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Chapter 11 -
Pyramids Found Around the World


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Pyramids play an important role in ancient history. They are only found in a narrow corridor around the globe and were built during two distinct historical periods, one before the Flood in 2288 BC and the other after the Flood. I am writing about why these two historical periods are so different. It will become very apparent that a change in how the earth spun on its axis provides the most rational reason explaining why such diverse cultures around the world built pyramids.

Pyramid aat Chichen ItzaThe flood of Noah is not mythology. It was a real event that divided two civilizations: one before and the other emerged after. To understand the history of mankind, we cannot get away what the Bible proclaims and many wall pictures of ancient palaces around the world testify. To have a balanced viewpoint like a dual-rail railroad, we should not ignore what the Bible reports just because it does not fit a personal belief system.

Modern scientists converted the true origin of a humanity believing in one Creator to a fabricated story of religious evolution to match their atheistic bias towards biological evolution theories. They must use the coercion of by a public opinion police force to enforce their secularist religion in schools and forbid public discussion if you want to graduate.

To me such tactics lie outside true science. Evolution is unable to explain many evidences in geology and countless discoveries, the origin myth got stuck in controversies. It never went further then a 150-year old philosophy that feels good for those who deny a Creator but not much more.

Since I do not think like the main mainstream stories and since I had previously mentioned a little about pyramids in my two books, I asked another question, “Why are there so many pyramids built in a particular age all within 30° longitude, a narrow corridor around the globe?

I have read nothing from scholars that makes sense of this observation. I believe that my hypothesis of a different spin-axis of the earth does provide a sensible answer. I connect it with a changing spin-axis calendar, and ancient clock discoveries seem to prove it.

True science and the ancient records of Christian-Hebrew religion represent two parallel rails spanning 6,000 years of written eyewitness accounts on earth. Both viewpoints give us balanced perspectives in order to properly understand our natural physical world bathed in moral and spiritual matters. The two-rail principle is a more balanced approach if you are allowed to think logically which is better then the usual one-sided opinions published in schoolbooks. I am not surprised that the Bible tells a lot about pyramids too if you know were to look.

Pyramids are the most massive structures built in antiquity. They were carefully planned and I am sure very expensive, the oldest incorporated the fundamental laws of nature and mathematics into their structural details. Most people believe that Pyramids served as astronomical observation platforms for the priests of advanced civilizations. Why? Now the ancients did not spend all that time and money to design pyramids just so they could get a clear view of the night’s sky. The pyramids were necessary for marking accurately the passage of solstices and equinoxes, the phases of the moon and the rise of particular stars that provided the key markers for building a dependable shifting calendar and pinpoint fixed positions within a number of zodiac constellation.

Generally, we could argue that the ancient calendars marked religious festivals that were linked to important shifts in the agricultural work year. However looking from an irregular changing earth axis perspective with altering weather patterns that can no longer be trusted, it is no wonder that ancient societies were dependant on experts like priests and magi to make predictions for the next 10 years for their food/survival. The official calendar had to be accurate as the well-being of a nation could be in jeopardy.

The pyramids fulfilled that function as well as sometimes serving as a three-dimensional library of the ancients’ accumulated wisdom laid out in observable zodiac constellation which where fixed points in the sky and would not change. Some reference points were needed as the earth wobble seemed to have gone crazy. Many books have been written with a wealth of information presented in pyramids tourist stores located around the world but nobody ever mention its absolute necessity to spend millions of dollars and employ thousands of worker, just to please a ruler? Do we spend our money in space on shuttles, telescope and rockets just to please a politician? Or exist there a higher purpose paying taxes rather fixing the potholes on my street?

The Great Pyramid in Egypt was built before the Flood. It is much more than a mere platform to measure time cycles or the tomb of a mighty and famous ruler. The earth axis did not wobble before the Flood and must therefore have another purpose.

In 1800 Sir John Herschel (the son of Sir William Herschel, who discovered the planet Uranus) wrote that the Great Pyramid pointed to the star Alpha Draconis (Dragon Star). Based on that hypothesis, Sir John calculated that the Great Pyramid was built in 3440 BC. It was also built at the very center of the globe’s landmass. Earlier in this book, we learned that the first Aztec pyramid in Mexico City was built about 2200 BC in the center of a lake in contrast to the landmass, which we discovered at that time to be the magnetic North Pole. (Chapter 5)

The scientific community rejected Hershel’s analysis for reason that they found a piece of iron imbedded in the in the king’s chamber. That iron artifact’s antiquity and place of discovery were eventually verified so that it is now stored in the British museum. But at first, the scientists did not want to believe Mr. J. R. Hill’s testimony of authenticity even though he was Col. Howard Vyse’s assistant for the excavation in 1837. They just could not accept that the Egyptians were using iron at such an early date when civilizations were only supposed to know how to make copper and bronze. Genesis 4:22 records that iron and bronze were forged in the first generation from Adam, which is before the Flood. Scholars persuaded in an evolution theory have been mostly wrong so many times, that I lost count.

My spin-axis theory supports Herschel’s date for the construction of the Great Pyramid. Its timeframe of 500 years after Adam seems very possible and would agree with Genesis 4:22. But controversies rage over whether the Great Pyramid’s dimensions were divinely inspired as was noted that they contained complex mathematical ratios imbedded in its architecture so early in mans history. Not knowing these mathematical relationships, we could not have ventured in space and land on the moon in our time.

Is the Ezekiel 40s Temple a Pyramid?

What will the Millennial Temple of Ezekiel look like? Most Christian scholars believe that Jerusalem’s future fourth Temple as described in Ezekiel 40-48 will be similar to Israel’s historical temples. The First Temple built by Solomon and the Second Temple, begun by Zerubbabel and renovated by Herod the Great, are often pictured in Bibles or discussed in popular TV documentaries. If you have read some of my previous books, you should already be alerted to my alternate perspective. Analyzing the biblical text with the keys provided by the Hebrew Alphabet Number System reveals a prophetic picture that differs from most Christian theologians.

When I read the Bible’s book of Revelation, I understand it to describe a huge satellite in the shape of a pyramid floating above the earth. John gives us many details about this pyramid that I discuss in my earlier Babushka books. He describes the heavenly satellite-city as being built with a square wall foundation like a square donut with 12 gates. This design is similar to Hilton hotel structures built the size of city square. The hotel rooms rise up all around the square with an open courtyard roof in the center, which functions as a lobby and landscaped restaurant area.

Imagine that there is a pyramid in the center of the hotel. It would look something like what I saw in Las Vegas City, where the main entrance to a large hotel imitates an Egyptian pyramid similar to the lobby of the Louvre Museum in Paris. The Temple described at the end of the book of Ezekiel looks incredible to me as read with the eyes of Ayin (Hebrew Alphabet Number System) that monorail theologians are not familiar with. I believe that Israel’s last and future temple must be a mirror image [Daleth-Heh] of that heavenly, pyramid-shaped satellite-city.

Notice that the outside facade in Ezekiel 41:3 is three stories high square circumference and lined with 30 chambers on the north and south side like a three story hotel with 90 big window doors with walls 5 cubits (10 feet) thick. A pyramid rises from within the inside square at the center of that building. It says in verse 41:7 that the inside chamber walls do not touch the freestanding 100-cubit wide square structure. (Ezekiel 40:47) Then it is stated that the next 30 chambers sit on top for each ascending floor, being inclined toward the center like steps but not touching the building walls.

In the Mexican City outdoor museum, we see five pyramids built on top of each other and not touching walls either. What is the significance of and why is there a hand’s breadth of airspace between walls? This makes for a difficult building to construct.

God tells us that the inside structure is separated from the outside structure, like the holy Heh dimension is separated from the Daleth dimension belonging to our natural world. If an ascending wall is inclining toward its center then the walls are not vertical but tilted. A tilted wall could end up in a pyramid shape if it is square all around.

Later it mentions that the 100-cubit base dimension has a reduced width on the third floor, measured by the angel at 70 cubits. (41:12) This means that from the center we have a reduction in tilt of fifteen 15 cubits on one side going up a total of 36 cubits or 3 rods high. If we calculate the incline from the edge of the base where the diagonal line comes together on top of the pyramid we get an angle of 22.62 or a total 45˚ angle with a height of 120 cubits still with the airspace of an handbreadth (4½ inches) in between the square donut building following the inclined wall of the emerging pyramid on the inside of 240 feet having a 45˚ for the top apex.

The 36-cubit height is measured from below the ground surface level at the bottom of the concrete-stone pyramid foundation basement, which is 150 cubits squared above to the 100-cubit wide section at ground floor. The heavy three-story high, solid block basement line above the inside 100-cubit wide floor line is necessary to hold the weight of the pyramid since it is placed over several springs that produce a new river of healing waters. The temple ground lies outside the present Jerusalem. It will be lifted up to a high mountain plateau by the asteroid strikes and massive series of earthquakes of 10-17 September 2015. I believe that the whole area will probably be a slightly unstable geologic formation for several centuries.

So from an architectural perspective, I understand the air space separation functionally as an accommodation for small stress shifts of the outer three-story donut building as the new geological formation settles. These tectonic plate adjustments could continue for several centuries, and the Temple structure is prophesied to last a 1,000 years.

What is extraordinary is that the ratio of 15 cubits (width difference) to 36 cubits heights difference is a ratio of .416666. That is identical to the Hebrew Rosetta Stone 7:5 ratio or 7/12 = .41666 the same. This tells me that I am right on in tracking down the structure of the mystery temple described 500 years before Christ. The 45˚ angle is factored as 9x5, which in Hebrew thinking is the other Heh side (5) now in the Teth (9) age of new life during the 1,000 years of Jesus’ reign of justice and peace. Many other descriptions of Ezekiel’s dimension now make more sense, but it would take another book to describe it all. If you want to write that book, take it from here.

An aerial view of the Most Holy place calculated from a corrected cubic measurement perspective gives us the dimensions of 25,000 x 25,000 cubits or about 9.4 miles square. It is divided into three oblong sections. The Most Holy section is 10,000 x 25,000 cubits about 9.4 miles long times 3.8 miles wide. The priestly section is the same with the remaining 5,000 x 25,000 wide cubits equaling 1.9 miles wide x 9.4 miles long, belonging to the public domain.

This structure divides the 826-acre parcel on either side into two major parcels with a nearly two mile wide roadway in the middle. The Temple section is surrounded by an arched chambered fence and on the corner kitchen (bathrooms for the thousand visitors, about 1.13 miles squared (500 rods). There is no furniture on the inside of this pyramid as God’s Spirit, the Shekinah Glory, will enter and light the inside brilliantly like the sun. The brilliant light to last for a thousand years will be seen through the 90 windows on either sides and front door as visitors from the top of surrounding wall will then recognize God’s visible presence among mortals. Any mortals entering the front door to be in God’s presence without an personal invitation would instantly die.

God’s Holiness will be as bright as the sun and visible to visitors from the top of the walls surrounding the Temple. Only the priests administering the daily sacrifices will be allowed to get close to the altar located in front of the entrance. Only the resurrected Saints will have access to the interior because they are no longer mortal. It would be instant death for mortals. The resurrected Saints will be impervious to God’s burning glory like the angel sent to Daniel’s friends in King Nebuchadnezzar’s famous fiery furnace. They belong to the Jod dimension, which supersedes the natural laws of physics in the same way that the resurrected Jesus walked through solid walls.

