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Chapter 9 -
The Prague Astronomical Clock


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Prague Orloj Apostles

The Prague Orloj

Thousands of visitors to the Czech Republic daily watch the clock figures on each side of the dials and hear the bells in Prague’s public square. It is an impressive clock tower mounted on the south wall of the City Hall on Old Town Square opposite a big cathedral. Over 660 years old, this complex clock was built in 1346 taking over 18 years to construct. The citizens were astonished when they saw it the first time.

Travel brochures say that the design of this clock was adopted from ancient Babylon. Due to their belief that each hour was governed by its own planet, this clock kept what was also called “planet time.” The hours are graphically shown as curved half-moon circles coming from the center similar to a sun-clock indicating 12 hours. The Bible also uses Babylonian hours.

Prague Tourist ClockThe clock tower was completed in 1364 during the reign of Charles IV. His son Wenceslas added a striking mechanism in 1380. Later, four figures were added to the astronomical clock, which are the oldest moving statues on its side of the dial and one has become famous portraying a famous death-the-clapper because his jawbones are chattering a tourist attraction.

In the second half of the sixteen century, a clockmaker figured out this strange calendar contraption and converted it into our modern, recognizable German clock. He added a 24-hour dial and religious holy days dating from Jan Hus.

The 24-hour dial was divided into 12 hours. The day officially began at 6 o’clock, which is when the Hebrew calendar starts the day. My tourist guide then related that the clock was not working for 100 years, but the city finally found a clock master who made adjustments to moon cycles and converted some of the features to a usable form for our present chronological cycles.

As I look at the clock and read about its history, it becomes obvious to me that this clock is perhaps the latest representation of a three spin-axis mechanism. There is a smaller dial like a gear engaged on the inside rim of the 24 hour clock-gear. It is similar to the Aztec clock, or as I mentioned before, looks like a Stonehenge kind of arrangement with a smaller circle within a bigger indicating an X-Y axis. The smaller gear or circle represents the diminishing X-axis and would therefore contain the zodiac information with 12 animal signs. After they modified the clock, it would only show a fixed zodiac axis position of a normal 12-month clock by disengaging the X-axis and leaving the zodiac clock mechanism functioning separately.

Hours measured by sun observation are not always 60 minutes by our modern atomic clocks. The original length of an hour over the course of history has changed from the Babylonian hour, which has only 60 minutes at the vernal equinox or autumnal equinox. In December, the Babylonian hour is the shortest - just like a sundial would indicate. We must think of technological development from one stage to another as we have modernized from an ancient calendar system. Then came the Middle Ages in Italy when the Italians adopted clocks used by other countries. The 24-hour dial was called Bohemian hours, which was finalized in the German clock of 12 equal hours in Western Culture. Both systems are still used simultaneously. The US military and the railroads in Europe both use the 24-hour system for marking time.

In antiquity, astronomical clocks tracked the movements of stars rather the movement of the sun to figure out which month it was, so their clocks would be very different. Why? It can only be explained with a spin-axis change that would make any calendar impossible to pass from one generation to another by tracking an earth’s gradual slowing of its spin-axis to the present relative stability at a 23½˚ rotational tilt.

The changeover from the zodiac position to 12-month position was demonstrated on the second dial below the astronomical clock. It eventually became a separate clock dial because the other probably was designed from the functional perspective of a three spin-axis mechanism and was too complex with its additional gears. Also note that the inner dial of 24 hours points to the 24th hour window number aligning with the 2 o’clock position, which indicates a hidden 14-cycle Aztec clock pattern of a two-crossover counting method.

I was dumbfounded to notice that this clock has the date 2012 indirectly imbedded also. Just notice the construction time of this clock of AD 1346. Add 666, and we get 2012! The mystery number 666 is found in Revelation and represents the climax of Antichrist’s power at the middle of the Apocalypse. The other mystery clocks all have 2012 embedded in their structure in some manner.

