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Chapter 12 -
Hebrew & Aztec Spin-Axis Cycles


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I would like to end my booklet with some ideas worth mentioning not preached in church. They are like pearls found in the ocean here and there. It is for those people who enjoy reading from a dual railroad perspective that connects science with the Christian religion, which gives us a much broader perspective of the world we live in.

Studying the various mysteries clocks of the Hebrew, Chinese, Aztec and German Himmelsscheibe exhibited in museums around the world, I noticed some interesting parallels with the Hebrew Rosetta Stone correlation and the Christian perspective. In this section we will review some amazing resemblance of three cultures which are continents apart, do not share languages, predating 1,000 years to each other but connecting with the records of Genesis and Bible prophecy. Please you be the judge if these coincidences are valid or credible as they logically align themselves.

These inexplicable associations seen from different angles show to me a cosmic design structure and prove that the prophesied Apocalypse 2008-2015 will arrive on schedule because they behave like gears in a clock that mesh.

To date historic events imbedded in an ancient calendar cycles either exist by chance or were imbedded by an extra terrestrial intelligence as no human could have invented to relate each to other so precisely. If you are a serious thinker, it would be very helpful to acquainted yourself with the Hebrew Alphabet Number System as published in my books, if not, much presented may be difficult to make sense to you in this chapter. It is like Dr. Albert Einstein explaining mathematics of unknown laws to those who would rather go fishing: one has to be interested to attend some of his lectures and learn new things. I can understand the position of secular scientist being willfully ignorant, but such excuse should not exist for Christians who confess to have the Holy Spirit to guide them.

Jesus said watch for signs. Each person must check it out for himself. You do not want to be misled and make wrong decisions for your family. Therefore, evaluate what is presented here with a 12 o’clock cuckoo clock date of 2008-2015, which could mean that we already may have run out time. Most are not prepared for survival because they discount the Bible or trust upset theologians teaching an old time religion escape doctrine. Those who do so will perish with him, which will be globally seen on TV. The biggest obstacle in understanding prophecy comes from two major doctrines taught in many churches. If we want to understand pearls buried in the Bible ocean, it would help to investigate where so many church leaders went wrong in understanding the Bible. Because the clock cycles of an apocalypse date are too close, there is no time to find another church.

Rapture Theory Debunked

Historically, we see much misuse of the Bible. Many wars were fought over religious interpretations of the Bible, which even in our modern times remains confusing. Just checkout how many denominations are in the yellow pages of the telephone directory. No wonder that monorail theologians have started so many churches. We can only blame ourselves for that confusion. The average person is too busy making money to study the Bible and has left it up to theologians to tell him what it says.

Through a series of five interrelated books, I put a lot of facts on the table for you to review using your own common sense as led by the Holy Spirit. I call them my Babushka books because they represent concepts found in the Bible that are also found in science and physics, which is the basis for my dual-rail track railroad analogy.

Russian Babushka dolls go from large to small with the littler ones nested inside the bigger ones. They look alike, but their scaled size makes them different. Truth in the Bible is similarly laid out in scaled proportions like the egg-shaped Babushka dolls. When we study the unfolding of God’s plan in history and apply it to prophecy, we find identical concepts embedded in Scripture in which the patterns of chronological events are replicated like a smaller egg shows the same design of the bigger egg - only on a smaller scale of size. Applying this principle is one of the most important tools of Bible research. It gives us assurance in an interpretation of Bible prophecy.

A smaller Babushka doll/egg must conform to the larger one in its pattern. Thus, we need to know how each prophetic section of the Bible relates to the overall plan of God for humanity because all aspects of prophecy need to work together within the purposes for God’s creation and how He sustains it through the laws of science. Otherwise, it is easy to come to false interpretations. The Hebrew Alphabet Number System is also very helpful in identifying questionable dogmas preached in many churches, but unfortunately most theologians know little about Jewish culture. Jews wrote the Bible, and Bible teachers should learn about their culture to understand how they think. My books also go from larger to smaller or different scope. I use the same principles in my Bible analysis that I learned from my years as an inventor solving technical problems with new approaches in applied science.

I started out just to write one book with a little different approach for those living in cultures where the Bible is forbidden or access is limited. My one little book has grown to a series of five. Like the Russian Babushka eggs, they go from large to small. The first two books of my Babushka series reconstructed God’s plan for humanity through history and prophecy. They created a stir among monorail theologians. This third book confronts them with yet another Babushka look at the clock gear cycles embedded in the Bible. It presents a totally new approach to understanding what the past was like by asking and answering some direct cause and effect questions about time, calendars and ancient clocks that mystify scholars. This book contests the foolishness that has come to dominate monorail science found on university campuses as well as once again raising a lot of dust with monorail theologian’s established doctrines.

Sensing their conflict when seeing a date for the apocalypse, I discovered that ancient time was measured differently from today’s Gregorian calendar, which would make any historical or prophetic projection faulty if not converted to our present calendar system. Scientists are perplexed by the many clocks exhibited in museums. With this third Babushka book, they have an opportunity to discover how they work and why they were made. For those Christians who do not believe that the apocalypse can be dated, now they can check out my third Babushka book from the perspective of ancient clock gear cycles embedded in the Bible.

Two fundamental blockages to understanding the Bible rose to a mountain too big for many pastors to get over or around. I do not understand why theologians rely so heavily on only one quote from the Bible that they misplace in the context of God’s plan. “No one knows the time,” they say and forget the hundreds of other Bible verses in conflict with their dogma. Their seminars are so one-sided that we should teach them some courses in science - especially how clocks work. It would help them to understand better God’s plan for humanity. Then the issue of trying to date prophecy would not be a problem. They would recognized that the Bible also says that “the wise will know” the timing of the last days instead of reacting like the Middle Age’s inquisition that suppressed knowledge and distorted the Bible.

Church pastors’ opinions are usually connected with financial reasons: they sell messages of comfort to be successful in meeting the inflated budgets of another building project. To give assurance to the faithful, they tell church members that the coming apocalypse is meant for others, and that they will escape these prophesied hard times on earth by being taken away, or “raptured,” by Jesus at a secret appearance only for the church. Playing church will end soon. The years of 2008-2015 are advertised on the Internet as a modern-day Jonah announces God’s coming judgment of a rebellious human civilization.

Others misuse Bible prophecy to gain followers who don’t check out the Bible for themselves. For instance, let us look back in history at "Toronto Laughing Spirit" phenomenon in the mid-1800s when the rapture gospel got started. Then we will follow the trail to see terrible examples of misled pastors like Jim Jones church or David Koresh assembly expounded prophecy to many followers to end in death with families and children. These few examples of how the average person has suffered due to biblical ignorance should tell us that pastors can mislead us grossly in the wrong direction; therefore, we need to study the Bible for ourselves, which is not too difficult if you can read.

Today, many gullible Christians still adhere to a pre-tribulation rapture concept invented 150 years ago by a little girl in England that was later elevated to the highest dogma by a British scholar John Nelson Darby. The pre-tribulation rapture dogma was really finalized by a brilliant engineer Clarence Larkin who was talented in making drawings of dispensational charts published in the 1920s. You can check it out on the Internet. These chronological charts based on the Bible were designed like clock cycles to depict God’s plan for mankind. It was the first attempt to graphically express what the Bible teaches, and they became very popular with preachers, teachers and the many church members.

So my clock gear ideas are not original but rather build on top of existing ideas. As an inventor of many products, I do the same with technology. One man’s knowledge is based on the foundation from others. But it is important to check out the underlying foundation if you want to have a house to last a long time.

Clarence Larkin’s Bible charts became the foundational doctrines still taught today in many American churches, but they do not compare well with the Hebrew perspective. For hundreds of years to the present, being Jewish has been a problem. Many in Western nations avoid Jews. But Jews wrote the Bible, and because of that basic fact, we should pay a little more attention to their culture when reading it.

When we study writings from a Jewish author, like Revelation in the Bible, we should become accustomed to reading it with a historic Jewish mindset and not with modern Western thinking. Originally, I believed in Larkin’s cycle interpretations, but during those years, I was not educated in Hebrew thinking. I only recently discovered that his and my belief system was in error when I compared it with the Jewish festival and fast days as well as the Hebrew Alphabet Number System.

When I discovered the Hebrew Alphabet Number System, I noticed that the pages of Revelation were mixed up chronologically. That big surprise caused me now to re-look at the whole Bible, especially prophecy, from a dual rail perspective of the Hebrew and Christian traditions. So I investigated Clarence Larkin’s charts more closely, and the dual-rail track Hebrew perspective revealed his many errors.

The pre-rapture theory error comes from dispensational charts adopted by mainline fundamental churches has lulled a majority of Christians with an escapist dream poorly documented by Bible verses; nevertheless, its plausible story became very popular because it promises a getaway from prophesied troubles meant for others. In time, the rapture theory lulled many Christians into a comatose state lacking the urgency similar to what moved Noah and his family to build the ark. Most Christians are not prepared for the apocalypse spiritually or physically and therefore may not survive it. It is like the person who refuses to rouse himself and get out of the burning house when a fireman shouts “fire.”

Christians ignore the present warning call about the apocalypse coming in 2008-2015 because their pastors teach the comforting opinion of being raptured before the fire reaches them. Because of that, many will just keep on comfortably sleeping in church rather than listen to an unpopular Jonah-like message. Sadly, history is going to repeat itself with another, much larger event like “Toronto Laughing Spirit," Jim Jones’ cool aid or the burning fires that consumed David Koresh’s followers – all events reported on TV. For another analogy, it is as if these millions of misled Christians believe in the theory of an unsinkable boat. Instead of proving what is true by researching the Bible for themselves, they feel better trusting in the majority’s popular big boat of a theory, and just like the Titanic, they will likewise will sink in the ocean being mislead by an old-fashioned tribulation dogma and perish.

Many pastors and theologians will not even look beyond the cover of my books with their seemingly strange Hebrew customs and holidays discussed in Scripture. If they did, they would discover Bible cycles corrected to our Gregorian calendar, which explain future dates accurately revealed. The Jewish customs, language and teachings about their holy and fast days became the keys to decipher prophecy in the proper sequence. Of course, many have previously announced dates for the Second Coming of Jesus and missed their dates because they did not understand the evidence from the ancient historical bronze-gold clocks that prove how calendars found around the world have changed from ancient times due to changes in the earth’s rotational axis. Thus, the past prophetic predictions were way off for understandable reasons and disappointed many. So why reject new discoveries from science about the Bible without even reading what is stated? Especially when those past errors were addressed with new information of multiple, independently parallel historic and scientific proofs?

It is difficult to convince pastors to change what they think for many reasons. I recommend that each of us investigate the Bible for ourselves and establish a faith anchored in the solid rock of Christ instead of unsupported opinions – even if taught by respected preachers. We should not stick ours heads in the sand like an ostrich when danger approaches, and the apocalypse is approaching soon whether my specific dates are correct or not.

Origin of the Secret Rapture Theory

To many it is both amazing and shocking to discover that neither the word “rapture” nor the doctrine/teaching of a "secret rapture" is found in any Bible translation. Moreover, most theologians agree that it is not even mentioned in any Christian literature prior to the year 1830.

Dave MacPherson, author of The Unbelievable Pre-Trib Origin, reveals that the "rapture" teaching was born in England during the mid-1800s. Macpherson’s research found that a Church of Scotland minister named Edward Irving was the first to preach the "rapture gospel."

Just how the rapture theory occurred to Irving is an intriguing facet of modern churchianity's history. Irving held some eccentric positions on the use of spiritual gifts, including speaking in tongues and prophesying. He contended that these gifts were for the present day church and had quite a few followers of his radical notions. However, when chaotic disturbances arose in Irving's services during the manifestations of these "gifts," the Church of Scotland took action, dismissing Irving from his position as a minister in 1832.

The ultimate result of Irving's dismissal was the formation of the Catholic Apostolic Church, which still exists. Irving's movement grew and became the basis of modern day Pentecostalism. The natural evolution of this movement has resulted in the recent emergence of the rapture theory, which has seduced and mislead more than a few well-intentioned people.

During one of Irving's sessions in 1830, a young Scottish girl named Margaret MacDonald fell into a trance. After several hours of visions and prophesying, she revealed that Christ's return would occur in two phases, not just one. Christ would first come secretly, being visible only to the righteous, then He would come a second time visible to all in order to execute God’s wrath on the unrighteous nations.

This secret rapture was promoted by Irving. He also claimed to have heard a voice from heaven commanding him to teach it. Some modern researchers submit that Irving's speculations on the rapture were influenced by writings of the Spanish Jesuit, Lacunza. He had translated Lacunza’s book into English under the title, The Coming of the Messiah in Glory and Majesty, in 1827.

John Darby, an Englishman and pioneer of the Plymouth Brethren movement became caught up in the rapture teaching of Irving. When Darby heard about Irving's activities, he traveled to Scotland to talk with him and his followers about it. It was Darby who developed the scriptural arguments to support the theory/doctrine that evolved. Darby's depiction of the rapture theory became widely popularized in Britain and U.S. largely because of Cyrus Scofield's Reference Bible.

Belief in the secret rapture doctrine has become so widespread among today's evangelicals and fundamentalists that many sitting in the pews assume that the teaching dates back to the apostles themselves and Jesus. Regardless of whom one regards as the originator of the teaching — whether Irving, Darby, Margaret MacDonald or a Jesuit priest - one thing is obvious: the secret rapture theory is of relatively recent origin. Moreover, it has no basis in fact, nor was it ever a teaching of the Jesus, the Apostles or the early church movement begun by the Messiah.