I think Ezekiel’s pyramid Temple may be a meeting place for the Saints and function like an invisible Heh-elevator to transport them to the upper levels of the heavenly city. Like Jacob’s ladder of ascending and descending angels, the Saints will no longer be subject to the material time and space laws of the Daleth dimension (this time in this age). They will enjoy intimate fellowship with God in the Jod dimension. If you want to learn more about eternal matters, read all the Babushka books.

How Long was a Cubit in Ancient Times? (Ezekiel 40:5)

Bible scholars say one cubit equals 18 English inches; however, if we calculate it from Egyptian pyramid cubits, then one cubit equals 24 English inches. Israel was always been buffered between two mighty empires: Egypt on the south and Babylon-Persia on the north. They adapted cultural features from both areas. Egyptians were more advanced in architectural mathematics; therefore, I favor the Egyptian side for determining the cubit used by the Hebrews.

I believe the Hebrew reed or rod in Ezekiel’s time is 1/5th of the Giza Great pyramid base. The Great Giza Pyramid build before Noah is not exactly square being 759.45 x 751.35 English feet. The ratio between the width and breath is (759.45/551.35 = 1.0178) meaning the Egyptian inch is a little larger than the English inch 12x1.0178 = 12.213 inches, or nearly a quarter inch longer than one foot.

The future Ezekiel Temple dimensions are mostly in order of multiple of five (5) indicating the Heh dimension given from Heaven. We must convert it in our Daleth dimension now measured in the American Bible in “inches.” Therefore, one Hebrew cubit-reed equals is 1/5th of the pyramid dimension in foot plus correction factor measure with one hand width of the ratio added.


And Ezekiel’s angelic measuring rod or reed is 6 cubits + one hand width, then 148.45-144 = 4.45 inches left to equal to one hand width if we assume 12x12 = 144 inches, which checks out with my hand.

Deduct a 4.45 inch hand width from 148.45, and we have one cubit /English = 12x12, or 6 cubits. Therefore, one cubit is 24 English inches (6x24 = 144) converted from the Egyptian pyramid base. This result conflicts with scholarly estimation of 18 inches using the elbow to finger tip mean average human body size, which is perhaps not a very good standard.

Egyptian mathematics embedded in pyramids is more accurate. The same measurements are also found in the Aztec pyramids in Mexico City. The great Teotihuacan pyramid outside Mexico City has a very close base dimension within inches then the one in Egypt with identical ration (.08% variation that would be the same if we cleared a few inches of dirt on the base). This approach gives me more a creditable assumption based on imbedded mathematics like “The Seven Royal Numbers” and the “Five Master Equations” of the Giza” pyramid . All of these calculations conform to the Hebrew Alphabet Number System, too. Therefore, all dimensions for the future dimensions of Ezekiel’s Temple given in the Nelson Study Bible should be corrected because the actual size is a little larger.

Pyramids and Prophecy

Two mathematical examples are embedded in the great pyramid in Giza like the “Seven Royal Numbers” and the “Five Master Equations” that I described it in my other books. Interestingly, the use of 7 and 5 in the Great Pyramid correlate well with the Bible’s Rosetta Stone ratio of 7:5 found I discovered in the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation. Besides mathematical cycles used by many to try to predict the future, the Great Pyramid connotes the idea of the City of God now in heaven. (Revelation 21:9-21)

On the other hand, the Mexican pyramid, which is flatter on top, can be construed to point to Satan the serpent. The Aztec religion tells of a great serpent coming to earth in 2012 AD. I did not make up that story, but it does correlate with Bible prophecy.

The building of pyramids abruptly stopped in many cultures when they outlived their purpose. My new spin-axis hypothesis makes perfect sense and gives you the reasons why. After all, they were very expensive to build! Primarily, I find a correlation with the common appearance of writing on stone monuments or disposable materials such as papyrus, clay tablets and ceramic pots or shards.

Many archeologists differ among themselves in dating Egyptian pyramids as they are poor chronological aids. The ancient Egyptians never gave the total duration of dynasties or identified clearly when contemporary dynasties existed. Also, Egyptian Pharaohs did not distinguish between years of sole reign and those of joint reign, such as of a father and his appointed heir. An X-Y axis hypothesis gives us the answer. At a crucial time in ancient history, no accurate calendar existed and none seemed to be able to count time. Thus, you find that the length of Egyptian dynasties vary by 250 years, and Biblical scholars rarely go beyond Abraham or 1500 BC.

To sum it up, there must be reasons when pyramids are poor time markers. I think that the building of pyramids stopped when the spin-axis stopped moving. Since old habits never die, the use was changed and recent pyramids became statements for the rich and mighty.

There are many excellent books describing pyramids in the bookstores, and I only want to add what they usually fail to mention. Millions of tourists visiting the pyramids wonder where the idea of such a structure would have come from since we see them around the world. Who was the first architect who designed it to be copied everywhere?

The Bible again give us the answer as it describes the biggest pyramid ever seen on earth which we will be seen again in the future because it is a spaceship. I refer to what John saw 2,000 years ago and describes in his prophetic book of Revelation. In his vision, John saw the biggest pyramid ever at 1,500 miles square coming through space to earth.

It was descending at a future time frame from heaven to hover over the Jerusalem during the coming millennial reign of Jesus Christ, king over Israel and the nations to rule over the earth. He prophesied that human governments on earth will come to an end and replaced by the Kingdom of God on earth that will rule the nations in righteousness under the Ten Commandments, which will be the global law worldwide.

These laws from space of a new world concept is imbedded in a heavenly pyramid and in that structure may have been copied by the pre-Flood ancient including its embedded mathematics which is so foreign to many of us. Myself included as I only in the last 4 years discovered it.

Therefore, I feel the urged to briefly quote a portion of the book Apocalypse Prophesied Chapter 9, to convey to you the concept of a heavenly pyramid not taught in schools or churches that nobody seems to know about. Just test anybody at random on a street and ask the question. For scientists who do not read the Bible, please bear with me that John 2,000 years ago lived a little closer to a spin-axis phenomenon and saw the star of Bethlehem even visitors from far country came to see.

A 1,500-mile journey on camel back going through hostile robber-infested territories did not prevent them to investigate that phenomenon a little closer. It was the reason later that the king killed hundreds of babies to make sure astronomical signs in the sky would not interfere during his reign as king. The foreign astrologers of their time searching to find answers of their prediction went straight to the king’s palace in Jerusalem for more information to find the connection about that unusual object in the sky and check it out from ancient Hebrew records. We have it much easier now investigating historical events I did not invent but could lead to a better understanding of the world we live in.

“The City of God is the Heavenly Jerusalem.” (Revelation 21:9-21) It will be suspended like a satellite over the earth during Jesus’ thousand-year reign of peace and justice on earth. This city was in orbit over the earth once before. At that time we referred to it as the Star of Bethlehem. It appeared 2,000 years ago when the GodSon, Jesus Christ, stepped into the time dimension and was born as a human baby. This same city will appear again in 2018 and remain there in orbit. This time the city will be connected with the Second Coming of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.”

A detailed description of this fabulous city is given in Revelation 21. It is the traveling spaceship of God Himself and His entourage. Since God knows how curious men are, he has blessed us with a brief look into this strange structure through John’s eyes in the last pages of Revelation.

The New Jerusalem is described as a pyramid approximately 1,500 miles square. It has five sides indicating that it is from Heh, “the other side” and does not belong to our world. The pyramidal City of God has a capstone and four cornerstones constructed out of five massive diamonds miles long. Similar to our modern rockets, this satellite city is designed to travel at high speed through the universe in spite of floating rocks and debris as our rockets are pointed too. Notice to control our rockets we have 4 engines on each corner, which is akin like a square of the pyramid base.

I have a suspicion that ancient civilizations around the world saw this city in the sky and copied its pyramid shape as it floated motionless in the sky. We made movies of encounters of other worlds and I wonder where that idea came from?

Duplicating this design would reflect an invitation for the city-satellite to appear again. Men wanted to connect with it because they knew a supernatural being resided therein. Most pyramids are connected with astrological importance and convey mathematical theories not yet fully understood. Diamonds are cut into pyramid shapes to reflect light, but the Star of Bethlehem is luminous from within. It does not need the sun because God residing in it is its light.

Seeing movie land fantasies and being an inventor I come to conclude that educated man can never create any new ideas unless it already existed and Hollywood is no exception. Somewhere, somehow realty exists and is buried in nature as we only can copy it. For those around the world who have no access to a Bible I will quote from John (AD 96) where this story comes from. He wrote elegantly the last book of the Bible called Revelation with details only a two-rail educated person can understand. Monorail theologians distorted much what was written, interpreted it wrongly and confusing scientist to reject it. My book, Mystery of Tammuz 17, put some order in the Revelation Bible text.

The published book is free on the Internet and in it you will find a different picture painted as your church may teach or perhaps you learned in Sunday school:

Then one of the seven angels who had the seven bowls full of the seven last plagues came and said to me, “Come, I will show you the bride, the wife of the Lamb.” And in the spirit he carried me away to a great, high mountain and showed me the holy city Jerusalem coming down out of heaven from God. It has the glory of God and radiance like a very rare jewel, like jasper, clear as crystal.

It has a great, high wall with twelve gates, and at the gates twelve angels, and on the gates are inscribed the names of the twelve tribes of the Israelites; on the east three gates, on the north three gates, on the south three gates, and on the west three gates. And the wall of the city has twelve foundations, and on them are the twelve names of the twelve apostles of the Lamb.

The angel who talked to me had a measuring rod of gold to measure the city and its gates and walls. The city lies foursquare, its length the same as its width; and he measured the city with his rod, fifteen hundred miles; its length and width and height are equal. He also measured its wall, one hundred forty-four cubits by human measurement, which the angel was using.

The wall is built of jasper, while the city is pure gold, clear as glass. The foundations of the wall of the city are adorned with every jewel; the first was jasper, the second sapphire, the third agate, the fourth emerald, the fifth onyx, the sixth carnelian, the seventh chrysolite, the eighth beryl, the ninth topaz, the tenth chrysoprase, the eleventh jacinth, the twelfth amethyst. And the twelve gates are twelve pearls, each of the gates is a single pearl, and the street of the city is pure gold, transparent as glass.

I saw no temple in the city, for its temple is the Lord God the Almighty and the Lamb. And the city has no need of sun or moon to shine on it, for the glory of God is its light, and its lamp is the Lamb. The nations will walk by its light, and the kings of the earth will bring their glory into it. Its gates will never be shut by day—and there will be no night there. People will bring into it the glory and the honor of the nations.

But nothing unclean will enter it, nor anyone who practices abomination or falsehood, but only those who are written in the Lamb’s book of life. (Revelation 21:9-27 NRSV)

As an inventor, my mind is always looking for what might not be obvious to others. The city of God or Heavenly Jerusalem pyramid is occupied by redeemed resurrected people who are no longer subject to the physical laws of our present material dimension of time and space.