This Prague Orloj was the last clock I came across before publication of this book. I wanted to present my thoughts to a scheduled conference in Athens on 30 November - 1 December, 2006 on the Antikythera bronze mechanism. The scholars shared new discoveries in an effort to crack the mystery of the Antikythera clock.

During my last visit to Germany, my sixth sense urged me to take the train and go to Prague for no particular reason. I did not know much about Prague, but that city is located near Erfurt-Dresden where I was born. Why I ventured to a backwards, former communist country with less comfort for an old man can only be explained by concluding that God wanted me to have a look at this ancient clock. It meant, of course, that I would be too late to attend the Antikythera conference scheduled for Athens.

During my visit, I discovered the reason why I came to Prague. It was not to learn about another clock but to connect with the history that bonds with the prophecies researched in my former books.

Starting with when the clock was designed, I was reminded of Galileo’s attempt (1564-1642) to educate and expose his contemporaries to a theory that the earth was not flat as declared by the religious establishment who knew better. Somewhere I read and lost the reference which stated; Copernicus and Galileo did not "conclusively prove" the heliocentric theory. Copernicus merely stated it, and Galileo found one suggestive piece of evidence (the moons of Jupiter). It was proved by Kepler (who corrected their mistaken notion, held over from Aristotle, that everything moved in perfect circles) and by Newton (whose laws of motion and law of gravity provided an explanation that made sense).

My answer is that both the Catholic Church mixed up with heathen cults they adapted under Constantine no longer really understood the Bible, and emerging science could therefore not delineate between cult religion and scientific observation in conflict. The fundamental divide in that time frame conflicted within the Catholic Church some still holding on to a traditional foundational concept that Jesus Christ born in the time dimension and that the invisible God became visible in human form in BC/AD timeframe. Therefore, it was reasoned the earth is the very center of the universe as it brings about according to Gods plan dealing with mankind on this earth.

Galileo recognized as the founder of experimental physics and astronomy in Italy connected to a clockmaker in Prague living a hundred years earlier and building a clock under Imperial supervision and financed by it? That clock demonstrated that the earth was not flat as preached in church but a round globe circling the sun contrary to the popes lies perpetrated, which got you burned alive on a stake in the market place if you opposed it?

We must remember that Europe was ruled by imperial dynasties in Prague and Rome, the Vatican both vying for supreme power. Around 1300 to 1400 the world seems to fall apart as many historic belief systems, formation of empires and concentration of civil powers clashed with Rome in a power struggle, but it was nature that conspired to change time forever.

It was an age when cities emerged with their guilds that forced kings to share the taxation power with a burgomaster elected by a towns people which where free of taxation to divert some tax money from the overindulgence elite which needed armies to keep the Islam dominated countries at bay, along with funds considered necessary for personal gaining influence in the hierarchy of the ruling imperial families. Towns like Augsburg 1368, Cologne 1369, and Konstanz 1371 became free towns forced the ruling king to become co-regent and share the civil power even with the Roman religious dominance like an unholy trinity coming from the devil.

Religion always played a major role so that what ultimately emerged was that Charles the IV moved to Rome with his stately military staff of knights for protection, surrounded with royal pomp to be crowned over the former Roman Empire by the pope, who may not have had a choice to be confronted by a peaceful battle trained army in his backyard and conceded to share power celebrated on Easter 1355. Since two peas in a pot, sharing power makes a poor soup in the same town, the Emperor over Europe later returned to his city Prague.

There he started the first University 1348 across the Alps and later Wien AD 1365. But nature too caused catastrophic upheaval resulting of massive starvation for having a mini-ice time across Europe, which caused outbreaks of the black plagues in many cities (1348-1352).

One third of the population was soon decimated in various interrupted cycles of the plague or Black Death as many asked why? Unfortunately, ignorance looked for a villain, and reinforced by greed, many enriched themselves at the expense of their neighbors causing murders and many persecutions of 400 Jewish settlements. Thousands died, and this cycle of death and destruction was repeated every 100 years in various areas to enrich the powerful.