Read the verses for yourself. Please go to the study called, The Rapture Pre or Post, located in the Studies section of this web site.

In examining previous failed predictions, one can see that they were based on wrong assumptions typical of monorail theologians. Being unaware of historic calendar changes like mystery bronze clocks in museums not deciphered would make any prophetic prediction difficult to forecast unless corrected to our Gregorian calendar. So it is no wonder that we have dogmas preached in church with little and unconvincing “support” from the Bible. I would like to mention one more doctrinal error.

Cults believe whatever they want to postulate, which always started from a leader, rather than study and check out the Bible for themselves. It stands alone if we want to make it rule supremely in our lives. To shed some light on what lies ahead that is NOT preached in many churches, let us look at science and the Bible. Consider the evidence of those ancient clocks exhibited in museums as you try to delineate theological facts from fiction on this issue of “no one knows the time.”

Now we have another headline to upset one’s inner peace. Like Jonah from ancient times, my books have walked into New York City to announce its nuclear destruction. They even quote future dates. This approach indeed conflicts with Larkin’s theory of “no one knows the time.” I have heard, “You must be nuts!” cried out loud against me for entertaining the idea that New York might disappear in a nuclear cloud so soon as my date.

Therefore, read the Bible from the perspective of another rail to set in order the chronologically mixed up pages of Revelation. As straightened out, Revelation correlates well with corrected ancient clocks and calendars not yet deciphered by museum researchers. That could change our Clarence Larkin dispensational opinions cycle faith. These new discoveries can be dated if we accept our Gregorian calendar overlaid it with a discovered Hebrew Alphabet Number System, which is a lot better than any popular De Vinci code or Kaballah computer calculated Bible Code as seen on TV. Or, you can keep on believing the vision invented by a little girl in England, redrawn by an engineer in the 1920s, and expanded upon by hundreds if not thousands of not very smart but moneymaking books found in thousands of bookstores.

The crux is that in all those thousands of controversial voices to be heard, God is left out. Only a few are interested in knowing what God’s plan for humanity has to say. Just wait a while and see the smoke arising on TV, and then, my friend, we may look for my five Babushka books to discover an apocalypse announcement, a wake up call from sleep that God has proclaimed for all to hear.

I hope that these Babushka books on the Internet will last a little into the beginning years of the apocalypse. Our electronic data systems are heavily dependant on satellites that will ultimately be destroyed. The Chinese blew up their own satellite with a guided missile in 2007. Future fallout from other satellite debris will at some point paralyze the most advanced military space technology and make modern warfare useless. This is not mentioned specifically in the Bible, but the Bible does end the apocalypse with a projected asteroid strike. That asteroid is already in orbit and will plunge to the earth’s surface on 17 September 2015, probably into the Mediterranean Sea near the site of the last great battle of Armageddon.

“No one knows the hour…”

False doctrines usually come in pairs to imitate the witness requirement of needing two to establish truth. Satan cleverly camouflages his intensions to be successful in his deception, like with Eve in the Garden of Eden. He repeated what God had said and twisted it. He uses the same method with gullible Christians. Future prediction’s biggest obstacle to being heard is tradition and doubtful church doctrines deeply ingrained; therefore, let’s look a little closer what Jesus really meant when He said, “No one knows the hour.” I take time for it here because the misplaced emphasis placed on this one verse has shut down the brains of so many Christians so that they will not even consider that predicting a future date from a scientific viewpoint could be possible. Place yourself in Jesus’ lifetime and do not be misled by some Bible teacher’s opinion. Many times the verse breaks and punctuation added hundreds of years after the text was written also adds a different spin to its understood meaning.

Proceeding where that controversial verse was stated (Matthew 24:36) Jesus emphasizes “Watch” the signs which will announce his coming back to this world after the tribulation. Luke 13:40 clearly states that the son of man is coming “at an hour” you do not expect. It connects with the second and third watch called out from the tower. It communicates with being ready and expects his arrival when the owner of the house appears. It is like expecting a friend stuck in traffic from a long distant trip and asked when does he arrive as the party is getting late and you answer –any hour from now. That answer is not meant to be connected to your kitchen clock or your education. Apply a cultural Jewish thinking mindset when you read scripture.

First, a calendar as we know it did not exist in Jesus’ day. Watches and clocks were not invented yet. Our Gregorian calendar lay still 1,400 years in the future, so how do you tell a city population when to go for lunch or when you work in nearby fields. Today a remnant of a system to tell time still exists. When you go in an Islamic country, you will hear a call for prayer five times a day from a tower. Christians used to pray before lunch or dinner, too. It is an old custom to divide a daily schedule connecting at midday or someone on top of a church tower calling out the hour with bells like we still have in Germany. Every society is regulated by time even in the absence of calendars. Some people were employed on top of the ancient city wall to call out some kind of a clock time. You had to trust the expert priesthood to tell everybody the time shouted from a tower. Since no one controlled the priesthood, in Jesus’ day it could be understood that “know one knows the hour” since no clocks or calendar existed.

That leaves open a second possibility to understand that verse as Jesus’ reference “no one knows the hour” that was meant for the end of the time or the Daleth dimension (after 3018). The Daleth dimension can only end when the last sinner in hell has paid his or her debt after the White Throne Judgment explained in my other books. The Hebrew Alphabet Number System denotes the end of the Daleth dimension of time and space with Taw, which connotes the very end expressed in a number 400.

Looking closer at the original text and applying a Jewish thinking method that some western thinking Bible publisher missed, we can now logically understand a dogmatic misconception. We should not connect a later apocalypse event of Jesus’ sayings with the previous verse and should start a different paragraph with just a little more space on the paper.

That would give us a total different perspective according to the Hebrew thinking that is in alignment and overlays with God’s plan for humanity. Not knowing that plan for humanity connected to Jewish thinking, many theologians cannot delineate ancient text used in the setting of common language spoken in that time. The authors of the gospel account were Jewish and we must think Jewish or get a little educated in their Jewish thinking. The English publisher should have made at least a separate paragraph that now created a false doctrine for many churches in the west

When God created man, He did have a plan and is able to see the future. It is like railroad schedule announcing when the train for the culmination of the birth of the kingdom of God would arrive to an exact year, day and hour imbedded like Hebrew clock cycles now discovered. Any train system I ever used is run by the minute and cannot functions otherwise. To distinguish that Jesus did not know the hour fails to understand the relationship of the Daleth-Heh dimension differentiated as father-son relationship to make it understood to uneducated people in the Torah. Jesus said to Philip that he and the father are one and therefore only the father knows must have a different meaning. The father therefore indicates the Heh dimension in which time does not exist. Any normal baby is born to an exact cycle, and even seeds we can see in nature from the scientific viewpoint show exact time cycles.

Christian scholars think of Jesus as a limited and separate person who does not know the time. Jesus is the eternal Creator God shrouded in human form - one person and not two, and we should expect theologians to be more educated about the Bible. To blow up a questionable translation of the English Bible and make it the only reference inventing an escape judgment doctrine and ignoring dozens of other verses contrary to that belief system is usually only practiced in cults.

Rejecting an announced apocalypse with a date is like the story of a historic boat captain of the Titanic disaster. Everybody believed in an unsinkable boat when boarding that new hi-tech ship understood to be the fastest in the world, but it did break apart with a hole torn in its bottom from a submerged iceberg. Icebergs are no problem if you listen to people’s warnings and do not believe in a religious unsinkable rapture boat theory. It would have been better to focus how much time was left for the boat to sink as signs of an upcoming disaster were announced by one who discovered the break. To reject a messenger’s warning and not even read his important apocalypse announcement with a date is reminiscent of the professional leadership on a Titanic ocean liner who should have been responsible to the passengers who trusted them with their lives when they were warned about the existence of icebergs in the water by other nearby ships.

When experts trust more in a mistaken belief system not matching the facts, it causes them to be negligent resulting in many deaths. Even warning given by other boats nearby were ignored as everybody from the captain’s bridge to boat engineers believed in an unsinkable boat religion. They learned of their mistake too late and perished. Jesus said many times in conjunction with the apocalypse “watch the signs” for the next civilization sinking as the Christian church will only talk about it, but rejects the watchman telling the time and burry their heads in a false escape dogma.

Many Christian churches teaching faulty doctrines are therefore prone to misdiagnose the biggest cosmic event, the coming birthing process of the saints and will not be prepared to survive the apocalypse either. They will perish like ancient people not believing Noah. Following their blind pastors on an assumption that God is not allowed to announce a date for the world system to end and miss out of the greatest privileged Daleth-Heh transformation ever to occur on earth God offers.

Scripture is very clear as testified by many prophecies. Even Jesus made it understandable that many must go through horrible death experience during the apocalypse time like the first Christians had to endure in the beginning of the church period and will not be raptured away from trouble, like gold is purified to burn off the dross. This pre-rapture cult idea will disappoint many Christians who will be mislead and fall short of the desired goal only to experience death with the world around them, but still be saved depending on God’s grace.

We can learn from history that many righteous people died before the Flood not listening to Noah’s warning either, and therefore perished. Only eight survived according to the Bible. Most Christian are blindsided and have no idea who controls the air domain which makes a massive pre-rapture Resurrection before the apocalypse impossible with Satan still in the heavenly dimension messing around and certainly will sabotage crossing over his territory the domain of the air and spoil the resurrection party. Even a mighty angel sent to Daniel had to go back and get Michael the highest officer in the heavenly army for help just to get one message delivered from God. Daniel records that it took 21 solar days for that message from God to get to him through Satan’s realm.

Pre-rapture believing Christians should check out the prophetic timing that there will be a war in heaven and not a wedding before the war. It is so illogical to think that God-Jesus could be that ignorant like theologians in His planning of the greatest birthday party of the universe announced, the resurrection of all the saints ever in the history of humanity to occur during a war in heaven. It is contrary to the analogy of clock or pregnancy cycles and is unthinkable that God would subject the resurrected saints on the way to meet the Lord with more trouble of an unknown frightening experience to be harassed by millions of demons waiting, while passing through the biggest war zone Satan battling with God’s angels in the Heh dimension to be saved?

It would be safer to stay on earth and watch the Seventh Trumpet to be blown as the earth is cleansed from corruption together with the air space dimension [Heh dimension] controlled by Satan. Satan must first be bound in chains and thrown into the pit following the Seventh Trumpet before Christ can return and guarantee the saints safe transfer into Eternal Life.

Therefore, all remaining demons must first be executed on and under the earth as they represent the placenta of the new birth and must be discarded to make way for a cleaned up universe. This necessary preparation will get the resurrection party and God’s kingdom started like a wedding in heaven with joy as Satan’s power over humanity on earth has finally ended. Evil must first be removed in the heavenlies and the house cleaned up before a joyous feast or the wedding reception can commence. The horses must be in front of the wagon if you want to use it in a wedding.

Read what I write about the “Seven Thunders.” Since Adam, the schoolmaster Satan was ordered to teach and inoculate the saints throughout the Zayin Age with a good dose of evil during their mortal stay on earth. God’s plan for humanity was to imbed a painful immunization program of soul-intelligence genes to permanently guard against future evil corruption and rebellion like virus software protects against the corruption of your computer’s programs and data storage. After 6,000 years of the Zayin Age, Satan will be fired from that job on 2012, and his evil demonic helpers will be executed for their crimes against God and humanity. They will no longer be needed. Their end as well as the end of an evil generation of rebellious humanity will take place on 21 December 2015.

This scenario is from the Bible - not from a little uneducated girl in England massaged by a theologian. Notice the embedded cycles of the 7,000-year Hebrew cuckoo clock: the First Temple was destroyed in 588 BC, which is just 70 years from the center of human history at 518 BC. Then we see an identical second rail where the X-Y curves from 518 BC, years counting in the other direction to equal 588 years to end in the Second Temple destruction in AD 70. Counting back 70 years like we did previously [588-518] now matches Jesus’ birth date at 0 = (BC-AD), which is .457 on the exponential time chart and becomes the center of our time dimension from the perspective of the universe. But appearing on the negative parabola curve, check it out page 21 and notice two times 70 years from a fulcrum. The First Temple destruction reflects and overlays with the Heh dimension because 588 years the time curve ends in zero, But 588 years from the center of human history (518 BC) it ends again with a destruction of the second Temple in AD 70, again 70 years the second time around to signify the Daleth dimension from a dual rail perspective.

So the fulcrum of the time dimension like Einstein’s theorem where time is squared meaning it has two polarities one from the universe perspective the other from science our earth physics plane now differentiated in a elliptical universe circle having two radius centers combined give us an accurate calendar to measure prophecy which match like gears. Therefore, time can be known as it can be projected using physics like a stone falling in a pond accurately measure if you learned about physics, or business using past cycles to project future profits, or a cuckoo clock bird appearing exactly 12 o’clock. God design a plan that is 7,000 Hebrew year cycles long, and in it is a system to measure time. Discovering HANS imbedded in the Bible helped to decipher many mystery gold-bronze clocks in museums that has provided another witness to skeptical scientists and theologians. I hope we settled “no one knows the time” from another rail perspective.

Noah’s Flood “Apocalypse” and the Second Apocalypse

I never realized when Jesus said the Second Apocalypse shall be like Noah’s days that He meant it literally to a day by foretelling events of another asteroid, which was summarized by the last Apostle John in Revelation. I was surprised to discover that the Y-axis exposed a date, 21 December 2288 BC, that 46 days later is connected to an asteroid strike on 5 February 2287, which caused the worldwide Flood. However, this date recalculated on the ancient Aztec X-axis becomes a future projected asteroid strike on 17 September 2015. Comparing the two dates is like the two rails of the railroad that tie together the Aztec data with Hebrew clock cycles, married together like the Chinese Yin-Yang calendar. It reveals the beginning and the ending date of the Apocalypse by using an Aztec spin X-axis data.

