. As an engineer I am still puzzled how they moved this stone 500 miles from a quarry and lifted on top of the highest mountain range and can only think of Iron and diamond tools to shape such a colossal. Perhaps originally that stone may have been in the valley on sea level but now lifted to the highest mountain range caused by an asteroid impact raising mountains.

Later man discovering this huge lone block of red rock on top of the mountain created a religious center around it. They know that it came from pre-Flood time as and therefore attached religious significance to it. They used now irregular stones for buildings in the surrounding area indicating a Bronze time.

Iron and bronze was mentioned in Genesis around Adam's age as the first metal used in building ancient cities and music instruments. Iron is on top of useful metals and very complicated process to manufacture. Noah’s sons where not educated to be a metallurgist and so the knowledge how to make iron was lost to future generations after the Flood. It took another 1,000 years to reinvent iron again and so the next hard metal on the list is an alloy like bronze that is why we call it the Bronze Age.

Consequently, the repopulating survivors of the Flood even had to use primitive stone arrows for hunting for a while and live in sheltered caves until softer metals were reinvented again. For lack of stones in some regions, we find that they manufactured clay bricks very consistent with the surrounding geological strata as can be seen in observation platforms ruins like a tower of Babel described in Genesis. Notice the different material used in building pyramids in other areas. On the other hand the Egyptian Giza pyramid used large finished stones smoothly squared out which would require iron tools, hence should be dated to be before Flood time 2288 BC.

The Mexican City pyramid used irregular stones with mortar in-between joining the stones not requiring iron tools. We just do not find any tools near those ancient sites except made of bronze. This indicates to me a bronze age after the Flood environment where iron was not known. The Bible therefore is right on giving us a true account what man is confronted with to overcome a changing spin-axis of the planet that continued for many centuries.

We simply cannot argue the point that the earth existed unchanged for millions of years when we have eyewitness of history to testify of a world upheaval on a grand scale. The Hebrew scribes of Bible seems to record a diminishing spin-axis of our globe so that we can compare it to our present time. It gives us more proof that my theory has a solid basis. In the Biblical narrative, I noticed especially right after the first century Flood period that the Aztec had the most difficult time to measure a vanishing fast changing exponential X-axis that would screw up any calendar attempt. As hundreds of years passed since the Flood, many efforts where made to establish what was the proper sun position which was precisely measured on a continued basis. The post-Flood environment experienced many climate variations, and I am not surprised that next the story the Bible reports a building project of a high tower to enable the priest to make an updated calendar.

Observations where made from time to time to look through the blanket of consistent overlaying dense fog or cloud covering the earth with snow borders so close to the equator. To make proper cosmic surveillance which was essential in farming when to plant seed to get a harvest before snow settles down. Thus the only solution left was to build tall observation platforms like the Mexican pyramids to see the sun and figure out the changing earth orbit through dense clouds. We usually see more blue sky today in the southern part, but in ancient time when polar ice caps caused by a merging spin (Y) axis extended further toward the equator causing a lot more fog and cloud coverings stretched over the equator belt forming rainforest of the earth. Our redwoods’ thousand-year-old tree rings tell the same weather story of the past and we should seriously compare it to our evolution theory and accept its faulty assumption when confronted with scientific facts.

In Bible account of the tower of Babel, God is angry with mankind for having screwed up his creation by genetic manipulations. He knows the human drive to live independently by technology without a godly guidance, which eventually will end up again in a Frankenstein genetic destruction of His world by changing the original design of seeds and animals.

A thought comes in my mind that Noah’s ark only contained domesticated genetically pure animals and seeds which where not manipulated by pre-Flood scientist. The ark-submarine designed to withstand immense tsunami waves could not have contained all the animals of the earth onboard as many species survived around the globe we can check out in obscure areas around the globe. Only genetically unchanged original pure animals useful for mankind’s food were selected by God to be preserved for us.

Today we again discovered the technology of genes splicing and can mix and match at will so that pork tastes like turkey meat and onions no longer bite your eyes. Evil American corporation go even so far to put terminator genes in food seeds, meaning that seed will become extinct if for reason that company goes bankrupt and out of business like Enron Corporation.