A butterfly is a perfect example emerging after the cocoon stage a totally new creature in design and purpose. The saints therefore have been born into an eternal dimension of the metaphysical world so that they can visit burning galaxies, traveling faster than light, or even visit the interior of a fiery furnace like the fourth person who appeared with Daniel’s friends in the fiery furnace heated up seven times hotter than usual. (Daniel 3:19-27)

This story shows us that even being close to an angel suspends the natural laws of our physical universe as Jesus demonstrated after his resurrection walking through walls and become visible and invisible at will. Mankind’s two stage butterfly creation story compared scientifically you should really become familiar with because it is reality to explain what will happen after you died and can be checkout on the internet. This is an anecdote that reveals God’s plan for us mortals as we too must enter a cocoon stage to emerge as a totally different creature with wings like angels have. Wings expresses in many art paintings demonstrate another dimension of eternal life science is not familiar with.

Being someone who earned his living as a scientist, I look usually for a cause and effect principals to expand on an idea to gain more knowledge. It says in the Bible that the City of God pyramid will be as bright as the sun with streets of transparent gold not found on earth.

I believe because of its immense size that it must also radiate heat being brighter then the sun. Therefore, its distance from earth as it hovers over the earth would definitely change the weather pattern for either good or bad if it would be suspended above you. For example, a change in the satellite city’s location overhead could cause droughts over areas that are in need of punishment. In fact Zechariah describes such an scenario and states (Zachariah 14:16-19) that nations who fail to come yearly to Jerusalem to worship the King of Kings and keep the Feast of Tabernacles maybe punished in this manner.

The Bible prophesies that another asteroid already on its way will end the Apocalypse in 2015 with massive earthquakes lasting 7 days that will shift again tectonic plates. The Bible prophesies the raising the center of the earthly Jerusalem to a high mountain which reveals the source of a mighty underground river then exposed coming from the deepest geological fault line of our globe and filling up the Dead Sea with sweet water. On this mountain a future (4) Fourth Temple will be built and be covered with the mysterious Shekinah cloud of glory, which demonstrates daily God’s presence on a material earth called the Daleth dimension. Why does God choose to represent his presence with a Shekinah cloud?

I can answer that question as it provides a covering so that the radiant nuclear heat bright as the sun of the suspended pyramid above is canceled out. It is also a witness to all nations visiting the Glorious Land that God now controls the politics of nations with an iron road, a warning in the sky of a brilliant ever present cosmic light with consequences of heat changing a weather pattern if it should hover over your city? A message is then given; do not mess with the eternal God and his Saints. That will prevent future wars to get started and keeps nation to live 1000 years in peace together.

There are many more unusual Bible references to think about and is fun to applying it to science which leads into more exiting discoveries rather rejecting its tenants and remain dull never getting stimulated seeing a beautiful Bible sunset. The Bible lets us look into a future time dimension where the resurrected Saint will live in this gravity suspended 1,500-mile large satellite pyramid city of the heavenly Jerusalem just like our astronauts live now in a spaceship.

From there the Saints will govern the world after the second asteroid impact 2015 to be trained to inherit and govern the heavens. It is stated that nothing “unclean” can enter its gate. Unclean means mortal as anybody must be shrouded in protective space suit (Immortal Body) to enter that burning bright city. Clean means we are forgiven and received eternal life at the First Resurrection.

On earth an emerging new civilization will rise again to implement God’s New World Order which will have peace for a thousand years. Jesus, the eternal creator God, will also reside in that traveling residence from space with his people who were born again and received eternal life perfectly suited to live in bright light like the sun. The heavenly pyramid is accessed by 12 gates as there will be much traffic back and forth from earth during a fantastic time connected with God’s Kingdom and to restore the earth to its former splendor.

The Daleth time dimension must end after a thousand years as God’s plan for mankind has been finalized and will not go on forever. Then the pyramid city will move again and be placed on a new earth after 3015 as the time dimension will have ended. It will permanently rest on the new earth and no longer be a satellite floating from one place to another as the Bible declares it. It again will stand like the first pyramid in Egypt a witness before the flood times signaling a new civilization surrounded by redeemed mankind void of sin, no longer needed to be inoculated with evil, which will start the stage of perfected mankind designed for eternity analogue to the second butterfly stage having beautiful wings to fly and enjoy the cosmos prepared now for immortals with an immortal body.

Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and the sea was no more. And I saw the holy city, the New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.

And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, “See, the home of God is among mortals. He will dwell with them as their God; they will be his peoples, and God himself will be with them; he will wipe every tear from their eyes. Death will be no more; mourning and crying and pain will be no more, for the first things have passed away.”

And the one who was seated on the throne said, “See, I am making all things new.” Also he said, “Write this, for these words are trustworthy and true.” Then he said to me,

“It is done! I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. To the thirsty I will give water as a gift from the spring of the water of life. Those who conquer will inherit these things, and I will be their God and they will be my children.

But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the polluted, the murderers, the fornicators, the sorcerers, the idolaters, and all liars, their place will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.” (Revelation 21:1-8 NRSV)

Now we have learned something from the Bible not found in secular literature. Hopefully, it added to your knowledge and understanding about pyramids around the globe.

Previously, I asked the question of who was the first architect of pyramids. Was it the Heavenly Jerusalem originally hovering over the Garden of Eden? Did it remain there until the Flood? Or did it travel around the globe to be seen by pre-Flood people?

It can now be put in another perspective as in either case; it must have put fear and awe in those living before the Flood so that its image became universally associated with God or space aliens imbedding mathematics and the desire to contact them to learn more about science and space. No wonder the zodiac constellations became a pivotal point of interest to mankind being connected with aliens (fallen angels) from space.

As mentioned before in antiquity after the flood advanced civilizations built hundreds of pyramids with various particular features around the globe between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn - 30° north and south of the equator. The pre-Flood pyramid was built using iron tools. The first pyramid reflected imbedded scientific knowledge required for space travel as many discovered math equations prove that.

Ultimately, they all confront us with the existence of the Creator because they imitated His spaceship, as mentioned above, God’s gigantic spaceship as described in Revelation. Then after the flood more pyramid were built which reflect an attempt to copy the Great Pyramid in Egypt without knowing its embedded fundamental laws. Evidence shows in later attempts to imitate the first design shows flaws seen when first tried again that simple square step pyramid structures collapsing.

Different angles where tried again with various building materials. Only when they copied the big Giza Pyramid design next which became the two smaller ones and having iron tools they became successful. Dating various pyramids biased with evolution theory makes it impossible to come to an agreement in establishing chronological sequence. The skill and pre-Flood technology was lost and took some time to reinvent the wheel. Pictures on burial walls show that. Using sleds to move heavy stones makes it obvious that they had no longer the mathematical knowledge of (pi) π needed to calculate a circle which would lead into discovery of wheels if you read something about “Seven Royal numbers.” That knowledge of mathematics was eventually recognized as embedded in the first pyramid, built 500 years before the others. So why did they forget how to properly build pyramids?

Satan’s PreFlood GMOs

Another thought comes to my mind in connection with pyramids. The Bible teaches that Satan is always looking for the opportunity to screw up God’s plan through deception and appearing to be the true light. He is the master imitator, and I believe that Satan immediately mobilized some fallen angels to take advantage of humanity’s desire to live forever becoming as God, which he had falsely promised to Eve. I put the stories about extraterrestrial beings (fallen angels) coming to earth in huge spaceships from the sky to meet with priests and priestesses at the top of pyramids in the biblical context of the Great Deceiver busy in his destructive dirty work. Visiting Mexican pyramids, the tourist guide tells of a serpent coming from heaven, which is a classic copy of imitating God’s pyramid in the sky and its occupants the Saints residing.

The Bible narrates before the flood times that Satan introduced fallen angels (“sons of god”) from another energy spectrum who met sexually some how with mortal women. Perhaps these women’s bodies were offered as “living, spiritual sacrifices” at the temple platforms often placed at the tops of the pyramids. Some may have been priestesses as other cultures indicate. All were performing roles in religious rituals related to fertility worship, which included the guarantee of agricultural bounty. Here we have the ancient use of pyramids in connection with religious rites; agricultural seasons and the construction of a calendar based on heavenly “signs” to organize it all that was carried forward to the after Flood times.

What became of these forbidden unions between demons and women?

The Bible states that giants were born of them called Nephalim, those who fell or smite others. They were mighty warriors as they combined mortal bodies with extraterrestrial energy spectrum spirits from another world the Hebrew defines it with the Heh dimension. (Genesis 6:1-6)

Many ancient pictures and statues depict genetically mixed creatures a fusion of half human and half animal. Satan, of course knew about genes, the building blocks of life before Adam were created. He witnessed how God initially fashioned the world. Recently, humanity is again experimenting in genetic manipulation for profit. The consequences for messing again genetically with God’s Creation will activate God’s Wrath all over again expressed in various forms of judgment. Some are automatic curses that we bring upon ourselves, and some come about due to divine intervention as God seeks to preserve His creation’s basic integrity. It happened to humanity’s First Civilization, and it will happen again to ours as we again violate God’s genetic laws, watch therefore a date 2008-2018.

The Flood was God’s judgment in 2288 BC to save his world in the original genetic make-up. Without the ark submarine boat it would have terminated all animal life on earth. If God had not stopped Satan and caused the Flood, all of humanity would have been genetically corrupted to the point of self-destruction. Genetic aberration grossly distorted the original creation. We would not be here on this globe, and you would not be reading my story either. Examine my description of the Hebrew cuckoo clock cycles in chapter 10 of Apocalypse Prophesied, or go back at the end of this presentation to the last chapter - GMOs exposed. There you will find the reasons why God must intervene again to save his world He created from genetic destructive misapplication of a Frankenstein science gone out of control.

The Bible records that Noah and his genetically healthy sons and their wives were the only survivors of the Flood. Together with the chosen animals and pure seeds saved with them on the ark, God brought a genetically sound remnant to the “other side” of the surging waters to start a world populated by genetically healthy biological life over again.

Pyramids built after the Flood are poor imitations of the pre-Flood monuments. Without iron tools, the post-Flood pyramids were constructed of rough rocks or bricks. They function mostly as burial places for the rich and mighty. These pyramids reflect the survivors’ memories of stories about how it was before the Flood.

Sometimes the post-Flood pyramids also document historical events. Pyramids are connected with a spin-axis change, which if viewed separately, would not make sense. They belong together like a two-rail system for balance. Let’s visit Mexico City and discover more mysteries never published, guaranteed.

Mexican City’s 7 Pyramids in an Outdoor Museum

If you are a tourist in Mexico City, a visit to the main plaza should be included where they excavated ancient pyramids. The city’s central plaza has been converted into an outdoor museum of natural history, and its main features are the five (5) pyramids built one on top of each other.

At their exposed excavated peak you can see two huge stone blocks with a V-groove were the Aztec priests marked the sun solstice time to calibrate their calendar. Then I learned that the Aztecs build a new pyramid every 214 years on top of the other in order to keep their calendar on target to “site” the rising sun.

But why five times? Was it that their calendar did not conform to the sky constellations of an old calendar system and needed to readjust it to a new celestial environment they did not understand? Was it changes in the sun’s rising that kept the priests building one corrected pyramid another?

Building a pyramid of this size is very expensive for any reason. Then to build a new pyramid always on top of the previous one? Two hours away by car another location reveals the same bigger pyramid with another one on the inside? Maybe there are five too, as only one entrance was found for another pyramid on the inside.

