Asteroid Answers to Ancient Calendar Mysteries

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A General Introduction to the
X-Y Spin-axis Hypothesis


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10 September AD 2015?

10 September AD 2015?

An archeologist uses a fine brush to remove debris and dirt in his search for artifacts. He must be patient until all is exposed, or he can easily damage relics that have survived centuries – perhaps longer. His interpretation of those remains depends a great deal on how he was educated.

Each of us has learned from different schools. What we sometimes perceive to be truth may even be in conflict with our personal worldview especially when science forms an interpretive partnership with old religious documents. So be forewarned that what you read in these pages comes from a creation bias that may conflict with the majority opinion found on most university campuses. I hope that any strongly opinioned academics who read these books will not make the same mistake that the pope did with Galileo. I encourage you to have an open mind and judge what is presented for yourself. It might expand your bias horizons to understand the world a little better.

My spin-axis hypothesis provides the most comprehensive and integrative explanation of the designs used in ancient calendars, clocks and astronomical aids or observatories found around our globe. I hope that this imperfect effort will stimulate further scientific research by the experts to test my ideas. I can only present a hypothesis that rationally explains a great deal of data that most consider mysterious.

I will develop these concepts as if we were going on a journey together. I usually reiterate important principles many times in order to show my methods of thinking about these mysterious and ancient outdoor observatories built of stone and pyramids as well as the handcrafted clocks and priestly calendars that go along with them.

I want you to understand my logic and become familiar with the key historic facts. That will take some time due to number of scientific principles at work as well as due to the fact that my ideas often clash with accepted scientific and religious belief systems.

I hope you will enjoy this voyage into antiquity and learn about many mysteries that have fascinated humanity for centuries. Some of them are found in the Bible, too. It is one of the oldest books on earth. In its pages, you can excavate information about ancient times in a way like old bones or tools can be dug out of the ground.

As a retired scientist, I use many analogies we all can identify with to explain unfamiliar and difficult concepts. One of my favorites is the dual rail, railroad track system. It has two rails for a balance. If you go into any library around the world, you would find that most books could be evenly divided between science and religion. Reject religious sources, and you eliminate 50% of human knowledge, which is not very smart. Riding exclusively on one rail of information knowledge gives only a one sided perspective.

My hope is that scientists and theologians will leave their unbalanced, monorail belief systems for a while and take a ride with me on a dual rail track. Think of it symbolically as a bridge connecting the various scientific observations of our universe with divine knowledge. One side represents the revelation and work of an eternal Creator and the other materialistic scientific facts and theories.

So take a ride on this dual railroad up the California coast. On this train, your perception of the world around us depends on the window you look through and the direction you choose to look. From a moving California train one may see only mountains on one side and only the ocean on the other side. It all depends on where you are seated.

Therefore, I hope we will at least temporarily set aside your bias handicap, which is simply a state of mind. Science tells us that most people use only about 5% of their brains, so let’s stretch our horizons a bit and enjoy the ride looking through the windows on both sides of the rail car in our journey to decipher mystery clocks and ancient calendars. I believe you will come to understand why I think that there once was a third axis to our earth’s ancient movements in orbit around the sun.

Many astrological clocks in museums are misdated because researchers do not realize that our modern calendar is screwed up when applied to ancient times due to a wobble in the earth’s spin. There are many mysterious clocks exhibited in museums around the world and no one knows how they work or if they represent a clock or calculator. Some exhibit a common 64-tooth gear, mostly with three dials.

Scientists are puzzled. They do not understand the purpose for the specific designs used in ancient time monuments or clocks. In 1900, one complex clock was found in a shipwreck located 155 feet deep in the ocean by a diver near a Greek island Antikythera. It was dated to before 85 BC.

That discovery connected an X-Y axis hypothesis I started to develop while touring Mexican pyramids and studying an Aztec clock. When I searched the Internet, more mystery clocks in museums showed up, and all seem to connect having a number of features in common.

Analyzing those clocks reveal a design structure that can only be explained with an unknown spin-axis of our earth never before discussed. This new discovery proposes that the earth spin must have been different in ancient times, which took awhile for me to understand because there is nothing about it in history or technical science books. For an inventor who made a living in high technology, that discovery challenged my intellect. It naturally compelled me to be the first to figure it. I went about it like a hunting dog finding a hot scent until I finally solved the mystery at the end of the trail.

I have picked just five clocks of many more in museums waiting to be correctly deciphered. I have also included one Hebrew clock with a range of 7,000 years, which is quite unusual because it has two dials like the Aztec clock. The Hebrew clock not only tells of past events but also future prophecy for Israel and the rest of humanity that has not yet happened.

Two years ago, I interpreted a gold-bronze plate found in Germany by connecting it with Aztec cultural data that connects with Genesis in the Bible. For this plate, there are two interpretations like looking out the windows on both sides of my California train.

A good clockmaker understands the clock gears that predict the movement of the hands and when the chimes ring or the cuckoo bird appears. When it shows up at the estimated time, he knows that the clock is functioning accurately.

I apply gear technology to the mystery clocks whose functioning reveals the unknown spin-axis of our earth I call X. It also strangely connects with many prophecies in the Bible still shrouded for many. However, I am not a good writer, but I present in this dissertation because I could not find these ideas anywhere else.

As a clockmaker, allow me to familiarize you a bit with clock systems. I want to describe how they work and how to apply their functional operations to philosophy and the Bible. It may require a little mental exercise and may conflict with your personal opinions, but please grant me the opportunity to try.

For me, the question that got me started was why most old calendars ranged from about 2287 BC and ended at 2012. Determining a 2287 BC date connected with an asteroid impact catastrophe reported in Genesis also took me by surprise. Why were all of these calendars and mechanical clocks designed to end in my time?

It is somewhat scary when it gets that close to home. The real risks of future asteroid strikes have even been reported in popular scientific magazines recently. Were the ancients telling us about another asteroid projected to hit our earth again? Did they knowingly build mechanical instruments to help them calculate the future date of that impact at about 2012?