Prague Orloj LowerExposed to Vatican splendor and knowledge, Charles IV must have been impressed by the huge churches and the Vatican’s thousand-year old library. Returning to his homeland, he immediately put into practice to educate its citizen and start building projects. Funding a clockmaker must have been on his priority list as it would raise his esteem and project a benefactor image needed to gain the support of his huge empire in the making. He traveled extensively during his lifetime all by horse-carriage an impossible feat in our standard.

The Black Death’s spread throughout Europe delayed progress by 100 years. Europe’s recovery from political unrest and starvation was slow throughout Europe when Johannes Gutenberg in Mainz printing press was invented in 1455 and spanned again a crop of universities like Freiburg 1457, Basel 1459, Ingolstadt 1472, Trier 1473, Tubingen and Mainz 1477.

Printing gave a new momentum to the reformation, and fires began to burn everywhere again in search of villains to blame, The pope’s bull proclaimed in 1484 to legitimatize church power by burning mostly women on the stake who were allegedly connected with the devil, started the infamous inquisition championed by the Dominican priest Heinrich, known as the “Hexenhammer.” This wave of death and torture plundered those who stood in the way of religious control with Jews in the middle. Eliminating loyalties to either secular or religious power was rewarded by being purged the cruelest way possible. Both sides excelled in inventing horrible torture tools to enforce compliance.

Martin Luther, an Augustine monk and theologian professor, now comes at the right time (1507) with the printing press helping his popularity not to divert money to Rome to force both parties to accept either the pope’s Holy Empire at Rome or the new formation of Holy Reich of German nations. The printing press ultimately decided which encouraged science, universities and school to sprout everywhere and voices are now permitted like Voltaire, Marx without being burned on the market place crying for revolution against imperial powers and religion.

From Galileo’s time, it marked the last clockmaker who changed an astronomical clock connected with ancient Babylonian astronomical cycles similar to the Antikythera clock with three dials. The Prague Orloj therefore represents the beginning of Western civilization disarming an oppressive Papal control in Italy over Europe to stay in power allied with the help of universities to allow man’s spirit the freedom to express new ideas that turned the tide.

Conclusion of Mystery Clocks

When we examining other clocks around the globe we will always find the use of zodiac signs adopted from the ancient Greece according to the Prague pamphlet but older zodiac positions was the only way to identify a specific month when you consider a flexible X-Y axis. To learn more of this astronomical clock and how it was designed is very complicated and beyond the scope of this book. Please go on the internet and learn more of its detail. But consider that I do not just want to generate another book rather only show of another viewpoint missed by most historians, who have not understood that there existed X-Y axis phenomena.

Writing about ancient clocks, I am finding more of them around the world and many have buried in them remnants of the X-Y axis event. My purpose was not to write another book but to present a dual railroad thinking path when we read other peoples books. It is a big obstacle for monorail-educated scientist believing in long ages of evolution theory.

Most people I talked too cannot fathom that the earth was geologically changed so recently showing only 4,000 years ago on a grand scale upheaval with evidence all around us. The recent polar ice plate receding and separating allows ships now a passage straight through the North Pole. This unparalleled historic event since Noah’s time is a delayed reaction of a recent asteroid impact that caused a mini ice time and changed forever the ancient climate conditions of our earth.

Applying my theoretical scientific temperature scale taken from biological events recorded by eyewitnesses in the Bible and examining many geological rock formations together with the X-Y spin-axis theory convinced me of the validity of what I am postulating outside scientific opinions.

The Prague clock has a golden rooster on top of the clock. The Schwarz Wald cuckoo clock in Germany we all are familiar with has a wooden bird on top announcing the hour. Television tells me the global destruction time is 5 minutes before 12 o’clock to get our audible attention, which was recently adjusted to 2 minutes before doom time.

Clocks tell times and ancient clocks in museums all have a range preset in their design structure pointing to a future time 2012. Why? So why do the ancient Hebrew, Chinese and Aztec and many Prophets in the Bible warn us about another asteroid impact of our earth, which was the reason clocks were invented.