These facts, along with the repetitive 214-year period, strongly support my hypothesis that there was a real, astronomical need to re-calibrate the calendar rather than priestly mathematical errors.

The changes to their calendar must have been significant each time, and it must have reflected some change in at least the sun’s movement. Even the largest pyramid located only two hour by car from Mexico City demonstrates calendar changes with one pyramid built within another one, and I asked again, “Why?”

Examining the west side slope of the Teotihuacan pyramid, I noticed protrusions or outcropped bars with multiple steps, which indicated two different calendars on one pyramid, which I will explain later. Also, if you go to the library or buy books about other pyramid excavations, please look at the pictures and notice that many pyramids have two stairways going up. To me this feature indicates the existence of two different spin-axes, where each had its own special markers for proper dating. More on what I mean by this comment a little later.

At the time, I wondered why in the world the ancient people would spend all that money rebuilding pyramids simply to correct their calendar five times. Like several other great civilizations, they were no less intelligent when it came to observing the basics of the movements of the sun, moon, planets and principal stars throughout the year. It cost the equivalent of millions to build even one pyramid. What could have possibly happened to require five significant changes in their structures? I mean that a small correction could have been made without requiring a total rebuild! How could they make such major errors five times?

The answer is that they did not. It was what they saw happening in the sky that changed! The sun and zodiac sign in the heavenly sky did not behave predictably, so they sacrificed hundreds of human beings every year to appease these ill-tempered Aztec gods and rebuilt the pyramids. The ancient Mesoamericans built pyramids in Mexico and the Yucatan peninsula and reflect functioning calendars in their design. The pyramids served the purpose of being observation platforms used to precisely measure the solstice-equinox positions of their present time and align them with fixed constellation as a reference. Archaeologists call the Mesoamericans different names at different times in their historical eras. Traveling across Mexico, I saw a change in masonry quality.

There are two types of pyramids, one were constructed from precision cut stones requiring iron tools the other use river stones. The western side of Mexico evidences much older cultures than the eastern side which used river stones. They did not have iron available for cutting stones therefore they resemble the true Bronze Age. This can readily be seen in artifacts and objects of daily life in the pictures pyramid book I bought from the museum in Mexico City.

The later Mesoamerican pyramids on the eastern side of Mexico were built solely for religious purposes. There is no indication that they were used to measure time as the spin axis stopped and observation towers where no longer needed for reason of climate changes. Thick overlaying clouds opened up to more blue skies as the snow line receded farther away from the 30° longitude toward the Polar Regions. Therefore tracking habits of an unknown religion shaped some remnants of the pyramid outline used previously in calendar counting. Primarily, I noticed the angle of the steps. The later pyramids’ stairs reflect the modern tilt of the earth’s axis (the “Y” axis of my coming explanation) of about two times 23½°.


In Mexico City outdoor museum, I bet that no visitor would guess why the ancient Aztec lined up 15 horizontal stone heads with seven layers on top on a wall. The picture photograph I copied from the tourist book should have shown the skulls tilted against the background of the horizontal building roofline. That would be more accurate what I saw on my visit. Details like that reveal much like one side was sinking more than the other side reflecting that the top of the pyramid represents lose dirt piled up for thousands of years.

Here we learn that mathematically each stone head represents one Gregorian day change for every 15 years in a spin axis change for a full year of 365 days. By adding skulls and multiply it with 15, we get so many days difference in one solstice year. So 14.3 years times 120 skulls would equal a period of 1,716 years (14.3x120 = 1,716) from 2287 BC to 571 BC (2,287-1,716 = 571). For example in a case of 105 stones leftover on the wall, we can simply calculate the date of the new after flood calendar with the X-Y position on the Z-axis.

With 120 original skulls piled on a wall, minus 15 skulls gives remainder of 105. For a 365 Z-axis days perspective, we have minus 15 missing skulls = (105+260 = 365). That means 15 skulls times 14.3 year for each skulls axis change diminishing on the X-axis represents 214 years (15x14.3 = 214). Since the skulls are missing we deduct it from 2287 BC which is 2073 BC (2287-214 = 2,073). The 260-day count on the Y-axis is the Aztec clock explained by the Spanish friar recorded in the 1500s becomes the equivalent of the second pyramid built on top in the outdoor museum Mexico City.

In other words, the scholars’ 260-day Aztec cycles are totally misleading because they do not understand the Aztec calendar-clock and are ignorant of the earth’s past changes of spin-axis. The Aztecs then counted from the new emerging Y-axis in particular year and added a counterclockwise wobble old Aztec X-axis spin difference (X-axis spin calculation [1.8] expressed on my Figure A) and included the leftover 105 stone heads we get 365 days for a full solstice cycles around the sun Z-axis spin (260+105 = 365).

So counting skulls can give us a X-Y spin-axis differential date between 2288 BC to 588 BC. Once you know that, a table or later bronze clock will give you zodiac positions for knowing when to plant your seed so that you get a harvest even though you are close to the glacial snowline. Do not forget that living so close to a 30° longitude during this ice age also made it vitally necessary to keep track of all calendar changes.

I asked the question did the Aztec understand why and what happening to the earth spin axis? Maybe they did after the 5 th building project as they stopped building pyramids after that and placed a wall of skulls on top replaced by a cheaper more advanced technology you can see visiting the outdoor museum in Mexico City. The spin-axis came to rest therefore no more calendar changes where needed. Also, notice that Chinese and Egyptian calendars use 360 days in a year and correct the shortage of days by celebrating five holidays around New Year where those missing days where not counted as being part of the calendar cycles.

Adjacent to the excavation site of the Archeological Museum Mexico City we find an inside museum where I bought some archeological books. Leaving through it, one picture shows something like a Chinese abacus calculator showing three separate bars that has three balls next to each other with 11 vertical layers. Calculating 3x11=33 and three bars makes 99 balls again. Subsequently here is my own interpretation no archeologist ever to my knowledge would guess its meaning, but if you follow my thesis it’s not too difficult.

The old Aztec counting system of 13-day cycles x 4 quadrant with 5 remaining spin multiplied we get 260-day cycle for one solstice-to-solstice year that was still used about Moses’ time. At that point, you will notice on my graph [Figure A] a spin ratio a little less of 2.8 (1897 BC) if you understand my bicycle spin theory, and I would date that pyramid with a 260-day count as #2.

After the Aztecs built another pyramid, they noticed that old counting calendar intervals were getting worse with the X-axis still getting smaller required an indoor technology costing less and more handy then measuring outdoor skulls next to building huge pyramid structures miles away from the community.

The Chinese abacus-looking instrument is more portable and functions the same as an outdoor stone skull pile. Notice 3 balls lined up in vertical rows of 11, three (3) times, which I think would fit near the second pyramid correction for a calendar problem that seems impossible to rectify. To decipher the secrets of this instrument, we should realize that the X-axis would merge into the Y-axis over a period from 2288 BC to 588 BC.

The picture calculator has 99 balls and therefore my prognosis is that each ball measures approximately 15 years of a declining X-axis just like stone heads in a pile of 120 in the center of the outdoor museum in Mexico City. Every 15 years they could simply remove one ball, and when all balls were gone, the X-axis would no longer exist.

This calculator was built 90 years after Pyramid #1 because it has 21 balls missing from the pile of 120-skull calendar system. The first Pyramid range is 120-15 = 105 one layer of skulls (2287-214 = 2673 BC). The 99-ball instrument would be in a timeframe of the second pyramid built (120-21 = 99) equivalent to starting with the second layer of skulls. That means 21 missing skulls from the pile indicates that 300 years later (21x14.3 = 300) from 2287 BC they built another pyramid on top in 1987 BC (2287-300 = 1987).

When we check out the exponential curve we are in a timeframe before the 2.8 (Peleg-Tera) on my chart, which means the velocity of a spin reduction is very fast for every century and therefore we see in very short times pyramids built over the previous one. Only after 1.8 we have somewhat a straight line toward 588 BC.

As the Aztec constructed the first pyramid, it became obsolete and had to be correct five times. When the Aztec corrected the last pyramid they found out that after the 5th calendar change it is still getting worse counting with the old pre-Flood calendar system. During that time new technology arrived supplementing the old system by removing 15 skulls from the pile every 214 years to make the old calendar system work again.

Building another pyramid on top of each other to correct for a 12.5% X-axis change could be measured another way. To repeat it again and keep track in their calendar system, they remove one stone skull every fifteen (15) years from a pile of 120 lined up horizontal with 15 skulls. When the ball reduction became a whole level of 15 skulls, they probably build another pyramid on top of the other to save the cost of getting more building material to last another cycle. That would keep the priesthood happy and keep on worshiping their 20 sun gods for another 214 years.

In time even the simple stone skull counting method was getting worse as they stopped building pyramids altogether. Other methods like calculators a forerunner to clocks were invented to keep track of a changing calendar cycle. The mechanical calculator picture in the museum is just a cheaper way to measure an X-Y axis relationship. It is an indoor version of the outdoor skull calendar system. As the X-axis changes, balls could be removed correlating with a table for easy calculation of dates.

Two Pyramids in Teotihuacan

Outside Mexico City, I noticed a pyramid layout on a grand scale. In the north, we have a so-called Moon Pyramid. Pointing a north and south axis, you will see a very broad avenue and in the middle stands than the big one, with another pyramid discovered on the inside. The big structure is 746 feet square and 213 feet high, which is half the height of the Egyptian Pyramid and more flattened out twice the angle of 47°. The base dimension of this pyramid is identical to the Giza Egyptian pyramid and I ask how did they know that dimension?

The Teotihuacan Aztec pyramid showed building changes too of another pyramid on the inside. The wider angle toward the top could indicate a wider tilt axis angle consistent with my tilt axis theory. One of Noah’s sons became descendant ended as Aztecs tribes. They remembered carpenters tools like a straight edges, a plumb weight hanging on a string to measure vertical positions, which is simple enough to build any houses or pyramids. Since they know from before the flood time the inch dimension of the great pyramid build in Egypt they duplicated its base dimension but could not built it as high because they had only river stone material available. Not having iron tools to fashion solid stone blocks perhaps limited construction as river stones are not strong enough to carry the weight. This is typical of a Bronze Age pyramids; therefore, they only went half as high.

Looking at my photographs, I notice four horizontal layers on most pyramids on top of each other. The bottom angle appears to coincide with the third level and the second level coincides with the first top level aligning with the same angle looking edgewise. Each step is offset but wide enough for someone to lay there and look up in the sky. I think I found the key how the ancient might have used to measure weekly calendar position in a flexible sky with a pyramid structure. Understanding that methods could open up understanding why there are 5 pyramids on top of each other in Mexico City.

You will not find this idea printed in any book. To measure calendar readings during a week in a particular season like winter or summer when the night sky is clear you need two helpers or four to compute what is in the sky. You also need a table to write with either a clay tablet or suitable goatskin with charcoal pen. I imagine each person during the night will lie down on either ledge on the corner of the pyramid, let’s say south side of the pyramids with the ascending edge facing north and notice the stars at the apex. To pick the nearest star visible which align with the angle at the apex analogous to a gun sight. We need two merging alignment points looking up along the edges of the pyramid pinpointing a star. Another person doing the same on the other edge would give us an intersecting star. If we do that every week, we will notice the changes from week-to-week as you looked at the same familiar star and track is movement. In the morning, the helper astrologer would go into the temple and plot the night star position, which was very simple.