Building complicated expensive gold and bronze clocks is not trivial. It was obvious to me that they were very intelligent though living 2,000 to 4,000 years ago. Trained as an inventor and clockmaker forced me to ask the question, “Did the ancient star gazers or astronomers know something life threatening to our modern world (their future time) and try to warn us?”

TV occasionally has stories about the beginnings of humankind, including some about Atlantis sinking to the bottom of the ocean. Some of them start to make a lot more sense as I dug deeper into my research. Even looking at geological cliff edges in my neighborhood and examining tilted strata along the California coast and many other places I visited, now presents a different picture from what is taught in school.

Could the scientists be wrong again? The ancient clocks now deciphered will make a lot more sense when compared with the remains and artifacts dated to the beginning of civilization. Many books will become obsolete.

In Noah’s time, an asteroid event was recorded in the Bible. It destroyed an old, advanced civilization like we hear about in the Atlantis stories. We read about it in Genesis, a 4,000-year old book that describes a catastrophe that only a huge asteroid impact could have produced.

Some three-dial mystery clocks coming later in time seemed to track three axes of our earth around the sun after that event indicating a different spin wobble that finally stopped at the 23½ degrees we measure today. It strongly points to a historic asteroid, and we see the result imbedded in geology, too.

That idea is scientifically possible, and it made increasing sense to me as I further investigated the other clocks around the world that were precisely designed to measure an unknown factor in our earth’s movement as reflected in changing astronomical observations. In my visit to various Mexican museums, I was exposed to the Mayan-Aztec cultures, which gave me more clues to search.

Further investigation led to even more questions. Looking closer at ancient Hebrew, Chinese and Aztec cultures seemed to tell me something pointed to future worldwide asteroid catastrophe, which aligned with what I had read in Popular Science and Popular Mechanics. Astronomers are already watching an asteroid on an 820-day orbit around the sun. Another article discussed a newly discovered asteroid 52 km in diameter that is on a possible collision rendezvous with the earth at about 2020.

Bible prophecy is organized by the Hebrew Alphabet Number System (HANS), which I discuss in my previous books. When properly understood with the help of Hebrew research tools like HANS, the book of Revelation in the Bible predicts that the next asteroid strike will take place on 10 September 2015, which will end our present civilization on 17 September 2015. A third asteroid will hit the earth in 3018, which occurs at the end of time, as we know it.

An article published in the Popular Mechanics (December 2006) postulates that the timing of the next asteroid’s collision course could be shortened because of the Yarkovsky Effect. Briefly, an asteroid’s orbital path is affected by a steady force from the sun’s radiating heat on first one side and then the other as it loops around the sun. When it moves away from the sun, the heat accumulated on one side is shed into space, giving a slight push in the other direction that could cause it to change its present path a bit. That information reinforces the calculated predictions of the Bible.

Looking through our modern information window, could scientists be wrong again? Are they misleading our educational system by enforcing unproven opinions about human prehistory taught as “facts” even though there is no solid evidence?

Were the ancients better informed than our modern scholars are? I have never read anything like my spin-axis hypothesis, which postulates that the earth wobbled like a pendulum before coming to rest at its present angle of rotation. When I read about or see ancient calculators built to track fixed zodiac constellations against an ancient flexible calendar, I must ask questions.

Why do the clocks end in 2012? How is it that many ancient calendars indicate that another asteroid is already on its way to strike the earth?

The prophecies of Daniel and John (the book of Revelation) in the Bible also confirm and add to my suspicions. When I compared this data with my discovery of the Hebrew Alphabet Number System, they all have something in common.

At the outdoor museum in the center of Mexico City, I saw five unfinished pyramids – one on top of the other. So I wondered why would the ancients rebuild a pyramid five times over a relatively short number of years and waste millions in their ancient currency? Could it be that some changes in the sky caused their calendar to become screwed up? That would make them change the buildings to adjust to the changes in the sky and keep their star readings accurate.

The Aztec clock/calendar displayed in the museum does not measure time according to the cycles we use today. In fact, our scientists do not understand the significance of most ancient clocks’ structure and methods for marking time, yet they will probably have a very difficult time accepting my new hypothesis because it is also connected with the Bible.

My newly formulated spin-axis hypothesis is the only one that can connect the various ancient mystery monuments, calendars and clocks found around the world. It makes sense that only real changes in the sky would be noticed around the world and thus similarly inspire elaborate, highly accurate mathematical adjustments to calendar systems. These various ancient designs were inspired by a common set of real observations.

As I visited Aztec temples, I wondered at the meaning of the many pictures painted on walls. Strangely, from what I have learned about ancient clocks I could identify what was portrayed on walls. The Aztecs’ story in pictures aligns with the Hebrews’ Genesis account. That raised more questions.

How can stories painted on Aztec temple walls that date to over 500 years before Moses match what is in the Bible unless they share a common core of truth? Besides being separated by hundreds of years in history, they are also geographically located on the other side of our globe from each other!

Both testify of an asteroid catastrophe and a flood. I hope you get the picture about what I mean when I write that I am using a dual railroad track perspective. I actively combine both mountainside and ocean-side scenery. This approach produces a balanced method to solving ancient mysteries. It avoids the errors of opinionated interpretations produced by the incomplete and biased monorail perspectives of the diehard evolutionists.

I believe that the ancients have tried to warn us of the future dangers to befall humankind. They passed on the stories about their civilizations’ total destruction by an asteroid. They also knew that two more asteroids would eventually strike the earth as well as their timing based on the cycles of orbital motion. These two asteroid strikes are also prophesied in the Bible.

How did they know about these asteroids? It is only recently that astronomers have really focused on the dangers posed by asteroids. I have referenced science articles about such dangers.

I have tried to imagine such a scenario and ask how could the ancients transfer warnings of another asteroid to future generations? They did not have our modern conveniences of electricity, paper or pen, or metal tools for printing. Remember, they had lost all accumulated technical knowledgeable in a worldwide flood. All libraries full of what had been learned about the world disappeared. A giant cataclysm took it away so that it vanished without a trace just like the Atlantis stories.