Think about it that you my friend are that last generation on earth witnessing extinction on a massive scale – unless God’s intervenes according to clock cycles 2008-2015. Previously after the Flood, God put the brakes on to slow down mans ingenuity restricting technology by confusing their language and that is the reason why I speak German today. Luckily, some taught me English and so I can tell you my theory not found in local schoolbooks. It took again 4,000 years to get at same juncture for God to intervene to save His creation.

Geological Changes after the Asteroid Impact of 2287 BC

Going back by reexamining the ancient Aztecs, I discovered that their age coincides with Moses time frame by comparing it with Bible chronology. Tracking climatic changes as a result of a great Flood, the Bible records an emerging second civilization and tells about a Babylonian tower built somewhere in modern Iraq. the tower of Babel Today, this country is full of sand. This was not so after the Flood as this area abounded with thousands of lakes, thick forests and rich agriculture. From the satellite photos, we can still see traces of elaborate, straight water channels in the desert sand that the first settlers after the Flood built to crisscross the countryside for hundreds of miles.

The ancient Babylonians erected mighty cities with brick walls hundred of feet wide and tall not requiring iron tools. The famous hanging Gardens of Babylon indicate that there was a cool temperate perfect climate for the cradle of beginning world population. The polar icecaps with miles deep snow and ice piled up during the turbulent time until our globe became stabilized again to a nice and easy orbit around the sun.

Examining the spin-axis hypothesis, or my bicycle illustration, we will notice after 2287 BC two periods of a mini-ice ages with seasonal winter snow reaching as far South to the Cancer of Tropic and the other side Cancer of Capricorn covering one third of earth on each pole covered with snow close to the equator. That leaves a bandwidth corridor around the equator to cooler sunshine to have a pleasant temperature range within a narrow corridor for a new emerging civilization to expand. Why do we see a narrow pyramid bandwidth build around the globe?

Forests are Good Indicators of Spin-axis Climate Changes

As the earth balanced out to a normal recognizable calendar, we will notice gradual temperature-climatic changes emerging from a mini ice-time. Learning something about a changing calendar has many added concepts imbedded which mesh like gears in a clock. If you passed the 8th grade school in German than you are familiar with trigonometry and their associated tables of sinus-cosine. Armed with this knowledge we will be able to figure out a global exponential temperature changes from 2287 BC by simply just reading a little about what is written in the oldest book of mankind, the Bible.

It is really a very interesting accurate history book once you a weaned away from what you have learned in school. I do not know why the Bible is no longer allowed to be read in school after 200 years in the USA and why reading it will offend science priesthood. So if you are not affright to read the Bible and start with Genesis Flood, you can find out what happened 1000 years later in the time like the kings of Israel around 1000 BC. The Bible records a thick forest before king David’s time in parts of Israel around Jerusalem. It is stated that King David having 20,000 soldiers combating against 40,000 Philistines obvious not a good fight to start. Hence, he hid his whole army in a thick forest not to be detected.

Notice it said forest. A thousand years later in the same area around Jerusalem Jesus was born BC/AD and thirty years old as a young man asked 7,000 people to sit down in the high grass to feed them with fish and bread. Notice what is said now high grass in the countryside, no more forest. Later in around 2000 AD we only see rocks not even enough to feed sheep. If you buy yourself an airplane ticked and takes a vacation in Israel than imagine how beautiful this country must have been looking from the sky in David’s time. So now you have some points to start your world temperature scale by starting with 50 º Fahrenheit a good forest temperature beginning point and could be used to forecast what the temperature will be in the next future 20 years in your neighborhood by using trigonometric functions. It can make you very rich to know where to buy real estate or get a good job with the UN global warming committee.

My journey to connect with a spin-axis theory is expanding as more historical facts connect with other mysteries not solved by scientists. Previously we looked at five unsolved ancient calendar clocks and found out some design features they have in common. Our story will continue as we take an imaginary historic trip where the Aztec came from connecting with the Chinese. This way we unite the design of the five mystery clocks, as they must be put in a proper historical perspective to understand their internal mechanism and why they where invented. I hope you will benefit from my journey and discern fact from fiction by using logic applied to history.