On the wall was a map of painted dots, which would represent the sky with important star positions that were previously identified, something like a duplicate of the nightly sky. The left side pyramid observation helper now uses the plumb and straight edges and marks the previous night’s measurement from the left corner of the pyramid nearest to the star with a dot on a wall. The right helper does the same, from the right corner crossing over like an X the left helper to mark those pointing to the nearest dot. All they have to do find the approximate point next to a known star dot on the wall.

They now have two readings at different angles on different levels of the pyramid looking up as each which will project on the wall one X on top and one X on the bottom. Then the two X marks–the upper and lower are connected vertical with a plumb line connecting the two X marks. On the horizontal like I am sure are marked increments of inches representing days, week and month where the plumb line intersected.

That same method would work with an Eskimo totem pole in the northern regions with longer shadows. At mid-noon sun, a shadow is projected from the pole and is marked with a stake. That same night you place your head at the stake position and look up to the top over the pole end tip and spot the nearest star. Tracking that star from week to week gives you data to establish a table to measure time.

As the zodiac sky became fixed, the pyramid design was exchanged for a cheaper arrangement - an obelisk, like the one in Washington, DC next to the White House. Obelisks were usually constructed from one solid stone. The pointed mini-pyramid at its tip performs the same job as a full-sized pyramid.

Traveling boards were used to mark a particular constellation, and I discovered another mystery bronze gold plated disk not yet deciphered by scholars because they refuse to read the Bible. That close-mindedness misses a lot of exiting discoveries. For some strange reason a farmer in Germany recently found a bronze plate with gold dots called the Himmelsscheibe as scientist have not figured it out what it represents. Could it be a portable wall map to measure obelisk or totem pole measurements? Later you can read my first interpretation of “Die Himmelsscheibe” translated from the German, which you find included in this book as an appendix.

I can now consider two possible interpretations: one from the Hebrew side and the other from the Aztec side. The Hebrew interpretation looks at the stars from the heavenly or Heh dimension perspective while the scientific or material, Daleth viewpoint, is presented in the Aztec data. That is why science is so much fun for me as it overlays from a two-rail perspective. Using a portable bronze disk from the Daleth perspective could save a long walk to a temple wall to figure out the calendar position for a particular week.

In the meantime, Beate Staufenbiel has written about the Himmelsscheibe, an ancient bronze disc I wrote about on my Internet site. Her article coincides with my second, Aztec-influenced, interpretation of the Himmelsscheibe. Ms. Staufenbiel was puzzled why the sky arrangement shows zodiac star positions for only 180 days in a year.

I look at the Himmelsscheibe’s 6 big objects and 30 stars like clock cycle numbers. The equation points out [6x30 = 180+2] a half-year relationship. The author was perplexed that the bronze plate indicates 26 weeks for winter-spring, summer-autumn quarter division and felt that is “was unlikely though” because we experience those quarterly seasons in one year and not in half-years. However, she is right, and I am impressed. As with a pendulum wobble, we must also place the bronze sky disk in its proper chronological context.

Figure A

Check it out on my [Figure A] diagram from Chapter 3. Remember that my study of the Aztec calendar reveals the precession cycles of five star constellations moving in 12 zodiac cycles, two times in one year, which is 180 days for a full cycle. She is right on track but still confused because she is unaware of the diminishing X-axis hypothesis I have described in this book. With these few notes, her interpretation will have a correct closure.

Figure A indicates that the earth was then wobbling at about 2.0, which means that it traveled two precession cycles of Polaris, Alderabin, Vega, Tau-Herculis, Thuban within one Gregorian, 365-day year. Ancient calendars with a backspin wobble are different from our present earth axis now fixed at 23½°. The bronze Nebra Sky disk was dated 1600 BC, which dates before Moses [1400 BC]. It should be connected with the Aztec calendar pattern of 40 holes around the periphery and divided into four quadrants. The spin-axis, wobble hypothesis provides a better answer to this mystery.

Walking around the open pyramid grounds takes hours. I noticed further along the north–south axis street on the other end of the Moon Pyramid what I believe to be the most ancient temple. Built on a square bigger than a football field and on its periphery block structures indicating the #13. On the very center, there was a raised square platform foundation the size of a house, demonstrating an axis center. It was easy for me to recognize my model calendar when I saw the pattern and thinking about my Totem pole or obelisk illustration. It would work perfectly looking long distance over the apex of the Great Pyramid always from a fixed position.

The square tower formation on the corners of the football field size open area were its base dimension is known from tower to tower, would give various angles from each tower for the same star constellation a different position for tracking, which now make a lot of sense why they built it in the first place. I often wondered why some pyramids are just pointed as others have two stones on top?

The two-stone model would only measure solstice cycles and was the very first style of pyramids built. After they realized that there was a changing X-Y axis, they needed to measure axis changes, which became pyramids later built without two stones but pointed on top. Descendents from the Aztec moving in time north and became the North America Indians who used totem poles the same way. It was a much cheaper method and more advanced technique to measure the same thing just as the obelisks appearing in Egypt made using pyramids obsolete to get the same reference point in the sky to line up like a rifle visor indicating a near star.

To conclude my line of reasoning is that the Mexico City is the first and oldest pyramid built in the Bronze Age. The Aztecs before the Flood measured only solstice-to-solstice cycles. After the Flood, they built high platforms to do the same because now you have a high point on lowland to see the stars more clearly and frequently due to the rain clouds and fog caused by a climate influenced by nearby snow and ice.

When they realized that the movement of the sun through the zodiac order of constellations was not consistent with the repetitious annual cycles of the old system, they changed to a point on top axis measurement to track the two X-Y axis changes. I deduct from this when the Spaniards came they met the King at his resident pyramid complex, which was the Teotihuacan site and not Mexico City. The walls going up are very smooth and have four (4) horizontal layers like a 4 step pyramid.

Then examining on my way walking along the middle of the large pyramid I noticed on the South side protrusions sticking out against the background of a large smooth surface all the way up the pyramids. They look like massive bars carved out with three feet high steps on them. That would support my X-Y axis hypothesis several ways.

Remember in dating ancient sites, we must notice details like the Mexico City pyramids have two stones on top and therefore are older. The pyramid in Teotihuacan with a pointed top indicates a later technology development needed as they realized an axis change not just solstice counting years. The walls going up are very smooth and have four horizontal layers like a four step pyramid.

South side of the Great Pyramid Teotihuacan

The designer of these bars protrusions wanted to represent an X-axis merging with Y-axis and embossed a time frame when the second pyramid was built. So starting out on the second layer of the pyramid I counted 6 vertical bars protrusions with steps on them maybe 3 feet wide and 21 feet up the walls sticking out three feet. On the bottom base layer there are (4) four vertical bars. When I counted the vertical bars with the steps, they revealed numbers I reckoned to be the Aztec calendar before the Flood. On the second tear layer higher up the pyramid, notice two groupings of 2 vertical bars with 13 steps and 4 bars with 13 steps. On the bottom layer left side groupings of one bar with 7 steps and on the right side 3 bars 11 steps.

These grouped stone bars together overlay with symbolic pictures I saw in the museum. This bar arrangement than reflects a spin axis relationships considering the pyramids in Mexico City built in earlier time frame of the 2 nd of five pyramids on top of each other. The outcropping is similar to how architectural design drawings note a date at the bottom and usually have a scale to make you understand the proportion of the design features. The ancients did it with stone protrusions.

You do not have to be an expert archeologist to notice that they represent a two spin-axis system. Even the pattern on he top left is crossed over with the bottom right reflect like our letter X meaning crossing over an axis’s relationship. So if you reversed the groupings of the top from right to left bars you will easily see the overlay from a western educated mindset and read the information embedded like a book from top down we are familiar with. The bottom layer represents the Aztec time before the Flood of Noah, which shows a one bar protrusion on the left side with 7 steps, indicating the 7 spin-axis cycles in one solar orbit of 365 days. The top layer above crossed over shows 4 bars with 13 steps. As a result, we can easily recognize a 7 and (4x13=) 52 relationship for the X-axis. Then guessing about 30 feet away where the handsome man is standing there are three (3) bars with 11 steps together is 33 and another grouping crossed over with 2 bars 13 steps = 26 steps.

South Side of PyramidWhen you looked again at the stone wall picture seen in the outdoor Museum of Mexico City with 15 human stone skulls horizontal lined up on the base with 7 levels laid on top, counting 105 stone skulls (15x7) on top of each other, we will recognize a method for calendar correction. The bottom single bar left side protrusion on the South side of the great pyramid shows the X-axis of seven spin alternating cycles.

And on top are two bars with 13 steps. Remember half a cycle going from east to west for the sun to rise and than reversing west to east for one year/month 52 day Aztec calendar around an X-axis, which is indicated as the first bar with seven steps seven cycles. But if we crossed over and relate 4 bars with 13 steps, than we have a pattern of (4x13) 52 days grouped together in relation to 7. This is a perfect X-axis theory representation.

The next group of 3 bars on the bottom have imbedded a number 11 (3x11) = 33 and is connected with the group of 2 bars on top layer of a latter time frame with 13 = 26 steps. These outcroppings represent an architectural signature from the designer at what point they designed this structure. In a flexible calendar, it is important that you tell people further down in time why was this building designed with what parameters on a sliding calendar scale.

Let’s do the math we are familiar with from the Aztec clock chapter. The lower level to the higher level indicates a ratio. So 33 steps is in relation to 26 steps which gives us a spin-axis ratio of the X-axis to Y-axis. (33/26 = 1.26) Check it out on my spin axis graph [Figure A] where 1.26 is a little after 1.31.

The previously calculated 2 nd Pyramid Mexico City outdoor museum was built in 1986 BC (21 Skulls times 14.3 from 2287 BC = 1986) calculated from the Chinese ball picture of 99 balls (3x11x3 = 99) which is 300 years different. It could be dated in line with the second Mexico City pyramid which interprets to me that the Teotihuacan pyramid complex was at the heights of the Aztec culture around 1300 BC (Moses’ time) building the last pyramid on top of an old one in Mexico City. When the Spaniard came to Mexico City next door, I think it was abandoned as a major town no longer important, heaping up dirt around five obsolete pyramids used for periphery fortification of the Kings palace–temple-Pyramid complex in Teotihuacan against neighboring warring tribes.

Ancient Toltec records go back to 4004 BC when Adam and Eve were kicked out of the garden, which is 1716 years to the 2287 BC. This is 33x52 = 1,716 Aztec cycles as we notice that number with three (3) bars of 11 = 33 on the south side of this pyramid and above 4 bars x 13 = 52.

Many tourists will pass by and never give it one thought why the south side of this big pyramid would indicate a time dimension and be a marker of prehistoric events embedded in stone with two scales preserved forever. The Toltec information relate to pyramids build before 2287 BC using the Aztec calendar system from pre-Flood time. But the Aztecs who came after wanted to connect with 4004 BC and therefore we see on the lower layer 3 bars with 11 steps meaning 33 cycles connected with 52 steps above indicating a time frame where the human history started (33 x 52 = 1,716).