Even the existence of the Bible as a witness of the age before the Flood is a miracle! Imagine how it must have been for one family to survive - three brothers and their wives in an ark built suitable for survival. If God was not in control, even that information would have been lost forever.

I imagine that poor Noah must have been the butt of every joke in his community for 17 years as He faithfully acted according to revealed knowledge to provide a means of survival for his family. He did not depend on government handouts or listen to his teasing friends, but believed God to save his family.

What Noah suffered at the hands of a hostile and doubting public gives us an example to live by in our times. Now we learn about another asteroid coming our way to destroy our civilization. We should be wise enough to listen to what the ancient oracles testified. We should listen humbly to what is imbedded in Bible prophecy and read about the coming Apocalypse and the destructive impact of the next asteroid. Isn’t it better to be forewarned rather than joke about it in ignorance?

All what was left after that first asteroid catastrophe was preserved by one family’s memory. In it, one can read the recollections of a very complex and advanced civilization with a knowledgeable of genetics equal to that of modern science labs.

Could we write a story of what happened if we had to reinvent paper or figure out how to make metal tools to build another civilization? Relating that makes me appreciate having a Bible preserved from ancient and not reject it because it reminds us of our failures and sinful behavior.

In this book, you will be exposed to many science magazine references to increase your horizon of perception as many false theories are taught in universities based on opinions rather facts. Some of these references mention events connected with asteroids that I believe caused an X-Y spin-axis change in the earth’s movements through space as well as other related subjects. These articles will help to give a panoramic view in history, religion, philosophy and geology.

Many stories relate overlapping facts, which raise the level of my hypothesis’ logical probability higher. For example, Discover Magazine’s “Top 100 Science Stories of 2006” mention that Pharaoh Tutankhamen’s crown has a jewel was formed out of melted sand by the heat of an asteroid that exploded above the Sahara.

Sand is usually a form of quartz, which is a glassy substance requiring over 3000 degrees to melt it. Some fragments are still found in the desert. These and other inconsequential looking events from science hopefully will expand our horizon to prevent our minds from getting stuck in outdated theories still taught in our universities.

Now we are ready to begin to appreciate and understand the ancient cultures of man in a new way. Some talented ancient people designed strange clocks that imbedded data about asteroids and a different spin to the earth’s axis than presently exists. I believe they did so in part to warn us who now live in what was their future. Let’s heed their warning and learn about what happened to our earth. You will not find this story in either your church or in the university lecture halls!

Unknown Concepts in a Nutshell

I picked five mystery clock-calculators of dozens in museums that reveal a spin-axis change of our earth and most indicate a future date 2012. Amazingly, they also connect with the Hebrew-Christian prophecies and give answers to many difficult questions buried deep in our conciseness.

This book will present issues belonging to our physical world of science and at the end deal with spiritual realities we cannot avoid.

Many scientists and theologians are educated to a one-side perspective unsuited to find balanced answers to vital life-threatening questions such as the future of life on earth and what happens when I die.

Looking at ancient 3,500-year old palace walls I visited in Mexico City, I saw pictures of people that look no different from people today. Checking out artifacts and pyramids started me on a journey of closure to my previous two books on a future Apocalypse when our world political and scientific system will again collapse – also by an asteroid!

That is right! Our modern world will end just as Atlantis did in ancient times. Interpreting ancient clocks, artifacts, five pyramids on top of each other in the Mexico City’s outdoor museum took place at almost the same time that I became aware of the many mystery clocks not deciphered by science. It is very difficult to write about in just few pages.

However, I was able to form a good scientific hypothesis about them from my viewpoint as a clock maker. Clocks have gears, which must mesh. If we use that analogy and apply it to our life situation and religious faith, we can overlay it with what the Bible states to get some answers about life from the religious perspective. Some of these answers can be crosschecked with scientific observations and physical laws.

Spiritual belief systems may be validated by their internal logic. If correct, their principles mesh like the gears of a clock. Reading the Bible with a logical scientific mindset will never disappoint, but a monorail science built on evolutionary fairytales will handicap a researcher with ignorance on many issues. By looking through two windows of a Pullman rail car that accepts that God exists will unlock a special gift He promised us called wisdom.

Wisdom cannot be defined by physical laws. Wisdom balances a railroad car on two rails. Denying the existence of a Creator results in a culture devoid of common sense and that becomes deeply embroiled in internal social conflicts and wars. Looking at newspaper articles and TV programs evidences the curses and blessings our society experiences today as proclaimed in the Bible. Disobedience to the laws of God results in social bankruptcy and collapse.

My spin-axis hypothesis reveals a pre-Flood Aztec religion that connects with comparable ancient Hebrew stories in the Bible’s Genesis account. Then I asked why would they be confirmed by the new discoveries of an ancient Chinese civilization made by Australian researchers as reported in a scientific journal a continent away?

In addition, why does the Bible recorded in Moses time show up 500 years earlier on in Mexico another continent without the benefit of airplanes not to mention the language problems of a vastly different culture, base of knowledge and writing? Where is the connection to the other ancient clocks that were found from other countries?

As I discovered the links between these mostly unexplained phenomena, a picture emerged that led me to theorize of a different axis to the earth’s movement around the sun. This new axis only existed before the Food of 2288 BC, but the effects of its change would have unwound over hundreds of years as the earth wobbled to its current relative stability.

To my surprise, many facts have surfaced to line up with this new hypothesis, which seems to pop up everywhere, and I don’t know why nobody has ever investigated it before. Writing about the Bible does not make me a theologian, neither am I a college-educated professional with access to the many hi-tech tools found in university science departments. My spin-axis hypothesis correlates with evidence in the fields of geology, astrophysics, and NASA space travel, so there are many areas of related study.

What helped me to put it all together was that I started out in life learning the clock making trade in Germany many years ago. When I investigated the mystery clocks in museums around the world, understanding clocks from the perspective of their design, construction and function has been very helpful.

Thinking about a possible ancient change of earth axis has many ramifications, and I hope that it will generate a lot of interest in scientific circles. Quoting the Bible as a historic source material may make me a black sheep in some circles but not believing in the theory of evolutionary did not prevent me from becoming a scientist either.