The City of my last visit to conclude my clock book was Prague with a huge double clock dial mounted on a city square tower watched daily by thousand tourists reaffirmed to me historically God’s plan for humanity. In Middle Ages, Prague was the third largest city in Europe. Constantinople was first, and then came Rome as the second largest city. Rome was the center of western religious power, and imperial civil power was concentrated in Prague.

In these last days of our civilization, these historical cities again represent the political division between Islam in Constantinople and Roman Catholic Christian religion in Rome. Modern western civilization educated without religion is represented by Prague. Constantinople was originally where the Bible was canonized. Today, it represents the Islamic religion with its millions of uneducated masses pitted against modern Western Europe symbolized as Rome.

The invisible secret club of Rome most never heard about (ask former President Clinton and Bush) still dominates the financial and religious power today. So prophecy points to Europe for the climatic end of our civilization according to Revelation in the Bible.

The history of Prague, where Protestantism and the enlightenment of secular science and the new knowledge was birthed, has today become totally ignorant rejecting God. There are no more schools to teach the next generation of Biblical truth where the first generation reformers were burned on a stake and paid with their lives what they believed for expressing new ideas, therefore society will be judged the same way and come to an end like Noah’s days Jesus prophesied.

The tourist cannot avoid seeing in Prague’s town squares a huge bronze statue erected to commemorate Jan Hus, a highly educated catholic scholar who was ultimately executed and burned alive for heresy. Consider in the absence of newspaper, radio, TV he shocked people by walking totally barefoot and naked across the market place in full view of crowded onlookers going into church and preached a sermon on the excesses and corruption of the Catholic Church and state. It made headline nevertheless as his demonstration got the attention of its time but did not fare well with the establishment.

Soon followed others like Martin Luther, Germany, whose live was spared being kidnapped by a noble man tired of paying taxes to Rome, ending in a cold stone tower castle-like house arrested away from the public eyes foiling an assassination attempt paid by the Vatican. By God’s will, he translated the German Bible which spawned unheard technology in science to follow liberated through his writing of 95 theses 1517, was excommunicated and declared as an enemy of the empire. Instead, English King Henry VIII receives the title “Defender of the Faith” in persecuting people not fitting the mold.

Many came after him, like Zwingli expounded his faith in formal disputes 1523; Calvin publishes Institution of the Christian Religion 1536; Elizabeth I enacted the 39 Articles which restored Protestantism to England in 1563. From then on, the spirit of enlightenment spread from the elites throughout all social ranks, improving social welfare, health, education fuelled by the rapid growth of the bourgeoisie, the middle class which transformed values of the most basic institutions of society and improved the life of many. Knowledge exponential increased and the curve is now vertical on the graph.

Historically, many laboratories and observatories were developed independently of universities. New science was practiced and considered magical. There were no separations between religion and science as it stressed experimentations and empirical observation that developed only gradually and was not in conflict with religion. A greater spirit of openness and cooperation prevailed to understand and control mankind’s environment. It was a time where man believed that the architect of the universe possessed the spirit of geometrician and that the perfect discipline were music and mathematics created new science.

Those Neo-Platonism created an impetus for mathematically based studies of new science and were especially important to astronomers who used both calculations and geometry exploring the heavens. They bolstered the sciences of alchemy and astrology. Alchemy was connected with fire and metals to find their essence in purification. In an attempt to manufacture gold and silver, they discovered many other metals.

Kepler’s science in understanding planetary motion was influenced by Hermetic thinking, a second century mystical Egyptian, Hermes Trismegistus who believed in a universal spirit present in all objects that spontaneously revealed itself. So science marches on in an unbroken path of new discoveries like Sir Isaac Newton a devoted Christian demonstrated. Unfortunately, only his contribution to science is remembered as the other 50% dealing with Christian principles and a future apocalypse is looked away in the Hebrew University library in Jerusalem.