  1. As seen from heaven the Heh dimension side, Satan, the Dragon (Revelation 12:9), is thrown out of heaven. This event ends the Mayan-Aztec Calendar (long count) on 21 December 2012, which is also collaborated in the Chinese zodiac.
  2. Satan, now mortal bound, will become a Serpent residing on earth in the Daleth Dimension for a short time. Then Satan the Serpent will be thrown down and bound in hell (the short Aztec count and lower Heh dimension) on 17 September 2015, which also follows the Chinese and Hebrew calendar. What a coincidence!

Recap of the 2.8 X-Axis Correlations

If we remember our bicycle wheel lessons and follow the time path of a tilt axis change of our earth to end with the horizontal “Y” axis merging with the Y-axis to achieve finally calendar stability. Overlaying the Y-axis from 2288 BC with the Jewish cycles all the way to our future time 2008 starting the Apocalypse, we notice 9 Hebrew 490-year cycles. It is like a hammock needing two supporting nails, equivalent two civilization ending within a timeframe measured between them of various calendars. You must read my book Mystery of Tammuz 17 to really understand this parallel overlay from the Hebrew viewpoint. The initial tilt axis change from the Flood 2288 BC was 59% changed and the remaining tilt of the earth expressed in the Rosetta Stone equation 7:5 in which 5/12 = 41%. Eyewitnesses gave us the years when the people in Genesis died before and after the flood of Noah and I use it to calculate and mark it as our first point 2.8 on the exponential curve of the Y-axis. [Figure A]

1.3 X-Axis

When I found the 1.3 position on the X-axis (Abraham-Moses time) I noticed that it is a Tammuz position in the spectrum of nine (9) Hebrew periods of 490 years (2288 BC - AD 2018) see my [Figure A] in Chapter 2 of the spin axis theory. We get this number when we calculate from Abraham-Moses mean average life cycle of how many diminishing X-axis spin cycles of the earth remains or what is the change of merging in the Y-axis around in Ezekiel time (1071 BC) Notice the 2:1:½:¼ spin-axis relationship on my graph [Figure A] why?

All I did was calculating the death ages of people in the Genesis account in the Bible to get those points on the graph and two incidences of unusual sun positions in Joshua and Hezekiah’s time. Tammuz in the Hebrew cycles always alerts us of a special relationship of a Hebrew clock system. The last of the five pyramids and palaces of Teotihuacan of Tepantitla build in Mexico City date from that time. Checking out the Teotihuacan palaces paintings with the Hebrew Rosetta Stone system unlocks the secrets of the palace painting that matches both the Chinese genesis story and the Hebrew Genesis account in the Bible as explained in previous chapters. Therefore, they seemed to connect with three cultures to have one common origin as explained earlier.

The palace painting in Teotihuacan of Tepantitla is a visual proof of the earliest religion of the Aztec predating the Moses record of the Hebrew Genesis account by a thousand years. There was no possibility to have copied its information. Seeing that Mexican schools teach that the Aztec came from China and an Australian scientist discovered traces from the Genesis account in the earliest Chinese history recorded we can than conclude that all three cultures seemed to have a one common origin along the Genesis account of the Bible. This of course is unknown to secular scholars typical of a monorail education system misled by evolutionary thinking.

The beginning of the Chinese history with 12 zodiac animal constellations of five animals aligned in a rang order of importance making a total 60 cycles correlate with the dates embedded in the Aztec calendar of 52 cycles like two different Fahrenheit-Celsius temperature scales which connect with the Hebrew Genesis account of 13 moon cycles which matches the three ancient cultures to have one common origin. They all come together in a common future date 2012.

Our journey was a number game connecting each gear cycle meshing precisely like a clock. This becomes the Hebrew World Cuckoo clock of 7,000 years range as the last chapter you should become familiar with, because it reflects your existence on earth the purpose of your birth and death like analogue to a butterfly cycle.

Aztec Long and Short Cycles Overlay

It is well known that Aztec calendar cycle ends at 2012 and inherent there are long and short period cycles. I view them like a dual railroad, which aligns in parallel. One rail can be a civil calendar and the other is the religious cycles that must be synchronized. This was the job of the priest to find the crossover dates to appease the 20 sun goods in the Aztec religion. The Aztec cycles are similar to the Jewish calendar, which also has civil period cycles and in parallel religious festivals that float according to ancient moon-cycles. Both must be brought in alignment by a chief rabbi. In addition, the different calendars (Jewish-Aztec) behave like our two temperatures Fahrenheit-Celsius scales we are familiar with.

This analogy of two-scale system of an outdoor thermometer comes together on one specific point minus 40 degree. The minus 40 point is zero for the Aztec clock that will end 2012. Subsequently comparing dissimilar timescales could question sometimes prophetic prediction of their accuracy but understanding clock gears would help to sort out confusions.

For example:

Recently, someone reading my book, Mystery of Tammuz 17, asked me whether the schedule of the Apocalypse 2008-2015 would change if the newly discovered Aztec spin-axis cycles before the Flood result in shorter “years” than the overlaying longer Hebrew cycles. Is the original dating wrong because your book uses corrected Gregorian years, which came into existence later? Does it make your predictions inaccurate and your two books published two years ago obsolete?

My answer: when we are looking at cycles that behave like gears in a clock, then either they mesh, or they do not. If they do not fit, we have a wrong prognosis or missed prophecy projection and you can throw away the future dating scheme in my books. It would just be a waste of time, and I would be forced to join the club of the ignorant monorail theologians.

Hebrew cycles projected before the Flood are analogous to pregnancy cycles starting with Waw and connect with Heh dimensions and therefore have no time elements to measure. So past calendar cycles are only projections to understand a clock design from God’s perspective. But they do connect with the Daleth dimension and there we have clocks.

My two-temperature scale example come together on one reference point minus 40˚ and therefore can make a model of a perfect calendar that is applicable for every century of a future calendar clock. Knowing the heavenly Heh caused cycles we can see the other scale as reflections in a mirror that is our Daleth side. Understanding that principle can give us confidence that our future calendar prognosis is correct.

Look at Daniel’s prophecy, where I discovered the Rosetta Stone ratio 7:5 meaning there is a mathematical relationship that God repeats cycles over and over, and they can come from different directions. The system was invented by God and is not my brain who conceived it, I only collected 12 mathematical proofs in my book as I stumped over them and realized that they where authentic as we only need two witnessed in a court of law to establish truth but here we have 12.

In my books, I describe a Hebrew pattern and through it appeared a date like gears of a clock must mesh. The overlay conformed to the Hebrew Alphabet Number System and viewing it from Daniel’s perspective, I considered it seven dimensions. The Apocalypse is better described in Revelation and therefore becomes the fifth dimension of the Rosetta Stone relationship. The main feature or the Grant Apocalypse of 7 years follows along the Aztec calendar 2012 matching the Hebrew cycles and the Chinese. This late report discovered on my vacation in Mexico City overlays perfectly with Revelation and is not in conflict with Aztec preFlood cycles.

My book does not go into detail why the Aztec calendar is ending in 2012 as I did not previously understand the scientist describing it. The theory is very convoluting to me but used some of their statements earlier on faith and connecting it in my previous published books. This report however is what I discovered never reported in any science literature I know of. But incredible it supports my book dating the Apocalypse from a totally different perspective. The Biblical Rosetta Stone discovery jumps off the page to tell me that my discovery fits like gears in a clock even if it looks like a paradox. Daniel as the seventh dimension gives me the beginning date 21 December 2008 for the Grand Apocalypse.

The secular scholars tell me that date 21 December 2012, which will end the Aztec calendar that falls exactly on the seventh cycle of the dated Apocalypse, the seventh period month in the Hebrew overlay – flawlessly matching with the Chinese calendar. But incredible the short spin Aztec axis theory pinpoints the 3½ year Mini Apocalypse, which is the hammer of God’s wrath, poured out. Like two different temperature scales come together in one point so we have here a shortened timescale before the Noah’s timeframe come together later with another calendar longer future time scale counting and merging at one point in the upcoming Second Asteroid impact prophesied.

It starts analogous to when Noah went into the boat and God closed the door and Noah’s family had to wait inside the boat and waited (Genesis 7:11) for awhile until the impact of the First Asteroid came on the second month 17 th day and than it rained 40 days as hell broke lose. Accordingly referring to Jesus sayings that the second Apocalypse will be like Noah’s days, meaning if the 21 December 2012 Aztec date coincides with the very first day of the seventh Hebrew period with the removal of Satan from heaven to appear on earth [long count Aztec cycles] and also coming from the Hebrew source, than counting from the second month period like in Noah’s days (30+17) 47 days later overlays with the Mini-Apocalypse of 3½ years coming from the short Aztec source. It starts the big hammer of God’s wrath and becomes the [short count] we questioned earlier, coinciding with the Chinese Dragon 2012 year becoming the Serpent year 2013 calculated from existing clock cycles to be the 5 February 2013.

To explain it again applying Daniel’s prophesy with the short count cycles of Aztec spin-axis cycle years I found out the following: In the Hebrew cycles analysis we arrived at the future Apocalypse date by adding two times the 1,715 (Aztec 33x52) year cycle and over the detour 17 Tammuz 2018 (30 June Gregorian date) to arrive at the beginning date of the Apocalypse 21 December 2008. Now if we calculated it the same method but use the paradoxical shortened version of Aztec spin axis consideration, than we exchange the previous first cycle of 1,715 years before the flood which gets shorter to 245 years (1,715/7 = 245) through a spin axes conversion.

Now we recalculate the same way like my book explains, we add 245 years from before the Flood and add together the 1,715 years after the Flood we get (1,715+245) = 1,960 years which according to scripture can be convert to days, which therefore becomes 1960 days. Counting back the same way previously from 17 Tammuz 2018 to arrive at 2008, now with the short spin Aztec version we hit a date February 2013 corresponding to the eight cycle of the Apocalypse which analogue coincides with the second month 17th day Noah’s ark date counting similar a few weeks away from the Hebrew seventh period first day 21 December 2012.

The eighth cycle of the Apocalypse indicated on the cuckoo clock overlay Cheth means a new beginning of intensity analogue like rain in Noah’s days or in the 7-year diagram falling on the number 8 Cheth Hebrew cycles. The Hebrew letter Chet (8) signifies a new beginning in a fenced in environment; whereas from Daniel’s prophesied perspective the Mini-Apocalypse also starts out with (8) identical different Bible verses all with the same date validating 8 times the exact day periods like 1,260, 42 month, time, times and half a time, all meaning the same clock cycles. Check it out in my books on the Internet.

The Flood came on the 17th day of the second month mentioned two times (Genesis 8:4) and here we have in the short count Aztec spin theory (second railroad analogy like two temperature scales) an exact overlay verification of the Apocalypse as a second witness. What seems like a paradox 1,715 years counting gets us to 2008 and shorter 1,470 cycle years (1,715-245 = 1,470) gets us further down in history from 2008 to the beginning of 2013 the Chinese year of the Serpent? Sounds illogically like a paradox, shorter cycles give us longer dates?

Clock cycles which match can be checked out backwards or forwards, it does not mater from which viewpoints we are looking, but our perception in another matter when confronted with a paradox. Only mathematics can explain paradoxes as gears in a clock must fit to tell time. Can’t have it any better to make sure that those predictions of a future Apocalypse dated 2008-2015 will happen; just as second witness from the Aztec calendar establishes truth. Theologian, atheistic scholars and politicians will be very surprised when that date arrives because they have forgotten to think logical blinded by an education system which has thrown out an ancient book telling them that they are sinners with moral choices to make in need of a savior. There is no other way to survive the Apocalypse but receive eternal Life Jesus promised which therefore does not matter which way we die.

9 Cycles of Jesus’ Genealogy

Numbers in the Hebrew Alphabet Number system have imbedded special meanings. If you checkout the Hebrew Alphabet table of the other Babushka books, the number nine (9) means “New Life.” Most calendar references connect the number nine with Jesus. Perhaps this correlation demonstrates the hope of the resurrection to eternal life. Even during the apocalypse our view is directed Jesus standing beside a throne in heaven in the ninth cycle. Remember that Revelation must first be aligned with the HANS to rearrange the mixed-up chronological order. Overlaying the Hebrew number meanings with Bible verses or scripture stories reveals another layer of meaning like mathematics revealing relationships from spectral lines in the seven rainbow colors of light. Invisible cycles appear like clock cycles conforming to historic calendar sequences exposing false doctrines or revelation out of order. So when numbers appear I usually check it out and see if they are related. It is fun for me like a desert after a good meal not necessary but leads to a better overall respect for God’s word to humanity.

This book primarily talks about an Aztec axis overlaying and starting with the flood time 2288 BC having (9) nine Hebrew cycles to the end of the Second Civilization 2015. Then I noticed another (9) nine cycles in the genealogy of Jesus connected with the same date.

But here it is connected with the prophesied resurrection of Jesus Christ coinciding with the resurrection of the saint? Why are 9 Hebrew cycles imbedded and connect to an Aztec cycles in two totally different counting systems? Why does the Aztec religion say that the world ends AD 2012 with a serpent (Satan) coming down from heaven to earth and is combined with Johns Hebrew Revelation to connect with another asteroid destruction. And “Why” is the Aztec calendar X-axis terminated 518 BC, which became my 7,000-year center of a Hebrew calendar of the plan for humanity from God’s perspective with dates, and the Y-axis terminated like a short count in 2012 in the Aztec tradition?