My proof is not in a degree but in the many products I invented that are still used today, even after many years. For example, checkout your laptop computer. It still uses a disk drive based on my original design idea that is not yet obsolete but now greatly miniaturized. The first disk drive I worked on as an engineer required a forklift to move, but today’s drives are 50,000 times smaller (You can hold it in your hand.) and stores much more data!

Let me give you a quick overview of my new spin-axis hypothesis that solves many inconsistencies found in history, science and the Bible. For instance, it would solve the problem with the unbelievably long age of Methuselah of 969 years, which is not medically possible based on modern genetic research. However, when those 969 “years” are recalculated from an Aztec calendar perspective, we find that the oldest man recorded attained reasonable age of “only” 138 Gregorian years.

Bible scholars are not aware that the pre-Flood biblical years followed an Aztec calendar count rather than our current Gregorian solar year. Something similar to the Aztec system must have been known by the ancient Hebrews as they all came from the same culture before the Flood. Even 2000 years later, the Hebrew calendar shows traces of that pre-Flood calendar system. One way is how the genealogies of Jesus were organized according to Aztec groupings of 14 all the way past the asteroid event to Adam, It is recorded in gospel account reported by Matthew.

Most Christians believe that Noah took 120 years to build the ark; however, those 120 years should be recalculated to 17 of our present Gregorian years. I could argue scientifically that when wood exposed to subtropical misty-moist weather rots too quickly for Noah to take 120 365-day years to build the ark. It is technically impossible for the organic resin glue to seal the wood so that it could last 120 modern years.

In another place, the Bible quotes God to say that people would only live 120 years, but 537 years later Abraham and his son Isaac lived to be about 175-180 years (2287-537=1750 BC). Did God lie? Is he fallible like mortals? That’s a question for theologians.

The Bible and history record more events of unique movements in the skies. In Hezekiah’s time, the sun went backwards 10 degrees, and then it stood still for another day in Joshua’s time. Theologians have no answers and the scientists only show a little Schadenfreude for their own lack of understanding.

Scientists are no better off. They cannot figure out the many mystery clocks in their museums either. I will explain later how many Bible events can only be understood from a three spin-axis pattern. Strangely, the designed calendar range of most ancient bronze metal clocks will only go as far as 2012 into the future, and I ask the question, “Why?”

For those who love ancient history, my book ends with a different interpretation present as it we are going on an Aztec journey from Iran to China and then to Mexico City. I will bring in evidence from geology and other scientific investigations. My application of a dual rail viewpoint will decipher the mystery of why we have five pyramids on top of each other in the outdoor museum at the center of Mexico City. We will start out to explain how the three-axis hypothesis works and give you enough data to initiate your own investigative trail.

I will present many ideas that conflict with theologians, scientists and politicians who do not look out the windows on both sides of a California coastal train. I hope no one will complain about not having enough food for thought on the plate.

I guarantee that reading this report will be time well spent and may even change your outlook on life. I also hope that it will motivate you to read additional books I recommend that can be found on the Internet for free and found in some book stores. They give answers on the other side of life that is still shrouded for many of us but are now revealed for the first time. One question answered is why the future Apocalypse, which I date (using a newly discovered code, the Hebrew Alphabet Number System) to begin on 21 December 2008 and end on the same day in 2015 dated connects with the Aztec calendar date, 21. December 2288 BC.

And, why does a possible nuclear destruction of New York City on 9 February 2009 connect with a Hebrew Genesis account of the 2 nd month on the 17 th day? Why does a Chinese Bronze Yin–Yang clock dated 2000 BC work like the Aztec clock?

Why does the Antikythera Bronze Mechanism found in 1900 from a shipwreck dated 80 BC relate to this story? Does this wondrous ancient clock provide partially deciphered answers that open up an explanation after 100 years failure for scientific to find any rationalization for its use?

Did Julius Caesar send for this mechanical bronze calculator clock as a part of his calendar revision in 54 BC? We know he succeeded in giving civilization a better calendar that lasted for hundreds of years known as the Julian calendar.

Lastly, why would a German Bronze Gold plated disk “Die Himmelsscheibe” discovered by a farmer some time ago still escape scientific description? It is now deciphered by my articles on line, and it fits into the overall concept of the Aztec calendar spin-axis discovery, too.

For monorail politician something to recon with and answer another question; “Why must God destroy our earth and civilization again?”

I can answer that question as a scientist and clockmaker. There is only one reason: the out of control GMO technology kindles God’s wrath to do so again. Most people do not know that GMO technology could cause most vegetation seeds to become extinct over the next 10 years. This also includes the fish we like to eat. You, my friend, will see that most fish life will disappear forever and become extinct. Corrupted corporate scientists have imbedded Frankenstein-like terminator genes in food seeds. They also mix and match vegetable and animal genes indiscriminately in an uncontrolled manner that even the FDA can keep track of.

Rejecting God’s word for humanity, these greedy scientists do not know that their genetic manipulations violate God’s covenantal contract to keep species distinct and separate. It was originally made with Adam and Eve and later modified with Noah.

Once before God destroyed an entire society for that very same reason. Perhaps you have heard about Atlantis disappearing and how genetically pure domestic animals were saved from extinction on a boat called an ark. But modern greed-driven scientists refuse to keep our side of God’s contract with humanity as they reject the Bible’s warning from ancient times. Therefore, this modern civilization will incur the same judgment as the past one for breaking God’s covenant laws. Bible prophecy tells of a future asteroid strike that is now collaborated by mystery clocks imbedded with a date. Articles in science magazines confirm the basic information presented ages ago so that now we are without an excuse.

Even my previous two other books analogous to a dual-track railroad that introduced Biblical information. Most people are of the opinion that scientists and politicians cannot prevent a nuclear exchange, which leaves only God left to intervene to prevent the destruction of this planet. I learned through my investigations that God determined the clock cycles of when, were and what according to his purpose for human existence that was laid before creation. I have merely discovered an existing design structure built into the universal movement of the earth and cycle of seasons. But I let you be the judge and decide if it is valid.