He prophesied that the Apocalypse would appear early in our century and made an analogy explaining it with gravity to support his findings. Unfortunately, only his analogy is remembered and not why it was stated. In our century most universities still suppresses science and repressing Biblical truth and are hostile to the Christian faith without any reason, typical to a one-sided railroad, which is not a very balanced system. We will see who is right after 2012.

Why must the world experience a prophesied Apocalypse 2008-2015?

Today there is announced a future Apocalypse date identified through an ancient Hebrew Alphabet Number System. Checking out Aztec and Chinese data connected with unexplainable ancient mystery clocks around the globe, for unknown reason end with a range at the same time 2012. This discovery of how clocks work and why it reveals a pattern I could not lay aside. The Bible states that our civilization will be destroyed by an asteroid again accompanied with gigantic earthquakes and tsunamis on coastal areas. Mountains again will be lifted or sink into valleys. Why would a loving God do that?

Mankind has again violated the everlasting covenant by genetically screwing up Gods original creation trough Genetic Modified Organism recognized in science with capital letters GMO you can read about at the end of this book. Just like the generation before Noah’s days incurring Gods judgment in the destruction of the First civilization, which reached the same developing stage. That idea is not known to scientist and theologians ignorant what the Bible clearly states. It is for you the reader to come to a conclusion as I am only one out of millions who discovered clock gears schooled in science and the Bible to analyze prophecy from a clockmaker’s perspective.

Seeing gears, which fit into a historic pattern, opened up further understanding of biblical mysteries like two rails in parallel. The Bible in our times has been discarded and this generation does not even know anymore that it contains thousand verses of wisdom accumulated over thousands of years. Our world leaders will not be able to control the world anymore as they have lost a reference point like a compass in a turbulent sea.

The Golden Rooster in the Prague clock tells the Hour, witnessed by the 12 Apostles representing various guilds holding their scientific tools in their hands circling around behind the window curtain. Our next journey will track ancient and future history on an exponential time scale never printed in a book. I hope that your knowledge horizon has been widened as there is still some time before we all see the rooster appear with bells ringing at the last time: 12 o’clock, AD 2012.

A Spin-Axis Clock Capsule

Genesis reveals that the earth got struck by an asteroid 5 February 2287 BC and its center core ballast shifted causing a permanent tilt 23½ degree. The asteroid can be traced to the northern earth hemisphere close to the equator Mexican Gulf as geology and inner core magnetism indicated. Science has discovered magnetic abnormalities around that area and postulating about a magnetic black hole within the Bermuda Triangle signifying a magnetic vortex, which created dozens of TV programs ships, and airplane disappearing.

The asteroid created an imbalance of the inner magnetic core resulting in a lopsided tilt axis of 23½˚ like a skewed boat coming out from a storm with its ballast disturbed. The earth wobbled like a pendulum about 3½ times with a former X-axis spin declining from 2.81 to .546 expressed in a spin axis table, implying reversals of sunrise 2 times west-east and ending east-west over a range of 1716 years.

Daytime hours oscillated from 16 to 28 hours as many mystery bronze-gold clocks in museums indicate sun cycles switching depending on the pendulum direction still being 365.24/year Z-axis around the sun. But the greatest discovery for me was the Aztec precession of the equinoxes in the starry sky. The Aztec shows a frozen precession (5,125 cycles) after the impact, and the Hebrew calendar describes the cycles before (6,500 shanah cycles), which was an even bigger Tau-Hercules-Thuban-Polaris-Alderabim-Vega circle.

That bigger precessions circle before the flood and getting smaller caused calendar changes in the sky from 24 zodiac constellations to 12. It was measured with three dial clocks calculating the three axes declining into one. Ancient mystery clocks estimate the pendulum wobble ending 2012 with time not being constant but expressed in a parabola by a small change in the speed of light. If light does change according the entropy second law of thermodynamics that can only point out creation ending with a Creator. You decide what you want to believe but use a more balanced, two-rail (Bible-science) perspective.

+∞ BC/AD −


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