Both Hebrew and Aztec calendar dates tell that Satan is thrown out of heaven to earth in the middle of the Apocalypse 21 December 2012. Three years later after the Second Asteroid impact, Satan is again cast out but this time from earth into the abyss with chains of iron [before 17 September 2015]. Reading my 2 nd book already published will answer these question more clearly documented.

In my books, I use an analogy of a railroad with two rails 14 stations similar to an Aztec calendar of vertical 2x7 = 14 stone skulls that I had no idea it existed. Why does it overlay with a preexisting dual X-Y axes of our earth as my theory explains and connect like railroad station numbers analogue seeing pictures of 14 stone skulls lined up to 120 in a pile in the outdoor museum in Mexico City? So in parallel I noticed that the genealogy of Jesus in Matthew 1:17 is given in 3 groups of 14 generation of an Aztec counting system?

If we divide them into 7 like a previous spin axis, we have a number 6x7 = 42. Added from Abraham to the flood asteroid impact 2287 BC we have 10 more generation that makes a total 52 generation, a full Aztec year cycle equal to 9 Hebrew cycles of 490 years ending with an asteroid? Why do we find Aztec cycles in the temple records Matthew copied? If we add another 2x7 = 14 generations from Abraham, we get to Enoch the 7th generation from Adam and Eve who did not die but was resurrected direct into heaven forecasting a resurrection, and one more 7 generation to total 63 generations coinciding with 4004 BC [3x14+2x14+7 = 63] which is divisible by 7 to become again another “9” equal generations cycles of “7” from God [Father] 4068 BC to God [Son] BC/AD (0) in Bethlehem?

God visiting Adam represents the first generation in the genealogy of Jesus Christ, and God born in the flesh in Bethlehem the last, but one generation is missing to be recognized as a timing gear 64 in prophecy? Since we have here the genealogy of Jesus Christ we are missing one generation to make 63+1 = 64 a prophetic gear. Genealogy always ends with “he begat” and than the child born is the next generation. But Jesus had children and begat too?

The eternal invisible God now visible in human form as expressed in Jesus Christ, visiting the Garden of Eden in the fleshly Daleth dimension of our natural world, than introduces the redeemed “saints” as the last generation to make complete the clock cycle of 64, which are the resurrected sons of the God-Jesus as the next missing generation because they are not born yet. They will be born in partial First Resurrection after 17 September 2015 or thereafter according to Daniel’s 1,335 days’ prophecy and imbedded in Hebrew Alphabet Number System and is verified by an Aztec calendar to be the second witness. These are the son[s] (generation) Jesus begat overlaid with clocks gears like the Antikythera clock starts with a 64 gear and we have the same 64 gears in the Chinese and Hebrew calendar cycles.

The saints [generation] represent the golden Apex of a pyramid which gives purpose to the Plan for Humanity I describe in my first book as they are markers for our time dimension; check it out on the Internet or bookstores. Jesus resurrected son(s) equals one plus 63 generations = 64 which is a familiar connecting gear of many clocks like the 7,000-year world cuckoo clock and also found in the Greek mystery Antikythera clock gear cycles and Chinese clock dials described in the chapter and Daniel’s 7,000-year cycle!

Even to understand the biblical concept “saints” is expressed in the oldest Bible oracles most people on this globe have heard about. It is articulated with the shortest sentence that will include everything what was written and condensed from ten thousand words of text in the Bible. All we have to do just open any Bible and look up two verses.

The very first three words in Genesis is stated! “In the beginning created God,” which starts with the letter “Beth” both for “beginning” and “create.” Then the very last two words of the Bible in Revelation are “the saints.” Put them together, and the result is: “In the beginning God created the saints,” which is the golden pyramid apex of God’s purpose for the creation. To uncover who the saints are - the 64 th generation with nine (Teth) cycles Hebrew overlay - was my greatest discovery, and it took 1,000 Bible verses to explain it in my first book, Apocalypse Prophesied, God’s Plan for Humanity. The letter “Beth” means “God’s house” on our earth and ends with His people in the “Jod” dimension to live in love and righteousness forever in a newly announced future heaven-earth house universe as revealed in Revelation! To sum it up what we did as we are looking on the Hebrew (7,000-year) table we will notice that previously God the Creator shrouded in Jesus Christ appeared on earth [BC/AD] on the 9th cycle, which connects with Adam in 4068 BC.

What an unimaginable architectural plan is presented in the Bible and only a few are chosen will know about it. Reading my story “you” may have been chosen out of billions of other people surrounding you, what a privilege God gave us for those who have an ear to hear and eyes like Ayin to see.

The 9th Cycle - an Aztec Overlay

When we count from the First Asteroid impact (5 February 2287 BC) which destroyed the First Civilization and continue toward the end of the prophesied Apocalypse 21 December 2008-2015 the end of the Second Civilization as announced by John in Revelation, I noticed nine (9) Hebrew cycle [490 years] overlays (Figure A, Chapter 3).

I want to emphasis one more observation. In my published books, I developed a 7,000-Year Table of Human History with 12 Hebrew cycles imbedded in 14 stations like the Aztec also have 14 in their calendar system. Jesus birth was God’s first coming in flesh to earth located on the 9 th cycle (BC/AD = 0) in a series of the 12 cycles of 490 years [7,000-Year Table of Human History]. The number 9 means in Hebrew Teth = New Life. From Noah’s Flood 2288 BC to the end of the Apocalypse 2015 projected it also ends in the ninth (9th) of 490 year Hebrew cycles and Revelation the last book of the Bible clearly says that Jesus will coming again in His resurrected Jod-Spirit body our mind cannot comprehend but will appear on earth again at that time as we have recorded a second resurrection the saints?

Why 9 cycles again but now coming from a very different perspective from the Aztec calendar? And why does the same Rosetta Stone ratio 7:5 apply to both the Hebrew and Aztec calendar system too with the 9th cycle system, like parallel railroads?

Looking closer another point can be made when we observe the coming apocalypse has announced with fixed dates to an exact day, which gets a lot of ignorant Christians upset as they rather accept popular false doctrines postulated from a little girl 150 years ago. But overlaying 9 cycles coming from Noah-Aztec direction is not fixed exactly by a day, a little open ended forecasting a resurrection of the saints date, but still the 9th period reaching into the 1,000-year period?

We must see it from a dual rail perspective as we deal with the Heh dimension [heaven/spirit] and the Daleth dimension [this world in this time] the one is infinite no time units the other is finite and has days, years and clock cycles very definable. Christians are not familiar with that system and take a rigid position “nobody knows the time’ their famous escape. But understanding the Hebrew Alphabet Number System teaches us that one-rail highlights a mystery and emphasis that nobody could foretell the coming of the Lord of lords to an exact hour which is connected with the First Resurrection of the saints starting in the Heh dimension not having clocks there, but on the other rail it is quite clear there exist clock gears which lets the cuckoo appear exactly at 12 o’clock in our time dimension–Daleth where clocks exist.

Looking at both rails, we can understand a paradox. On one hand we have the sole prerogative of the King of King to announce His own hour to come to earth in a clockless-timeless dimension; however, it gives information about clock cycles for the wise in Daniel 12. The apocalypse is analogous to the pregnancy cycle prophesying the immortal birth of the saints following with the discarding of the placenta that represents Satan and evil in this world. Jesus tells us to watch the signs. He did so knowing that very few will understand God’s clock and prophetic indicators indicating when the Heh dimension will cross over to the Daleth dimension announcing the birth of the Kingdom of God.

I refer to the Heh and Daleth dimension, which are in a paradoxical relationship that science cannot define. The coming of the Lord in cosmic splendor cannot be predicted by looking at only one rail of a two-rail system, as the other rail extends into the time dimension for another thousand years as the 9th cycle connects with the Second Resurrection gear cycle. The Second Resurrection will include all remaining human beings ever lived on earth appointed to stand before a White Throne on the Last Day of the Time Daleth Dimension, Daleth meaning in Hebrew “this world in this time” [AD 3018] following the trail of a clock system. I hope you understood the Heh-Daleth analogy.

Overlaying my mathematical dating deciphering ancient mystery clocks collecting dust in museums as no one knows its purpose but now match with ancient calendars explaining a different X-Y spin-axis of the earth, therefore it is a trustworthy theory and not in conflict with any Bible verses. Many ignorant Christians are upset when they notice a date 2008-2012 announced as it conflicts with their opinions but must come to terms what the Bibles says as quoted by thousand Bible verses which reveals a “Plan of God for Humanity” never preached in church.

The Aztec prophesied that their calendar would end 21 December 2012 is one more proof that God imbedded in these Aztec calendars knowledge which cannot be somebody’s imagination to convince gullible Christians of their shaky escape belief. The overlay of Hebrew Alphabet ideas based on the Bible and connecting with Aztec and Chinese culture is absolutely astounding since the country of origin are separated by a wide ocean divided by thousands of years belonging to the bronze time as the greatest book ever written “The Bible” confronts us all to find answers applicable to our life.

Let’s review some more numbers and look into mathematical relationships to understand the invisible Heh dimension and connect it with our Daleth dimension mind for an expanded Bible vision.

A 69-Week Daniel Parallel

There is another parallel in Daniel’s prophecy of 69 weeks announcing the Messiah knowledgeable Christians will appreciate; the Aztec calendar too has a 69 week-day’s cycle imbedded in their calendar where the “Anointed 0ne” is cut off after the 69th week cycle Christian scholars are familiar with. Genesis says that Noah’s Apocalypse started on the 17th day of the second month. One month Gregorian calendar, we assume to be 30 days long, but could be interpreted to overlay with an Aztec monthly cycles too. One-month cycle in the Aztec calendar is 52 Gregorian days. When we add literally 17 Gregorian days to 52 days we get 69 week/day Aztec cycles which coincide with the Hebrew revelation according to Daniel.

This correlation is confirmed in Bible records that an Anointed one will be cut off. In the Hebrew one rail version it applies to Jesus Christ, but the other rail applies to the Aztec overlay were we notice and deal with a serpent calendar and must apply it to Satan who is also an anointed one from the predawn history of the Heh dimension. Consequently, two rails again apply and give us information about the plan for humanity from a two-rail perspective.

If we look at one rail only, it becomes the opinion of a monorail theologian or monorail scientist, meaning a monorail is not good balanced system to judge future events to come. To understand extraterrestrial information we must apply both rails or remain ignorant on many controversial subjects leaving it to chance, causing many false doctrines.

Like in business if we understand and use future projections we are in a much better shape to become successful. Knowing about a coming Apocalypse, I would leave New York and not depend on flipping a coin 50:50 over my projection in evaluating what is my chance of survival. Or if I had a lot of money in a New York bank, I might consider that the Bible’s history and prophecy cycles might be right.

Being prepared is much better rather argue about finding fault with a theory if ones life is at stake. Unconventional truth presented could be right, but an uncertain element exist since nobody lived in Noah’s time to checkout the exact calendar and must therefore depend what little was written for us from eyewitnesses of the Bible and must consequently lean on mathematical comparing gears with logic and common sense.

A Chinese Correlation

The beginning of the Chinese history and the Chinese zodiac of 60 cycles are based on a different counting system. But they correlate with the dates embedded in the Aztec calendar and connect with the Hebrew Genesis account and furthermore match with other ancient different calendar clocks we have found out, to have one common origin.

When I came across ancient Chinese discovery as written in a Technical Journal I was immensely impressed. When you understand the Hebrew Alphabet Number System and now the Aztec calendar theories together with the wall pictures on the Mexican palaces from Aztec times we can only come to conclude a common origin which the Bible very clearly records for us. It is so obviously written that I am dumfounded why so many called intelligent scientist reject it. And why are they bent on throwing out a Bible used for 200 years in American schools and government and expunge it now from our schools and public consciousness. This unrealistic hatred for the Bible must have another reason not connected with science and is a sure indicator of a coming Apocalypse where an evil, rebellious godless generation now living on this earth must be discarded like a placenta is destroyed as useless and dead.

Becoming familiar with genetic science, gave me the reason why the Apocalypse must come in the next few years to save God’s original creation of our earth from total biological destruction, as Frankenstein scientists are presently laying the groundwork for a future human and animal extinction on a massive scale surpassing the destructive power of hundred atomic bombs.

If God would for some reason delay his timetable even 10 years, Satan could announce that He won the conflict against God. He managed to screw up God’s creation by a colossal genetic mixing and matching genes to make most food harmful. That would lead to the future extinction of humanity with God unable to prevent it and so become inferior to Satan. Check the news, and ask yourself why the honeybees are unexplainably dying off in huge numbers. This is an early sign of the pale-green rider’s appearance mentioned in Revelation 6. That would prove God is no longer in absolute control and can degenerate into failure like His creatures and the earth He designed. It would indicate defeat. A debased humanity will therefore become a perverted Frankenstein victim of His own technologies, which is analogous to a computer taking over control of the world as some horror movies already made prepare us psychologically for Satan’s victory march.

That scenario will be played out in the dates I discovered in the clock cycles of the five mystery clocks presented in this book. There are many more waiting to be deciphered. In examining the 5,000-year old Chinese calendar, which came from the same ancient source as the Aztec calendar, we can become educated in another aspect of measuring time by using star constellations. Constellations seem to be fixed and appear to move in cycles as the earth rotates and goes around the sun. They have 5 times 12 cycles, which reflect our Gregorian cycles. In the Chinese calendar, there are five versions for each of the 12 zodiac constellations. For example, I write about some of the five dragons with different characteristics in my books. The water dragon dominates 2012. Water in the Hebrew is the #40 - Mem and indicates or time dimension with purpose.