My next chapters in this book will definitely give you the data that changed my own world perceptions and even strengthened my Biblical faith. My hope for you is to look out on both sides of your railroad window and follow the journey, it may change your perception of reality and makes a ride on the coastal train looking out on both window sides much more enjoyable, too.

My Personal Conclusion

An ancient wobble of our earth caused by an asteroid impact triggered a flexible calendar for 1,800 years duration from 2288 BC, which stopped at a 23½-degree tilt about 518 BC. Since the pendulum wobble sometimes is counterclockwise, it made it very difficult to measure a full year around the sun, which has remained at about 365 days count.

In addition, since the ancients counted time by observable sky phenomena like phases of the moon and the solar solstice-equinox-solstice-equinox sequence, their years did not always equal 365 days until the earth's wobble settled down. The bronze Chinese calendar made a day/night cycle to appear 16 hours long shortened by an opposing spin or wobble of the earth. The Aztec calendar compensated their calendar of missing days with stone skulls exhibited at the outdoor museum in Mexico City.

The Bible reveals a calendar mystery captured in ancient clocks not deciphered by scientists that describes a scientifically unknown spin-axis hypothesis. It gives a rational explanation for the medically impossible 900+ years-long ages of Methuselah and the other pre-Flood patriarchs, the sun standing still for 12 hours in the sky in Joshua’s day, the sun going backwards 10 degrees for King Hezekiah and the abnormal ages for Abraham and his children. Those many proofs are difficult to understand for monorail theologians and scientists who have problems accepting biblical facts out of sync with their opinions.

Most mystery clocks I describe were designed with common sense when viewed through the eyes of a spin-axis hypothesis. I still do not understand why 21 December 2288 BC, date of the first Apocalypse or Flood, should have a mirror image of second asteroid striking the earth based on an identical date of 21 December 2012, though the actual strike will take place 46 days after the 25 July 2015 destruction of the Third Temple on 10 September 2015. This asteroid strike will set off a tremendous earthquake of Biblical proportions to totally end our civilization on 17 September 2015.

The 7-year apocalypse was predicted by Daniel in 588 BC and John in Revelation AD 96. Why are they imbedded in ancient clocks that all end in the critical year of 2012 AD? My two books written two years prior to this publication give us the answers to the questions left open.

This book is written for those not fitting the mold of popular evolutionary theory as it expresses scientific data rejected by the science establishment priesthood. Any unproven science hypothesis like the evolution of species eventually becomes a religion like the Aztecs demonstrated in ancient times. Follow the path of new discovery and make up your own mind.

True science can be brought alongside the biblical information and should be equally considered, but unfortunately, humankind follows an atheistic track of open rebellion against the Creator and denies the possibility of his coming wrath as promised similar to what happened in the first Apocalypse (Flood) of 2288 BC.

God again will intervene in his creation as the earth is in danger to be destroyed by uncontrolled atheistic scientists of gigantic corporations who are screwing up every seed by mixing animal genes with plant genes. Their research only accelerates the coming end time and may result in the extinction of many species during this generation. When this genetic manipulation is combined with the power of nuclear destruction and the horrible poisons of chemical-bacterial-virus weapons unleashed could permanently destroy this planet. God intervenes as you can read about and get informed at:

A World Full of Ancient Mysteries

My biggest challenge is to counter an ingrained evolutionary bias that will not permit rational discussion of different viewpoints in an open scientific forum. I could line up hundreds of examples of scientific evidence for the climatic conditions on earth before the Flood of Noah in 2288 BC were very different.

Why? Let’s have a few hors d'oeuvre examples from a biblical and scientific perspective. Later I will present more data from the standpoint of the other window along with looking into ancient sky records.

To understand my spin-axis hypothesis, let us first examine some evidence in geology. I discovered that the density and composition of the atmosphere in pre-Flood world was very different. Scientific evidence point to twice the amount of oxygen in the air as measured in air bubbles from various samples of Bernstein amber dated from that age.

Archeological digs and coal deposits reveal bigger bones of animals and larger forms of plant life than we have today. These fossils exhibit super, big cell structures that are consistent with the hypothesis of a dense atmosphere rich in oxygen.

Jacques Cousteau, an underwater scientist, found out that injuries and open wounds of the body heal much faster when the injured person is placed in an oxygen-rich pressure chamber. Under pressure, oxygen causes the healing replacement cells to multiply quickly speeding up the healing process.

I deduce from Cousteau’s experience that cells grow larger in an oxygen-rich, higher-pressure atmosphere and that explains the profusion of coal deposits and hydrocarbon found in oil. I also extrapolate from this that the dinosaurs’ bone structure and the ancient plants imbedded in rocks or muck deposits should also demonstrate larger cell structures for the same reason.

Investigating other fossilized skeletons, I estimate that the large flying dinosaurs required 15 atmospheres of air pressure in order to get off the ground. I do not think they could fly in our present air pressure of one atmosphere as shown in many Hollywood nature movies.

Excessive Flood Water?

How did the 40 days and nights of rain recorded by eyewitnesses in the Bible produce so much water?

Although, the “fountains of the deep” broke open to release most of the floodwaters from under the earth’s crust, much water was dislocated from the Polar Regions by an axis shift. Such a shift would cause gigantic waves to move across the surface of the earth without necessarily covering the entire surface to the depth of mountain heights all at once.

However, I do believe that the rain was excessively heavy. It is quite possible that the pre-Flood high-pressure air atmosphere was enriched with hydrogen left over from the creation of the oceans. Hydrogen by itself does not burn and is lighter than air hence would be found and not interfere on the upper region of our atmosphere. It needs the oxygen to combine with, and the result of that combustible combination is water.

The superabundant plant life of the pre-Flood world must have produced oxygen very quickly and in much greater quantities than today. Gigantic trees, where Bernstein resins come from, existed in a profusion of dense virgin forests as indicated in solidified muck and coal deposits testify geologically of their existence.

Eventually there came a time when only a match was needed to ignite the excess oxygen with leftover surplus hydrogen to form 40 days of rain as the Bible records. A large asteroid entering and disintegrating in a heavily pressurized atmosphere would have burned and provided the planetary-sized spark needed to set off the hydrogen-oxygen chain reaction of explosive downpours.