From Iran to Mexico

Coming back from my trip of Mexico City I bought an Aztec museum book which shows many important pyramids across Mexico. Puzzling over the old ages in Genesis I discovered the Aztec calendar which solved unexplainable events in the Bible theologians have no answers. Now seating at home I checkout the book once more and noticed a number of biblical overlays in parallel. The Hebrew scribes of our Bible gave us accurate historic accounts in antiquity that helped me to understand strange Mexican architecture and pictures painted on palace walls reflecting a culture in a time capsule.

As an inventor, I think a little differently than most people and that includes the experts of archeology, which I differ with those who deny the biblical historic accounts. Therefore, they lose credibility for me because I believe that the ancient eyewitnesses in the Bible are more believable or reliable than what scientist dream about today. But since my scientific education is influenced by extraterrestrial knowledge like prophecy which our scientist have no idea they exist, it is therefore sometimes not too hard to figure out ancient symbols contrary to current opinions and put a theoretical scenario in place like adding pearls to a bracelet.

Here is my line of thinking which cracked the Aztec calendar for me and explains many wall pictures that could date its architecture across the bandwidth of Mexico. So if you visit Mexico you will have another unofficial perspective of what you see.

A Migration Route of Noah’s People after 2287 BC

After the event of Babel language confusion, Noah and his children spread out to four different continents as the world was divided when Shem’s younger brother Japheth became the ancestor of Eber. The name Eber means “from the other side” which developed into the word (Heber) - “Hebrew.” Eber then had two sons and one was named Peleg. And Peleg ancient scripture said that the world was divided. (Genesis 10:21-32) It means the grandchildren got together with their great grandfathers and decided move to another territory and obey God’s command to settle the earth.

Reading ancient stories I propose that the trail of the Aztecs started out with Noah and Japheth together, which the Bible indicates as being Babylon – Iraq. The traveled east by following the edge of the northern ice border, which at that time (2200 BC) pretty much follows the “Tropic of Cancer” from Iran-Afghanistan over a huge mountain range to China. Looking at my model globe and knowing that they are expert boat builders I can imagine that they mostly traveled along major rivers to more easily transport food, family and belongings by boat. Remember that both grandparents were skilled carpenters and had made the biggest boat in ancient times.

Checking out on my paper model globe where big rivers are located going all the way through China. I discover that indeed one can travel mostly by boat on rivers to cross a huge continent to end up in China at Shanghai harbor. My globe shows a route going east across Iran – Afghanistan, up the river Helmand, and crossing over to Kabul. From there I imagine going up the river Kashmir across the mountains toward the Indus to go down that river to Lhasa, which is on the right side of the great mountain range of the Himalayas.

When the Lhasa River makes a 180 degree bend, we then jump over another mountain pass to the Salween River. With one more river crossing, they arrived at the Mekong River. Now passing the last mountain range all the way down the Yangtze River across China to Shanghai about 1500 air miles measured on my globe, which probably means that it was at least twice as long a journey.

Then I discovered in a technical magazine that the ancient Chinese culture connects with the Hebrew religion from before the Flood. I will cherry pick some highlights from that technical paper just to give you some insights from another scientist’s viewpoint on ancients Chinese history. Please read all of their technical papers as they align perfectly with my thesis.

History Matches a Chinese Mystery Clock

I am not formally educated in world history but the mystery clocks found around the world let me looking into obscure places of literature. Only toward the very end of my journey did I realize how mystery clocks connect with various cultures going back to Genesis. So ancient clocks for me opened my Bible, which I thought I knew the most about. The Biblical account connects with the Hebrew culture, but ancient clocks now add up to a new picture more complete than I was previously aware.

I first started with the astrological Aztec clock because it has a future date of 2012 embedded many are familiar with through TV programs. That date matched my newly discovered world Hebrew clock the 7,000-year history of humanity from God’s perspective. I wrote two books about it you can access on the Internet. Then the journey logically led me to look at China where we find two mystery clocks not explained by science yet. In the Mexican schools they teach their children’s that the Aztecs came from China, so I am not surprised to find a clock in China similar to the Aztecs.