So when we cross-reference it with the other rail of the Hebrew number system then all the Chinese symbolism makes a lot sense. That they align with the Hebrew prophetic time table and other clocks around the world in museums as now discovered in an Aztec spin axis calendar theory, is a coincidence I cannot just discard as inconsequential. Any serious minded individual has an opportunity to evaluate and apply it to life and check its validity. After the Chinese dragon year 2012, comes the serpent year 2013 as the Aztec calendar indicates and the Hebrew describes the event. Put together reveals a dual rail concept for the history of humanity enfolding.

Spin-Axes’ Relationship to the Hebrew Rosetta Stone

I noticed that the Hebrew Rosetta Stone ratio 7 + 5 = 12; (5/12) =.41666% is the same as the Aztec calendar spin axis of the 2 nd pyramid in Mexico City outdoor museum approximately build (1409 BC).

When I discovered a spin-axis relationship, it immediately recalled for me the Hebrew System I just learned about three years ago. This discovery trail seems to reveal more and more interrelated events cross-cultural without boarders, truly encompassing what all of the human race was once united. This common origin comes together in one unifying concept that seems to align history more accurately as it is portrait in our evolution theory biased society. Mysteries exposed in many TV programs seems to come together when we apply common sense, a little math and have an open mindset to learn new things. The five unfinished Aztec pyramids on top of each other in the heart of Mexico city teaches me that calendar changes were very expensive to the ancient people as they degenerated from a monotheism believe system to end up serving 20 gods, which must be served by human sacrifices to be alleged beneficial to mortals.

If we connect it with the Hebrew-Chinese religion then we get a good picture of what man was like 4,000 years ago. Going any further back in time only the Bible ultimately ends with mans beginning. This story is more sensible than the pipe dream of scientist came up with like a recent questionable De Vince code lacking any scientific or biblical foundation as they are only built on speculation which cannot be proven but makes a lot of money therefore it must be right. Fulfilled prophecy on the other hand is factual as we can evaluate it throughout history. Prophecy is another science dimension our scientists are not familiar with. Mathematics can make invisible laws to be demonstrated not conforming to our five natural senses.

The Bible was written by 40 people, and they mostly write about foretelling future time to warn Israel why God is angered at them and sends calamities to wake them up as they have a contract with God in violation. So historically we look back and notice that they where always 100 percent right. So the Bible becomes a much more trusted piece of literature and only spiritual dead people will never understand its basis.

When we apply logic, a rare commodity in our time, we can deduct from invisible prophetic laws that the 5% of outstanding prophecy not yet been fulfilled could also be fulfilled as God remains absolute and will not let Satan rejoice and announce victory. Therefore Prophecy is as concrete as 1+4 = 5 a neat Hebrew hand rule to understand prophecy. So my theory will either be received as possible conforming to clock cycles discovered, as others will reject it because they concluded that a higher intelligence being does not exist as man-mortals are the “God” now appearing on the evolution scale. Since everything must have a beginning like a big bang, this Humanoid God evolved accidentally combining with some preexisting nuclear acid prototype, something indefinably amalgamated into life we cannot explain with the tables of nature and its laws.

To accept that notion of a God as a Creator of all things outside our closed environment would require a total rewire of once self and a total rewrite of all what we teach in our universities. That is precisely what the Bible proclaims as Jesus said he is the one coming from the other side and the only door one must enter to receive eternal life with purpose knowledge not found in the world bibliotheca. Historically many libraries were burned down like a Roman general in Alexandria that lost a million of hand written ancient manuscripts and much proof what the Bible claims. I made my choice to believe what God since then revealed in the collected writings of the Bible, rather believe blind man leading the blind and never regretted my choice.

When did God Start Life on Earth? 4488 BC

Understanding a little more about an Aztec calendar, I realized that 52,000-year long cycles published and assumed by secular science postulating actual year cycles is mistranslated by evolution scientist always looking for long ages.

The newly discovered tilt axis theory makes these cycles seven times shorter, which come into range of recorded human history. Cross checking my statement from another rail perspective we have proof from science. When we take six and a half billion human population and program a computer with the growth curve humanity expanding [2.3 times mean average] abnormal war and decease cycles included we can calculate it backwards to Adam and Eve timeframe. The computer calculator stopped at about 8,000 Gregorian years. That is very close to my 7,000-year table of human history, printed three years ago in my books.

The Bible clock cycles come up with 6,000 years and we can now calculate it much closer having more facts brought into the equation. Evolution science on the other hand is very speculative as carbon dating no longer works since 1940s atomic bomb radiation makes that method totally useless and others isotopes are on the same line grossly inaccurate. No wonder when we start from a false database the conclusion arrived will be in error and we are stuck in a theory that does not make sense.

Using facts available from a two-rail perspective, which make more sense logically we can now postulate some dates when creation of our world started. Biblical events in history connected with facts from geology that mathematically projects a date to be 4488 BC. Then clock gears mesh with beginning of humanity 4068 BC and a date of the first Apocalypse 21 December 2288 BC. Reading the Genesis account, we arrive at Noah’s asteroid event hitting the earth in 2287 BC, which is coinciding with a future soon coming second asteroid Apocalypse 17 September 2015 prophesied in ancient records. And on top is announced a third prophesied asteroid in 3018 terminating our solar system.

Coming up with clock gears sequence which mesh to a day will not make me very popular in scientific and Christian circles and probably would deliver me speedily to the inquisition like Galileo experienced to recant as it upsets some monorail theologian, scientist and politician alike, entrenched in less controversial believe system mostly based on opinions. Pleading that I am a clockmaker and clock gears do project a cuckoo bird at 12 o’clock and that gears work to tell time, to no avail.

The controlling priesthood of the 21st century tolerates only an atheistic religion in a public forum equally alongside countless mainstream theologians only accepting a little girls dream popularized in England story summarized in the “Left Behind” series books. Both sides are entrenched in rejecting new Biblical revelations announcing a coming apocalypse pointed out by embedded clock calendar dates from ancient times. It is difficult to accept for educated scientist believing in a frog could turn into a prince evolution theory, which must be recited many times, like a beat-prayer chain repeatedly to brainwashing ones mind by repetition. It still does not work yet as American schools even now must use police power to enforce an evolution theory. It is hoped that eventually by now everyone would have forgotten that it was only a theory and will like so many cults accept what the scientific atheistic priesthood is printing in schoolbooks.

Now in the middle of controversies, a new spin-axis hypothesis shows up deciphering ancient clocks raising more questions.

Most people will not read my previous books because it has a date on the front cover people and are scared to hear about, announcing the Apocalypse that is too confrontational upsetting ones lifestyle. Other religious books are best sellers like Left Behind series promising a departure for the saints before the destructive event, which does not upset ones inner peace with the assurance that judgment was meant for the other people left behind. However writing about calendar dating information as a former scientist presenting an XYZ theory with logic based on ancient Bible prophecy and overlaying it with the Aztec calendar clock cycles may be difficult to accept for some monorail theologian or scientists believing in obsolete theories that could channel present opinions into another viewpoint.

To me both religious concepts and unproven science is pure speculations if we not considered the other rail for balance to prove any unknown thesis. A new spin axis theory postulated and tells of our civilization sudden demise should therefore be examined from two perspectives, one from science and the other from the extraterrestrial–spiritual side of our being. The newly discovered spin axis theory does connect with unknown mystery calculator clocks as science have found no answers yet and relating it with Bible prophecies the other rail will stretch anybodies imagination. I hope it will not create resentments shutting down once own mind because some data is referenced from the Bible or views expressed counter a university believe system.

The X-spin axis tells us that 52 days is one Aztec year cycle, which can be connected to 52,000 Aztec cycles for one cosmic cycle. To express it in our familiar calendar years we must divide it into preFlood X-spin conversion factor of 7.02384461 axis cycles that is equivalent 7,406 Gregorian years long (52,000x1.0145/7.028 = 7,506).

From the Biblical-Hebrew perspective, we must realize and the Aztec culture verifies it, that the Aztec clock looks at creation from the serpent viewpoint. The serpent is identified as Satan who was formally an anointed one who rebelled against the established order. The other anointed person in the Hebrew/Christian religion is the Messiah recognized as Jesus Christ. Both are written about in Daniel’s prophecy as “Anointed One cut off” in connection with a 69-week time cycle which happened in AD 33 when Jesus was crucified.

Daniel’s second overlay of another 69 weeks cycle also prophesies another “Anointed One” to end in AD 3018 (time x times and ½ time = 3,500 years) at the end of this world which therefore becomes Satan who will be thrown in the fiery lake after thousand years, to dissolve with all the elements which cannot exist when the Daleth dimensions ends expressed with Taw=400 like a black hole even science tells about.

When visiting the Pyramid in Mexico the tourist leader pointed out on the bottom of the pyramid a huge stone head with an image of a serpent head with his explanation that once a year the sun projects a shadow of zigzag line from the top down to the stone head shining through the edges of descending steps symbolizing a serpent coming from heaven 21 December 2012 according to Aztec religion. This means that the 52,000 Aztec cycles either comes to an end in AD 2012 or in 3018 according to Daniel and Aztec calendar overlaid. Let’s find out what the mystery clocks tell? From the Hebrew perspective, I have established that the plan of God for Humanity was to be 7,000 Hebrew year clock cycles, which is corrected to 7,086 Gregorian years as noted in my previous book on the Internet, Mystery of Tammuz 17.

The Hebrew clock must be adjusted to Gregorian calendar because of the original preFlood 360-day to our 365.24-day count by a 1.0145 correction factor. This preFlood adjustment calculates when Adam and Eve were created in the Garden of Eden 4068 BC, which previously was called the Hebrew Waw age’s cycle (meaning “connect”).

The Bible states that the rebellion of Satan was before the creation of humanity and therefore we can place that date now 4488 BC. This can be simply calculated by 52,000 Aztec cycles converted into 7,506 Gregorian years subtracted from the total Hebrew Gregorian years 7,086-year cycle for humanity we get 420 years difference (7,506-7,086 = 420). When we add 420 years (4,068+420 = 4488 BC) to 4068 BC, we get 4488 BC the beginning of Genesis from the Aztec calendar, the oldest clock system known.

After Satan’s fall from grace, Genesis records seven creation cycle days (Christians please note.) coming from the Aztec calendar cycles now converted to Gregorian calendar years. Consequently, following the creation six (6) day cycles mentioned in the Bible, which stretch over 420 Gregorian years, it now connects and ends with a 52,000 Aztec cycle system along with the Hebrew story in Genesis even ancient Chinese tell of early humanity, when God decided to create the saints after the fall of Satan.

This new calculated time would explain the fall of Satan in 4488 BC and God rectifying a problem He had by creating new beings in a two-phase system analogue like my butterfly story. In the first caterpillar stage, man must be tested to learn about evil to hate it, making a future rebellion impossible for those who learned the lessons and belong to God. Any mistakes made can be corrected in the Daleth dimension that is the caterpillar cycle and that evil experience adds to an immune system used after the resurrection.

After the cocoon stage a butterfly emerges totally different with wings to fly unending light miles in the universe analogue a total remake, to wholly emerge as a new creation called the resurrected saints who can recognize evil as humanity was previously inoculated with a good doses of evil during his caterpillar life cycle (the new cycle called Jod), so that there will never be a future rebellion in God’s presence. The saints having experienced evil and learned the lessons from the best teacher to teach evil God assigned for that purpose, which is Satan and his demonic bunch will then prevent future rebellion and imbedded in us the horrible consequence of sin, provided you chose and have received eternal life from Jesus.

In that future life meant for the saints, God will never be dishonored again. The plan called out a preparation cycle for our world to be analogue a caterpillar cycle which the Hebrew call Daleth dimension, to have it filled with billions of life forms, oceans and mountains, and I postulate it took 484 Gregorian equivalent year cycle (4488-4004 = 484) to do the job for creation and have enough time elapsed to cover the earth with vegetation and animals. When we count from the newly found creation date of our earth 4488 BC to the expulsion of man from the Garden of Eden 4004 BC, it will start the school lessons for Adam’s race to learn about good and evil.

The Hebrew clock calls it the Zayin Age as explained in another chapter. School time will be over for a final test as some of the saints will have to go through the Apocalypse to separate the dross from the pure gold to end with our civilization in 2015, when the saints are born in the Jod-Heh dimension as stated in Revelation the last book of the Bible.

All calendar clocks indicate 2012 the fulcrum of the Apocalypse, which aligns with the Revelation stating that there is war in heaven, and Satan is ejected to earth, just like the Aztec calendar indicates an end of their serpent calendar 21 December 2012 also coming from heaven.

This major discovery will take time to digest against the grain of popular religious interpretation either in Christian Biblical interpretation, and I am sure it will upset the science priesthood, which controls the universities. Nevertheless, God, who created me and you, does not need billion years to build his house (Beth) in the Daleth dimension and I suggest that you should become familiar with God’s plan for humanity reading just a simple book telling about clock cycles which must mesh exactly to one day as I wrote about it free on the Internet.

The Strange Aztec 52,000 “Year” Cycle

Do 52,000 Aztec cycles connect with the Hebrew calendar for humanity of 7,000 cycles? I hope you followed my math without having first read my Hebrew Alphabet Number System explained in my second book, Mystery of Tammuz 17 you can read on the Internet at

Hebrew clock cycle gears must fit to a day. They cannot have even a fraction of one tooth left over or being short. The clock system does not work and should be rejected if it does not fit to one day in thousand years. There is no room for rubber dates to make someone’s pet theory fit. When we overlay clock cycles from other cultures, we expect to find transfer gears, as every clockmaker knows, to connect from one clock to another. Our kitchen clock has two pointers with a 12-hour dial; therefore, it is really two clocks connected - one for the big hand and one for the small hand.