The asteroid impact caused an earth wobble, which would consequently upset tectonic plates shifting mountains and oceans and producing massive dislocated air turbulence. The resulting megatons of rainwater froze a mile deep at the Polar Regions creating a mini ice age. This is verified by the post-Flood appearance of urban human civilizations only located within a narrow band around the equator.

Flash Frozen at -273 Degrees Fahrenheit?

Some time ago, I remembered reading about a world exhibition in the 1920s at St. Petersburg, Russia. During this exhibition, the Russian scientists showed a perfectly preserved, frozen solid, prehistoric, longhaired mammoth dug up in the Siberian Tundra. They set up this huge frozen elephant during winter. The most interesting fact I read about this frozen mammoth was that the cell structure was not damaged.

Scientifically, a 15 ton, warm-blooded mammoth would need to be instantly flash frozen to prevent the cells of its flesh from bursting as the water within them swells during the natural freezing processes that take place in subzero Siberia. Only liquid air or liquid nitrogen can produce the low temperatures required for flash freezing. It is hard enough for frozen dinners or entrees, but a whole animal of 15 tons? For example, exposure to space itself (at -273 degrees) could freeze an animal of such size in such a short time needed for thousand of years preservation.

Just that one exhibition in St. Petersburg is almost enough to prove that the earth suffered a violent shift in its rotational axis. Even the buttercup flowers found in the mouth of the elephant were found freshly frozen. The mammoth did not even have time to swallow them. Furthermore, buttercups only grow in a mild temperate climate, which indicates that the mammoth was not living in a permafrost tundra zone at the time of its freezing. These facts make the flash-quick freezing even more remarkable.

Back in the 1940s Dr. Frank C. Hibben, Prof. of Archeology at the University of New Mexico led an expedition to Alaska to look for human remains. He didn't find human remains; he found miles and miles of icy muck just packed with mammoths, mastodons, and several kinds of bison, horses, wolves, bears and lions. Just north of Fairbanks, Alaska, the members of the expedition watched in horror as bulldozers pushed the half-melted muck into sluice boxes for the extraction of gold. Animal tusks and bones rolled up in front of the blades "like shavings before a giant plane.” The carcasses were found in all attitudes of death, most of them "pulled apart by some unexplainable prehistoric catastrophic disturbance.”

Great earth and climate change were also registered in the oceans preserved in ice. Boring through various levels of glacial ice, scientists noticed a variation in the oxygen 18 isotope caused by the rise in sea-salt, indicated by the elevated levels of Cl and NaCl. There is also an extreme spike in SO 4 and H readings suggesting widespread volcanic activity.

Tropical Climate at the North Pole?

The permafrost plains of Siberia show many wide cracks filled with deposits of frozen animals. Some of them, like tigers, only live in tropical zones today, which is another witness of a mild temperate climate. Strangely, most of the animals deposited in these cracks show broken bones. What caused the bones to break?

When the asteroid hit the earth and ignited the lighter than air hydrogen–oxygen mixture atmosphere at the North Pole, it resulted in an explosive depressurization that released huge amounts of water that collapsed to the surface. This wall of water set off by the hydrogen-oxygen explosion caused the surface air to be blown or pulled toward the equator by the wobble of our earth.

Think of a gigantic, dislocated global water-mass pump. It would take centuries for the earth’s shuddering to settle down. The moment of impact would set off many earthquakes and tidal waves. I visualize the oceans bulging like an egg sideways at the equator. This bulging mass of water around the equatorial regions would account for the waters to be as high as the mountaintops as mention in the Bible.

At the same time, the cold of space on the artic circle must have penetrated momentarily through the thinned out atmosphere to flash-freeze everything on the earth’s surface in the Polar Regions. We must remember that our air atmosphere is only a very thin covering layer when compared to the size of the planet. When the turbulent stormy air masses returned to fill the catastrophically created vacuum, they would seek to equalize air pressure globally, which would release tremendous winds from high to low pressure waves that blew the flash frozen animals and plants left on the earth’s surface into the cracks of the earth like desert tumbleweeds. Animal bodies brittle and glass hardened by extreme frost broke up in pieces, which rolled over the open tundra and filled the cracks as we find them now deposited in Siberia. Notice too that oil deposits are mostly found in pockets, which is an accumulation of previously decomposed living matter.

The scientific evidence testifies here that the earth encountered a temperate climate change in its polar regions some thousands of years ago. It was certainly not like today. The Bible describes what the pre-Flood authors saw and experienced which for us are solid eyewitnesses to confirm scientific geological data.

There is plenty of available data in those brief records from that prehistoric Atlantis age if you know where and how to look for it. If you want to scientifically apply our observation methods to the ancient spin-axis before the flood and compare it with the Aztec clock calendar and what is reported in Genesis, than we can easily verify that the pre-Flood world never got cold, nor did it get too hot. It never rained for lack of cloud formation in shorter cycles; instead, a misty fog rose up to water the earth and the northern region bear out this fact and that means around the world without ice caps. A rain bow could never form which is consistent what the Bible reports if you checkout my bicycle axis spin-axis explained in the next chapter which will make it more clearer or checking out the Aztec clock cycles now discovered will confirm that hypothesis of pre-Flood climate.

These few examples should encourage us further to investigate on your own instead of just believing my innovative thesis or those offered by the famous university research scientists who insist on preaching about unproved opinionated theories as if they were facts. These same professors do not have any rational explanation for even the few items I have just mentioned here. Enough said.

Searching for answers of a spin-axis hypothesis solved many question for me such as, “Did the ancients really live to be 969 years as we count time?” Is it genetically possible? Are the many events recorded before the Flood in Genesis scientifically probable? These questions found some answers for me on a trip to Mexico a couple years ago. I learned a great deal about the Aztec or Mesoamerican calendars when I visited the Mexican Pyramids and the outdoor museum in Mexico City.