Then our journey crosses the Pacific Ocean to Mexico to learn about different ancient cultures like the Mayan to end up our journey in Greece where the bronze calculator clock was found at the bottom of the Aegean Sea that I think really belongs to the Hebrew nation, having been stolen from the priests in Israel by some Roman general on way to Egypt. There we come full circle back to Genesis via the Egyptian pyramids – during the lives of Seth, Eber and Moses.

In the process of this story-journey, we will learn about science culture and religion from the perspective of God’s railroad track with two-rails. You can get additional information on my web site. Two rails give us a bird’s eye view from space where God can be found. From there it is easier to recognize the total integrated system. If one is educated from a one-sided perspective, it makes him, or her, a monorail theologian or scientist. This is not a good system to base one’s entire being on only one rail of a two-railed track.

Now back to our story ending up in prehistoric China as I reproduce something from a technical magazine you should get a copy. This magazine is worth gold as it has other very interested ancient discoveries mentioned that shine light on our path of discovery.

Quoting from a technical journal:

Long before Moses time (1500 BC) in the “Legendary Period” (preceding 2205 BC) the Chinese where already offering sacrifices to ShangDi at the Mount Tai in Shandong Province at the eastern border of China (Shang Shu). HuangDi, the emperor during the Legendary Period, as recorded in the Shi Ji, built an altar so that sacrifice could be made periodically to ShangDi. It was a tradition that only the worthy emperors, who also function as high priests to ShangDi, where allowed to perform the most magnificent sacrifice. ShangDi is frequently referred to as “Heaven” in the book of Shang Shu and Shi, and less frequently in Shi Zing. The name “Tien” was introduced by the Zhou people who overthrew the Shang dynasty in 1122 BC. It was during the reign of the HuangDi that inventions such as currency, music, clothing, boats, wagons, political system, and Chinese characters where all attributed directly or indirectly to HuangDi.

...The Chinese honored ShangDi so much that the Temple of Heaven in the forbidden City in Beijing, was constructed in the most magnificent architectural design. The Heaven Worshipping Altar was a great, three-tiered, white marble altar of “heaven”, 75 meters in diameter, surrounded on each level white marble railings. At each level the marble slabs were arranged in concentric circles, in ever increasing multiple of nine. In the very center of the top tier was placed one circular stone called the heavenly Heart Stone.

...ShangDi is the supreme god of the Chinese he is the creator of the universe and earth, and the emperors where to obey the mandates of heaven in order to rule the Chinese people with love, compassion and justice. Only the emperor that had done good deeds, acquired prestige, and had moral character were worthy to offer at the heaven-Worshipping Altar (Shi Ji). The Classics such as the ShangShu, Shi, Y Zing (These classics were written in BC; at least a thousand years before Christianity came to China in about 620) revealed attributes of ShangDi that are consistent with that of Yahweh, the only true God of the Hebrews.

1. ShangDi is the creator of the universe, including mankind (Y Zing and Shi Zing).

2. The Zing gave the order of creation starting from heaven, then earth and all living things, and finally man and women. This order of creation is the same as that of the book of Genesis.

3. ShanDi is just and demands the highest moral standard from the emperors and His people (Shi Ji and Shang Shu).

4. He is a personal God that seeks to communicate to his people through the high priest, the emperor. The emperors were to inquire from ShangDi about blessings to the Chinese people. No personal benefit was asked by the emperors during the offering to ShangDi at the Border Sacrifice.

5. ShangDi is a spirit and the making of statures was strictly forbidden (Shang Shu).

6. ShanDi desires animal sacrifices, especially the bull and the lamb (Si Ji and Shi Zing).

...The supreme God of the Chinese is the same God as of the Hebrews, who revealed Himself in the Bible. In fact the idea of a Savior (a Saint has been predicted by a Chinese philosopher Lao Zi, slightly older than Confucius, who lived around 500 BC. According to Lao Zi, the Saint was Dao, which had the same characteristics as ShangDi. The Saint became human, and his purpose was to rescue human beings from their sins. Lao Zi claimed that he received the revelation from Dao. Thus, it is no surprise that the Chinese shared the same sacrificial system and that of ancient Hebrews. It s also possible that the ancient Chinese once shared the same sacrificial system as the postdiluvian descendants of Noah before their ancestors went to China following the dispersion at the tower of Babel.