Previously we examined the Antikythera clock mechanism from Greece. It showed a 64-tooth transfer gear among the 32 gears identified. Scientists have not yet figured out its purpose of connecting one internal clock with another. Seeing the same 64-tooth gear in other cultural clock systems found elsewhere in the world gives me confidence in my hypothesis because they all function according to the same 365.24 days in a Z-axis. Therefore, when we see cycles fitting to a day over a range of many thousands of years, we can trust that they are valid.

The architectural plan for humanity described in the Bible can be expressed in mathematical gear cycles that apply to all cultures. The correlations are aided by the Biblical Rosetta Stone discovered in Daniel’s prophecies. This gives us a way to decipher and crosscheck other clocks for accuracy. As a young man, I learned the clock making trade in Germany that has become in so handy in understanding Hebrew clock cycles, which looked like embedded number gears. Mathematics is a wonderful tool to express a theory such as my spin-axis hypothesis outlined in Chapter 2. Understanding something about cycles let us look with a different perspective to find parallels in geology, history and science such as analyzing how the sky’s zodiac constellations looked at different times over thousands of years.

Coming back from Mexico where I studied the Aztec culture, I discovered the same, familiar clock gears, which actually made a lot of sense. God is the greatest architect, and he planned something to satisfy our intellectual curiosity about how it all began. The Aztecs painted the creation story on palace walls that you can check out for yourself. You do not need a scholar to tell you what you see - just a little Bible reading in Genesis helps.

So comparing clocks from around the world is no different, provided we do not violate and assume a rubber calendar, as theologians are famous for doing with the Bible. There are so many parallels from other cultures that I must insert somewhere in my text without a chronological trail. Therefore, if you do not understand what I am trying to convey in some place, then just keep reading, as understanding will come a little later when you have covered some more information on other clocks.

The scientist tells me that the Aztec calendar has 52,000-year cycles. I do not know where they got that information. Checking it out on the Internet, I can only find a reference from a Spanish friar in the 1500s, but if I use it in connection with a spin-axis theory, it becomes very interesting. I hope you can follow my trail, as it will cross over into the history and beliefs of the Christian religion.

If we divide the Aztec seven-spin axis into 52,000 cycles, we get 7,506 Gregorian years as measured by our modern calendar system. To express it in terms familiar to us, we must divide a pre-Flood X-spin conversion factor of 7.02384461 axis cycles to yield the equivalent 7,506 Gregorian years. (52,000x1.0145/7.028 = 7,506).

The Hebrew Plan for Humanity cycle of history and prophecy is 7,000 cycles, which translates into 7,086 Gregorian Years. When we deduct those cycles from the Aztec calendar, we get a difference of 420 years (7,506-7,086 = 420). If you check out the 7,000 Hebrew cycles, you will find a 4004 BC date, which is when Adam and Eve were kicked out of the Garden of Eden.

From 4004 BC, go back another 64 gear years (Remember, I just wrote to watch for 64-tooth gears from other cultures that would validate different calendars.) to arrive at 4068 BC, which could be construed as the year that Adam was formed. Now we get another date, which is further down in history by 420 years and coming from the Aztec culture clock. Added together with the fraction rounded off is 4488 BC.

By applying the Hebrew Alphabet Number System, we see it with Hebrew eyes (aynayim) and notice ending calendar dates with a number 8 that tells me I got it correct. That date 4488 BC could be thought of as the beginning of our earthly history as it coincides with the rebellion of Satan. Before the birth of Adam, God removed Satan from high office and immediately set his plan in motion for a new creature, humans, to replace the angelic government of the universe with the perfected human saints. You can learn about the saints and how to qualify to be one in the Bible. It is also summarized in my first book. God needs to fill the vacancies made when Satan and his demon companions were expelled from the divine government.

Now we need to tie in the historical missing link as it must match the Hebrew clock cycles revealed in the Bible that came from God. Genesis reports that God created and prepared this earth with seven (7) cycles. Christian theologians concluded that God created the world in exactly seven 24-hour days, which upsets the evolutionists. The Bible does say “days” in the original Hebrew text, but the Hebrew “yom” means evening-morning or dark-light cycles. Both theologians and evolutionists expound wrong theologies built on wild speculation, one with a “gap” fairy tale as taught in many churches, and the other a humanistic fairy tale to fit an evolutionary hypothesis with huge rubber bands in a “billions of years” theory. Neither one fits historic clock cycles.

God gave us the Bible. In it is buried information we can dig out if one knows where to look. We now have a starting date that must fit the 4004 BC garden expulsion date, or we must otherwise reject the clock cycle if it does not match to a day. Let’s find out how the Aztec clock cycles could fit from a clockmaker’s perspective within a Hebrew calendar. You will be the judge whether it makes sense. Do not forget to check out witnesses to collaborate truth found in other areas.

From 4488 BC to 4004 BC we find 484 years difference or 4488-4004 = 484. This to me is a Taw or last Hebrew letter. Its meaning encompasses an entire time dimension I call Daleth. The Hebrew Alphabet Number System expresses with first letter of Adam-Eve=humanity formula as 1-4-40-400, beginning with God as number (1) one [Aleph] and ending with [Taw] 400 the very end of time as expressed in Revelation the last book in the Bible. Genesis reveals (7) seven creation cycles in which there are (6) six cycles where God said “evening and morning” and concluded “It was good” six times, but on the seventh day it is open ended just stating that God rested.

There is no mention that it was good. So God’s rest will be disturbed, which is not so good. He already knows that the humans he creates will fall into rebellion against his commandments because of his 7,000-year plan during Zayin Age commencing in 4004 BC. The Zayin age is the time dimension set aside for the caterpillar stage. Before mortals become resurrected butterflies, they can experiment with good and evil under a rebellious Satan’s watchful eyes as our appointed schoolteacher. That way God makes sure we get painful lessons that we will never forget in the future. There is no better choice than God’s way. Peace will then prevail for all eternity without another rebellion to upset the community or Kingdom of God.

Remember before that date, Adam and Eve lived in the Garden, and the earth’s clock was still in the Waw age of a sinless human environment. God, who is Holy, visited them every evening in the Garden. It was like an invisible greenhouse Heh (heavenly) dimension surrounded by the Daleth (material) dimension where life and death coexisted inside and outside the greenhouse. God visited them everyday for the enjoyment of Adam and Eve’s fellowship. They also eagerly look forward to when they heard God’s presence moving in the garden. During these visits, God would check out how the humans’ education about nature and the world was progressing.

The Garden was surrounded with an invisible sphere of the Heh dimension on earth like we have greenhouses to separate the environment from the outside. The outside is called the Daleth dimension where rebirth and death already existed created on the third day with shrub and tree seeds dying, procreating and multiply itself at a fast pace according to universal laws of genetics. Christian theologians are confused. They mostly believe that death in all nature was the cause of Adam’s sin based on Romans 5:12 and concluded that all living organisms before the fall did not experience death and that the lion must have eaten grass and changed his diet when Adam ate the wrong fruit. This is a very convoluted false idea believed by many Christians that is not biblical or scientific. Unfortunately, not many theologians are educated to understand genetics or science.

Just looking into an electronic microscope, we see a world of bacteria and viruses we cannot see with our bare eyes. Using the aid of that instrument, we can observe billions of living cells at war, killing each other a million times a minute. That is the process for fertile soil to be created and for seeds to germinate into a forest of ancient vegetation that we can still recognize in coal deposits and shoal rocks.

To connect scientific death and life cycles of creation with the fall of humanity sinful behavior is dumb to say the least. The train system was built on two rails with station planed from the beginning to the end. That the passenger messed up is not the systems problem when the train experience is no longer pleasant. It has nothing to do what you see outside observing death and life cycles we as mortals are subjected too.

This monorail, old-fashioned, sin-causing-death idea applied to nature from past centuries should no longer be preached in church as we have become more educated in science since then. There was death replicated everywhere in the Garden of Eden and to say that creation did not have death and man’s sin caused it is utter nonsense. If seeds do not die, no shrubs, trees, flowers can grow on earth, and the third day would be a total failure. Therefore, death existed as part of the Daleth dimension before the fall of Adam and Eve, and I hope opinionated preachers will change their outlook to reflect what the Bible really teaches, which is totally scientific if you are not brainwashed in atheistic evolutionary theory as applied to the Christian faith.

Check out the new science of Intelligent Design not allowed in our schools by an atheistic “priesthood.” It could give us a better perspective to understand God’s wonderfully designed creation functioning with imbedded intelligence. Getting exposed to controversial opinions never hurts the advancement of science or improvement in theological understanding. Think of it. God’s breath gave life to Adam and Eve. It also gave life to every biological cell, like bacteria, which are complex living creatures that must eat something. Bigger fish eat smaller ones to exist. This is a total system put in place on the first day of creation to maintain it. It cannot be naturally altered or corrupted, and I believe that is what I see demonstrated in science and reflected in my theology.

The Garden of Eden experience was surrounded by the Daleth dimension, meaning in the Hebrew context “in this world in this time.” During that time dimension, seeds were planted that sprouted to multiply; therefore, death coexisted with a sinless Adam and Eve. Why does the Bible describe a tree to give eternal life if it was not surrounded with death to be compared with the tree of death?

We learn from concepts in nature we call science. Unfortunately, Eve was only interested in sex and procreation and ate from the tree of the Daleth dimension ending in death. Satan lied, “You surely will not die!” Therefore, Eve was deceived and should have been educated in science as explained by the Creator, or she should have asked her husband, Adam. He seems to have been more scientifically inclined as he already catalogued animals and plants. God used that fateful decision of Eve to start a school program for everyone to learn about good and evil. It is the only way to reach that second time around in our butterfly cycle as a member of the saints who will no longer be mislead by that evil Deceiver lurking in the dark camouflaged as a beautiful, enticing serpent.

We do not know the outer limits of Waw before Adam and Eve, except the Aztec system give us a new date of 4488 BC. So let’s summarize, The Bible gives us six defined cycles and one open ended cycle to fit the 4004 BC clock gear. When I looked at 420 Gregorian years, I can easily see 7 cycles of 70 years with the exception that the last cycle is short hence open ended (7x70 = 490). So we can define 7 creation cycles counting from 4488 BC as 70 x (7 times) starting from:

1. [4488-4418] = 70 years

2. [4418-4348] = 70 years

3. [4348-4278] = 70 years

4. [4278-4208] = 70 years

5. [4208-4138] = 70 years

6. [4138-4068] = 70 years

7. [4068-4004] = 64 years, a gear of many mystery clocks

We count 6 standard creation periods plus one cycle for the Lord to rest, which must be a shorter time interrupted when Adam and Eve sinned. So the seventh cycle is 6 years short (4068-70 = 3998-4004 = 6). The seventh creation day is open ended because it now continues from the missing (6) six days start the Zayin Age expanding to a 6,000-year Hebrew cycle until the Apocalypse (Chet Age) 2008-2015. One day is before the Lord as 1,000 years, so 6 days short become now 6,000 years as God cannot rest until He has all the saints gathered at the First Resurrection according to the New Testament prophecy and His plan.

When Adam sinned, it took 6,000 years of clock cycles for the restitution of converting many of his descendants to saints. God’s resting period will happen after 2018 AD when the resurrected saints will enter the graduate school of 1,000 years of peace on earth under Jesus’ direct rule of many peoples in various nations. The experience gained will be applied to a future government of a new universe using redeemed, resurrected former mortals who have been reborn like a butterfly with eternal life wings.

When in a future time some saints or Angels will be tempted with the evil, the immunization system will be activated. The saints, which were formally inoculated with lessons learned from the teacher of evil, Satan. They will know what evil is like with all of its very unpleasant consequences. With Satan, the unholy teacher of evil, no longer useful he will be stripped completely of his demonic helpers and chained in the abyss until after graduate school is over. He will wait for final judgment day. Only after that day may God rest in the midst of His creation and no longer worry about another rebellion. That is the plan for humanity - for you and me, if we are both children of God.

Two years ago, my books showed a 4068 BC date as the birth date for Adam and Eve. It must be in the 6th cycle of 70 Gregorian years (4138-4068) because the next seventh cycle is when God rested and had fellowship with man He created but cut short. God’s rest was interrupted and disturbed when man sinned and was removed from the Garden of Eden, losing fellowship with God. A greenhouse Hebrew Heh sphere “from the other side” was returned to the Heh dimension-heaven, as man thereafter had to live and adjust to the outside-the-greenhouse environments of the Daleth dimension.

Read more about the Garden of Eden in Chapter 4 of Apocalypse Prophesied. Learn all about the plan for humanity in that wonderful book written for those who never realized why we are born on this earth or where one goes after death. God has forgiven the mistakes we made in the caterpillar school, and we can be sure about that. How can I graduate to become a saint? Check out the Bible as the ultimate authority on that.

Previously, I described five clocks exhibited in museums. Most have some features similar to each other. I am not a writer in theology but just a plain Christian forgiven who learned a clock making trade. As a Christian, I have been forgiven a great debt before a Holy God, which has created a desire to share and tell everybody about it. Investigating an X-Y spin-axis hypothesis and mystery clocks has been fun for me.

I hope you have learned enough clues about mystery clocks and my unifying solution that explains why they are the way they are. At the same time, I hope that you learned something about the Bible plan for humanity.