There are other pyramids built before 2287 BC in Egypt, but here we see that they copied the exact Egyptian foundation dimension to be identical but half the height because the axis wobble is 4 (pyramid) layers x 23½°. Why did they build another pyramid one on top rather changing some steps to adjust the system?

I could only think of one reason to reflect a changing spin axis wobble becoming smaller therefore steeper angle on the top and needed to build higher up the second time around to indicate that but were restricted by river stones not carrying the weight over higher structure.

On the picture above, we see four levels. The top stairway indicates the 360-day calendar Z-axis. Then the next level down is dual stairways X-axis and Y-axis, one is twice wider than the right one and could indicate a ratio, which makes a dual spin axis obvious. Then the third layer is a very wide stairways and I would guess 99 steps indicating the X-axis leftover. I have not been up to the top but intend to do so in my next visit to verify the steps.

If so it could represent the leftover, 99 skulls of the declining X-axis that is also expressed on the south side’s protrusion previously discussed. The 99 balls Chinese calendar looking instrument dates the same time. Go back to the Indian Clock where we find equivalent 95 skulls references by Shatapatha Brahmana and Lagadha very close to this time range in Mexico separated by continents. That proves the spin axis theory as it can be observed around the globe. The last stairway has 13 steps indicating one quadrant like one season. The first pyramid underneath would have had 105 steps (120-15 = 105) and ends about (2287-214) = 2072 BC.

Another question was answered for me, “Why is the wall of skulls on top of five pyramids?”

The skulls represent high technology in comparison of five failures having spent five times million of pesos for nothing. The skulls are made of individual stones made with iron tools and therefore portable. They could be lined up anywhere. They represent the latest technology, which is superior measuring an X-Y axis spin relationship that came later. Now they represent a tombstone placed over a dead technology buried beneath but still sacred place. It is like the first disk drive built by Borough Corporation 60 years ago weighing tons. Now we have a disk drive in your laptop.

As the early citizens of Mexico City no longer needed the pyramid to tell time being outdated, they built fortifications around it as the town grew in size. Established towns do get bigger and needed fortification of walls and enlarge its circumference. The old wall stones became building material for the next layer to build houses and temples for the elite. Along filling up uneven pockets of previous wall constructions filled up with dirt brought from the outside of the city. That process got repeated a thousand times and the town center of a forgotten pyramid became smaller with a small pyramid sticking out indicating a graveyard.

Eventually walls surrounding the town became unnecessary and the pyramid altogether where forgotten except for the tombstone pile of skulls, which where portable and had to be placed on top of the sacred grave as the level of the surrounding building sides grew higher.

Mexican Pyramid Steps

Another reason why are the five pyramid covered with dirt may have been volcanic activity of neighboring volcanoes. Recent down town building projects to erect a sky scraper while excavating for the basement revealed the five buried pyramid beneath and was therefore turned into an outdoor museum. Maybe the priest were so embarrassed to have screwed up five times on a million peso project, they piled up 200 feet of dirt to cover up their assumed idiocy to question their priestly power. Now you have a story with dates that sound so different what you read in tourist books.

Calculating the Age of Mexico City, 2000 BC

The next pyramids #3, #4, #5 in Mexico City no longer reflect solstice time markers but rather religious cycles to serve a system of 20 gods the priesthood invented. Just like in our American culture, we exchanged 200 years of Bible teaching of a monotheistic Christian Hebrew God to exchange it with many atheistic science gods of our imagination controlling our life from birth to the grave. I mean opinions as in my lifetime most school text books where discarded for new teaching dumping ancient historic events which the university priesthood disagreed with because it comes from the Bible, just like my inventions lay now in an Italian museum I recently discovered, no longer useful and outdated.

The full spin-axis theory of the Aztec discovery matching the Bible in Genesis should be another book especially enhanced with computer graphics to show the earth spin in various time cycles. This will continue until the serpent according to Aztec religion and Satan from Revelation in the Bible is thrown out of heaven on 2012 AD.

We see five unfinished pyramids in Mexico City with the two massive head stones on top, and we know that it measures sun cycles. Consequently, we can deduct from that we are on top of the last pyramid built.

Pyramids built after BC/AD no longer measure calendars as the reason disappeared. This fact should have been noticed by scholars trying to date pyramids around the world. Dating Mexican pyramids in the AD window especially does not make sense to me; therefore, it must have other purposes. All pyramids made with river stones are typical of the Bronze Age in Mexico City and are over 200 feet high.

I deduce that these 5 unfinished pyramids lie buried in 200 feet of debris dating back centuries. All government and church buildings on the plaza built by the Spanish surround this outdoor museum. They sit higher and their basements seem to be in line with the top of pyramids excavated.

Buried civilizations in other places teach us that people build new structures on top of each other over leveled out older structures. In time, the surrounding ground floor is raised. So digging down we can see layers of previous civilizations and measure therefore time. Estimating 200 feet high debris which is the heights of neighboring pyramids around Mexico City accumulated within a 30 miles periphery is a lot of dirt and had to be hand carried from somewhere else perhaps 100 miles away considering that this location was on the bottom of a lake and was originally called Mud Village.

That massive amount of accumulated dirt had to come from someplace to build up a modern city now 200 feet higher and flat for miles. Just calculating a historical periods between the 5 pyramids would have a minimum 600 year range between them and than adding one inch dirt mean average per year raising the ground layer over such big city would be 2,400 (200 feet x 12 = 2,400 inches).

Assuming one-inch mean average raising the ground equals one year, which is reasonable estimate that means 2,400 years. And than add 214 years five times for each pyramid built = 1070 years and we get 3,470 years (2,400+1,070 = 3470) If we deduct from 1521 AD when the Aztec capital Tenochtitlan fell in the hands of Cortes, we come to a long established Mexico City estimated to be 2058 BC, which is 16 skulls from the pile of 120.

That would start the date perfectly for the second pyramid with the next row of 15 on top of the other. Raising the surroundings of a city 200 feet high could be calculated by comparing it to 10,000 truck loads full of building materials or dirt brought into down town to Mexico City every year for three thousand years which equals about only 400 truck loads of building material per acre per year raising the ground level ½ inch higher which seems reasonable to me.

I have ordered garden soil many times, and when it is spread out, it never seemed too much dirt to cover my vegetable plot. Writing books with authority to date ancient burials sites requires logical thinking which is now missing in our public schools or tourist books printed by monorail scientist. A date given by scientist to be AD 1325 for the founding of a Aztec capital city is in stark contrast to just simple logic covering five pyramids with dirt.

There is still a nagging question in my mind. Why did the Aztec in Mexico City heap up so much dirt around five pyramids? I date the first pyramid to 2000 BC being buried in 200 feet of debris that had to be carted from far away. It was erected in the center of a large lake. What could have possibly motivated them to employ ten thousand laborers to carry 50 lb on their back and walk 40 miles to deposit it on a sacred place? Why was this place more sacred than other places?

I saw a picture of the first town in the middle of a lake with a temple complex and pyramid. I do not know its origin, which was to have been the beginning of Mexico City. It clearly showed a raised earthen causeway to reach the island.

My answer to that question can only be found in our timeframe. From 1947-2006 Canadian and French scientist yearly measured the changing magnetic North Pole and discovered that it moves 40 km every year in the direction towards Siberia across the Polar Regions.

As previously mentioned in my clock chapter, I discovered that the internal iron core of the earth functions like a gyroscope fixed in a way to indicate an ancient spin of the outer shell of the earth as we can measure its magnetism. Then we can calculate the 40 km drift where the original Magnetic North Pole was located in 2000 BC on the globe. Using simple math points to the location of the Magnetic North Pole at the site and at the time when the first pyramid was built in Mexico City.

Projecting myself back into that time, anyone who found a magnetic iron rock from space and putting it on a hollow bamboo boat functioning like a compass needle would see a mystery force pointing in the direction to the magnetic polar pole to the middle of that ancient lake. The Aztecs discovered that magnetic pole circle happened to be the center of a lake, and then going around on the edge of that lake with your compass contraption will always point to the center if the magnetic pole was there.

Magnetic forces are still mystery to scientists today doing the same method now on ice in the polar region, as we have no explanation why they exist. I am not surprised that it could motivate a society to honor a God of their liking sacrificing their time or money like Christians putting money on the plate to pay for the establishment projects they think is important. Just take a trip to Europe and stand in the middle of a large cathedral and try to think why anyone would build it so high not having iron for reinforcement. If you have another reason, I would like to hear about it.

The Truth About Mexico

Expensive calendar books printed by academic publishing companies are grossly underestimating Mexico City’s antiquity since they do not connect ancient Mexican culture with other cultures that have identical building styles of either bronze or iron tools around the globe. Surrounding Aztec Palace walls showing Hebrew Genesis accounts pictures dating prior to AD 1500 should raise a question, “Where did that come from?”

It comes from schoolbooks still falsifying history to cover up lies perpetrated by the pope in Italy, who was responsible for monumental crimes committed against 100,000,000 people and for destroying a flourishing civilization of a thousand cities just to melt down their accumulated gold.

False stories were spread to explain the sudden influx of massive gold into Spain and Italy with lies spread that the Americas were just discovered in 1492. They depicted the inhabitants of these continents as isolated, primitive, uncivilized people appearing to be subhuman on the evolutionary scale practicing evil religions and in need of being Christianized. That myth perpetrated under the order of the pope and spread by an influential wealthy Italian merchant to cover up their crimes was very successful as we still print it in our schoolbooks and teach it to our children that the original Americans were primitive tribes coming from the arctic, and Christopher Columbus discovered a new continent.

That they totally erased a flourishing ancient society existing for thousands of years to plunder them of years accumulated gold deposited in thousand of ancient temples and pyramids was not mention in that discovery. That falsehood recorded in European is still around with us and clouds our judgment in science as our school books still teach that lie with a discovery of the Americans by Christophoro Columbo Anno Domini 1492/1499.

Sailboats traveled the earth for thousand of years before 1500 and visited other countries around the world. Iron tools from Europe in Roman times were traded before the discovery of the Americas as stone buildings and Hellenistic and Roman style architecture in Mexico–Mayan culture predating the 1500 friar’s account witness. The popes in Europe knew that and had ancient maps in their possession that you can check out in the Vatican. I have a map copy from Kenr. Honlius, 1630, which shows thousands of cities marked in Russia and Norwegian in Greenland and along the coastal towns of North and South America. So were does this map come from?

The Vatican and royal court in Spain paid for the excursion to invade other countries to finance their bankrupt state motivated them to look beyond their borders and financed boats and an army to find valuables like gold to pay off their debt. Their greed was boundless as many boats sunk overloaded with gold, like an overloaded airplane will not fly stretched to the physical limit. Many overloaded sunken boats filled with gold are continually found in our time. The early scouts, like Columbus, told them that they did not have guns, gunpowder, horses and that a conflict to conquer a country beyond the sea would therefore be very easy and profitable once they saw the gold in their temples.