...China was separated from the ancient world by mountains and different languages, therefore making it highly unlikely that the Chinese borrowed the understanding of sacrificial sheep from the Hebrew people. Furthermore, the first books of the Old Testament were written at about 1000 years (1500 BC) after the ancient Chinese characters were invented. And Christianity did not come to China until the Tang dynasty (AD 618-905). Two thousand years had passed since the characters were invented. The use of the knowledge of God in the invention of ancient writings is not surprising because the ancient Egyptians used the same mythology. The Egyptian writings are called Hieroglyphs, meaning “sacred writings”. Built right into their script, were their particular religious concepts. We believe that the Chinese too, might have created a hieroglyphic writings to preserve their sacred concepts. In fact the character meaning “Law and documents” consisted of the radical for “God” and “Book”. [end of quote]

Please excuse when I quoted some of the text and omitted many Chinese symbols for clarifications, which are not on my computer. This report is quite extensive and will inform us wonderfully about the Chinese culture I knew so little about.

This latest technological report proves that the Chinese religion was brought into China through the Hebrew-Japheth connection as my trail identifies where the Aztec came from. The present theories of Aztec or Chinese origin believed in many Universities are so illogical, impractical and farfetched that reading such an article is like a breath of fresh air. I recommend reading all of it if you really want to understand my Aztec trail and Chinese history. We can visit today the Temple of Heaven and a huge marble altar that was moved in the 15th century to Beijing a very nice tourist attraction worth the money.

Now let’s continue on the Aztec trail when Noah’s descendants having crossed China eventually reaches the juncture where Japheth clan said goodbye to Noah’s clan after floating down together the biggest river Yangtze-Kiang in China reaching Shanghai to continue on to another continent along the axis’s of Tropical Cancer. Comparing what the Hebrew scribe’s recorded and Chinese ancient history tell about and filling in the gaps of our archeological findings, it convinced me that the trail would ultimately end in Mexico with the Aztec culture.

Japhet and his grandchildren still remembering old boat building technology from Grandpa’s time and again began building bigger seaworthy boats to survive big waves and wind. The boat experience I am sure was told from generation to generation never to be forgotten remembering the roughest turbulent seas of the biggest storm ever recorded for mankind. From there they sailed from China with an armada of sailboats across the ocean and stopped over in Hawaii to end in Mexico known as the Aztec people. Check out your paper model globe, which shows ocean currents. Coming from China it seems you don’t even need wind as the current will drift you right to the coastal areas of Mexico.

It was relative easy to traveling straight east along the line of “Tropical Cancer” which was a natural barrier alongside the edge of the ice border after Noah’s time. So the Western side of Mexico showed much older cultures than the Easter side. This can readily be seen in pyramid buildings as you can follow the book I bought from the museum in Mexico City and considering iron tools as a deciding factor.

It is obvious that the eastern pyramids which came later in time changed it’s architectural style as they resemble more observation platform towers similar to European culture and the pyramids and kings residences reflected from Egyptian-Greek-Roman influences as we can observe round columns, long stone pillars and crossover precision cut stones only possible with quarry technology shaped by iron.

Before the iron age, we have irregular river stones assembled with mortar for pyramids indicating a Bronze period. Then going across Mexico we see the change in precision-cut stones made with iron tools imported from Europe before BC. That idea would make a Columbus discovery obsolete as I believe it was a lie to cover-up a crime of having an Aztec culture destroyed to rob them of their gold, looking at history from a different angle.

For example, the Soothsayer Pyramid in Oxmal reflects the most recent construction techniques dated to years AD. Their representation is rather religious and no longer connected to measure time. It still has some remnants of a calendar counting which are represented in the steps of Aztec origin and also reflect the new tilt axis-Y of 23½˚ coinciding with our modern calendar.

Notice the much steeper angle going up the stairs equal to the tilt axis of our earth. Than count the stairs going up ascending with 52 steps indicating an Aztec origins but continue with another set of 14 stairs. If you multiply 52X14 you get 728 Solstice summer and winter cycles. Divide it into two (2) and you get one turn around the sun, which is one year = 364 days. The last day of the year is represented by the building on top with one window seeing the sun at solstice position one time in a year.