What I learned raised more questions. Why are the pre-Flood people recorded in Genesis also painted on the walls of ancient palaces in Mexico? That country is not historically identified with biblical events. Furthermore, the Aztec calendar started over 5,000 years ago. Comparing the Aztec people painted on the wall with Bible people in Genesis, I still was bothered by the consequences of my observations. To me, it seemed biologically unnatural that someone could live nearly thousand years like Methuselah. I read a lot of science magazines, and somewhere I remember reading that human genes only support cell division to a potential life expectancy of about 120 years.

Now it is amazing enough that this scientific discovery confirms the accuracy of the Bible! In Genesis 6:3 when God announces that mans maximum age after the flood shall be 120 years and no more:

Then the LORD said, "My Spirit shall not strive with man forever, because he also is flesh; nevertheless his days shall be one hundred and twenty years."

This statement of God seems to be a paradox for Christians. God said that people’s maximum age from then on would be 120 years. However, about 537 years later (1750 BC) the age recorded for Abraham was 175, Isaac lived to 180 years and there is another prophet Ezekiel 135 years. Did God change his mind? Is there something wrong with recording those longer ages again?

When God speaks to man in the Bible it is recorded by scribes and becomes an unchanging law written in stones like the 10 commandment. Here again we have theological paradox like long ages which can only be solved with a different X-Y axis calendar unless you must think the unthinkable God lies too. Theologians are still baffled and have no explanation, as I like to advise them to look at two rails of God’s railroad system.

The answer to these questions began to churn in my mind during my visiting Mexico City and its fascinating museums. In the process, I began to learn about the Aztec culture and its predecessors. Previously, I had done some reading about their calendar. In particular, I focused on the date of 21.December 2012, which I had seen frequently mentioned on different TV programs.

It now seemed to coincide with the biblical prophesied Apocalypse; I naturally focused more closely on what I was looking at. To resolve my conflict I discovered that the ancient Aztec calendar showed different age-cycle lengths and that indeed related to the Genesis record of the pre-Flood world matching the wall picture of the Teotihuacan Palace in Tepantitla I puzzled over. I found out later in my hotel that the Mesoamerican-Aztec calendar agrees precisely with my dating of the biblical Flood of Noah in 2287 BC, if recalculated to Gregorian years.

Genesis documents a terrible geological destruction of the earth from a flood caused by an asteroid strike, and the Mesoamerican-Aztec calendar tells the same story on walls of the Teotihuacan Palace in Tepantitla we cannot deny. My understanding of the Hebrew Alphabet Number System, described in my earlier books, provided me with a fresh perspective on these ancient cultures and calendars. It really is not too difficult for me to interpret some of the strange images from the ancient monuments and sculptures printed in the Mexican books sold at excavation stores once you get familiar with the Hebrew Alphabet Number System. I share some of them with you at the end of this book.

Check out the 10th chapter of my previous book Apocalypse Prophesied, which describes a 7000 year World Cuckoo Clock from the Hebrew perspective with two dials since it fits within the context of writing about clocks in this book. I believe that this double dial system in my previous books not knowing that other clocks existed, perfectly parallels a stone clock of an Aztec calendar for some unknown reason, which also has two dials. A quick Internet search will bring up articles of Aztec calendars discussing long count and short count cycles a little too convoluted for me to understand. The most important clue for me in unraveling this mystery was that the Flood in 2287 BC functions as a dividing line for both the biblical and Aztec calendars. Eventually the Aztec long/short cycles made some sense but not the way secular scientist postulated in their books.

In this report, we will learn a story of mystery clocks from ancient times before BC never figured out by scientist, because nobody ever heard of a three-axis spin hypothesis before. Therefore, these clocks would remain scientific mysteries to this very date unless you compared it with the discovery of a new spin-axis hypothesis. This link between the flood period and mystery clocks indicates that time was marked very differently before Flood than after it. Remember to set aside your evolutionary bias for a while as you evaluate my catastrophic hypothesis observed everywhere around the globe with an open mind. Once you understand it, and then by all means, test it against any other hypothesis trying to explain the facts in the ground. For me, the Flood narrative and other familiar Bible stories have unlocked an otherwise unknown Aztec culture as I am now able now to interpret logically many wall paintings found in ancient palaces. Understanding about an ancient flood embedded in Genesis found everywhere in geology is fundamental in research of ancient times.

Ancient records describe an old civilization with a new one which came after. Not much is know about Atlantis disappearing with its people and achievements, but a Flood story is found in every culture. Depending which window we are looking out of on a California train, one scientist may see a vast ocean disappearing in the coastal fog while those looking out of the other side of the train will see evidence of a civilization with mountains, orchards, cities and people.

Some may come to a different conclusion than I have when studying the monumental and geologic voices from the past. For me, it was like reading about clock cycles as I watched the telephone poles pass by. So let’s look out on both sides of the train in order to get a better, more balanced perspective.

Since we are all mortal and since we are all on the same train of life, permit me to share what I can see were we came from and compare it with our present generation. I like to educate us further experiencing a dual rail ride, which can help us to understand better the world we live in from God’s perspective. And he is the one who built and designed the railroad system!

Europe and America presently exhibit huge graphic displays of evolutionary fantasies painted on walls everywhere. Museums present the familiar picture series depicting the development of life from a one-celled worm to monkey-man paintings insulting and denying a Creator. Today’s educated elite believes in children’s fairy tales postulating that a frog can turn into a prince. In other words, that the genome of a lower animal can eventually change into one for a handsome, sophisticated person with brains and status. All it requires is to be kissed by a university professor expressing unscientific opinions.

In spite of being surrounded with the fossil evidence of thousands of extinct species, not even one evolved complete trans-specie series can be found in geology’s fossil record. The Second Law of Thermodynamics (entropy) presents the theory of evolution with an uphill battle against physical laws that it cannot win. Ignorant atheistic professors, and many theologians, deny the energy conversion laws that prohibit the possibility of evolutionary development beyond the bounds of the genetic complexity and physics that separates major families of creatures and plants. I am not surprised to notice that all life in the oceans was never really attempted to be classified in species, as there exist probably ten times more creatures below the surface that are too complex to categorize easily.