The Spanish soldiers where protected with iron armor, longer swords and canons, which could subdue any society rich in gold based on Bronze Age technology. Also, horses would be very advantageous used as there seems to be non around locally. The discovery myth of the Americas is still taught as fact in every school books I find in my neighborhood, but the truth is found somewhere else and no wonder our scientist are stuck in outmoded theories and distorted historic lies and their judgment is clouded. Watching a recent TV series telling about a Chinese boat invasion to the Americas hundreds of years before Columbus days, which reinforces my opinion. Boats dug up in China imbedded in ancient dry-dock showed boats about four times the size of European Colombo’s ships. A Chinese map 200 years before that time held in custody in Portuguese museums shown on TV indicates shipping routes around the world including South America. I am sure the pope had copies you should ask the Vatican.

It is interesting for me to notice that the Aztec who lived before the asteroid impact of 2288 BC had 52,000 cycles which is 26,000 half cycle. After the asteroid impact, the Mayans recorded 25,625 years, 375 years less, why? (26,000-25625 = 375) If we do the math and compare our correction factor of the Gregorian calendar (365.24/360 =1.0145) meaning the 1.0145 is the fraction of change for the new spin-axis movement we can measure.

Then we compare the Aztec information against later dated Mayan information and to the math (26,000/25,625 = 1.0146) we can see that is complies with my spin axis theory as recorded by ancient people. We will later be surprised to find that very fact that the oldest book I know of is the Bible, which is recording a great civilization’s end.

Interpretation of a Wall Picture in Teotihuacan Palace of Tepantitla Near Mexico City

The Hebrew Alphabet Number System reveals Bible prophecy in a new way. It alerted me to details I would never have noticed otherwise. The wall picture of the palace reveals the earliest religion of the Aztec civilization during Noah’s time 2288 BC as it matches other cultures I learned about. It has the same roots and communicates the same religious concept discovered recently in China, and predates the Genesis account of Moses by minimum 500 years. They show a common origin, like the Hebrew civilization before the Flood, and strangely connect to Genesis events.

Archaeologists dated a Great Calendar Stone discovered, assumed to have been built by Axayacatl, an Aztec chief in AD 1479, is grossly misplaced in history. I previously expressed the reason why the university dating method is false, is disgustingly illogical, and does not match with the Julius Caesar’s calendar of 54 BC, which can be observed on both sides of the globe in various cultures.

Therefore, if one could count a solstice-to-solstice, 365-day calendar at any location around the world, it would be reflected in observatories built for that purpose like pyramids. To measure solstice movement of the earth spin-axis in ancient times and compare it today around the world what other cultures left for us recorded in their buildings made from stone, should give us a dating method to place any culture in a proper historical context. Some scholars dream up a cultural sequence not documented with facts. Therefore, I maybe a lone swimmer against popular believe system but strongly believe that the Aztecs are descendents from Noah via the Chinese emigration route which gives my theoretical axis perspective a much higher credence of possibilities as other facts align to a consistent logical concept which is missing mostly in our history books.

According to the Mexican scholar Alfonso Caso, we can identify three categories of images, signs, or symbols like iconographic, ideographic, and phonetic writings. Iconographic shows images of people, of things, places and activities represented symbolically. Ideographic can be linked to icons like many orthodox Christian picture reveal thoughts and ideas of their faith. Phonetic writings are expressed in hieroglyph symbols found in the Chinese language or Egyptian tombs.

Consequently, on the painted wall picture we could find all three of these art forms which than could reveal a proper place in history. Examining a picture found in the Teotihuacan Palace has all the earmarks of religious transformation of the very first Aztec religion of a monotheistic God that was destroyed or exchanged to multiple gods ending with 20 names found in later pictures. Let’s check out what a wall picture reveals from ancient times. It would give us information where to date it to be in conformance with other data of its surroundings.

We will notice on the next page picture three horizontal levels or three separate pictures across the wall but are connected with obvious symbols by a vertical axis. That means they are connected religiously in parallel and look like one of the ideographic characteristic Mr. Alfonso Caso mentioned. They indicate to me three levels of dimension like the Bible defines it as three (3) heaven dimension.

  1. 3rd Heaven in the Bible = Hebrew-Jod,
  2. 2nd Heaven = Hebrew-Heh dimension
  3. 1st Heaven the earth-air = Hebrew Daleth dimension (Hell or Hades considered being Heh dimension.)

My 3rd Heaven Observations:
(Top layer of the picture)

The main feature is a throne on the left side with seven light bulbs or long necked fruit hanging over it and on either side, 10 symbols arranged as follows from left to right.

A throne left from the middle with jaguars facing.

  1. Two Jaguars facing throne left side + plant leaves.
  2. Five Jaguars facing throne right side + plant leaves.
  3. One big Star on far right side.
  4. Throne, 7 long necked fruit hanging.
  5. Left and right from throne two little stars.
  6. On either side of the throne unidentified objects.


A. The throne is the main feature in the outermost cosmos (analogous to Revelation 4:1-11 and expressed in the Hebrew letter Jod). It has 10 levels of Dimensions in the 3rd Heaven hierarchy to approach God of the Universe. The levels are dual in nature. Five + two (7) Jaguars are wrapped in a blanket around its belly indicating purpose and proper position in connection with a throne in the universe. Five means Heh in Hebrew, meaning the “other side” spiritual world and two (2) means Beth [house], connotes “this world in this time” our existence.

The two little stars are like the four strange looking creatures John in heaven could not describe surrounding the throne. On the far right side corner is one big star representing a resurrected Godhead-human being perhaps in the personhood Jesus Christ who is eternal. In the Christian tradition, the saints are called stars like Jesus is the firstborn of many stars. Stars indicate extraterrestrial beings like angels from another energy spectrum mentioned in Revelation of Jesus Christ. The star also matches the star description of Bethlehem prophecy pointing to a Hebrew Messiah. So the center is the invisible God of the universe but now became visible represented as one star - the Messiah (in a body of Jod dimension). The Hebrews express it as Alpha 1= God dimension with the next higher level starting with God=10 or Jod.

Third HeavenB. Notice the Hebrew Rosetta Stone relation ship 7:5 =12 as it highlights the 7 Jaguars - 5 stars position typical symbolic expressing two dimensions Daleth-Heh which is central to God’s plan for mankind.

C. The Bible reports that four living creature seen by John next to the throne which could correspond to 4 stars next to the throne position.

D. Also, notice the Hebrew hand rule again 1+4 = 5 expressed in one big star and 4 smaller stars around the throne.

2nd Heaven = Hebrew Heh Dimension:

The following observation can be made:

1. Center axis is God with 12 featherhead covering (left side). Notice the crown has three squares, indicating like the Triune God of the Christian tradition.

2. Serpent (right side)

3. Two rivers like a dual DNA structure intertwined.

4. Notice one river has stars in it floating, (16 stars but could be more)

5. The other has 7 animals facing the Serpent, (4) four on the left side, (3) three on the right side. All are spiting out something.

6. The dual rivers show different cycles. Two (2) cycles total 4. The first upper cycles with stars wrap around on top of God and the other on the bottom cycle with spiting head. The rivers are framed on both sides with curved symbols indicating the after life. We will see that same symbol on the bottom picture indicating the spirit within man which is the other side Heh.

7. The dual cycles are open ended on both sides and both rivers are fenced by a border inside like a tunnel with two rails.


A. There are two polarities expressed one is a triune God (3 Squares on the top feathered head dress) and the other is Satan the serpent – eagle headdress. Most religion in the world retained this classification coming from Noah’s time; The God of light and the God of darkness (see 1, 2).

B. The two rivers (see 3, 4.) expresses life’s journey of each person born under the heavens. It is either God centered (stars) or evil centered (animal) In Hebrew expressed the other side-heaven Heh dimension or Daleth dimension- the natural world meaning “this world in this time”, the natural dimension destined to end. The Christian refer to the Heh side being born again as others are lost, which is the Heh-heaven versus Daleth side of an unregenerate spirit remains on this level and dies according to a program. The butterfly is a very good illustration of the two cycle life mankind must past. The caterpillar ends in a cocoon and is reborn on the other side totally different-a butterfly. Only the place makes the difference not the cycles. My book explains the Hebrew Alphabet Number system with two railroads and summaries everything you see in this picture. They are people who belong to God and there are people belong to Satan. People belonging to God are transformed into stars meaning they are receiving a body belonging to the universe, eternal and infinite without the time element.

People on the other river only have what is inside their bodies, what they will spit out with life ending. Food once in the stomach from the Daleth dimension becomes rotten which are evil deeds that cannot transform itself into star life as they belong to the Daleth dimension. Satan will one day end and his people too as the bottom right picture indicate.

C. The tunnel explains our mortality and since it is open-ended, we have a choice which river we want to be in. One ends in God’s presence, the other Satan’s.

3. Heaven, the Earth-air = Hebrew Daleth Dimension

1. The very bottom left shows strata of nine (9) cycles. On the left side there are two (2) horizontal levels than followed by (2) two vertical, continued to the right with (5) five horizontal cycle’s again.

2. The vertical strata cycles show a mountain under God’s presence in the second heaven. On top of the mountain, a person holds a hand upright, palm up like a blessing gesture and left hand pointing to the heart.

3. Looking at the whole picture on the left side there is a mountain and to the right it ends in a serpent crowned with a symbol of an eagle head surrounded with a circle with a river flowing around it.

4. Across the vertical mountain strata cycles, I notice a river of death and a smaller river of life.

5. The strata show a break on the right side slightly curved at the end of the mountain. It is raised again to a little hill to end in a ball.

6. There are two types of people floating around in the picture. One shows a curved bar connected with the mouth, others do not have them.

7. Peoples activity in work and play.


A. The bottom shows time cycle (1,2,3,) of the Hebrew Daleth dimension from creation to a Flood period to the top of the left mountain site and continues on the other mountain side with 6 bars to end in a fireball of the Apocalypse. Each cycle happened to be 490 Hebrew year cycles, which will come to 7,000 Hebrew years of history for the human race. It is obvious that the third and fourth strata cycle shows a vertical uplift like a mountain as the Genesis reports a Flood, accompanied with the foundation rendered and strata being uplifted too. The Aztec history mentioned a pre-Flood time of 1,716 years, which is 33x52 year cycles or 3½x490 years Hebrew cycles or 1,715 years noted in Daniel's prophecy with one year’s difference as the Aztec count from 4004 BC to one year after the Flood 2287 BC.

The Bible reports that mountains shifting indicating a major global disturbance verified in science. This mountain picture reflects an enormous destruction under the supervision of God above. The mountain is connected with God in heaven clearly seen in the picture to reveal intend and purpose. The man on top must represents a special person like Jesus Christ the invisible God in mortal body of mankind. It is the only face with a frontal view as all the others only have a side profile. This therefore must be a divine person as the Chinese history told too has a God-man person to redeem mankind hidden in their character writings as recently revealed. The Hebrew and Christian’s religion tell an identical story and therefore have one common origin.

It is obvious contrasting people on the left side of the flood mountain with the other side as the people on the left side hold huge plant branches in their hands that are missing on the other side. This indicated a profusion of plant vegetable life before the flood. Above, we see two horizontal bars and in its center a curved bar indicating a Life symbol. It is like a covered bridge connecting one side with the other. It is framed with two people either side the left one pointing his outstretched arm across the bridge to the right like commanding and the other timid seating down to test with his feed in the water. He is then carried on the shoulder by an elder looking guy again with a curved bar connected to his mouth indicating to be a saint, like we show on our painting in our churches saints with circle around the head indicating a saintly life.