Look around from this vantage point and notice the Greek and Roman architecture influence. A Spanish friar recorded that he spoke to some Indians which said that this pyramid was build during their grandfather’s lives. It matches my theory and not what university professors printed in the book I read. There are many example of how the Aztec spin-axis theory can reveal concepts the secular scientist cannot even guess. Many colorful wall pictures found in a Teotihuacan palace I will describe later can now be better interpreted. What I see with the lenses of my spin-axis hypothesis will then appear to be different from and superior to what most modern scholars postulate.

The Mayan Culture

Mexican Archaeology

Looking at the Map below, we will easily recognize that Noah’s descendants were settling first in the West of Mexico indicated with the red area considered to be Aztec. I have no difficulty developing a theory contrary to established evolution-educated scholars. I see a migration of the Aztec culture ending up in the Yucatan Peninsula going from Tulum to Honduras and merging into a Mayan culture. The Mayan were accomplished astronomers as most cities where located south of latitude to observe perhaps the sun directly overhead twice a year. Their calendar allegedly is said to be in tune with the Milky Way and all kinds of stories are told which probably is as good an opinion is as another.

The city, Chichen Itza, became the capital city for the Mayans. The Mayan stretched from the eastern sea boarders all the way to Honduras. Cuello is the oldest excavated Mayan settlement and some scholars say as far back 2500 BC quite in line with my spin-axis theory.

Modern scientists in universities postulates that the Aztec migrated over the frozen Bering Strait 20,000 years ago with primitive stone tools. They where portrayed as hunter-gatherer only having stone tipped arrows for survival. Evolution biased people must have a lot of imaginations and adding tons of years to be happy especially those who never camped out on a frozen tundra thousands of miles away from a shopping center to get some food. To assume survival for women and children and find enough animals for food only reflects a false reality and should not be postulated by an educated person who probably never camped out in an Alaskan winter to learn about nature.

My recommendation before we teach our students opinions and write historic impossibilities in schoolbooks as facts, we should first study California history. Most are familiar with the historic Donner party near Lake Tahoe that became stranded in snow for only three months without provisions. There we find that they ate their own dead even having guns for hunting. This should be compared to a theory with people–families and kids crossing a frozen Bering Strait to show up in the Americans over a ice-covered continent thousands of miles from a farm. Again, we have wild estimates fabricated without any proof, whereas as my biblical perspective sounds so much better since it has eyewitnesses recorded even with their names and ages when they died.

Honduras is next to El Salvador indicates that is was one of the oldest civilizations with Copan as the largest Mayan city. We find longest stone inscription which requires iron tools to manufacture and is the best material for encoding the hieroglyphic language in the western hemisphere.

So let’s than keep an open mind to observe a neighboring cultural influence coming from outside Mexico across the oceans from China or Europe. Let’s not assume that Christopher Columbus was the only sailor to discover the new continent of the Americas to bring gifts of trade from another continent.

Ask some Chinese scholars about a Chinese expedition two hundred years before Columbus that I saw on a TV program. You will not find this history printed in public schoolbooks for understandable reasons. That would uncover a lie and horrible criminal act committed by the Vatican to suppress a crime of ethnic genocide perpetrated against an Aztec nation living still in the Bronze time culture, killing 100 million people to rob them of thousand years accumulated gold. They were no match against the gunpowder, muskets and iron armor of the church’s Spanish soldiers riding horses, which had never seen by any living Native Americans.

Examining buildings and dressed stones with an architectural mindset, we could recognize the influence of Roman–Hellenistic culture with the introduction of iron. Therefore, I make a division between where Aztec Bronze Age ends and the Mayan Iron Age culture starts. We can easily find parallels on the African-European side when we compare their calendars. People on one side of the globe are just as smart as the other side when it comes to observation of solstice calendar dates.

Scholars are academically biased blind when they build theories on wrong assumptions. One should consider that a different climate may have prevailed before 2288 BC. After the impact of the asteroid geological strata indicates that the polar ice and snow moved toward the equator to about the border of Tropic of Cancer-Capricorn which can be verified from eyewitness accounts in the Bible. Than there is much confusion to align a strange Aztec calendar with a system of 260 day cycles.