The Aztec calendar clock is structured similar to the Hebrew calendar clock. We can find clock cycles imbedded in the other mystery clocks, too. They connect with ideas I could not resist to highlight. These many “coincidences” give us a lot of confidence in the plan engineered by God for us to discover.

I hope you would tell your friends and share your discovery. A consistent correlation of various calendars from other cultures fit to an exact day in thousand-year range like clock gears. Such precision can never be invented by any human no matter how brilliant he or she might be. The underlying logic and mathematical probabilities are outside the bounds of any university-trained mathematician. Keep riding on the two-railed train for better balance and understanding!

I am only a messenger finding buried treasure, which I want to share it with my friends. I hope that you do not construe my opinions as an attack on your belief system. Rather, I invite you to reexamine your faith and adjust your thinking a bit, which perhaps could lead into receiving Eternal Life, a cosmic Noble Prize well deserved.

Mystery of 2012 Revealed

World Cuckoo ClockWhy would an Aztec calendar match with a Hebrew Cuckoo clock calendar and even have many biblical historic events in common when they are thousand miles apart and developed into a different language? Why would a 7,000-year plan for humanity explained in the previous chapters describing the historic events from the biblical Hebrew perspective align with a strange Aztec calendar cycle concept and come around full circle to tie it together. The 2012 date is the fulcrum of the Apocalypse outlined in my previous book and focuses on the removal Satan from heaven. It connects with two asteroids in which civilizations are ending on a precise date as both share a common date 21 December and reveal common calendar cycles.

It is absolutely amazing that a concept imbedded in the Aztec religion would connect with many prophecies in the Bible announced by Daniel’s and John and some other prophets of the Old Testament. The Aztec religion I found out visiting Mexico deals with a serpent also expressed in a Babylonian cult half moon religion we hear about in the west recorded in the Koran. I have been told by Islamic scholars that the Koran teaches every Moslem to kill the infidels and openly identified infidels as Jews and Christians and others which will not submit to an backwards medieval religion of hate and destruction as demonstrated in 9/11 in New York.

They openly say today we kill the Saturday people first and then the Sunday people next. If the pope or Billy Graham as a leader of the protestant Bible faith would make such an announcement would our liberal media or UN General Assembly take notice? To worship an Allah by bringing death even to their own family members, like little boys strapped with bombs on a suicide mission or teenagers experiencing a little freedom from oppression being knifed to death by her own father we hear on the news in France, America and Germany.

Can we accept again in our 21st civilization a medieval brainwashing like I have experienced under Hitler and Stalin what we now see daily on TV mass killing across ocean borders thwarting 9/11, accelerating in religious killing of ethnic cleansing in many places around the world controlled by Islam. It does not take to be educated as a rocket scientist to identify a satanic system who was a murderer from day one that God will judge in an apocalypse prophesied. Satan the greatest imitator has been and always will be in opposition to the God of love.

In Christianity, we see expressed that a God became man and died for his followers but in Islam their God demands his followers to die for Allah to be acceptable. Eternal life is not given in return as that god comes from an ancient Babylonian cult. Prophetic future events are unmistakably linked together in a cosmic cataclysm of the total removal of Satan, still having access in heaven, but will be removed with all of his evil demonic forces of destruction from the Heh universe dimension. At that time it will end wars and religious terrorism around the globe terminating our civilization with another asteroid projected by the Hebrew clock [17 September 2015].

According to Revelation of the Bible our godless civilization crystallizing in a 200,000,000 demon possessed Islamic and Russian-Chinese army meeting jointly at Armageddon, together with the UN world political system assembled to destroy Israel, will be in turn totally destroyed by a future asteroid from space. It will end the worldwide persecution of Christians and Jews and will end the conflict of the Third World War.

The coming kingdom of God is like analogue a child announced with incubated pregnant cycles of 6,000 years on the dark side of creation cycles Zayin. It will than be born together with the placenta representing Satan’s religious to be discarded after the birth. A godless evil society with lies and deception will then be removed forever. Atheistic humanity and Satan’s rebellion will end and with it the Frankenstein scientists who perverted by greed driven technology embroiled in misapplying God given genetic laws to the detriment of future generation polluting nature and bringing about total extinction on a massive scale.

The evil application of Genetic Modified Organisms nearly forced most original food seeds to become extinct and poison permanently the water on earth worldwide and the air and ground to raise future food within nuclear contaminations of cities destroyed in conflict. The Apocalypse is God’s answer to save his earth as God’s kingdom with justice and peace will follow and correct what Satan and the world political atheistic system corrupted and established in this last generation of our civilization. God’s plan for humanity will be finalized with a new government system announced from heaven. Our civilization will be ending in 2015 with the same destruction like in Noah’s days according to clock cycles, to be reborn in a new civilization peace cycle. Even the Aztec tells about it in their culture.

The new World Order was designed for the further development of the resurrected saints for the benefit of future generation experiencing for the first time a wonderful civilization without evil and at the same time to be trained in a future cosmic government outside our globe.

Dual Rail Bonbons

Here are some more bonbons for the dual railroad educated individuals who love to view our world from two perspectives:

History scholars date the Aztec-Mayan calendar 13 August 3114 and ends 5,125 years later on a winter solstice 21 December 2012 with an earth axis tilt of 23½˚ at Polaris (North Star) position also named the Mayan Tzolkin long count. Then we adjusted the long count to Hebrew dates which where converted to Gregorian years. Applying the new found grant Aztec cycle of a 72˚ precession into Hebrew Gregorian adjusted calendar cycles, we found the very beginning of the earth creation cycle (4488 BC), which verified the birthdates’ of Adam and Eve (4068 BC) and their expulsion from the Garden date (4004 BC) coming from the Hebrew calendar overlay.

Applying clock gear knowledge from other clocks a special 64 gear common to others clocks as a connecting gear between different clocks, it became a unit of measurement where God rested after he created our world with vegetation, animals and finally man. The adjusted Aztec count revealed that each creation day was 70 Hebrew Gregorian years times seven or 490 years, but the 64 gear from other clock cycles revealed that the last 70-year cycle of God resting was interrupted by man sinning, which caused the removal of the greenhouse Garden of Eden enclosure from the Heh dimension, which makes the last 70-year creation cycle 6 years short.

God’s plan for humanity was now put in action and typical to Hebrew design features extended its cycles another 7,000 Hebrew years. The 7,000 years were divided into 6 periods (6 days missing after creation) plus one day that is multiplied by 1,000 according to two Bible verses stating: that to God one day is like a 1,000 years. So the now expanded 6 days becomes 6,000 years divided into 12 major 490-year cycles, which makes it now a total 13 cycles of 490 years that you will find in the second book’s 7,000-Year Table of Human History. Then, you add one more creation cycle which matches 13 th Aztec calendar cycle.

To understand Hebrew letters converted into numbers is a separate study as outlined in the Hebrew Alphabet Number System revealed in the Rosetta Stone in Daniel’s prophecy and there you will find what a number 13 means as this chapter for reason only God knows becomes the final 13 th chapter if you add the story of the Himmelsscheibe accessible on the Internet and in Apocalypse Prophesied, chapter 6, Beyond the Experience of Death, The Number 666. This would round up the plan for humanity for a total concept. This would round up the plan for humanity for a total concept.

At the end of 6,000 years we arrived at a date 2012 from all three cultures Chinese, Aztec, Hebrew and (7) seven mystery clocks enciphered by an X-Y axis theory. The Hebrew calendar cycles are married to the Aztec cycles. They truly complement each other as good and evil is battled out on earth, which comes together in a 7-year period known as the Apocalypse 2008-2015. This third book of a spin-axis theory of different Aztec calendar complements with facts of historic events of the Bible and brings it together into one unifying concept.

This integrated concept is foreign to theologian’s and secular scientist alike as they where brainwashed with Satan’s lies and therefore come to a juncture to either accept what is presented or reject it. That will determine if they will live forever, accepting God’s free gift of salvation or end in the lake of fire to be dissolved after they have paid their debt owned. It will not change imbedded cycles as the last stretch of prophecy will be fulfilled like gears in a clock.

Only clock cycles can give us the key to understand fulfilled prophecy in connection with the overall plan for humanity’s existence. Let me repeat my previous rationalization because it is so difficult to communicate foreign ideas to evolution-based mindset or dogmatic Christians brainwashed in false doctrines both invented 150 years ago. Studying the Bible prophecy facts establishes that 98% have come historically to pass and therefore unexplainable using common communication laws of science can accept future projection dates of prophecy as 100% true. Applying logic forgotten in our universities, we find forty writers in the Bible across different civilization time periods prophesying future events now past and I bet that the last 2% will bring closure to God’s Plan for Humanity as written in ancient oracles and found in a newly discovered clock calendar cycles we can accept.

The Dates of Satan’s Expulsion and Execution

While developing the spin-axis hypothesis to explain the structure of the Aztec calendar, another camouflaged date appeared that amazed me. I discovered that Satan was fired from his Heh dimension government job in 4488 BC. Also, the cycles project his execution year to be AD 3002.7.

Read about it again in 7th chapter on the Antikythera clock (page 183). It was extraordinary to discover that Daniel’s 70 Weeks Prophecy simultaneously represents two different but aligned prophetic timelines. The base-5 and base-7 timelines are analogous to the Fahrenheit and Centigrade temperature scales, which measure the same heat but match at only one point - minus 40˚. Bridging from an ancient Hebrew calendar system with a base-7 system to the Aztec calendar of 52,000 cycles with a precise match like clock gears over 7,000 years revealed a missing 6-day creation cycle at the end of the seventh day around 4004 BC. This missing cycle was inserted into the grand plan, which had been expanded for mortals because we live shorter lives. So for humans, there are 6,000 years in the Daleth dimension of time and space, which follows the “thousand years for a day scenario.”

Satan from the Heh, or spiritual, dimension will one day be executed. His execution falls 6 days after his rebellion committed on the seventh day. He will be terminated at the end of the final 7th creation week/day not yet finalized from our mortal perspective; however, it can be projected through an overlay of the modern Gregorian calendar to take place on AD 3002.7, using the same mechanism built into the ancient mystery clocks. The final plan for correcting what has gone wrong at the beginning of the universe caused an ancient adjustment to correct a creation week now measured on the Gregorian-Daleth dimension calendar, which was expanded to 6,000 years for mortals. This correction came from the Waw dimension over the detour of Zayin-Chet-Teth to be completed on the next higher level Jod Age as the ultimate Sabbath when God can finally rest. Thus, God’s rest from creation is fulfilled in a two-stage system.

As we can learn from the Hebrew alphabet, after 10 comes 11, 12 and 13, but it is counted ten+one, ten+two and ten+three. The method of counting tells us that what we experience in the Daleth dimension of creation, with its trees-mountains-houses-etc. of the natural world and universe is duplicated on a higher level where death no longer exists. It is the butterfly stage of my analogy concerning human life, where the saints live forever being totally different creatures like the former caterpillar now butterfly has beautiful wings.

This tells me when God started the billion galaxies in the universe. He was interrupted by Satan’s fall and had to correct what went wrong. He modified His plan and inserted a new creation week (7 Heh dimension days), picked an earth among many and planted it with life. In it, He designed another creature with a two-stage system like a butterfly to replace Satan’s angelic government now forever corrupted. That insect story with a worm caterpillar stage and a winged butterfly stage is a perfect model to explain why God changed the design parameters and provided for the future replacement of fallen angels. His plan guarantees that there will never again be a rebellion to upset the neighborhood of the universe. I described it in Chapter 4 of Apocalypse Prophesied, my first Babushka book. The Garden of Eden experience revealed God’s new two-stage creation that is witnessed in every seed a million times. Since it is purpose-driven that new earth announced at the end of Revelation is programmed with new management identified as Saints to rule over an emerging, evil-free kingdom.

Since God’s plan is purpose-driven, imagine a bit along the historic Genesis story line. What we see in nature reflects God’s plan like a mirror. Analyzing from a dual-rail perspective, the internal construction of a seed taught by physics connects it with the moon for illustration now enlarged on TV with samples of dirt collected from the surface. That planet is void of life but has all the minerals necessary to plant a garden, which could spread out with vegetation. Space scientists are already dreaming about this scenario, but the moon needs to be modified by adding water and atmosphere.

That is no problem for God. In the Bible, Jesus said to the woman at the water-well that His water from the Jod dimension prevents one from ever thirsting again. Therefore, the saints in the butterfly stage can be transferred to another planet in the universe belonging to the Jod dimension. That new butterfly stage no longer dies, having no pain or tears, and able to live somewhere else – even on a formally void, naked moon like the first day of earth’s creation in Genesis. This process will be replicated again with a new earth as prophesied in Revelation.

That unheard idea postulates that God’s plan for humankind could include populating millions planets existing in the universe with a billion possibilities to plant another Garden of Eden like God did with earth. Only this time He will place another saintly Adam on it with an immune system inoculated against evil to live like a king and rule over his own descendents being born emerging into a civilization of another planet in space just like Adam.

Only a saint from a two-stage creation system can match the job description to be part of God’s final plan for human expansion as the kingdom of God in the universe. The intelligence imbedded in one mustard seed now germinates into the second stage. We have no idea what it will become thereafter and must trust God to surprise us greatly.

God uses a picture book of natural science of telling future events like the mirror reflecting the future. As a grown mustard seed resurrected from the earth growing up to a big plant again reproduces seeds, maybe procreation continues some way on a higher level without sin. Created Jod-children could populate a space planet according to genetic kind with all sharing the inoculation of evil recognition by memory intelligence genes passed from one generation to the next. As seeds pass on intelligence embedded for the next generation as we learned from the GMO babushka books about how genetics operates. But now, everything is modified to keep a watchful eye never to disappoint a Creator again.