Let me give you a simple example that even children will understand. Look at the simplest, one-cell microbe. It has a very complex, highly intelligent microcode that enables its exact reproduction where by it replicates itself and not something else. It will always reproduce exactly according to the original imprint imbedded since creation. It will never ever reach an energy conversion over 100% and become more complex according to the First Law of Thermodynamics. It must follow the Second Law that if the intelligence misfired or became stupid and will become less than 100%. And that, my scientifically inclined friend, is proven physics we cannot fudge about.

I can tell you as a designer of your disk drive in your laptop that a virus will always crash your existing program and never evolve into a better program. Any disk drive in a computer demonstrates that a 100% full disk drive cannot ever store more software; therefore, it can never add extra data or codes beyond the capacity for which it was designed!

Mutations due to environmental causes die quickly due to an inability to function. They may be eaten up by the next higher level of the food chain or simply fail to reproduce. God designed sophisticated predators, which are only 10% of the food chain to make sure genetically distinct healthy perfect species are carried forward thousand of years unblemished 100%. With this built-in control system any genetically defective life forms are destroyed and prevented from reproducing into inefficient subspecies. For example, dogs can be bred from the original wolf by intelligent people but cannot survive in the wild as seen on a recent TV program.

Aberrations only exist sideways, which does not violate the First Law of Thermodynamics. Still, it is impossible to evolve into a higher level or invent and cancel it out with another law no mater how many PhD degrees you may have collected. Physics will not permit genetics to go beyond 100% as we can only screw up DNA codes and not create them.

We know that physical human body replaces each cell every seven years, but through environmental changes, contaminated food and abusive wrong living, the interdependence of healthy cells is disturbed. The result is that some complex information code (genes and chromosomes) will become stupid. The cell will then reproduce that imperfection mixed up with the original code and the human body eventually ages and dies, proving the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

Scientists and you who do not believe in God are prone to ignore the basic laws of physics like entropy, therefore notice who is dressed up in modern clothing in the next picture. I think it is an evolved scientist kissed by university-educated maiden found only in painted images on the many museum walls. He is looking very civilized with shirt, tie, and holding a pen pondering its implication. How did a monkey evolve and become so sophisticated and cultured to attain writing skills so that he holds his pen so proudly?

I could not find it explained in any books. How did he acquire this knowledge without speech? Why can’t he see the same colors as humans do?

The last great interior frontier to be explored is the human brain. Science does not yet understand why it is physically divided along an axis into two halves. One side recognizes written text and the other side processes mathematical concepts.

Evolutionary dogma taught as a religion for over 100 years cannot explain the human urge to seek spiritual answers when facing certain death. When was the God idea invented? Why does humanity have so many religions? Where is it in the fossil record?

On the other hand, I can imagine very well God giving Adam the intelligence to fellowship with him during his evening visits at a garden house in the cool of the evening. Did he want to play chess with someone who could think on a somewhat equal basis? Someone mentally creative like himself to have fun with? However, God no longer visits face-to-face and that is why I believe that people today only use 5% of their mental capacity. Since evolutionary theory has won the exclusive right to be taught in public schools, the scholastic achievements of students have gone steadily downhill worldwide. Therefore, the “prince” is obeying physics like the Second Law of dissipating entropy.

A Contest with God Story

On the lighter side, someone send me a little story on the Internet. There was a group of scientists who were all sitting around discussing which one of them was going to go to God and tell Him that they didn't need him anymore. One of the scientists volunteered and went to go tell God he was no longer needed.

The scientist said to God, "God, you know a bunch of us have been thinking, and I've come to tell you that we really don't need you anymore. I mean, we've been coming up with great evolution theories and ideas. We've cloned sheep, and we're on the verge of cloning humans. So as you can see, we really don't need you."

God nods understandingly and says, "I see. Well, no hard feelings, but before you go, let's have a contest. What do you think?"

The scientist says, "Sure. What kind of contest?" God replies, "A man-making contest."

The scientist, "Sure! No problem". The scientist bends down and picks up a handful of dirt and says, "Okay, I'm ready!" God replies, "No, no, no... You go get your own dirt."

I hope you will some day visit the Mexican pyramids. Perhaps my biblical Rosetta Stone discoveries will become the keys to unlocking some Aztec mysteries for you. They might someday inspire a different perspective of scientific opinions published and could help us to better understand some of those puzzling images and artifacts found in museums.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God,
And the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God.

Mankind’s answer:

Presenting the ultimate Achievement of Humankind !


Gregory Mone, “Incoming,” Popular Science Magazine, September 2003 (an asteroid prediction). “Killer Asteroid, Its Coming our Way,” Popular Mechanics, December 2006.

Notice that 120 years convert into Gregorian 17 years as the Bible counts Aztec calendar cycles before 2288 BC. That makes ancient dating appear 7 times longer; therefore, all dates before Noah’s time must be divided by 7. Thus, Methuselah was only 138 years old in modern Gregorian years as 52,000 Aztec cycles equal 7,428 Gregorian years.

Discover Magazine , Top 100 science Stories of 2006 #81: Geology, Tut Jewel Formed by Asteroid Impact, by Michael Abrams. E-mail:

A German word meaning “being happy about others’ misfortune.”

The Hebrew overlay must be a Tammuz date. The first Tammuz was 21 December 2288 BC. The destruction of the Atlantis civilization happened 46 days later [second month 17 th day, Genesis 6]. The last Tammuz in the Hebrew clock cycles [5 total=Heh] falls on 9 Av 5776, which is 25 July 2015 when the rebuilt Third Temple in Jerusalem will be destroyed. Both previous temples were destroyed on the 9 th of Av. From the first Tammuz 21 December 2288 BC solstice, 46 days passed to the day that the asteroid hit the earth. Also, the 7-day earthquake duration fits well with the 7 th Trumpet in Revelation, aligning with one 52-day spin-axis of an Aztec calendar. Why? I see Aztec and Hebrew cycles everywhere matching like a marriage.

Hibben, Frank, The Lost Americans. New York, Thomas & Crowell Co., 1946.

By permission, “The Monkey,” owned by Dr. Laurence Forester, Ukiah, California 2006.

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