To explain it, I am not surprised to find on the internet that someone came up with a theory that the Mayan calendar is tracking Venus. Venus is closer to the sun and travels 584 days around the sun for one cycle. Let’s forget solstice cycles needed for planting seed and harvest on earth and consider Venus cycles which make no logical sense to me. What got this theory started is that when we allegedly can observe Venus and compare them with the earthly cycles.

The planet Venus appears visible on the horizon for 260 days and therefore it was reasoned must be connected to the Aztec-Mayan calendar. So after 260 days we will notice a 50 days disappearance behind the sun. That is followed by being visible again for 260 days only to disappear again for an average of 8 days.

Just seeing 260 days seems to me a convoluted theory without a logical purpose. Maybe in an earthly calendar axis change man looked for other planets to get a stable reference point to measure seasons. Many stories are told and all may contain some truth, but for me I going along a trail much more logical connection with an ancient Hebrew culture coming from one source the Bible which can be dated.

This is a much better project to spend some time. It resulted in unexpected discovery never heard or seen in any books and for some reason even connects with the prophesied Apocalypse in the Bible as I am not surprised. So let’s stay on a logical path to investigate with an open mind to look at some interesting mystery never taught in church or university.

Different Dating of Mexican Pyramids

When I bought a book in English from the Mexican museum, I checked it out at home and noticed that it was in conflict with many dates archeologists had assigned to various pyramids, which did not seem logical. I am not an expert; just an inventor–engineer and can recognize a pattern, which in my lifetime made me a pile of money making useful products. So I am not paid by a university to lose my job if I voice a contradictory opinion of current dogma against a university establishment.

I believe that after 2009 we will see the last nail put in the coffin of evolution theory and I am either very rich selling books or forgotten for awhile since I exposed many concepts from the Bible scientist and theologian are ignorant about. Therefore, I see the Mexican world with different eyes. I divide the history of Mexico in three major groups and a matter of fact there exist three groups for the rest of the world.

The Bible records the history of intelligent mankind contrary to primitive ape-man theories taught in our atheistic secular institution to mislead our schoolchildren. Adam was 100 times more brilliant than Albert Einstein coming directly from God’s presence. The proof we have is that our brain capacity seems infinite big as we reduced it to 5% in a lifetime in our present time frame, leaving plenty of data brain storage empty no longer utilized. I could deduct from this a scientific fact that Adam talking to God required more brain intelligence to have some fun.

God enjoyed man He created in His image and coming daily in the garden as reported, He needed a creature that can play chess on a level with God on somewhat equal basis. A monkey would not do I am sure. It didn’t take long for Adam and his children invented tools of Iron and bronze metal right in the first century being kicked out from the Garden in 4004 BC, to build big cities, entertained themselves with music instruments you can read about in Genesis.

They also knew how to make iron tools Realize that iron metal is the most difficult process to manufacture and requires a minimum two-stage procedure. Most people have never seen a process how to make iron. First, you must convert our coal deposits and change it into coke, which looks like black bubbled lava rocks by heating in an oven and doused with water to stop the coal conversion to cock. It is than reheated gain in a furnace to 3,000˚ to become the base for melting iron ore.

To melt iron ore requires a strong cock foundation to hold the weight of the iron ore and still have enough open airspace for the oxygen to penetrate to reduce it to metal. After that, you get only rough iron rich in carbon not very strong and brittle. It must be reheated again to burn off the carbon and it becomes than steel a very hard metal. Again reheating and pounding it with a hammer will change the iron to steel to become hardened for tools and weapons.

Our secular institutions postulating long ages for the development of mankind required millions of years. But the facts prove otherwise to notice it only took 100 years in our timeframe to invent electricity, steam trains, automobile, radio, TV and complex computers or build spaceships for man to live. To assume that the intelligence of man evolved over millions of years contrary to entropy laws is not very logical.

Accordingly, I ask why do we have 95% of our brain capacity unused? How can unused brain cells evolve from nothing not need in a lifetime?

Thinking logically is not taught in school today. I advise children to just go to shopping centers and find what did not exist fifty years ago, which is only a second in history. Reasoning with a fairy tale mindset leads nowhere. One does not need to be a rocket scientist to figure out who is right in setting dates. Iron tools are needed to shape stones even today, and I come to a very simple classification which divided the world in those cultures one uses iron tools and others who have to deal with softer metals like bronze and that can be classified as the Bronze Age.