The planets in the universe could become populated with children from the many saints. God will no longer need to manufacture angels made after pre-designed models like a full set of dinnerware. A plate can break, becoming corrupted. Once broken, it is not possible to mend it, but God desires a universe populated with creatures who love, honor and respect him forever. All saints will be born with an imbedded immune system able to recognize evil and snuff it out before it reemerges unauthorized in a free will society.

After reading my books never heard in church, many theologians will quote Luke 20:34, in which Jesus states that in heaven no one is given in marriage as the resurrected people are sexless like angels. But we do have in nature pictures that are exceptions like ants and honeybees. There we have one royal bee procreating 100,000 bees the whole hive community coming only from one sperm donor and one royal queen. We must therefore delineate what is royal and what is common.

The people resurrected in the Second Resurrection connected with the White Throne are resurrected from the Daleth dimension and therefore common. But the saints are different. They have been born again while they lived in the Daleth dimension into a higher, Heh dimension level. Later, at Jesus’ coming, they will be resurrected from the spirit Heh dimension into the saintly stage of the Jod dimension.

Jesus coming back to earth causes the First Resurrection, one notch higher to be like him from the Jod dimension hence royal not common. In nature we have a picture that the human male has million sperms equal could theoretically fertilize 100,000 eggs embedded coming from one human female. Then we can check out the story of Mary becoming pregnant from the Heh dimension seed.

Since the saints are seed from Jesus like his royal genetic children connected to the eternal God becoming human in the caterpillar stage, they can pass on his divine life like a royal honeybee imbedded sperm from the Heh dimension elevated now in the Jod dimension to produce offspring the same way a Mary did 2,000 years ago. So future creatures like the saints implanted with royal eternal life seed could be born into the Jod dimension having the very nature coming from Jesus, who is God. They could populate the infinite universe duplicating royal God’s sons not through the Daleth dimension method getting married, but something like Mary experienced on a higher level. Think that through from a dual rail perspective with science, following the principle that what is found in nature teaches heavenly things. Please give me some more scripture verses which can than be elevated to a doctrine, which expands the plan for the saints to another level.

I feel so sorry for monorail scientists and theologians who are missing out on great discoveries that I will not even mention as I do not want to write another book. God gave the blueprint of His plan and creation to some people who became wise like Daniel mentioned now collected in 7 babushka books free on the Internet. What a blessing. There is enough material to end theological confusion to become educated of ideas belonging to the Heh and Jod dimension. More information than ever preached in church. So much that even I must reread my books over again several times to absorb it all. I enjoy them every time anew as new, buried discoveries still pop up.

GMOs and Noah’s Flood

When I examined traces of a vanished Atlantis civilization connected with a worldwide flood about Noah’s time in 2288 BC, it became the reason to investigate mystery clocks exhibited around the globe in museums not deciphered for a hundred years by science, which link up with an unknown X-Y tilt axis. The most ancient 4,000-year old book, the Bible, reveals that there was a reason for a flood event that can be verified by examining geological history records. Ancient records like the Aztec calendar and magnetic particles embedded in silt indicated a pendulum wobble caused by an asteroid that triggered a change in our earth spin axis. Some details of that occurrence are recorded in the Bible and ancient pyramids, temple tombs and palace wall pictures around the world.

Checking it with eyes trained in science and comparing it with records in geology would fill many books. Most published books are very specialized lacking a panoramic overview of humanity’s history postulating questionable scenario ending in misleading conclusions. The reason is very plain to see as our universities are teaching unscientific evolution theory as facts, preventing even highly educated people to be deceived. Summing up various data not allowed in open forum it became apparent for me to discover the real reason of the flood most people will miss reading ancient records like the Bible. Consequently, I asked the question why God the creator would go overboard to destroy the whole preAdamic Atlantis civilization of humanity and caused 75% of what he created to become extinct.

Looking for answers can only be understood what modern science failed to comprehend and must therefore look a little deeper and bypass the evolution theory club, which will get in the way to examining facts imbedded in many places. I discovered a foremost reason that will shock many of my contemporary scientists that the humanity living before the Flood 2288 BC time was scientifically more advanced as our modern world today.

This statement will break the camel’s back for evolution-educated scientist. I am sure. However from the Biblical perspective and other records as evidenced embossed in buildings, painted on ancient temple walls and mystery clock not enciphered by science, I conclude to agree with ancient scripture embossed in stones and can now understand God’s intention of why he placed domestic animals on a submarine boat and caused a flood you can read about recorded in Genesis the oldest book in the world. Here we read mentioned that God said and felt sorry to have given man too much intelligence brain we scientifically have now proven and warned humanity not to trespass the sacred laws again since the day of creation by modifying genes (GMOs) now messed with worldwide. Jesus warned of a similar time seeing mans development in the future and said that again God would intervene with another asteroid and punish humanity for the same reason.

Scientists are totally unaware of an ancient contract they are violating because they do not read ancient records, Hebrew prophetic oracles explained in more detail in Daniel, the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ and John’s Revelation the last book of the Bible summed up in two books recently written free on the Internet. As many unexplainable prophecies have now moved to our timeframe and humanity again has gone wild in a Frankenstein gene modification program previously done in ancient times before the flood. It motivated me to write about God’s 7,000-year plan for humanity and answer the question, “Why?”

I attempted to give a paramount viewpoint of the history of humanity and the final showdown again violating the covenant made with Adam that is still binding with his children of future generation. There exist a legal contract from God and violating has terrible consequences for humanity. It is so sensitive with God that it is like touching forcefully his eyeball you can read about it in the Bible and notice his reaction.

Genetic science in our 21st century civilization is illegally trying very hard to deny and ignore that a contract exist and in rebellion again do the very thing the ancient Atlantis civilization was destroyed for. The Bible recorded for us that genetic pure animals were saved in a submarine boat ark build by Noah with plenty of room to store genetic unadulterated pure food seeds for survival and became a linkage connecting the First Civilization with ours with unbroken genetic clean rootstock from the beginning of creation.

God by a special selective process before 2288 BC assembled genetic uncontaminated pure domestic animals and food seeds which where not hereditarily screwed up by Frankenstein scientist then living and gone out of control embedded human genes in animals from the preFlood technology. Just look around what the stones cry out with features like half human–half animal creatures in ruins of every large building walls and tombs. These images embossed in stone are not mythologies as our modern pseudo scientist want you to believe, but were realities as we ponder the thought and cannot phantom that these ancient people where as smart as our present gene technology scientist.

Check out in my previous chapter describing a Chinese bronze plate calendars dated more than 4,000-year old, which definitely shows a modern binary computer language symbols engraved which cannot be denied. Ancient pictures on stonewalls embossed reveal genetically changed people like mermaids half human half fish as we too seem to be able to transfer fish genes imbedded tomatoes today not too farfetched by comparison repeating ancient science.

Do not read Genesis with your colored evolution theory biased eyeglasses. Get informed of other possibilities. God declared it evil because it violated a covenant He made with Adam and reminded him of a pledge to be a caretaker of this earth to honor God’s original creation to keep species separate and distinct. This blue earth is the only unique place in the universe, as none equally are found in billions of other planets plainly visible within the Milky Way.

If you want to be more informed about where bioscience is heading, read the last babushka egg book, Genetic Modification Exposed!, free on the Internet. My five books are like five Babushka eggs - Bible books that describe to understand God’s Plan for Humanity as seen through the eyes of scientist journals where I get my information. To get educated, read magazine articles or information free on the Internet. It is more beneficial than to be confused with the opinions of what is taught in the universities controlled by the government.

That way you have a balanced perspective like a dual railroad is better to roll along in life or like on a shaky monorail controlled by special interests. Just for this reason, God must intervene in man’s destructive activity to save what He original created.

The announced Apocalypse 2008-2015 is my only hope as a former scientist and must conclude that only God can save our environment from extinction or total nuclear destruction looms on the horizon, when the oil has finally run out and became scarce as China now emerges competing with oil energy no mater the cost heading toward Armageddon.

Getting back to the cause of judgment to come examining the mess scientists are creating, pointing to extinctions on a massive scale and God’s intervention, I discovered that God gave us a schedule imbedded in ancient mystery clocks described in five Babushka egg books now deciphered in this book from the Bible, a programmed prophesied appointment for this evil world system to end in 2008-2015.

Knowing God and having discovered a dual railroad plan for humanity, I am assured He will keep his train on his time schedule to save our world from further evil peril perpetrated. If you come late to the station when the train has left is not the fault of the system. So my friend take heed what was written thousands of years ago as a warning for the next few years surely to come. Watch the date on the clock and New York that will start the seven-year apocalypse ending our civilization.

As a scientist, I cannot accept that a frog became a prince kissed by a maiden we tell in a children story or that a monkey became man, which is contrary to what the Bible proclaims. To delineate truth from fiction lets examining facts we can check out with the laws of physics. I only see the extinction of species buried in rocks and muck and not the other way around, as imaginary cross species only exist in an evolution religion that cannot be proven. Scientists cannot delineate children stories nor find me one example to convince me, since I have never seen a cross-specie exhibited in any museum I ever visited. I only notice creative artist paintings on walls to represent outmoded opinions we never found in geology.

Should a fairy tale conform to the laws of entropy, then maybe there is a possibility to raise it to the level of analogy to explain scientific principals? The First Law of Thermodynamics tells me that energy conversion in nature can never be more than 100%. The Second Law defines it that energy conversions only moves down hill less than 100%.

Now in the frog story becoming a handsome prince told to children is an example of science not possible. But scientist put a spin on it proving it otherwise to uneducated gullible people. Wall pictures in science museums show only artistically painted evolved animals and cannot find one lone bone in the pile of bones of extinct animals displayed in a thousand of museum drawers to prove the evolution theory. Usually the painting starts out with a one cell wormlike creature but are not educated enough to realize that a one cell worm will replicate itself with intelligence imbedded and reproduce 100% according to the First Law of Thermodynamics into another likeness of one cell biological something. Our own body cells are faithfully replicated every 7 years unless other influences make them stupid and cause aging or cancer according to the second law of thermodynamics.

The next picture shows a worm with legs and some other cross specie picture imaginations to end in a monkey. Not believing that it is against physical laws violating the First Law of Thermodynamics they rather believe in fairy tale to the point of elevating a theory to a religious dogma that must be enforced with a police force in our schools for lack of being authentic.

Extinction clearly conforms to the Second Law as genetic aberration disappear over time as climatic changes or intelligence information embedded became weird or gone amuck reproduces an inferior biological replica which cannot survive in nature, therefore becomes the reason for extinction. Scientist messing with GMO not convinced mix and match genes now imbedded in vegetable and fruit to prove that they can produce a superior product over 100% on the market shelf.

But the Second Law is proven again as the product is now tasteless and odorless even chemicals added will not make it overcome its deficiencies. People dying from such products like the Spinach fiasco in California 2007 prove the Second Law of Thermodynamics, but this is not allowed in university evolution discussions or investigated by the government as they also believe in fairy tales rather than true science.

When we see God’s finger in the sky then remember what I told you in this booklet, or read all five of these Babushka eggs of understanding. God is angered with humanity screwing up his creation diabolically poisoning the environment and destroying most original seeds with terminator genes while all along denying that God exists against the background of scientific proof. It is willful rebellion against the Creator and will make an end to man’s destructive behavior like Atlantis, the First Civilization in Noah’s days perished; except this time around He will save more of humanity for a better future as He announced that the Kingdom of God on earth is ready to come and rule the world with an iron fist. God no longer will be invisible but becomes visible in the person of Jesus Christ everybody around the globe has heard His name not to get confused with other cult religions or the irrationally godless opinions taught by most universities.

My last question I like to ask coming from a Christian and now science magazine educated and former successful inventor and happened to have a clock apprentice background discovering an ancient Aztec calendar. That led to accidentally finding out mystery clocks exhibited in many museums connected with a spin-axis theory never heard about. Relating these mysteries unknown to science I conclude that my Apocalypse projection date clock cycles 2008-2015 is now witnessed from science, ancient mystery clocks embedded in history plus applied archeology-geology and will therefore establishes truth as a second witness. What you do with that controversial information is your problem as I hope they will not kill the messenger Jonah II.

If you live in New York, watch for something dramatic, and not good, to happen on [9 February 2009] - and, please, do not hate the messengers of bad news.

Which is it?

Evolved monkey science,

Extraterrestrial Knowledge from God?

You be the judge!




Some common beliefs need to be recalibrated. For example, Methuselah’s age marked by 969 solstices of the Aztec-Hebrew cycles in Genesis are converted to a more genetically possible age of 138 Gregorian years.

Reading my book, Mystery of Tammuz 17 would really help to understand my concept.

Enoch, the 7th generation cycle from Adam symbolically expresses the resurrection for all mankind at the end of 7,000-year age. Representatively, the 7 days creation = 7,000 years - long count. But the 7th generation of Enoch here literally equals the generation short count? We will reach about 7 billion in population at the second Apocalypse 2012. At the end of the 1,000 years of God’s kingdom in 3018, the total population could be 70 billion for the total of all people who ever lived. Check out the number meaning for the Hebrew letter, Ayin.

Technical Journal Volume 13 (no.1)1999 E-mail: 1-800-350-3232. The Lamb of God Hidden in the Chinese Characters, by Kui Shin & Larry Hovee.

In the conversion to Gregorian years like the Hebrew calendar, we must first multiply with 365.24/360 = 1.0145).

We only use 5% of our brain in a lifetime.

This previously mentioned 52 km large asteroid is already in an 820-day orbit around the sun and projected to hit the earth.

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