Above that bridge is a man laying down like Noah seems to do in Genesis quite old and again with the symbol of life curved bar but also coming from his mouth a scroll with 5 division ending with a tussle indication it must have been a woven cloth to pass on what shows next. There we see a table with legs and on top a box like the Ark of the Covenant at Moses time. To preserve a covenant made with God identified next with a butterfly.

If you read my butterfly story of my first book, it mentioned two-stage development for mankind like the covered bridge. The first is the caterpillar stage ending in a cocoon the other emerging as a butterfly in the afterlife here expressed with a curved bar with four dots. The number four means Daleth dimension in Hebrew –‘this world in this time’. Just like the flood story reborn to repeat another cycle but with number five in the tasseled cloth, which means Heh, dimension the other side.

B. The history of mankind as explained in my First Book “The Plan for Mankind - ” pretty much outlines what we see here in this picture starting with the creation story in Genesis, the Flood and ending in Revelation with the Apocalypse from a Hebrew two dimension perspective which is the ball painted on the right end of the picture. It is a fantastic overlay considering that the Aztec live on the other side of the globe separated by language and predating Moses writing at least by 490 years. This fact therefore can date the five pyramids buried in Mexico City. The Aztec religion and calendar was prophesied to end in a fire ball 2012 in the forth quadrant of their 52000 cycles shown on the right bottom picture circle ball centered with a snake ending the 9 cycle bars pictures with three bars and each having a plus and minus curved cycles.

From the mountain I count 4 bars but on top are 5 trees. The last tree seems not to be connected to the bars but with roots ending in the mouth of the serpent. The Hebrew in Daniel’s prophecy announces a fifth quadrant a stone coming from heaven to follow with thousand years. In the Aztec tradition, a serpent will come from heaven, which is also found in the Hebrew and Christian religion in the person of Satan kicked out of heaven to coincide with the same date in one more earth asteroid occurrences.

But here the serpent is encased in a wall of fire like the center of our earth and is surrounded like a prison walls still connected with a tree in his mouth. The tree in the Garden of Eden prophesied a crashed head of the serpent ending as a lone survivor void of demons and fallen angels sealed by an angel in the pit of hell. Check out the resurrection of the demons and fallen angels into the Daleth dimension recorded in Revelation chapter 9:1-12 which makes hell empty now.

C. The dual river crossing over a mountain Flood period again represents the two aspects after death for mortals. The smaller river shows leaves interwoven like Revelation shows palm leaves connected with joyful encounters in heaven, or Jesus entrance into Jerusalem accompanied with palm leaves express blissful hope for a future coming as a king on earth. The broader river, like Jesus said the broad gate leads into condemnation as we can see dead bodies floating in the river. The Bible tells that the million of people of the first civilization perished in the Flood except eight (8) souls and are named with their age when they died.

The Aztec artist painted people in the surrounding areas filling out the picture at random to impress the after effect of reconstruction to normal life cycles. There still are two types of people. One who believes in a monotheistic God and are saved expressed with a curved bar coming from a mouth similar in Christian paintings showing a halo around the head of saints, and there are people without the mouth addition that are void of eternal live. The Christians tenets states that when we confess with our mouth we are sinners and ask for forgiveness we are saved. The Aztec symbolized it in the picture with a curved bar from the mouth.

D. Many activities of normal life work and play can be observed we all familiar with, expressing a new civilization to continue. That only 8 men survived still shows the hope for a future as it is centered on a creator God who will provide life while continue the earth even after the Second Asteroid.

E. The picture ultimately shows the end of time as we can be informed now having received a complete Revelation from God in the Bible. There is an Apocalypse dealing with Satan either in 2012 as the Aztec calendar ends on the right side of the picture encircled with a serpent, or as revealed in Christianity with the Daniel Rosetta stone ending with a judgment of the Apocalypse 2008-2015, or Hebrew cycles reaching to the very closing stages 3018, ending with a white throne and Satan destroyed in a fiery lake probably by the Third Asteroid to end the time dimension Daleth. That will conclude the seven thousand years of human history and the stage play of good and evil in the Daleth dimension.

This interpretation of course maybe for some the first time heard about, but came to be accidental discovered by examining historical events related to three great religion all having a common origin. They happen to logical fit together presenting numerous witnesses to testify their facts and are not wild speculation we read in our history books based on opinions of mentally blinded atheists who are ignorant about the Bible.

Since I mention 20 gods in the Aztec culture, here is just a sample of what some scientist interpreted it to be:

  1. Grant feast of Lords = sun god Hueytecuitontli
  2. Little feast of Lords = sun god Teccuihuitotli
  3. Dark God (like Satan) = sun god Cumhu
  4. Resurrection = sun god Izcalli
  5. Empty days = sun god Nemontemi (Calendar correction in skulls )
  6. Departure of waters = sun god Atlcahualco
  7. Lowering of waters = sun god Atemoztli

Just like the Aztec priesthood seized control from the government we too have now science telling us what to do, be it educating, law or religion. They created a state religion called evolution science, which therefore will answer all pertinent questions which society will raise. We too give our different God’s names and I will only mention a few as you will be a much better judge to identify them.

1. Great Feast of Lords = Sun God Hueytecuitontli

He controls the money supply. If there is not enough he just prints more money. If the printed money for personal use is still short of buying monster houses around the globe and expensive private airplanes, why not embezzle it.

For example Enron, the Stock market and Savings and Loan Banks is a good case in point to become successful in stealing money without any consequences. The beneficiaries fly the corporate jets; you find them in $2,000 dollars a night expensive hotel sweets and vacation spots, and rarely pay taxes or going to prison for their crimes; the perks are unlimited than prehistoric the old-fashioned Pharaohs never dreamed off. The CEOs leaving the establishment are rewarded with $100 million golden parachute benefits stolen from the ignorant stockholders who never complain.

2. Little Feast of Lords = Sun God Teccuihuitotli

They belong to the cast of privilege, like senators, congressman, Friars of Special Interest and other government employees known as bureaucrats. They are entitled for unlimited pension plans and need only work half time with carefully tailored medical befit unheard around the world as mandated by the priesthood. They are (public) privileged servants of the highest esteem and therefore must be treated with curtsey always paying any outlandish stipend (license fees) which raises their salaries for every paper they generate. This grants the system of privileged to continue and covers expenses for previous early retirees from the priesthood.

3. The Aztec Sun God Cumhu:

He is the Grandest of all and must be consulted in all public meetings. He is represented in all of our university halls of education according to a picking order to rule supreme. All previous notions that there could exist a monotheist God is scientifically called grossly in error. Only the Cumhu religion is accepted, which postulates the universe started with a big bang. That caused disturbance ending after millions of years in a massive computer controlling all world commerce, banking visa cards and machines going in space. It is a lucky mystery force for mankind coming from nowhere mostly believed to have come from a first worm, even before Intelligent Design evolved, which must be avoided which only the priesthood can understand requiring a PhD or ThD in Theology to qualify. Any problems arising are the fault of the other inferior gods and therefore we must pass the buck if you want to play the game.

4. Resurrection = Sun God Izcalli

These folk are most powerful and not even the Government of the entire USA can stop their magic trade. Working with the FDA and secretly working in foreign laboratories alter every food we eat not believing in the First Law of Entropy which they want to change as others think does not exist for them. They mix natural genes in vegetables and match them with animal’s wise versa to create different species believing to change the law of nature to produce above the 100% by a process they invented. The resulting outbreak of death and deceases like bird viruses, mad cow, SARC and many others is spread among man and animals are cleverly covered up just like their terminator genes in seeds is hidden.

5. Empty Days = Sun God Nemontemi .(calendar correction expressed in dead [stone] skulls)

Than we have a special group most powerful and is called the military. It is a special club rubbing noses with the mighty. They enforce business contract around the world, which befits the priesthood and therefore become the executive branch next to God Hueytecuitontli to decide who lives or dies. They are taken care off generously for life unless sacrificed for a good cause in a limited war around the globe to expand the empire.

Now I gave you just a few 21st Century Aztec gods to become very unpopular to mention it to your friends and I am sure that others can be identified by you if you want to take the risk.

Having lived in Western culture, I now understand the pictures on many wall paintings showing gruel slaughtering of human sacrifices of thousands of young men performed each year. Lets not think we are more civilized; how many wars in America did we have in the last century sacrificing our young men to serve our American God’s?

As the Aztec had to correct the calendar over and over again caused by a diminishing X-axis they had to build over and over again very expensive corrections as they perceived that their various Sun-God’s must be very angry and could only be appeased or paid off with more sacrifices. Its culture ended when they killed and scarified an entire generation.

Later the Mayan culture would appear and today we find a mixture of many ancient people who survived the deceases of the European /Spanish immigrants brought along to build up a common immune system as we see their descendents today in Mexico to continue on earth with a European calendar. The Aztec culture ultimately ended, as history teaches and only a Bible documents its reason. History teaches that a number of nation in ancient times were going down the same path of ethnic cleansing, being totally destroyed by God for gross violation sacrificing human beings. Their perversion of human sacrifice turned into a horrible lifestyle of fear and death and paid the ultimate price of extinction.

The Bible recorded similar events of other nations in ancient times that became extinct for reason of human scarifies. If it was not for the Spanish invasion none would have survived, although it could be argued the other way. I am not going to be the judge not having lived 500 years ago and our universities do not have a good track record to trust their opinions. From the Biblical perspective, God wanted to preserve people from ancient times regardless of evil they committed, which are now the descendants in Mexico reflecting a mosaic of cultural diversity and redirected their worship again to a monotheistic God. He used a cruel pitiless Catholic political church system of greed and murder to burn the remnants of a corrupt satanic religious society as we can see in an erased historic Aztec culture and will not even allow having their hieroglyph interpreted for all the evil it perpetrated.

Checking out various pyramids in my picture book I count the steps of various pyramids which tells me approximately when they where build by just looking at stone and architecture to indicate iron tools, and comparing them with a 7 to 5 dial system of my Aztec clock. It works for me and I am not bothered that some have different opinions. It is not the first time that scholars had to revise their opinions especially when they conflicted with the Bible. I am only explaining a theory and need to be verified by others.

This ends the Spin-Axis Journey.


If you are interested to learn about science, then find a DVD disk one-hour presentation documentation by Lee Stroble, A Case for the Creator, 2006.

The Teotihuacan Palace wall picture in Tepantitla Mexico has a star on the upper extreme right side in the third heaven, which I believe is similar to the Egyptian use.

Pyramid Prophecies, by Max Toth, The timeless message of sacred stones reveals our future.

The Aztecs’ use of stone skulls is explained in chapter 4.

Calendar Handbook, Historical Science Publishing, Saratoga, CA 95070,

National Geographic Magazine TV channel (11-16-06).

The scientists say 25,625.862 years for 5 cycles, but I calculate it with the spin-axis hypothesis, which is more accurate, to be 25,626.98 - a 1.118 year difference using the 1.0145555 ratio (365.24:360 = 1.0145555) - a one year difference in a clock even over a 26,000 years will not work, as we will discover a little later.

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