The cultures before the Flood 2288 BC therefore have iron and we can see their product applied on big building projects left over from that time, like some pyramids in Egypt, some in Mexico and some in Peru. They show very big smooth blocks of stone and in the Peruvian stone masonry they used diamonds to grind the hardest stone into very precise flat or interlocking round contours.

Then came the Flood in 2288 BC, and mankind lost the knowledge of how to make iron. The Flood was followed by the Bronze Age until iron was reinvented. So when we recognize an Iron Age once more, we can distinguish its dating by looking at square stone blocks of many great buildings still visible today. Just seeing finished stones from two different culture ages we must first apply some logic and use or collective history knowledge to follow a pattern which we can rationally date periods as we compare one culture to the other. Every culture borrowed concept from each other because we do live on the same planet.

According to these three groups, I divide the Mexican history as follows:

  1. Inca, Peru excavations – preFlood;
  2. Aztec- both sides;
  3. Toltec, Olmec could be pre-Flood or both?
  4. Teotihuacan after Flood;
  5. Mayan society, which I date after the Aztec culture.

When you look through the museum picture books, we see very clearly the distinction in masonry. For instance, the Yucatan Peninsula, like Sayil or Milta, shows a mix of Greek and Roman architecture and, of course, the big square stones. Believing a Columbus discovery of the Americas myth fooled many scientists dating Mexican cultures.

Also, Mayan calendars reveal a modern calendar from Caesar Julius times. It was more accessible by boat from Africa and Europe and therefore could transferred Greek-Roman culture with iron tools as bargaining money and could even be instrumental to have a calendar corrected.

As an example, a Spanish Franciscan friar visited the pyramid in Uxmal (Soothsayer) in 1588. He left a detailed description of Indian who knew who build the last one. So notice the masonry nice finished stones made with iron tools if you are in the dating business. The Spanish story told is believable as my axis theory bears out. And I am not an archaeologist to figure this out but just probing around.

Another example is found in Palenque where there are ruins and structures of palaces with a temple of the sun. They found a monolithic richly carved sarcophagus covered with a limestone slab weighing 8 tons. Inside was a skeleton of an important Lord with jade jewels. The crypt surrounded is constructed with very big flat finished limestone like you see in Egypt. Only iron tools could manufacture them. But the rest looks like a Bronze Age stone masonry. This tells me a transitional post flood Bronze to Iron Age and counting the steps bears out my theory.

I will conclude our history journey with a visit to Mexico City in the next chapter, reflecting again on a spin-axis theory. The copied picture next shows a comparison of a very complex Mayan Tzolkin Dial Count calendar theory, which could be much better explained with a three spin-axis hypothesis of the earth.

Scientists who do not know about a spin-axis theory nor heard about mystery clocks from around the globe, attempted to interpret Aztec calendar artifacts as told by a Spanish friar 500 years ago. They tried to fit a 260-day calendar schedule into a normal calendar of our time and came up with a convoluted theory difficult to understand like fitting square into a round hole.

Tzolkin Count

Notice the small circle within a circle also appears in the modernized astronomical Prague clock, or in the Persian Astrolabe found in the previous chapters. They still show remnants of Aztec clock design features. In the next chapter I explain five pyramids on top of each other discovered in Mexico City. Check out yet another proof of an X-Y axis spin. I will point out something about the pyramids unlike any other explanation in print - guaranteed.


Of Philistines and Sea People, Ralphs Pacini. Technical Journal Vol. 13 #1 (1990) [Bringing into question all existing literature on the subject of the Philistines] Published by: Creation Science Foundation, E-mail:

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Mitsubishi, Peru

A 30° longitude corridor of temperate climate.

The Lamb of God Hidden in the Ancient Chinese Characters, by Kui Shin Voo & Larry Hovee. Technical Journal Volume 13 (No.1) 1990, Published by: Creation Science Foundation, email:

The Aztec Calendar Handbook, Randall C. Jimenez/Richard B. Graeber, Historical Science Publishing Saratoga, Ca. 95070.

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